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nice visiting the old london .
my skype_id is dev.pra .if anyone want to practice English i’m interested in .

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    I’ll add you there…

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      yes dear i am interest to talk with you online through Skyp

      Profile photo of Jan Jan

    Learning a foreign language also means knowing about its culture.

    Frankly speaking, this is the first time that I hear about this place, Convent Garden.

    Thanks for sharing this video Jade.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

    ok. me i will search you username on skype when im on line , remember me if i contact you..regards

    Profile photo of chat.with.carlos chat.with.carlos

Thanks jade I interesting in your torn through london.

Profile photo of Dr.solaiman Dr.solaiman

Great unusual lesson, nice tour. Thanks Jade!

Profile photo of Luke Luke

Quite interesting. Keep it going.

Profile photo of zhenya25 zhenya25

Yes devandra I want to practice english. Can u tell me which time u will b available on Skype.

Profile photo of Gulizba Gulizba

    everytime .

    Profile photo of devendra111 devendra111

      im new one on english-vid, are you available for chating?

      Profile photo of chat.with.carlos chat.with.carlos

Different lesson, congratulation

Profile photo of adalberto75 adalberto75

AMAZING video Jade! Please, do more videos like this. Next year I’ll be there in London!

Profile photo of cadubenevides cadubenevides

I wanna marry you <3 <3

Profile photo of chadnimo chadnimo

I will visit London after watching your video; It is very interesting and informative;
Thanks a lot! Have a nice day!

Profile photo of VietNam1984 VietNam1984

Thank you so much for your time!

Profile photo of dianegb1105 dianegb1105

nice video

Profile photo of saeedcanada saeedcanada

Thank you Jade. I wish I’d go to London someday :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

night London is more fascinating, especially when you walk around Jamaican drug dealers…….I even Love london more than fucking Moscow where there’s racism and unpolite n disrespect people… In Uk people are awesome…..THIS IS THE PLACE THAT’s WORTH TO BE VISITED!!! my advice…

Profile photo of Abdel Said Abdel Said

    lol!!!! you are an lucky man traveling so many famous places around the world!! hope one day i could visit Covent Garden. you have to agree that it would be very interesting if we have a guider as Jade! so beautiful she is!!!

    Profile photo of Nguyen Van Hau Nguyen Van Hau

Thank you Jade for your endeavoring to teach English. But I don’t know why it is not easy for me to understand your accent.

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Profile photo of Jlourenco38 Jlourenco38

Lovely vid,Thank you!

Profile photo of Karodclr Karodclr

Thanks a lot dear Jade ! It’ a great idea this short movie around old London. I get 100 :)) Thank you !

Profile photo of BORGE BORGE

In 2:33 you say: It’s London poorest “slub”. What word is that? Is like a region of city?

Profile photo of Julio Lapertosa Julio Lapertosa

    The word’s actually slum. A slum is a very poor, over-crowded neighbourhood. Elsewhere, slums might be called favelas, barrios, ghettos, or shanty towns.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Ohh! When i did the Quiz i saw the response for my question. You say slum, and this mean “favela”, right? Nice entertaining video and you are beautiful and nice Jade. Thanks.

Profile photo of Julio Lapertosa Julio Lapertosa

Thanks Jade.

This video was nice…Your accent is really strong, but i prefer british English.

Profile photo of DEBABY DEBABY

Awesome city.
Jade, please make more videos like this one.

Profile photo of nestta nestta

Thanks Jade. But I think it is not easy.

Profile photo of Thanyarat Thanyarat

It’s a great idea to take a tour around London,looking forward to see other areas of London , thank you Jade :)

Profile photo of cigdemc cigdemc

That’s an amazing place, thanks for the lesson ^^ .
Skype: bruno_-henrik ✌

Profile photo of Brunohenrik Brunohenrik

    hi there. are you still interested in practising english? ainda quer praticar inglês? eu falo bem kk

    meu skype é mauro.cyber ..

    whatsapp é 11 9 8969 3953 .. vlw

    Profile photo of maurocyber maurocyber

Thank you. Wish there was a subtitle for this beautiful video!

Profile photo of ArashAkbarzadeh ArashAkbarzadeh

Thank you Sweety Jade <3

Profile photo of ArashAkbarzadeh ArashAkbarzadeh

ı want to conversatıon in here but ı dont know

Profile photo of romeo20 romeo20

thank you Jade ,I like your video it’s so interesting, :) ,and you Devendra ,I realy want to practice my English ,so accepte my reqest if u don’t mind , M Skaype is ( Soufaine.Samy2 ) okay ,

Profile photo of Soufiane Soufiane

it’s nice to short sight og London. Thank you so much Jade.

Profile photo of camalote camalote

Nice place!

Profile photo of gabrielpedro2707 gabrielpedro2707

nice video, nice teacher, nice city. thank you so much

Profile photo of natjaht natjaht

Thank you Jade

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

Thank you!

Profile photo of The Noble Knight The Noble Knight

thanks Jade. i want to practice my english. anybody want to talk with me in skype? my ID arinmaulidy. thanks

Profile photo of MaulidyArin MaulidyArin


Profile photo of siak aez siak aez

I would like see more of London,
please show a litter bit more.

Profile photo of Raymond1954 Raymond1954

Nice lesson, I love coffee shops

Profile photo of Diazjohn Diazjohn

Thank you Jade. I found the video was very very interesting. I hope you to show another soon.

Profile photo of alz782 alz782

thanks jade

useful lesson, if I visit London one day, I will absolutely visit Covent Garden

Profile photo of omerfrkunl omerfrkunl

That’s awesome ! thanks Jade

Profile photo of pablovinicius pablovinicius

I enjoyed listening to Jade and her tour around London .
I love London and wish to visit it sooner ,

any one is interested in practicing English , my email is stated below:

Profile photo of YasserEissa YasserEissa

Thanks you

Profile photo of Shaheen24 Shaheen24

    thank you * without s

    Profile photo of AAOK100 AAOK100

thang you i would like the 85

Profile photo of cade143 cade143

Thanks Jade!!! for this useful lesson!!!

Profile photo of devps devps

thank you it was great lesson

Profile photo of mohammed2013 mohammed2013

A very interesting video! Thanks Jade! I want to know London someday.

Profile photo of Valderí Andrade Valderí Andrade

great video, but I think that I must learn english very hard

Profile photo of peasosota peasosota

Thanks for the 2nd tour in london..Benjamin visited to London English school last time. This time Ms.jade been to london..Charles dickens is famous author ..His story Oliver are still in school text books in India…convet garden buildings resembles me the old buildings in India where british people left those buildings in India in 1950’s..

Profile photo of Deepak workaholic Deepak workaholic

very nice

Profile photo of areej111 areej111

keep going…..make sum other places like tis….its bit different apart from seeing other welcome videos of london

Profile photo of gova sugan gova sugan

that is amazing As if i have gone to London city

Profile photo of Saidjalol Saidjalol

Thanks Jade,it’s great lesson

Profile photo of Lichun Lichun

really exciting. it’s like being there )))

Profile photo of lexuz80 lexuz80

6/7. that’s ok for a score.
By the way, at the time (Victorian days), wasn’t Jack the Ripper, a inhabitant of that block?

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

That’s a very cool idea to show a city. I’d like to see more lessons like that!

Profile photo of yankhonskiy yankhonskiy

This is a very special lesson that no one has used before,I like this lesson very much,very useful and interesting!

Profile photo of SherryA SherryA

it is very different video. Great idea to teach English. I like it a lots. I hope all teacher will do video like this, it will be very interesting.Thank you.

Profile photo of meomayvd meomayvd

Oh!! I just travel around London for 2 weeks at mid of November. And the nearl’s yard is one of my must-to-go list,but I did’n do it… It’s look so nice~
Thank you for introducing London.

Profile photo of leeliu leeliu

I have gotten 71%. And this first time I see this vedio, so that’s great for me to get this mark, and that is mean I understood what you had said in your vedio, :) also I didn’t saw the subtitle just I depended on hearing. Even I am weak in listening. But I am glad. ;)

Profile photo of maisa72 maisa72

    good my dear friend. keep it up

    Profile photo of bhuvnesh kumar bhuvnesh kumar

My skype is minhtuanxd.

Profile photo of

    are conneccted frecuently mr. minhtuanxd. ? im willing to chat in english as most as i can…reply we can be chating once in a while and share culture information. im from mexico

    Profile photo of chat.with.carlos chat.with.carlos

Nice video…keep on making like this videos

Profile photo of bunny2211 bunny2211

Thank you, got 43% without watching.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

Hey Jade,

Thanks for virtual tour of Covent Garden.
I got 6 out of 7.
Nice Video.


Profile photo of Vinod Hire Vinod Hire

Thanks, i got 7 out of 7

Profile photo of jahnvee jahnvee

Tha k you

Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

Dearest Prof. Jade,
I should like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a flourishing happy New year. It is important that it should be friendly and loving. I am so glad to know you, wonderful teacher. I pay my respect to you. Briklend

Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson

Interest lesson

Profile photo of williekc williekc

very cool.

Profile photo of kazanxhi1 kazanxhi1

Ops… I made a mistake. “Someday I want to visit London”. This is correct!

Profile photo of Valderí Andrade Valderí Andrade

Thank you, Jade. its very usefull and enteresting video.

Profile photo of sashadana sashadana

Very interesting video. A good exercise for listening and, at same time, an extremely nice tour.

Profile photo of Rodrigo Vianna Rodrigo Vianna

Thank youuuuuu!!!!!

Profile photo of Phatay Phatay

    Can i know your SKype or Whatsapp ID ? i am also interested to learn Thai.

    Profile photo of Eric Chan Eric Chan

Jade,, ummm…I have a question….
How old are you ? :)

Profile photo of babeilubu babeilubu

it is interesting video,if i have chance ,i will go to london. when i see your video ,i saw london is the best place to visit. by the way ,my face is leenguyen( ,can anyone practice speaking with me .

Profile photo of leomes leomes

TKANS! Ilove London!

Profile photo of Nargiz Azimova Nargiz Azimova

the good thing is, I got 100 out of 100…,

Profile photo of omidshagiwal omidshagiwal

Wow, what a nice lesson, Jade! I wish you could make more lessons like this, showing a few of London to us!I just loved this video! Thank you! :)

Profile photo of Janilza Janilza

Nice london tour thankx engvid
hello everyone,
i am bhuvnesh kumar . i stay in mumbai, india. recently i joined engvid and i watched some stuff and read comments on videos. really its so exciting. but guys as we know without comunication we can’t improve our comunication skill
so guys here i am happy to share my contact to everyone .Plz add me on viber and watapp.

Profile photo of bhuvnesh kumar bhuvnesh kumar

First of all I would like to tell you thank you so much for this different and pretty nice video.May I ask you to make more video like this that would be from different places and cultures if it is possible?
All my best to you

Profile photo of kami88 kami88

Great video. Your English is very clear.

Profile photo of zilma zilma

dear jade
merry Christmas
have a good time with your family

Profile photo of ali ali

Thank you Jade.I enjoyed your video

Profile photo of sofiane ofiane sofiane ofiane

Dear madem
I am beganing to learn English. And I am confuse how I strat first subject. Please help me how I start

Profile photo of Fida1 Fida1


Profile photo of ABDOUH ABDOUH

Thanks ya!I wish to visit London once in my life

Profile photo of basudeen basudeen

tks for teaching English, Happy new year teacher!

Profile photo of comatce09 comatce09

I very enjoy this video. I want to visit London and to see Covent Garden by my eyes. Thank you so much Jade! You are a great teacher!

Profile photo of Viki8 Viki8

Sunny London is brilliant like you. Tank you :)

Profile photo of Viktor Viktor

Sorry, Jade, but “barrio” it doesn’t mean favela or slum in spanish.
A barrio can be poor or rich, worst or better.
It is only a part of a town or a city.
“suburbio”, “barrio bajo”‘ or even “barriada” can be better to describe slum in spanish.
Eh, I’m teaching you spanish!
I’m here to learn english.

Profile photo of

    Usted puede enseñame el español si quiere

    Profile photo of Mokhtaria Abid Mokhtaria Abid

I sunny London is brilliant .
Thank you

Profile photo of Nehad alfahad Nehad alfahad

Wonderful London and great engvid!!!!!!
If you want to practise english join me to
skype: daniele.english1

Profile photo of vanzo82 vanzo82

thanks Jade,your lessons always interesting.I like your lessons very much.And this lesson is different and informative and useful.thank you. But i got a suggestion here for you, Can you set up a group on Wechat or Whatsapp or Viber,Skype,ect.. so give our learners a better chance to communicate with you and each other.Is that feasible or possible?

Profile photo of Eric Chan Eric Chan

    what is your name in the skype؟ I YAZID BATRO

    Profile photo of yazidbatro yazidbatro

Is there anybody whose first language is English ? Please send email me to Also i can help you to improve Chinese if you want to learn.My Mandarin Chinese is in high level.thank you…

Profile photo of Eric Chan Eric Chan

thanks jade i love london

Profile photo of saeedbmw saeedbmw

I used to live in London. I love London. Thank you!

Profile photo of ferclovis ferclovis

Thanks for this Video. :)

Profile photo of Gireesh@Delhi Gireesh@Delhi

Thank you for thi lesson

Profile photo of Beroth Beroth

Thanks Jade… Thanks to you I’ve finally learned something about the past of Covent … I really don’t know it was a very poor place..

Profile photo of Marcello60 Marcello60

Thanks Jade. I am a beginner. It is a very useful information.

Profile photo of jcsouza jcsouza

London is really nice place

Profile photo of ivanova ivanova

she so cute when she sing a song.

Profile photo of ton-wungnun ton-wungnun

thank for the video, i really love it.

Profile photo of cphsu cphsu

Amazing video and simple clear presentation,

Profile photo of kimo68200 kimo68200

This is one of the awesome video I have watch .
Thank you.

Profile photo of Saifurahamn Saifurahamn

thanks nice journey

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Profile photo of alkhair amin alkhair amin

Thank you for your lesson :)

Profile photo of mhamed1987 mhamed1987

I like your accent.Thank you.

Profile photo of AaronBao AaronBao

Covent Garden is like malioboro/yogyakarta in my country ;a lot shoping center/cafe and street performance.

Profile photo of chakim hamzah chakim hamzah

was a great video, thanks

Profile photo of Samadi Samadi

So wonderful tour! Thank you so much!

Profile photo of KEvgenii KEvgenii

you are a great teacher!

Profile photo of M.MAHDY M.MAHDY

Thanks Jade I really enjoyed that video and I would be happy if you make another video like this, thank you so much

Profile photo of

Tremendous! Awesome video! Learning a language must be fun, and it really is thanks to you, dear Jade!

Profile photo of arbatov arbatov

It’s a great place to visit. :D

I got 6 correct out of 7.

Thank you so much.

Profile photo of chivialoco chivialoco

Thanks Jade teacher

Profile photo of KathyLee KathyLee

Charles Dickens adult film actor …brilliant (like you are afterall) :D

Profile photo of N. Ivano N. Ivano

Thanks. teacher

Profile photo of khunbish khunbish

thank you Teacher Jade :)

Profile photo of mukhir mukhir

I understand notinhg what that teacher say???

Profile photo of CREBIO CREBIO

thnx jade we really appreciate your works

Profile photo of taha19944 taha19944

Excellent video,I expect such a video lessons jade

Profile photo of basudeen basudeen

Hi Jade. Thank you for the tour. I was many times in Covent Garden ( because my daughter is a londoneer). One thing very amazing was Neal’s Yard

Profile photo of Silverback49 Silverback49

Hi Jade. Thank you for the tour. I was many times in Covent Garden ( because my daughter is a londoneer). One thing very amazing and surpring to me was Neal’s Yard with it’s little street with couloured houses. That’ a very nice place

Profile photo of Silverback49 Silverback49

Hi Jade. Thank you for the tour. I was many times in Covent Garden ( because my daughter is a londoneer). One thing very amazing and surpring to me was Neal’s Yard with it’s little street and place with couloured houses. That’ a very nice place worth seeing to see in London.

Profile photo of Silverback49 Silverback49

Hi Jade. Thank you for the tour. I was many times in Covent Garden ( because my daughter is a londoneer). One thing very amazing and surpring to me was Neal’s Yard with it’s little street and place with couloured houses. That’ a very nice place worth seeing in London.

Profile photo of Silverback49 Silverback49

i got 100…thnks jade for the tour

Profile photo of Bonni Bonni

the video was very interesting. i love london!
thank you for the tour! :)

Profile photo of xfiona xfiona

Im looking for language partners to talk English. my skype is smdcosta1.

Profile photo of douglas698 douglas698

i love london beside <3

Profile photo of ellalaila ellalaila

Convent Garden is beautiful!! Charles Dickens I passionate about your books!!

Profile photo of Dani Mereles Dani Mereles

thanks nice lesson!

Profile photo of brc75 brc75

is ther any suggestion for Indian english..

Profile photo of shivadareddy shivadareddy

I like this video

Profile photo of cagaaatay cagaaatay

OMG *o* Thanks for the tour, Jade!
Amazing video!

Profile photo of Jess M Jess M

Thanks for the informations,Jade.That was great!

Profile photo of Mokhtaria Abid Mokhtaria Abid

It was helpful, thanks.

Profile photo of midomar midomar

Got 6 out of 7 good for beginner

Thanks Jade

Profile photo of WafaaMustafa WafaaMustafa

Thanks Jade, it was helpful lesson

Profile photo of Mathew Martin Mathew Martin

Such a nice place..

Profile photo of Sozan Elsaid Sozan Elsaid

Great London Thanks Jade

Profile photo of ichsan1986 ichsan1986


Profile photo of erkam01 erkam01

very interesting, thanks

Profile photo of esac esac

Thank you Jade a lot)) It’s really very intresting

Profile photo of Static Static

thanks a lot!! I guess!! just guess. there is where they film Harry Potter when he and Hagrid went to Diagon Alley

Profile photo of Nguyen Van Hau Nguyen Van Hau

Excellent video to improve our English and knowledge about old and newer London. Thank you !

Profile photo of Franck88 Franck88

Sólo 57 :(


thank you

Profile photo of sultan-360 sultan-360

Thanks for the video! It’s amazing to travel around London staying at home! That’s a pity Charles Dickens’house was turned into a coffee shop( It would have been great if it was left as it was.

Profile photo of English addict English addict

well done my good teacher and excellent provide thx.

Profile photo of ALIHMZ14 ALIHMZ14

7/7. I would have love to see the coffee shop and the pastry they propose. Any battenburg pastry , mashmallow puff or regular scones there to be found ?

Profile photo of Brunofromparis Brunofromparis

I have been in Convent Garden, It’s a marvelous place, whoever will visit London must go there.

Profile photo of Fabio Forne Fabio Forne

Thanks very much Jade. A very interesting video. You’re very nice also! Bye, Robertino from Italy.

Profile photo of robi75 robi75



thanks it was so useful hope to see one day the place that you showed us in London

Profile photo of Sadatshahen Sadatshahen

Thank you Jade for the visit

Profile photo of moamedmo moamedmo

Thanks so much for this tour, Jade! It would be very interesting to watch more comprehensive tour around London.

Profile photo of dimkahare dimkahare

Thanks for video, it is great lesson, a lot of new worlds ;)

Profile photo of RafalKwiatkowski RafalKwiatkowski

I mean words :)

Profile photo of RafalKwiatkowski RafalKwiatkowski

i enjoyed the video soo much keep going

Profile photo of mohamed alser mohamed alser

nice video! enjoyed it!

Profile photo of samikal samikal

WOW!Wondeful and fantastic!

Profile photo of lovelylife lovelylife

I like you Jade !

Profile photo of Syed Shahid Ali Syed Shahid Ali

You are good teacher

Profile photo of Syed Shahid Ali Syed Shahid Ali

Dickens, one of my favourite writers, along with Dostoyevsky. I will never stop reading their novels. Thanks for this interestig visit to Covent Garden, Jade.

Profile photo of Thomas Thomas


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

I really want to visit London. Thanks Jade!

Profile photo of Takeabread Takeabread

Thank you Jade


Hello I’m a new listener in this web and I an very happy about it , I really enjoyed this frist lesson and I hope to lesarn a Lot of English with you, thank you very much

Profile photo of Carmen Rabanal Carmen Rabanal

street performers are strange :)

Profile photo of vstavaj vstavaj

It is nice lesson, informative and mood stabilizer. I would like to request to bring more such sort of lesson in order to have more familiarity lifestyle in London.It’s can really helping in understand british culture.Have a nice day everyone.

Profile photo of

Thanks Jade for nice Lesson.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Hey hi,
I want to know which English used across the lectures. Means whether it is US English or British English.


Profile photo of pk@engvid2015 pk@engvid2015

wanderful and interesting video, i hope to see more of this one. congrats and keep it up jade. thanks a lot you are amazing.

Profile photo of jarol777 jarol777

Thanks for the tour of one the areas in London Jade i hope. i can visit London or England sometime in the future and see what else that the city of London can offer to native English speakers from other countries

Profile photo of Carlsson Mikhael Carlsson Mikhael

WOW I hope I can travel to there haha
Thank you Jade

Profile photo of Ryan Lin Ryan Lin

didn’t see any moustache shop!

Profile photo of al willis al willis

Thanks Jade. I hope that you shoot more like this video.

Profile photo of Halilcan12 Halilcan12
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