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Thanks for the lesson. But according to Wikipedia Guy Fawkes wasn’t the leader the Gunpowder Plot.

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Hi everybody? do you have single link download fol all video here? it is really usefull for my student.

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my students is coming from poor family, they dont have internet connection. It will be difficult for me to download it one by one in youtube, can you provide me a single link to download. thanks

Profile photo of alifauzan alifauzan

Thank you, Jade! Although this is terrible to hear, it is still part of history…

Profile photo of JJulian JJulian

Thanks a lot. I have read about this festival in the book “What to say and how to behave in Great Britain” by L. Kaminskaya 1998.

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i got 9 out of 10, by the way Jade is a good actress ,she worthies to be one of the Hollywood’s star

Profile photo of yasser Daoud yasser Daoud

XD,,,very nice Jade. Greetings¡ ;)

Profile photo of AnnFrank AnnFrank

wonderful :)))))))

Profile photo of Zahra Zahra

    Hi Mr. Menezes, thanks for complement this lesson, already finished the lesson, and I’m looking the “The Last Days Of Guy Fawkes” link video you add.

    Profile photo of eduardom49 eduardom49

      You’re welcome friend!
      Hope you enjoy the content!

      Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

Thank you! Very interesting lesson!

Profile photo of Glushchenko Anatol Glushchenko Anatol

I think I might have a nightmare from this video.😢

Profile photo of flaptap flaptap

Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of smd.mousavi smd.mousavi

new knowledge. thanks a lot

Profile photo of Cittadian Cittadian

What an interesting story about part of the history of England!!I really enjoyed the way you´ve told the story.
Thanks for this incredible video Jade ;)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

to day is bonfire night day!!!!!😦😦😦😦😦😦

Profile photo of carlvin carlvin

i love to listening a story

Profile photo of samarah samarah

good to hear

thanks for sharing

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Thanks for lession.
But at the end it was a bit difficult to me.
At the monologue of Fowkes

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I love listening that story that is awsome I really enjoyed the way you have told that one.

Please shere more video like that..

Profile photo of Glacio Silva De Oliveira Glacio Silva De Oliveira

Thanks for sharing :)

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Thank You teacher I loved this lesson…..!!!

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Riley good

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Thanks Jade your sweet and awesome, it was useful lesson

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Wow! I was surprised!😶

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Hi Teacher, thanks for this lesson about history of England.

Profile photo of eduardom49 eduardom49

Thanks a lot, Jadde – it was an interesting, poetic, cultural and horrible story! :)

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Hi Jade, great video thanks.

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You are not right about this topic

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Fantastic lesson! You see I spent 5 years in England and I still know very little about history of it. If you have a chance please make another historical lesson. Second part was.. for advanced students, I did not get it, but it was a good play and it sounded very interesting.

Profile photo of robertsroberts robertsroberts

Thanks Teacher Jade.
It was pretty interesting history and made me to research more about it after this lesson.

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It was a very good performance of you which makes the historical lesson a real play. Thanks Jade.

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