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hey guys who want to skype for english add me: abdell.jones1

Profile photo of Abdell.jones Abdell.jones

    Useful tips on pronunciation Jade.As far as I can tell, there are a couple of practical ways to overcome pronunciation problems.

    First,try to be exposed to proper input or rather pronunciation patterns.

    Second, once you have picked up the correct pattern, seize every opportunity you have at hand to put it into real practice.

    Practice makes a big difference.


    Profile photo of Regino Regino

    Ok, done

    Profile photo of Enzino Enzino

    Hey Abdell!! I cannot add you. Would you like to send me a request back? frailyn_guzman on skype and on facebook.

    Profile photo of frailyn5 frailyn5

I request all English Teachers at EngVid and Those who graduate and the the other students of this courses to help me the learning English because I have many problems of speaking English and writing paragraphs so again i request all of you to help me and I haven’t any one that I can make English conversation. please contact me my Privet Email : and my Facebook user

Profile photo of abdirashiid143 abdirashiid143

Thanks Jade.It was helpful.I got 7 out of 7.

Profile photo of papyan papyan

Nice lesson. Thanks!

Profile photo of mjmagaoay mjmagaoay

Thanks Jade…

Profile photo of christianmarquez christianmarquez

Thank you so much, it was a great and useful lesson.

Profile photo of engaziz engaziz

Thank you for correcting the common mispronunciations. Is “mispronunciation” a real word?

Profile photo of Koichi Koichi

Thank you it was great, there is just a mistake for the word “Viscount”, the correct French word is : “Vicomte” [V]+[Count].

;), i like when English people use French word, it’s so sexy. Oups sorry.

Profile photo of Capucine Capucine

I love this videos, are good for practice and continue learning a bit every day! :D thank you so much. Greetings from México.

Profile photo of aipp57 aipp57

I was confused. But I got 5 correct out of 7. Good for me :) Pronunciation is difficult. So, thank you for your lesson, Jade :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

I really love this kind of lessons. Please do more. Thank you a lot.

Profile photo of Rare Rare

Thank you, Jade. I always enjoy your lessons.

Profile photo of JanaJ JanaJ

I got 100 but I still have some confusions.. should we pronounce the ‘W’ in sword or not? :D

Profile photo of nadarocio nadarocio

would you like to subtitle your video please ?


Profile photo of Sam.Artino Sam.Artino

You rule!Thank you very much.

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

Thanks for this nice and useful lesson.I really enjoyed it.7 out of 7

Profile photo of Vahe. Vahe.

thank u . but what do
haitch and dubya mean ?

Profile photo of tasneemmohsen hamoda tasneemmohsen hamoda

    They’re just the ways to spell the letter ‘h’ and ‘w’ and they must be aitch and double-u

    Profile photo of drewhunter13 drewhunter13

    ‘Haitch’ woul be the wrong way to say the letter H, and ‘dubya’ a wrong way to W.
    I hope it helps you.

    Profile photo of Edinho Edinho


    Profile photo of Edinho Edinho

Hello …
Thank you Prof. Jade for this valuable lesson. firstly I would like to propose a lesson on describing apartment or a room in a house correctly. Secondly, in case of investigation for example, how to describe someone’s body and personality. Finally, I would thank EngVid Group for their appreciated efforts.

Best regards and thanks in advance.

Profile photo of Majd.Hendawi Majd.Hendawi

    majed havey you facebook

    Profile photo of bayda bayda

    Hi how are you my friend
    It’s a big surprise is’t it

    Profile photo of mohamad hallak mohamad hallak

I was wrong, I’ll have to repeat this lesson :(

Profile photo of jorgealberto13 jorgealberto13

Thank you Jade. I got 7 out of 7.
Jade! Are you hungry? At time 17:24, sound like you are hungry.

Profile photo of reza.wab reza.wab

This lesson was very well explained, examples very well explained to me, the questionnaire was very easy to answer, thanks teacher Jane

Profile photo of jorgealberto13 jorgealberto13

I got 4 out of 7.Without watching the video.

Profile photo of kalyanikishore kalyanikishore

I got 4/7 but your site its very helpful. Thanks

Profile photo of sunnysharma85 sunnysharma85

People from EngVid, is it ok to pronounce the word ‘Suit’ like this: /sjuːt/ ? Because I’ve always done so! Thanks a lot…

Profile photo of Daiki Daiki

Perfect, Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of ALAA ALAA

Thank you Jade for the lesson, but why do you say
height is spelled like width, length and death?
the placement of the T and the H is different.
The lisping sound comes when the H is after the T.
Am I wrong?

Profile photo of wijora wijora

    I agree

    Profile photo of rommulo rommulo

thank you dear jade

Profile photo of hosseinyou hosseinyou

Could you help me to state the difference between the modal verbs MUST and SHOULD, and come up with a single context to explain both of them to lower intermediate students?

Profile photo of paujorgel paujorgel

    Hi paujorgel,

    I can’t give you a complete answer but i can tell you what i know.

    MUST, is a stronger modal. It is used while giving orders and is used by people, who can enforce the order i.e. teacher, judge, boss, parents e.t.c.

    SHOULD, is a weaker modal. It is used in advice and is used more by people, who care about you i.e. friends, your own conscience, siblings e.t.c.

    Hope it helped,

    Profile photo of abhishek1995 abhishek1995

Help me about reading and writing,spenking

Profile photo of muhdnoyii muhdnoyii

    Hi! May I be helpful?

    Profile photo of Enzino Enzino

      Hello Enzino. Is there any way to contact you and practice. I am trying to understand italian english speakers but I cant.

      Profile photo of frailyn5 frailyn5

Well done. Thanks a lot Jade.

Profile photo of Karim Karim

really good work guys thank you so much for your helpful videos thank you again

Profile photo of limitlessA limitlessA

thx James Interesting lesson , I haven’t heard about the word history I just learn them by practice ;)

Profile photo of Emily1973 Emily1973


Profile photo of DZIDZOU DZIDZOU

i got six correct answer out of seven questions thanx Jade.

Profile photo of gokseltuzun gokseltuzun


Profile photo of iribarren iribarren

This lesson has been a magnificent one. Thank you Jade and keep teaching us!

Profile photo of IvanCha IvanCha


Profile photo of yoshi76 yoshi76

Thanks Jade!

Profile photo of Janilza Janilza

Thanks a lot! =)

I have question. I did not known any of that french words. How often english speaking people use them?

Profile photo of koprdil koprdil

7/7 but the true is that the quiz has nothing to have with the lesson, besides how can we make a quiz about pronunciation? Thank you, Jade very very good lesson, thank EngVid.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

Very interesting lesson, thanks a lot!
I have just realized that the way I’ve always pronounced “iRon”, “iRoning” is actually wrong.
And also for “espresso” , my “eXpresso” had to sound a little weird, since I’m Italian and I should just pronounce it as in my native tongue to be correct (but I changed it, ’cause it sounded “more English” in the other way).
For “lieutenant”, I only knew the US pronunciation and still the “f” in Britain sounds quite odd to my ears.
Well, thanks again! I just hope I remember your advise!

Profile photo of joeluigi joeluigi

    Well done!

    Profile photo of Enzino Enzino

what does mean haitch and dubya?

Profile photo of medamedia medamedia

    It’s how you say the names of the letters “H” and “W”. If you prefer IPA, “H” is /eɪtʃ/ and “W” is /ˈdʌbl̩.juː/.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

I Got 7 of 7. Thanks you for the explanation it’s awesome

Profile photo of reynaldou reynaldou

I’ve one mistake No.6. Thank you Jade :)

Profile photo of Not Yet Not Yet

Could you do videos like that more often? For me they are very,very useful. I’ve seen a lot of videos about pronunciation but this I like the most. Thank you so much!

Profile photo of Cyrus94 Cyrus94

I got 7 out of 7 jjejejeje

Profile photo of Lucho1805 Lucho1805

    Hi TJDMBA,can you add my Whatsapp ID +86 13036782755 to help me the pronunciation.thank you.

    Profile photo of Eric Chan Eric Chan

Thanks Jade. Nice lesson. :)

Profile photo of CedomirP CedomirP

I’m loving this site! Thanks Jade! You’re a excellent teacher! I got 6 of 7! I´m almost coming there! ;)

Profile photo of Nina Forever 4@ Nina Forever 4@

    Hi Nina
    I want to speak with you and improve my speaking. If you are interested in, please tell me.

    Profile photo of bjeddi bjeddi

very nice….thanks for your time

Profile photo of abu3lli abu3lli

It a heaven on Earth, EngVid. I do love here!!

Profile photo of nooknic nooknic

Thank you a million dear Teacher Jade. :)
I am one of the dare-devil fan of you and your lessons.

Profile photo of Ferman2 Ferman2

It is very good and useful, especially I like explanation for words with French origin.

Profile photo of jugonostalgija jugonostalgija

    hi thanks jade

    Profile photo of mido1985 mido1985

wow yeahhh 5 / 7 so close thx for the lesson :3

Profile photo of xioncool xioncool

This part of the lessons is very helpful. Keep up the good work. Thanks Jade! I got 7/7 too. Yey!

Profile photo of Jaecee Sponge Jaecee Sponge

Thank you Jade

Profile photo of ChristopheT ChristopheT

thanks jade

Profile photo of adeirma adeirma

Thank u so much

Profile photo of Fadia.m Fadia.m


Profile photo of ahsi ahsi

Thank you Jade

Profile photo of Susa123 Susa123

Thank you

Profile photo of Tiamo Tiamo

Useful lesson :)

Profile photo of Khiem An Khiem An

    you look like a filipino

    Profile photo of Joseph Anthony Joseph Anthony

Excellent lesson!

Profile photo of charlemagne charlemagne

Dear Jade, it’s awesome how I can understand your British English, first time I heard you, I really couldn’t understand you. British accent is amazing!!
greetings from Brazil.

Profile photo of pauloos pauloos

No bad, no good

Profile photo of Angel W. Diaz Angel W. Diaz

Thank you

Profile photo of Vardanaslanian Vardanaslanian

I’ve got the wrong answer about the egg on his face. :( short term memory..

Profile photo of francis011885 francis011885

yea……….v good lecture even short but I was delight dear……..thx

Profile photo of rafi ghan rafi ghan

Prostate is not balls. It is a gland that produces fluid for sperm to travel in.

Great lesson Jade

Profile photo of dazza253 dazza253

I have a teacher who is name Jade as well.She is from London.She does not use her real accent.She said that if she used her real accent we could not understand her easily.I wondered that where you are from.Your accent sounds a little bit different to me .Would you mind telling us where you are from ?

Profile photo of Kadir Kadir

Thanks Jade your accent is amazing, it was a nice lesson

Profile photo of aalkhalil9029 aalkhalil9029

i want to be friend those who can speak english. if anybody want to talk to me they are welcome,,

Profile photo of sermiki sermiki

7/7 Your pronunciation is very important for me!It is your native language if I am not mistaken.

Profile photo of viacheslavkr viacheslavkr

The rule in French is that the stress is on the last syllable. But in English, the rule is that the stress is in the first syllable.
By the way, “marqués”, Spanish word, is the origin of the word. In the Spain of the XIV century, the territorial division were based in “marks”.
Even Catalonia was the earlier ‘Spanish Mark’ ( Marca Hispánica).
Later, we may discuss about Plantagenet, Motemart and many other things, don’t we?
I’d like to be polite, but…

Profile photo of aroibas aroibas

HI everyone I am going take IELSTS Exam in upcoming month anyone who want to improve English language please add me my Skype ID Rahimullahakbari33

Profile photo of Rahimullah Rahimullah

thanks jade really nice

Profile photo of Rahimullah Rahimullah

I did not know the W in sword is silent.
Yeah, live and learn.

Profile photo of Zoran Zoran

    hey Zoran ..
    I’m kinda interested about learning Japanese and stuff … would you like to help ?! :D

    Profile photo of Anfal Khadidja Anfal Khadidja

Hi Jade
Good Job
By the way you said /vaɪkaʊnt/ and wrote on the board /vaɪkəʊnt/.

Profile photo of Arbab 110 Arbab 110

Could you please help me to improve my English,
in a ordered manner or which lesson should I start first and how to go further?

Profile photo of apurvamonal apurvamonal

Hi everybody. but why pronounce iron as ion, and is there any difference between the English and American Pronunciation. I feel the difference same as between the the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox church.laughter)) and honestly , I’d like to be milked from the both sides…. thank you Jade, and btw. I’m single with a big heart)))

Profile photo of Amer_70 Amer_70

Hello everyone , hello Jade .
Nice lesson , I thank you for that but I must rectify something . If you mean balls , as the slang word for testicles , is prostate , sorry to say that but you are wrong . Prostate is a gland beneath the bladder in a male body which is used to urinate and to product male semen . I hope you will appreciate my comment . I learn so many things from you and all engvid teachers that I can’t help correcting this mistake . Maybe a lesson on the names and locations of human body organs would be interresting .
Thank you Jade and carry on

Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

Nice lesson jade and Thank u very much.

Profile photo of Kamil 321 Kamil 321

Ya….we love jade

Profile photo of Darroumi Darroumi

Thanks teacher… you’re a very nice girl!

Profile photo of Eder L. Eder L.

Thanks lecture
i got score 100

Profile photo of bryan gtg bryan gtg

Thank you, i got 100 marks

Profile photo of rampek rampek

Thanks a lot. That was gr8


i decided to join after watched your videos on YouTube. thanks jade. you give a lot practice in listening and any words of English.

Profile photo of nurasiah nurasiah

I got a little confused with those french words… I need to practice

Profile photo of Magiruz Magiruz

Thank you so much Jade. This is the first time i know French words, they really makes me confused and very diffuclt to pronounce.

Profile photo of Kong Huynh Kong Huynh

Got 7/7 wow … I’m not that bad after all!
Thanks Jade! :)

Profile photo of Anfal Khadidja Anfal Khadidja

“I want to sharpen my brain by drinking a triple…”
Espresso or vodka. That’s a tricky question =D

Profile photo of Emil Vakhitov Emil Vakhitov

Hi Jade! Thank you so much for this useful lesson!
As to the person who was mean, I passed a huge amounts of moments like that, and I would say people like them are being envy when someone’s speech is smart or interesting ;)
You are great! Just laugh at them, because you are better, but don’t become insensible like them, because they just need care.
Best wishes to you!

Profile photo of aynur1984 aynur1984

well..7 is

Profile photo of jmanuelsi jmanuelsi

Great video and I loved the quiz! Thank you!

Profile photo of Noelia1977 Noelia1977

6/7 :D

Thanks Jade!I need to practice more to avoid this mispronounced English vocabulary!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

Thank you very much, Jade!

Profile photo of Zhenechka Zhenechka

Thank you Jade. It’s funny because I’ve always said ‘haitch’, not ‘atich’ because I’m from London innit and our teachers told us off for dropping our hatiches, LOL. According to Longman’s Pronunciation Dictionary, da Irish say ‘haitch’. Good for dem! Also, you can say ‘sjuit’ in British English, although this is dying out. Here’s another interesting thing: you pronounced ‘prescription’ and ‘prerogative’ with a schwa in the prefix (‘pruh’) but transcribed it – correctly – with a short [i]. I agree with you but it just shows you that there is often discrepancy between the dictionary and reality. One final thing: the prostrate is a gland, not balls! Women, lol. :-)

Profile photo of novski novski

thanks Jade!!!

Profile photo of Simona Santostasi Simona Santostasi

Thanks madam your teaching is nice

Profile photo of Ajayfrench Ajayfrench

Hi Jade, you are just awesome and I’m hoping to teach you after learning from you. Hehehehe.

I am Prince David from Nigeria, aka PRINCE OF PHONETICS. I love you so much!

Profile photo of Prince David Prince David

very useful video

Profile photo of basemshamandy basemshamandy

prima as in german :D thanks Jade

Profile photo of solly93 solly93

Thanks. I am looking forward to improving my accent especially in those case where I need to speak in longer sentences. I request you to deliver something more on this.

Profile photo of ManpreetSir ManpreetSir

ok jade ,i love you ,that`s it ,i said that.fiuuuu

Profile photo of raul fagundez raul fagundez

7 out of 7. Thanks Jade.

Profile photo of cupcake17 cupcake17

love it.

Profile photo of Icke Icke

Thank you Ms. Jade. My apologies, I cut the chase, and got only 7.

Profile photo of M.Hatulan M.Hatulan

Thanks a lot
But what is the meaning of these dubya and haitch

Profile photo of ALKEBSEE ALKEBSEE

    They are how the names of the letters “W” and “H” are pronounced in English.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator


Profile photo of Mart4444

Thank you Jade

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

Cogratulations Jade. it was very “refreshig” to see you have fun at the end of the lesson. I’ve learnt a lot today!

Profile photo of Freddy Navas Freddy Navas

Thanks Ms. Jade!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Thanks for your lovely sweet British accent , much useful

Profile photo of Manook Manook

great lesson, it is exactly what I need for to improve quickly my English. Very useful lesson and fantastic teacher.

Profile photo of Santheterrible Santheterrible
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