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A great lesson

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    Thanks! I wish you all the best, Hemant.

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Thank you Rebecca for this lesson.

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Thank you miss Rebecca

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Great lesson, thank you Rebecca

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Great,thanks a lot.

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Great! Excelent!

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It was a nice lesson. Thanks Rebecca

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very clearly learning Englis with your lessons,

Thank you all engvid teachers.

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Great lesson Rebecca. Is There a lesson, like that, about mensagens by whatsapp?

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i’m delight to be here

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Thank you very much, Rebecca, for the clear explanation.
Here are some short questions.
May I say greetings like “Regards”, “Best regards”, and so on at the end of the voicemail?
Is it possible to use the WH-scheme you’ve just told us to write a (voic)-email?)

Profile photo of urs68 urs68

    Good question, urs68. We do not use “regards” or “best regards” in a voicemail, though we do use those expressions in letters. You might end a voicemail with “all the best” if it is relevant to the message, but that’s all. Regarding the question words, you can always use them to help guide your thinking before speaking or writing. I wish you continued success, urs68.

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[100] Great. Thanks for this one.

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Thank you 10/10

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Thank you Rebecca

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Thank you.

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Great go

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thank you

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I loved this lesson, thank you….!!

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so good but if you please I want some information About how to apply in fly emirits

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tks rebecca

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Hi Rebecca,
Your lecture is very clear and useful. I got 10 out of 10. I try to spend my time as much as possible to learn with engVid (at least 3 hours/day now).
Thank you very much for your help


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    Wow, keniuj! Thank you so much for watching and learning English with us. In my experience, serious students like you make a lot of progress in a short time as they are determined to succeed and master the language. Perhaps this lesson of mine will help, if you have not seen it already:


    I wish you all the best, keniuj.

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      Thank you very much for your reply. This is the first time I got the response from engVid teachers. Thank you for sending me the link.
      See you

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Thank You Rebecca! More one excellent lesson!!

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Hi Rebecca,

Thank you so much such a wonderful lecture . I got 8 out of 10. I want to learn more and more with engVid.
I got rejected many interview due to my communication skill then I stared to searching google finally I found your english tutorial video and started to watching and pratice .

Pankaj kumar

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    Thanks for watching and for writing, Pankaj. You can find many engvid lessons which help you prepare for interviews, as well as improve your English in general.Just type in the word “interview” in the search bar at the top right, above the video. In addition, you may find my list of interview questions helpful:


    I wish you much success, Pankaj.

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nice lesson. teacher please send me my email

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thanks , it is a very useful lesson

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Thanks a lot Rebecca!!!

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Was Great !! Tks Rebecca .

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Hello, Rebecca. This is Celso from Brazil.
It’s tuesday, March 26 at 09:31 pm.
I’m calling to tell you that your class was amazing.
Please come back soon.
Again, It’s Celso from Brazil.
Thank you very much for your help.

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    This is perfect, celsofurtado! I love your message and your intelligent sense of humor.You nailed it! (This means you did it perfectly.) I wish you the very best, my friend.

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Thank you, Rebekka! This way we learn English and get helpful advises about many things.

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Thank you teacher.

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I got 10/10! 👆☺️Thanks for this lesson!

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Nice lesson. Thanks.

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Great! I work at a call center, and it is very important to know how leave a professional voicemail to others.

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Thank you teacher 🙏🌹 i need more practice and conversation in English language so everyone interest to make practice with me my Skype add and contact fysl hand 👈 this my name Skype

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It was easy

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It’s Tuesday, April 2, at 11:30p.m. in Guam.
Hello Rebecca, How are you? I always love your lessons.
I thank you to you always.

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thanks for you time

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thank u rebecca, great lesson S2

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It’s very useful, thank you!

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Thanks teacher for great lessons

How can I watch business English lessons by sequences.

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Rebeca, thanks a lot. I am preparing my IELTS by myself and your lessons are quite helpful for both grammar and listening skills.

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Thank You So much
I wish if i know this site a long ago it’s very helpful
again Thank you very much Miss Rebecca

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love it!!!! thanks miss Rebeccaaaaaa!!!

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You are the best thank you

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thanks for this lesson

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Thank you Ms. Rebecca.

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Great one, as usual, Rebecca! Thanks soooooooooooooooo much for your wonderful lessons.

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Thank you Ms. Rebecaca Thats really helpful for me

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good lesson, I learned how to leave a message on voicemail. thanks rebecca for this lesson.

remark : if you can add a kind of notebook for each account by which we can know the courses we have already seen and the scores we have obtained

thanks again for this beautiful work.

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Thank you ver much Miss Rebecca

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Thank you Rebecca :) all your English lectures are very useful.

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I got 10 out of 10. My first 10 since I get started with these lessons

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Thank you Rebecca, I got 10 out of 10.your lessons are so useful.

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yaaay I GOT 100 …

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A Thoughtful Lesson for Beginners like me – Once again Thanks a Lot, Mam

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Thank you Rebecca, great lesson.

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Thank you, teacher, great lesson and really important.

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Great lesson, thank you Rebecca

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Thank you, what a valuable informations

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Thank you very much
It’s so much interesting and I loved it. Go on

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Great lesson, thank you Rebecca


thanks teacher

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thank you teacher Rebecca. I like your R sound.

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I like it. It will help me

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v nice and v clear perfect

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Hello Rebecca, this is Toufik bouchouata from morocco , it is monday ar 21:00 , i am writting to tell you i have got 10/10. Thanks for your effort.

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I am learning a lot from video lessons. Thank you very much.

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Thanks Rebacca for teach us on this video, I get 8/10

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great lesson, thank you very much

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I can’t watch the videos. Where can I find the script for the lessons, thanks so much

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    Right now you can only view the transcript on YouTube. However, a lot of our videos are also available on Bilibili.

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hello Rebecca thank you for you lesson.

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The lesson was productive for me, thanks a lot Mrs. Rebeca

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Rebecca, You’re amazing! I love you explanations. ‘im studying english everyday in this quarentena and youe lessons are all the time in my studies. Thank you very much!!

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hi Rebecca i name is sanjay i like all your video for Grammar and tense it is very easy and understand .but please advise me i want buy book to get more practice how to make sentence base on tense and cover all grammar point

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Rebecca ..you have changed my life; I enjoying your classes and am improving my english because of you. I really appreciate what you do in order to help us to master this beautiful language. God bless you!!

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    *I’m enjoying….

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Thanks for the lesson! You’re great!

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Thank you so much!

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