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Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz.

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Profile photo of Silvi@ Silvi@

    So you made only one mistake on the quiz Silvia?

    Good for you!!! Have a great weekend.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      To tell the truth, making someone feel better is not always an easy task; it depends much on the situation involved.

      However, this video lesson gave us the essentials to console/reassure someone that is going through a difficult situation.

      Telling jokes is not a good piece of advice. This would make the situation even worse. I wouldn´t dream of doing so.

      Many thanks for this great lesson Jade.

      Profile photo of Regino Regino

        Sorry Jade, but I DO NOT agree with the answer for number six.

        If someone is going through financial problems, I will not advice them to borrow money from a bank, even though it is a polite answer.

        This would make their situation even worse; just common sense Jade, I think.


        Profile photo of Regino Regino

          you know what i agree with u on that,cuz thats the one that i failed to answer

          Profile photo of cupil27 cupil27

          I agree with you Regino.
          Sometimes, people are being a lost students because they need to borrow money, but some DO NOT. Evidentially we all are facing a dilemma through the financial aid. Vut if you do not advise them to borrow money, where should they will get that from? Seeking a job is so though.
          We must learn from every evidence.

          Profile photo of Love4life Love4life

        now I know what patronising mean in real life :0

        Profile photo of naor575 naor575

          well done jade , you are an amazing teacher

          Profile photo of naor575 naor575

Excellent topic. It was very well explained. Thanks :)!

Profile photo of Yoprogramo Yoprogramo

I got 7 correct out of 9. I like “I’m here for you” best. Thank you for your great lesson, Jade :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Great class! thanks Jade…

Profile photo of Ferpizoni Ferpizoni


Profile photo of ARTHUR78 ARTHUR78

thanks alot for lesson .. i have a question if u have agood time .. what difference between suggestion and offers

Profile photo of mohamed Al alwany mohamed Al alwany

7/9 I choosed the wrong ones on the 6 and the 7. “You should sell your car. ” because if you have money problems now, borrowing money from the bank doesn’t solve the problem. The other “it might be a good idea to think about apologising,”, it’s more sympathetic than “you think should apologies.”

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

    I guess the answer of number six is not only about the better thing do do, but the best way to say it. “You should” is too direct. As she explained, “have you considered” is softer. I think the perfect answer could be: “Have you considered selling your car?” Number 7 I also got wrong. I guess “it might be a good idea to think about apologising,” much more appropriate…

    Profile photo of denise77 denise77

      About the sixth I agree with your perspective, how you choose the words to say it. But on the seventh, I don´t understand?!! You agree with me that´s it?

      Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

        Yes, of course. I answered the same as you in number 7.

        Profile photo of denise77 denise77

          You speak well… I’m from Federal District and always is a pleasure to exchange knowledge…

          Profile photo of Edinho Edinho

jade your pronunciation isn’t clear.

Profile photo of Rasho Rasho

    fairly clear to me

    Profile photo of oliverisme oliverisme

This lesson is really useful for me.
It let me know how to communicate with people.
Thank you,Jade.Take care.

Profile photo of DennyCheng DennyCheng

“Your grandmother has a pain in her stomach. What can you say to show your care and support?”
“Do you think it might be cancer?”

I cried from laughing. :D Nice lesson, thank you for it.

Profile photo of bencebacsi bencebacsi

    me too!!!

    Profile photo of Sofiia Sofiia

8 from 9 yeeeey not too bad at all! :)

Profile photo of taqari taqari

In the test I always want to mark the worst answers, they are so funny. The last: I always hate you Jim. :D

Profile photo of Juanps100 Juanps100

6 out of 9 is a very good score for a new student

Profile photo of usf78 usf78


:$ ..

Profile photo of Malahat Malahat

    not bad ..worse things happened .. :D

    Profile photo of alhashmyfiras alhashmyfiras

9/9 I liked this lesson . Thank you a lot ..

Profile photo of keremcan063 keremcan063

Thank you.

Profile photo of sokhary sokhary

Hi Jade! Thank you so much for this lesson. I got 9/9 and also improved my vocab. You are a great teacher. Congratulations!

Profile photo of Daniela Pereira Daniela Pereira

    Hi! Daniela! If you want to talk…

    Profile photo of Edinho Edinho

Thank you for this lesson, I love your pronunciation!

Profile photo of bigboy85 bigboy85

Really nice and full of new words. Thanks:)

Profile photo of byte byte

I agree with bigboy, your pronunciation is good, sounds very native. And this what we really need, to get used to real pronunciation. :)

Profile photo of Sara003 Sara003

I´ve just discovered this web page and it´s amazing! Really helpful to learn.

Profile photo of Sara003 Sara003

Hi Jade! Today is may first day joining engVid . Really awesome statements.

Profile photo of Mujahid Islam Mujahid Islam

Hi Jade! Thank you for the lesson! I have improved my English after I found this site. Congratulations for your work here.

Profile photo of Crescencio Crescencio

hijade thanks for your great lessons.
i have a question please:
what is the difference between decision and choice.
thank you so much.

Profile photo of MOHAMED33 MOHAMED33

I got 89 mark.Thanks for teacher

Profile photo of sokonomio sokonomio

Love your videos and your accent, Jade !
Thank you :)

Profile photo of rguerino rguerino

i want to learn more hands on training in grammar.please help me out

Profile photo of sri2184 sri2184

    There are lots of grammar videos on my EngVid YouTube channel – check them out!

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

Thank you so much! The material is really helpful!

Profile photo of Jennifer Huang Jennifer Huang

Interesting lesson and specially funny quiz. Funny questions and lots of laug with the answers.

Profile photo of greenvelvet greenvelvet

Thanks you

Profile photo of phamthanhkim39 phamthanhkim39

Hi Jade! Thank you for this lesson. You are a great teacher. Congratulations!

Profile photo of Joao Velloso Joao Velloso

i got 8 not that easy to find the right words to say when you want to cheer someone up but i looked at the video for a couple minutes i didnt go all the way tho.anyways,thank u for the video

Profile photo of cupil27 cupil27

hi every one

Profile photo of nasseralsaifi nasseralsaifi

who wants to practice add me ( abdel max) skype

Profile photo of Abdel Said Abdel Said

    and iam Ahmed Elkady399

    Profile photo of Ahmed Elkady Ahmed Elkady

Hi Jade… I really liked your video and teach…. Have a nice weekend….. Thanks

Profile photo of Rodrigo Batista dos Santos Rodrigo Batista dos Santos

thanks jade, absolutely its an interesting video and i also find useful vocabularies it needs to practice so it will remain fresh in our mind to use in the hour of need.

Profile photo of foolcuud foolcuud


Profile photo of renatadac renatadac

well 7/9 i think i need to improve more

Profile photo of eduard eduard

Hi everyone

First of all thanks you so much for this useful lesson.
Is there anybody who could help me find out all popular names of the diseases. I give you my email:
Thanks a lot to everyone who can help me.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Profile photo of alinamohamed alinamohamed

    alinamohamed could you give me a sample what you mean.

    Profile photo of chakim hamzah chakim hamzah

this lesson is usefull,thanks you so much

Profile photo of khoinguyen khoinguyen

Thank you very much

Profile photo of Khlan Khlan

Thank you.

Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

great lesson,,I Think this is very important when someone is sad!! yeah cheer up!!! good vocabulary thanks teacher

Profile photo of planetloco planetloco

7/9, thumb up> All good jade.

Profile photo of adalberto75 adalberto75

Peace be upon you Madam,.
I am from Indonesia. I actually looking for native speaker. because i do observation now.
i am going to research about polite expressions used by teachers in teaching English in the classroom.
May I ask you to be one of my sample?..
because i am going to interview some native speakers via email due to my condition which could not provide me to go to abroad., I expect you do not mind if you be one of my sample of my thesis.
thank you so much for your kindness, Madam.
Peace be Upon you, Madam.
This is my biography:
My Full name is Masykur Rauf
I study at State University of Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
I am a student of state university of makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

if you have another colleagues (as an ENGLISH INSTRUCTOR) who TEACH English in the classroom. I do need them to fill my interview guide and they are available and be ready to be one of my sample of my research.
I do respect if you do not mind about it, Madam,
please forgive me if i am impolite sending information and asking you via online. Thank you very much Madam.,

I really want to send my file via private messages, but when I open this website page, i could not find out email or media that can be my sources to send my interview guide. :)

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Profile photo of Masykur Rauf Masykur Rauf

    Deg I find same thing I dont find any email contact even I dont know if one repy my comment.
    have nice time doing your research!

    Profile photo of chakim hamzah chakim hamzah

9/9 I don´t know you guys, but what I learned of this lesson is a reminder that apologize can also be written with an “s” “apologise”. I hope this time it stays deep in my long term memory where it needs to be. Nice lesson Jade!

Profile photo of Roger1 Roger1

    Yes, that is the British English spelling.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

      what about the American English ?

      Profile photo of osman.mostafa22 osman.mostafa22

great! thanks a lot for your lesson i got 7 out of 9

Profile photo of GAUTHIER GAUTHIER

8 from 9 It is amazing

Profile photo of jucimar jucimar

Thank u Jade. it is amazing

Profile photo of Olive.Uwimana Olive.Uwimana

thank you jade for this lesson .may god bless you

Profile photo of fadi2010 fadi2010

I can understand your magic lessons easily. Thank you.

Profile photo of ekinonat ekinonat

hey jade see me iam too weak in english please help me jade

Profile photo of meryem uzerli meryem uzerli

i got just 78 marks

Profile photo of meryem uzerli meryem uzerli

    Hi Meryem,do u wanna make practice,let me know.X

    Profile photo of Sony Sony

Your explanation was great thanks jade

Profile photo of Ali Nazar Ali Nazar

good lesson . thank you jade

Profile photo of Amer 2 Amer 2

this time it’s 7 out of 9 :(

Profile photo of Zubaer Zubaer

Great Lesson 8/9. Thank for Jade’s lesson… It’s useful …

Profile photo of vuidoan vuidoan

I thougth that my answers was wrong hehehe I got 8/9 :D it was a great lesson! :D

Profile photo of Gris3101 Gris3101

Hi guys n girl love you all I’m new here I got 8/9.

Profile photo of Aqeelali Aqeelali

9 out of 10 not bad,thanks Teacher Jade.

Profile photo of Apple05 Apple05

89 not bad,thanks Teacher Jade.

Profile photo of Apple05 Apple05

Hi Jade, When I feel sad, I will watch this lesson to have a internet to cry….(joke), Many thanks your coaching & teaching! keep doing it is worth!

Profile photo of Sergio Sergio

Thanks Jane! I improve my vocabulary with the words like: indeed, shoulder, lighten, mood, “get over it!”..

Profile photo of luigieriche luigieriche

i got 7 correct out of 9 , that’s make me happy :)

Profile photo of samar mahmaoud samar mahmaoud

:) Thanks Jane,I don’t wanna hide you that I had some difficult to understand your accent at the beginning, however after having followed few lessons I got used to listening to your voice, and now you’ve become my favorite teacher. :)
By the way, my score is 10/10. Bye

Profile photo of UmbeITA UmbeITA

8/9 .that sounds like good mark for me.

Profile photo of majidpak99 majidpak99

Guys if you didn’t do well on this lesson, eans that you are such a bad friends!! haha just kidding.
hey! for practice you can add me on skype, my ID is andjord.
see you there..

Profile photo of AndersonBanquet AndersonBanquet

    Guys if you didn’t do well on this lesson, *Means that you are such a bad friends!! haha just kidding.
    hey! for practice you can add me on skype, my ID is andjord.

    Profile photo of AndersonBanquet AndersonBanquet

9/9, I love the style of your class Miss Jade. I enjoy your britain accent is lovely. Currently, I am studying a course of english on my country and I follow you too. I’m very lucky to have here teachers from different countries. Sometimes I suggest include some of your videos on class. Thanks and Greetings from Lima-Peru. See you!

Profile photo of sergioastorga sergioastorga

Thanks for this great lesson.
I got 6/9, so I’m a bad friend))
Sometimes it’s so hard to find right words for sad person(

Profile photo of Kerr Kerr

wow that’s perfect i got 100% for that lesson

Profile photo of osea tobongye osea tobongye

OK, 78 %. Let’s say good for this moment. Thanks.

Profile photo of alpido24 alpido24


Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

I really love the british sense of humour! Good Job!

Profile photo of JCMonfort JCMonfort

8/9 not bad :)

Profile photo of Joanna87 Joanna87

6/9 buhuhaa

Profile photo of roy123 roy123

great lesson

Profile photo of mohieldeen mohieldeen

Very useful lesson, thank you :) 9/9

Profile photo of kpr2877 kpr2877

Many thanks for you

Profile photo of Alloughani Alloughani

thanks Jade

Profile photo of mido1985 mido1985

haishh 8/9..Good start anyway

Profile photo of SafwanBG SafwanBG

got 8/9.. good lesson .thanks

Profile photo of alhashmyfiras alhashmyfiras

Thanks alot.

Profile photo of arthit arthit

Hi. I wondered is there anyone who might like to help me improve my English skills here ?!

Profile photo of Nasrin65 Nasrin65

great lesson! Thank you.

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi

Thank you so much,interesting lessons.

Profile photo of Musa Aliyu Musa Aliyu

it is realy great to make my English better

Profile photo of dharamvir dharamvir

7/9 Thanks!

Profile photo of viacheslavkr viacheslavkr

practice makes a perfect , so anyone wants to improve his grammar he should practise these grammatical rules and use them in daily life especially in everyday conversations not just learn then forget them over time .

Profile photo of yacine 1992 yacine 1992

all your videos are very informative, london tour was refreshing.
thumbs up. thanks.

Profile photo of asingh351 asingh351

In my country culture
it happen to common uneducated pepople they like to give advice without being asked even they do parentlike the way one give advice.and it is still my opinion it is such a jeopardy when they face other culture who hold a privacy.

Profile photo of chakim hamzah chakim hamzah

7\9 not bad

Profile photo of Mr.BOND Mr.BOND

Hi Jade your teaching was good and your expressions are also good and attractive to learn english.

Profile photo of raja545 raja545

Your class was very goof for me thanks

Profile photo of Miguel Jimenéz Agudelo Miguel Jimenéz Agudelo

Thats awesome ! Thank you very much ! :))

Profile photo of chnrzgr chnrzgr

“a friends in need is a friend indeed”. it sounds like a Placebo’s song. Now I’ll try to translate that song. Thank you!

Profile photo of Emanuele134 Emanuele134

Useful lesson, thanks :)

Profile photo of Flavio90 Flavio90

i get 6/9 :(

Profile photo of Meaad 2 meme Meaad 2 meme

“I’ve always hated you, Jim” lol

Profile photo of allvesfernanda allvesfernanda

    hello allves fernanda. Hi are you? I am pleasure to ask you if you want to speak english with each other to improve much better .

    I wish you all the best

    Profile photo of Evisa Evisa

      Hello Evisa!! I will graduate end of this year from civil engineer faculty, and I also need to improve my english.I would like to ask you about speaking english

      thanks for your answer

      Profile photo of aemre aemre

I’ve got 9 out of 9 :D
I’m so glad :D

Profile photo of Nihal Sharaf El-Din Nihal Sharaf El-Din

8/9 :D

Good advices! Other one should be “Let’s drink my friend! Don’t worry, you’ll get through this difficult moment. I’ll stand next to you!

Thank you Jade!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

7/9: I choose the wrong answer on 6th and 7th. Thank you Jade. It’s a great lesson.

Profile photo of Mookmai Mookmai

6 out of 10 thanks

Profile photo of Samson12 Samson12

awesome :)

Profile photo of itskoky itskoky

thanks, Jade. very interesting topic

Profile photo of gisabo gisabo

I’m stuck in my undergraduate thesis :( I need somebody to console me. Anyway I got 9/9

Profile photo of raysalestianti raysalestianti

Why I cannot understand this pronunciation? I feel so sad. I do not understand fully lesson.

Profile photo of sapsadamali sapsadamali

Thanks for educational and useful lesson. You are good teacher with attractive pronunciation. I like your style (especially at the and of the lesson)…

Profile photo of TomekN TomekN

7/9. Thanks !

Profile photo of TheAnna TheAnna

It,s really useful it needs life experience all the best for you

Profile photo of Zaki46 Zaki46

Thanks a lot Jade, a good lesson.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

I feel horrible now, actually is horrible + terrible! :/ My most fav game was gone… I think this is the time to make my dream become true!

Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

    Thx, Jade Joddle! :)

    Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT
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