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What’s about “killer feature” and “killer app”. Could you, please, describe the meaning of it in some video?

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    Killer feature means a functionality you are so excited that you are going to buy something. Killer app is great application you can’t live without, it is so great that you can’t wait to install it.

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      Ah, typo… can moderator please fix “by” to “buy”.

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        Done :)

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I have 9/10. but I don’t understand why the sentence: …….the glass on the floor that the answer is Mind?I think the right answer is Cross the mind

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    Hi Nguyen!
    In this case is mind = Be careful/ Pay attention to the glass on the floor.

    Cross the mind is “cross someone´s mind” / get an idea that comes quickly (see also video on Min. 09:06)

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    It is an expression. It does not mean it has to be logical. In this case “mind” represents the “Hey you wait a minute be careful there is a glass on the floor.” You can’t say hundred words, because it is urgent. Instead of all the words you need to say: “Mind the glass.”

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I have 8/10
Thank you Emma, for this great lesson!

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Thank for your answer and I’m understand now! But I didn’t see your explain about Mind meant be careful in the above video clip> Any ways thank you very much!

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    You´re welcome ;-)

    Sorry, I meant on min. 9:06 is only the explanation for “Mind cross”

    “Mind be careful” the explanation is on min. 16:45

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      great explaination

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Thank you .i keep you in my mind

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It’s interesting lesson

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Got 08/10. It was such a wonderful lesson with an amazing expressions. I really enjoyed . You illustrated the lesson so well .I learnt a lot besides had fun ! ☺ Thank you great teacher ,Emma!

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Thank you very much. Wonderful lesson, you’re the best teacher and you’re accent is so cute. I got 10 correct out of 10.

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I got 7 out of 10. Thanks a lot Emma.

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Excellent lesson Emma!!Thanks a lot;)

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Thanks a lot Emma.
It just crossed my mind that I want to learn English.

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Thanks, Emma for your lesson, it’s very useful for me.

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He “have” in mind?

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Really you are the best teacher fascinating me in english lessons

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Thanks, teacher…!!!

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Hi Ema
I haven’t seen you lesson so long. Knowing you are here is a load off my mind. In my mind’s eye, I still keep a memory of you previous useful lessons. Your advise for fast learning and explanation of grammar rules are always at the back of my mind.
My computer has a mind of its own so I will put your mind at rest and will stop writing stupid sentences with “mind”.
Thanks a lot for the interesting lesson.

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Thanks Mrs: Emma your Lessons are very helpful…..

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Great explanation!!! Thanks!!

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Emma you are a amazing teacher.

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i cant believe i have 9/10 great lesson, ill be waiting 4 the next video , thank you so much.

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When I take an interview, and stand a front of people, my mind go blank ^^;

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you very much!I always keep in my that you are the best online teacher, Emma.

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it’s amazing lesson!

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i got 8 from 10 just before I check the video

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very usesfull lesson
many thanks Emma

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Where is my result?

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New horizons to the word ‘mind’. Really a great lesson. Thanks!

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Thank you Emma

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Great lesson.Thanks.

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Thanks a lot

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Thank you very much, Emma

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Thank you very much, Emma. This is a great lesson. it’s a pity that you didn’t mention another expression with “mind” – never mind

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I got 8 correct out of 10
Thank you

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please..in quiz no. 7
why you use (he have) not ( he has)
I heard Peter wants a new job. What job does he have in mind ?

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    Because it is Present Simple tense. Rules:
    – positive sentence: he/she/it + verb+s
    – question: does he/she/it verb in infinitive form

    Have is infinitive form.
    Has is form for he/she/it person.

    Sample positive: She works.
    Sample question: Does she work (–> infinitive).
    Sample positive: She has on her mind.
    Sample question: Does she have (–> infinitive) on her mind?

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      I accidentally press Enter key… (if possible can moderator merge with my previous comment).

      Sample positive: She has on her mind.
      Sample question: Does she have (–> infinitive) on her mind?

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Hi, I’m looking for someone to practice English, please if are you interest give me your whatsapp or Skype

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It’s very useful video, thanks a lot.

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Thank you so much, Emma. You are as usual very helpful teacher!

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Hi thank you Emma for lesson.

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Thanks so much to Emma.
I got 9 correct.

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Thanks Miss Emma..

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5/10 I need improve this..

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I filed 4 times by doing ILTES I need to score 7 in everything please advise me, what I need to do to pass since I’ve spent much money so far, plus I need to pass this exam because i am doing emigration,thanks

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Another great lesson. Thanks Emma!
And thank you, engVid!

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Dear Emma
Could you help to explain why the work ‘have’ has been omitted one in the below sentence? thanks very much!

The small dark dressing rooms we used to “have have” been converted into two large airy rooms, so there are much more comfortable

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Emma in my mind .

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thanks so much

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Hi miss Emma,do u have CDs of ur presentations ?if yes where can I buy it?

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I have no husband,no job,no money,and no boy friend right now,too. Someone help me Please! Would you mind finding me a boyfriend? :D

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    I would suggest you one, but my mind just went blank. :)

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Thanks. Emma. you are an awesome teacher

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I have 10/10. Thank you, Emma!

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Hi Emma it was to much for one lesson but i got 9 out of 10

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Thank you. It was very usefull!

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I got 8/10
Really thanks Emma always amazing

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Thank you Emma. Good job.

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I was a little bit confused between number 2 and number 7 , thanks Emma .You’ve a brilliant mind .would you mind if i send an add request to in the Facebook ? do you mind giving me your face account ? if you say no ,I’ll lost my mind.

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My first time here. It is very nice . tanks .

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Thank u Emma for this useful lesson. You’re great.

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How to use though in a conversation?

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Her accent is very clear

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You got 7 correct out of 10.ThankYou

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:D Well corporate´s favorite Hillary is not running anymore she has lost.
And Trudeau is corrupted, spoiled person.
Good luck with your vote decision :D
Now I finally understand why is Canada in such a bad social and economic situation.

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Thanks Emma, you did a great job. I really appreciate the way you explain the lesson. You’re an excellent teacher. By the way i’ve got 10

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Thanks a lot for the lesson

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Hey, Emma. I love your lectures. However, please keep them shorter. As you may know an average person can focus on something less then 15 mins.

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Dear Emma,
Thanx a lot.

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Thanks a lot Emma .it was really very helpful lecture

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thanks a million 🙂

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Just 90, thanks Emma, do you mind if i give you thumbs up.

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Hi, I would ask you one question about how is it goes in quiz No. (7) I have noted the (have) goes with (he)?

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I made 10 out of 10. Thanks Emma.

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It crossed my mind that there is need check lessons on engvid for new one !

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Would you mind if i leaving comment here ? : )

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    “I leave a comment”, not “I leaving comment”

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      why ? ))
      thnx anyway )

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        Because it’s simple present tense, subject + verb 1 + object. You can say ” I leave” or “I am leaving”. You can’t say “I leaving”.

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          thnx ))

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when i talk to any one in english
my mind is going blank

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9/10 DDDDD
next time full mark

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+6/-4 but l thing for starting it is’not bad!

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I got 7.

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Good afternoon Emma I liked this lesson about 11 minds I got 7/10 thanks.

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I also wanna add this expression “mind your head”.

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100%!!!!I’m happy! Thanks for the lesson. Greetings from Brazil!

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thank you Emma! nice lesson!

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A tremendous video EMMAA ALL THE BEST FOR YOU

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I got 10\10 extremely happy thanks a lot

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thank you 10/10 very good lesson

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Keep in mind, this lesson is very great.
Thank you Emma.

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Great teaching again.

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The best

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As soon as I started watching your video lessons I made my mind to perfect my English knowledge. Thank you very much.

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I got 8 out of 10,thank you Emma.
you are a good teacher.

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Emma, despite your very good explication, I made two mistakes. Both errors because I don’t have seen preposition TO after DISPITE. But I’ll get attention in them another time. Thanks.

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Thanks, I got 90 but I’m going to get 100 next time.

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Thank you teacher Emma for this lesson. I like your english teacher system.It’s very clearly and easily to understand.By the way,I also would like to attend on your online english class.Would you mind helping me to improve my english 4 skills and to prepare for IELTS Test.

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It is very interesting Tank you very much

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It just crossed my mind that I need study English harder.
If you ask me, what do I have in mind. I have korean food “bulgogi bibimbap” in mind.
:D ㅎㅎㅎ Thank you Emma!

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Awesome, Do you know what I have in mind?
Well, I have 9/10, thank you Emma

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You have covered the lesson very well!

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thanks Emma forth lesson. I got 9 yo 10 . not bad. greetings from Mexico City.

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nice teacher

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You re a great teacher… Ive got 100..ty alot emma

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Thank Emma, I’m going to keep in mind this expressions.

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It is 11:40 pm in Korea.
I’m very tired.
But enjoy take your lesson.
Expressions it is a useful my life.
Thank you Emma.

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This is very helpful. Thanks, Emma.

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Thanks very much

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i got 9/10 , I will try to get 10/10

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So thanks Emma!

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wow i got 9 of 10 . yay

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Thank you so much Ms. Emma. You helped me greatly to refresh my mind about mind’s expressions.

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this lesson was great!!!

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Emma is a great teacher, I like you!

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Wonderful! 9/10! My English improving so fast

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Thanks a lot Madam Emma. I appreciate your efforts.

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Thanks so much Emma!

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Thanks Emma

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I got 10 correct out of 10
Thanks Emma very much you are the best teacher over the world

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I just failed on only the last.

10. I have no money, no job, no apartment, and no girlfriend. I ____________ right now.
(X)have a lot in mind
( )have a lot on mind
( )have a lot over my mind
(✔)have a lot on my mind

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