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Jade, you’re just a bombshell. I appreciate you so much! You’re a really nice girl, a really nice person and a wonderful teacher at the same time. I hope you’ll keep going with your “Sound like a native speaker” video lessons, because it’s the last barrier for foreign English learners. Thanks in advance. Good luck!)))

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    You’re absolutely right. mostly the foreign countries don’t teach their students how to read English-phonics and pronunciations-but they make them memorize word by word. And they teach us Queen English, So we appreciate Ms. Jade for teaching us these subjects.

    Profile photo of Atef Atef

      Of course you guys are right,thank you Ms/our teacher.

      Profile photo of Musa Aliyu Musa Aliyu

    Yes I have quite a few native speaker videos coming. Also on my JJ Communication Skills YouTube channel.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

      It is said that theory and practice go hand in hand;but when it comes to pronunciation it is the putting into practice what really makes the difference.

      Very simple and useful tips to put elision into practice right away.

      Thanks for this hands-on pronunciation lesson Jade.
      Have a great weekend.

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      Dear Jade,

      No one can deny that there is a natural tendency to pronounce English sounds using our mother tongue’s phonetic system.

      That is why it is diffucult -I believe- to sound like a native English speaker.

      Quoting a pronunciation teacher “Pronunciation is like underwear, it is the last piece of clothe that you take off”.

      I would add to this quoting “… but in the end you may not take it off”.


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      Dear Madam, I like you videos very much.
      Kindly tell me how to improve English writing and pronunciation skills.

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    One word awesome!

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Thanks for teaching this lesson in professional way . We appreciate that . Thanks again .

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Please, make a lesson about ng or [ŋ] sound in comparison with a normal n sound. It’s quite simple to pronounce in words with -ing endings, but when we have words like ‘thin’ and ‘thing’, the difference is marginal and more difficult to get. :)

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    the way to pronounce /n/ and /ŋ/ almost same. But, they have a small difference.

    In /n/ sound, your tongue goes to the roof of the mouth. but in /ŋ/ sound, it doesn’t.

    Thin /θɪɴ/ , your tongue is ready to pronounce /θ/ sound between your teeth, then release it to make a /ɪ/ sound. And go back to the roof of your mouth to make a sound /ɴ/.

    Thing /θɪŋ/ , same step to pronounce /θ/ and /ɪ/. To make a sound /ŋ/, don’t move your tongue. just stay on that position when you pronounce /ɪ/, then stop the air coming to your mouth, let the air go to your nose.

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      Wow, great explanation. Thanks.

      Profile photo of ernest ernest

      thank you bro

      Profile photo of Musa Aliyu Musa Aliyu

      very nice,thanks very much

      Profile photo of Musa Aliyu Musa Aliyu

    Ah I like this idea. Let me put my thinking cap on and see what I come up with/1

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

      I didn’t find the meaning of “cap on” teacher.

      Profile photo of Kaynam Kaynam

        ‘put your thinking cap on’ – to start to think seriously about how to solve a problem or do sth

        Profile photo of ernest ernest

          Thanks a lot Ernest.You tought me a word , i will respect you forever .

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          Jade is the most Salutator teacher I’ve ever seen .well done Jade !

          Profile photo of Kaynam Kaynam

          Oh my god i meant Scrutator .I have ti take a rest.I am not functional right now…

          Profile photo of Kaynam Kaynam

      Nothing come up whit. Nothing popped into your mind. Your empty mind.
      Am i wrong? ( aint, innnit, etc.) Why don’t you try to wear a burka?
      It’s worth it. And for your anxiety, get a laid, please.

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Jade I think that you should start speaking loud and clear. In the end of the day we need to understand your talking to understand the lesson. Without bad feeling sincerely yours roshavbg.

Profile photo of roshavbg roshavbg

    I think it’s usefull to listen fast and, maybe, a little unclear native speech, so you can learn how to understand people who won’t actually teach you English and how to avoid unpleasants situations when you needed to ask to slow down. :)

    Profile photo of badlydubious badlydubious

    You could always try turning up the volume!

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

      It was only a suggestion not confrontation.

      Profile photo of roshavbg roshavbg

    If it’s that hard for you, you can use subtitles and read what she is saying. I think she has a lovely british accent.

    Profile photo of carlos carlos

    it’s really rude :(

    Profile photo of patrick1111 patrick1111

Thanks Jade

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Jade, my first EngVid video and I marked directly the web as “favorite”. I,m going to follow all your pronunciation videos. Genial!!! Thank yoy!!

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nice to have you back and i hope to see more videos about vocabulary and confiusing words

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Thank you very much.

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Thank you so much for this video teacher, we must learn how native speakers talk because it will help us improving our listening and we won’t have problems when we watch movies!!

Profile photo of Zoaldyeck Zoaldyeck

    Learning how to understand native speakers is hard but very rewarding in the end once you manage it!

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

      Dear Jade,
      A kind Hi,,
      Let me know pls : Is there any difference btw Somebody n Someone ??????!!!!

      Tnx in advance,
      :) fatiima!

      Profile photo of fatiima fatiima

      It is said that theory and practice go hand in hand;but when it comes to pronunciation it is the putting into practice what really makes the difference.
      Very simple and useful tips to put elision into practice right away.

      Thanks for this hands-on pronunciation lesson Jade.
      Have a great weekend.

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It helps me to improve my speaking english.

Profile photo of PrakashBaskota PrakashBaskota

Can I use this advice to speak American English?

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Thanx Jade, U r amazing I not only like yr character but also the way of yr teaching…..

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very nice!

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Dear teacher Jade,

As a learner in English, I strongly believe that this video clip is so useful to me. In general, we pronounce English words with our local identity; so I think it is a natural issue, but I try my best to understand different accents followed by native English speakers living in different parts in the world. In my practical setting, I random find native English speakers, hence I hardly get an opportunity to practice English in its original beat, however, I try my best to watch English programs on internet conducted by native English speakers to get this gap filled. Good Luck!

Profile photo of athulabar athulabar

    Sounds like you are trying your best. I’m sure you will succeed in your goals.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

thank you very much yoare gorgous

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Thanks nice teacher Jade, I got 88%.

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Jade speaks and looks strange. :|

Profile photo of iloveooz iloveooz

    She speaks not as strange as you think, just like a usual Londoner. Londoners have quite a few accents including a world-famous cockney, and Jade’s accent is not a worst one from them.

    As for how she looks, I see nothing wrong with that. Just a young shy girl who does all the best for helping us to improve our language skills.

    Profile photo of cosm cosm

      Jade is not ‘shy girl’. She is just an introvert…

      Profile photo of cobra688 cobra688

        Of course.

        and at the end of the day, we all love you Jade.

        It is a productive video-lesson isn’t it!

        Have a good one!

        Profile photo of sonu sonu

Many thanks to you Jade.but ,dont forget your teaching Non- native English mean Your Kind of fast I hope to see more videos abuout IELTS exam . Thats scary test .thanks alot .

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Thank for lesson today

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Thank you for making this lesson.

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Hi Jade, thanks for this lesson. However I have looked into the Oxford Dictionary, it says for example:

memorable: ˈmemərəbl
family: ˈfæməli
and so forth

I am a bit confuse now. :)

Profile photo of phile phile

    What the dictionary says and how people talk are not always the same thing.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

    Indeed if you look up familiy in the OD you get /ˈfamɪli, -m(ə)l-/, which is the same pronunciation given by teacher Jade. The schwa between parenthesis is an elided schwa.

    The same with memorable /ˈmɛm(ə)rəb(ə)l/. There you have two elided schwas.

    Profile photo of normansimonr

Thank you :)

Profile photo of Sumi Sumi

Jade , are there rules for elision in english ?


Profile photo of Amer 2 Amer 2

    Hi, Amer 2. Awaiting for Jade’s response, please get mine. I guess there is only one rule about elision in English. The rule is: “Elision rules”! Cheers.

    Profile photo of hiubhp hiubhp

      Thanks Hiubhp for your advice but I hope to see the respone from her too dont forget she is our teacher

      Profile photo of Amer 2 Amer 2

        In the video I mention 2 rules but personally I find these rules hard to apply in natural, flowing speech.

        Profile photo of Jade Jade

Thank you Jade. I’m an ESL teacher and I liked your style in teaching. I’m learning a lot from you.TK U so muuuuuuuuuuuuch

Profile photo of cheikh sneibe cheikh sneibe

Hello Prof. Jade
Thank you very much. I wish I could speak English like you because UK accent is my favorite :)

Profile photo of Majd.Hendawi Majd.Hendawi

i love it very much :)) thank u teacher Jade :))

Profile photo of Sherlock Declan Sherlock Declan

Thank you for the lesson! But I have a query.In your examples “laboratory” and ” secretary” the elision of schwa follows a “t” not a “m” or “r”

Profile photo of arinamg arinamg

hey jade i hope u fineee! thx for this lesson productive lesson . if you mind i have a question which is what’s the different among the american accent and british accent and accadimic accent ? have a nice time

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ohh sorry jade i forget to tell you that i can understand your accent without repeating the video :D so what u think about my listening ?

Profile photo of kaouache kaouache

hey everbody i suggest to you to watch this funny video about American accent and british accent have fun

Profile photo of kaouache kaouache

Is this sentence grammatically correct=
lost my wife (misty),
she went for shopping
& still not reached home yet.

Profile photo of Riven Riven

This video will probably have confused many of people who get used to North American accent and pronunciation. So be careful, when you decide to change your pronunciation thinking you don’t speak properly.

Profile photo of cosm cosm

Thanks for your interesting videos.Could you please deliver a lesson about clear and dark L ?
I appreciate your effort.

Profile photo of amer al kashto amer al kashto

I appreciate all kinds of lessons because the “main goal” is learn English and that’s exactly what I’m doing in (engVid)10Q Jade!!!

Profile photo of Gilberto Gilberto

I do not speak English and I want to learn.

Profile photo of OTERO OTERO

Hello Jade !
What a pleasure to have at last a british teacher on engVid ! I like your accent which is so different from the american one !
I’m living in London for 1 month and I would love to meet you in person if it doesn’t bother you. I would like you to give me some advice about learning english or about things to do in London, job interviews or whatever. Let me know please !
See you soon !

Profile photo of Slowman Slowman

Hello Jade. a handy lesson as usual thanks a lot. One question, I’m wondering about your accent, is it Cockney ?

Profile photo of hamzabido hamzabido

    My accent is called ‘Estuary English’. If you search for this on my personal Jade Joddle channel you will see videos about it.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

      is Estuary English spoken a lot in London?

      well, to be honest, i still don’t have too much idea about the concept of “London accent”, though apparently you’ve heard it frequently.

      as far as i know, there are RP, cockney, estuary, northern english and southwest etc, but i never have knowledge on what specifically is “London accent” #_#

      Profile photo of Yarya Yarya

How cool and great! I hope to pronounce naturally and fluently like native speaking people. I wanna coffee :P
Thank you so much, Jade! I’d like to improve my speaking more smoothly.

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

finally i found british teacher. i hope your accent will help me when i watch football. great job AJ Jade

Profile photo of Phitt Phitt

Thanks for the lesson.

Profile photo of antoniv01 antoniv01

oh, i really saw the light in this lesson though i missed two questions hehe. never mind. however, that’s why i couldn’t hear the native speaker until now. i though the words they speak were the words i heard first time even “camera” haha, “camra”? what is it? i never knew.

Profile photo of yzab

    Yes it’s a small thing but now you know. Good luck!

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

. . . I’m back again after a short break . . .

Sharing is what makes the language learning experience more exciting.


Profile photo of Regino Regino

“Wanna” and “Gonna” are used very often in speech. And, of course, they have the same structure of formation such as “hafta, outta”, сoulda, shoulda” etc. And, for example, these words are: donna (don’t know), prolly (probably), gotcha (got you) and so on. English is really very rich language of interpretation all words.

Profile photo of kolya kolya

thanks a lot

Profile photo of waeil1hassan waeil1hassan

Thanks for the lesson, Jade! And I got 10! :)

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Thank you for your lesson.

Profile photo of bummia bummia

Good tricks.

Profile photo of hectorbolanos77 hectorbolanos77

Mmmm I got it. Tks. I’ll be looking for additional examples

Profile photo of hectorbolanos77 hectorbolanos77

I wanna to get this video with lyrics
Can I?

Profile photo of mina atef mina atef

Hi Jade, wonderfull lesson, and beautiful accent. Im Santiago from Panama, and this lesson helped me a lot, I had heard the pronunciation of comparable, Interesting, chocolate, and I knew there was something different but I dindt know why, and sometimes what….this helped me a lot…

Profile photo of sdreak sdreak

    You have excellent listening skills if you observed that just by yourself. Keep up the good work. :))

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

Hi Jade

How about Yorkshire and Winchester and Bicester

Profile photo of audrysilva audrysilva

U always rock!

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Thnak you.

Profile photo of Pong Pong

British accent is tough, i prefer Us

Profile photo of aminedz11 aminedz11

Sorry, but it wasn’t a good lesson

Profile photo of Mehran Sky Mehran Sky

I really wanna speak better the English and i know that i can do it with your videos. thank you very much!

Profile photo of Isra lgz Isra lgz


Profile photo of english0000000000 english0000000000


Profile photo of prasadpatnala prasadpatnala

Yes, It was a good lesson. Thank you Jade.

I got 100!

Profile photo of Sally S Sally S

    I agree with you sally

    Profile photo of markvitor22 markvitor22

Nice and perfect lesson. looking forward to your next videos.

Profile photo of mohsini mohsini

im really happy that i found a website wherein it can help me improve my self both writing and speaking in englis

Profile photo of markvitor22 markvitor22

Hi Ms. Jade,
When do we use “will” and “be going to”?
Thank you in advance.

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Thank you for the lesson, Jade! I greatly appreciated it! :-)

Profile photo of unclefungus unclefungus

I watch every lesson in your classes, I love British accent, thanks .

Profile photo of wgonzalez wgonzalez

    I know… Thanks for all your kind attention. William. :))

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

thank you jade.

Profile photo of hilasou23 hilasou23

thank you jade
if it possible to sond like native speaker if i was born in england
thank you

Profile photo of debaghi debaghi

Very good lesson, thanks.

Profile photo of vinnyse vinnyse

Big Thanks. It’s really good and fun.

Profile photo of panwassav panwassav

Thank you, Jade, for your lessons, they are very practical for common life :-)

Profile photo of darshana12 darshana12

Nice lesson! Thank u sooooo much!

Profile photo of Dino Huang Dino Huang

8/8 Good lesson!

Profile photo of viacheslavkr viacheslavkr

hello jade. I really hope you will make some videos about the conditionals. I have watched some videos about conditionals on but i have found these videos very hard to understand, and i think the examples are the real issue not the teacher or the presentation. So i hope you will find some time for this. Im looking forward for your new videos. Cheers

Profile photo of alexrodna alexrodna

I’m a native…:))))

Profile photo of Simone Brasil Simone Brasil

fantastic jayde….

Profile photo of ahmed eleba ahmed eleba

D’ja wanna get a pizza?…………when we do that D ja

Profile photo of ahmed eleba ahmed eleba

    Do you becomes the example of elision that you mention in your comment.

    Profile photo of Jade Jade

thank’s you so much.

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I’m a new member of this site, so I worry about making mistakes when writing. How can I download video lessons?

Profile photo of Ernazar Ernazar

I loved our lesson! thanks Jane! see you!

Profile photo of ramonmihura ramonmihura

Hey teacher! I loved that lesson but speak like you it is so complicated to me. I´ve got an american accent. That´s make me speak some words in a different way! That is a problem if I travel to London?

Profile photo of piancci piancci

I have problem in pronunciation how can I deal with this? what is the best way to start for solving this problem??
I am good with grammar meaning writing , but how to say the words correctly I have problem in this

Profile photo of malak1989 malak1989

thanks teacher jade :))

Profile photo of maytenshi maytenshi

This is the first time I’ve found all the tips about grammatical varieties between British and American English in one place at once. It was pretty confusing not knowing these rules. Especially when listening or chatting. It’s easier now. Thanks Jade.

Profile photo of sasha11 sasha11

    Sorry, I had several of your videos ready to watch in my browser and this comment relates to the lesson ‘American&British English,8 grammar differences’.

    Thumbs up for this lesson to!

    Profile photo of sasha11 sasha11

though my fluency is very poor but everyone says my pronunciation is almost like a native speakers…but alas i got 4 out of 8 in this quiz.

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Thank you Jade. I am living in the UK for more than a year and I am working in schools as a TA and I have Master awarded by English university. I am still struggling with my pronunciation and is not easy to understand me other people and understand them. I bought a Tv recently, but I need something more effective.What you recommend? Thank you.Irene

Profile photo of ce06iik ce06iik

Hello Jade, I’m beginning to learn english and that lesson of pronunciation is wonderfull, I hope to continue learning english with you. Thank

Profile photo of ccuello ccuello

got 100% thank you so much, jade!!

Profile photo of abhishek1995 abhishek1995

thank you so much you!please, could you make more advanced lessons <3

Profile photo of thanitarki thanitarki

    Gee!!! You must be an advanced English student.

    I strongly recommend you to see a lesson developed by Adam -an EngVid teacher- on “Causative verbs”.

    Please, do the quiz, it may a be a bit of a challenge for you, I bet.

    See you around!!!

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

Dear Teacher Jade. Still Iam searching the
Questions but I didn’t find it yet.
So where I can find it?

Profile photo of Muna Makhtal Muna Makhtal

I appreciate your time to teach us how to improve and motivate by ourselves. I had some doubts to learn English online but after found this site and then heard about your channel I have no more doubts to follow this path.

See you around and I love the way you say goodbye!

Profile photo of spyorche spyorche

Hi Jade.. why is it so important for a politician to learn a perfect English, you mentioned that in one of your videos. Learning English is a must for sure for all sorts of jobs, but why is it a bit more important for a politician specifically.

Profile photo of Yazeed Alsahafi Yazeed Alsahafi

Thank you, Jade!

Profile photo of livi livi

Thank you,Jade this lesson really helps me to improve my pronunciation in English, before this I don’t really know how to talk English like native speaker, but now I know and it all because of you. Thank you again and keep up the good work.

Profile photo of MuhdRafi MuhdRafi

It was AWESOME :) thanks a lot Jade!

Profile photo of tdblanca12 tdblanca12

Thanks a lot for your valuable information.

Profile photo of Refaee Refaee

Thank you so much I love your lessons your pronounciation is clear and really native…..I apreciate your effort

Profile photo of Ali Nazar Ali Nazar

I got 7 correct out of 8.

Profile photo of Mohammed Shkur Mohammed Shkur

thank you miss Jade

Profile photo of 1990-alf 1990-alf

thanks jade do you have more of pronunciation videos please ?

Profile photo of mahmoud.mosa mahmoud.mosa

Hi Jade, that’s a really great and helpful video. i am quite interested in some features in British English like elision, schwa, non-rhoticity, disappearing of /t/&/d/ sound, etc.

regarding the topic of the video, elision of schwa, i just wanna additionally ask you about the sound of “pro” before a stressed syllable, as in “professor”, “professor”. because i constantly perceive that (first) /r/ sound in /prə ˈfes.ər/ or /prəˌnʌ ˈeɪ.ʃən/ is barely pronounced, which consequently become /pə ˈfes.ər/ and /pəˌnʌ ˈeɪ.ʃən/. but i really not quite sure if it is the case. perhaps it’s just me over-sensed it.

i am looking forward to your opinion about it. that’d be very appreciated! :)

Profile photo of Yarya Yarya

Result 75 %, so so . Thanks.

Profile photo of alpido24 alpido24

Love your teaching .I have never had an astute teacher like U. You spotlight the dark sides thanks dear Jade…

Profile photo of Kaynam Kaynam

Thank you,see you later…O.O…O.O…O.O…

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

Hi how are you

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Please help me how i can learn ?

Profile photo of Choeum Savy Choeum Savy

Ms. Jade I just adore your accent ;) I find this lessons really usefull so thank you ;)

Profile photo of agnieszka1234 agnieszka1234

awesome videos mam, i would try hard to get good pronunciation skill.

Profile photo of spcarrier89 spcarrier89

very helpful Thank you
I have a question about Ilets
Can I use cursive handwriting in my answers?

Profile photo of dragosan dragosan

thanks alot

Profile photo of princelyworld princelyworld

I wanna do the test one more time.

Profile photo of Alexander Alexander

teacher where I can get vedio of English lessons in my phone pls help I want to sound like native speaker

Profile photo of sheekeeye sheekeeye

Thank you very much Jade.

Profile photo of slawek4 slawek4

hi every one
my name is almogdad osman and iam from sudan
I want learn english cultural please I need some more help and I hope to email me in my email ang GOD bless you

Profile photo of almogdad almogdad

Thanks for teaching this lesson in professional way . We appreciate that . Thanks again

Profile photo of SSalem SSalem

thanks you and all the teachers in this site helped me alot

Profile photo of tarek megahed tarek megahed

thanks it’s a pretty helpful lesson
(love your accent)

Profile photo of Franky Lee Franky Lee

We’ve got a lot of examples of elision in all the languages. French, Italian, German, etc. We say /Madrí/ /soledá/ etc. And we’ve got our “posh” accent. A German speaker can say if you are from Berlin, Bonn and your level of education. The same in French. Italian is the most funny chaos.
But “elision” and all the other things were invented for British people, of course. Let them think that “Brittannia” rules. Bendita ignorancia.

Profile photo of aroibas aroibas

Very Helpful lessons, actually I was studying English in school and college, and all what they were teaching is vocabularies , grammar, which is important, finally it will be a waste without vocal and speaking lessons like this.

Profile photo of kingbode kingbode

thank you Jade, great lesson, great tool to help my students understand why some words are so difficult for them so pronounce! I appreciate your help! Blessings

Profile photo of Lorena de Mendez Lorena de Mendez

Jade, you are a great teacher. Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of namitha.s namitha.s

Hello, i’m am glad to watch your videos, in fact I really love the way you teach.
I have a little question…..why the elision is different with: secret-ry…laborat-ry….and mem-rable…If is the same amount of sylablles.

Thanks for your answer.

Profile photo of JRiff JRiff

Hello I’m trying to learn American English although some pronounciations are difficult in American English and now it’s kind of difficult to understand English.I like to learn both but I understand American better.

Profile photo of

I mean it’s kind of difficult to understand British English.
And also some pronounciations are hard in american and some of them in British.

Profile photo of

Hi, Jade !
I have a question to you.
Why do you spoke elide like [i’li:d] ?
I believe that it sounds [ɪˈlaɪd].
Can you get rid me of uncertainty ?

And, also I want to say you’re awesome ! I adore your lessons, dear Jade. :D

Profile photo of Maksi Maksi

I don’t know whether you did it intentionally or not,but in phonemic transcription we don’t write /wanna/ or /tea/. So let’s be more consistent.

Profile photo of Arbab 110 Arbab 110

How many syllables does a native speaker commonly pronounce in the word jade

Profile photo of AnmarM.Hussain AnmarM.Hussain

Thank you.

Profile photo of Nayu Nayu

Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of yyefyyef yyefyyef

Hi teacher Jade, first of all I want thank you for your good explanation,but I did not understand very well,I hope you will repeat it again so I will attend it and study it very well.Thanks.

Profile photo of Enkutatash Enkutatash

Hello Mrs.Jade your lessons are very very helpful and interesting too. You are just shaping what I want to be in the future as an introvert english teacher. well I want to ask you in the first role you said schwa after first stress get delete but in the word memory you didn’t delete the “e” in (‘m”e”m.ri) although it is after a stress and in laboratory thier two stress as I see. and in laboratory you didn’t delete the “o” after the b stress too la’b”o”or.ra.tri. I mean I don’t understand why you didn’t use the first role in the second role too and thanks :)

Profile photo of shayma zeyad shayma zeyad

thanks Jade

Profile photo of CaoNgoc CaoNgoc

Firstly, thank you for precious lessons. I have been working hard to master British accent, your immaculate accent is helping me understand at a better level how words are pronounced in vernacular conversations which I believe dictionary will never provide.

Profile photo of Raghu Yelugam Raghu Yelugam

Hi Jade, first of all: Thank YOU! awesome lesson.
real English for real people (just not for the Queen!),that’s how English comes alive.

Profile photo of Mikeitsme Mikeitsme

Thanks for your lesson, it was very useful :)

Profile photo of Dannieell Dannieell

7/8 :)

Great tips! They really make sense when we heard a native speaker in a conversation!

Thanks a lot Jade!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

Many thanks, it was very useful for me:)

Profile photo of Daga500 Daga500

I appreciate the lesson. Thank you, Jade.

Profile photo of Angela M. Angela M.

From this lesson I understand only 2 words: “David Cameron”. What is “elision”? What means “schwa”? And how to understand “Elision of Schwa”?

Profile photo of Platonov Platonov

I got 9 corrects. Thank you, Jade.

Profile photo of Jason Miao Jason Miao

I got 6 out of 8 am so greatfull thanks jade

Profile photo of solly93 solly93

it helps me a lot Jade, thank you :)

Profile photo of Ricardo Garcia Ricardo Garcia

I’ve got 8 out of 8 .. thanks a lot Jade

Profile photo of Ahmed Sharabas Ahmed Sharabas

You are so great Jade! Your accent is perfect to study. I didn´t understand very well at first lesson, but now is so much better. :)

Profile photo of SmileyBarbora9 SmileyBarbora9

Thanks, Jade!
I suppose singers sometimes pronounce words in a way that goes well with melodies. For example the band Yes has a song that says ” I am a camera, camera camera ” in which every syllable is clearly heard.
Actually that’s how I learned that word!

Profile photo of mono nunez mono nunez

Hello Jade,
In this video, why do “laboratory” and “secretary” not follow the “m” and “r” rule of the elision of the SCHWA?
Thank you

Profile photo of cosmopolitana cosmopolitana

I got 100%

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Thank you Jade I started learning British English since last week but your lesson is really helpful for me thank you everything

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Thank you Jade

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got 7/8. thanks!

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Rather interesting, thanks Jade!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Very good.

Profile photo of Reda Farouk Reda Farouk

woao, I had problems with these pronunciations whole my life. This lesson was very useful for me, this is exactly what I need. Thanks beautiful Jade.

Profile photo of Santheterrible Santheterrible

Thanks Jade.

Profile photo of Halilcan12 Halilcan12

That’s such an exquisite lesson! I love your words, and what’s more is that they come with absolutely guaranteed perception.

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