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Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz.
It was a __________ operation.

I signed up for a __________ yoga class.

We just finished working a __________ shift at the hospital!

My daughter just returned from a __________ vacation.

You have to watch it all! It's a __________ series.

The kids had an __________ pajama party, so they're still asleep.

She found a ____________ bill at the park!

They have a __________ baby.

She was carrying a __________ suitcase.

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Hi! I like your videos. Thank you so much and see you )))

Sunday, May 28th 2017

    I wanted to sound a bit smarter this morning Rebecca. So while surfing on the net I ran across your video lesson. Thus, the next thing I did was to watch it.

    I have a confession Rebecca, I always have a good time watching your carefully-planned lessons and doing your well-designed quizes.

    You are a committed professional language teacher dear Rebecca. Thanks for this superb lesson!

    Sunday, May 28th 2017

      Regino,I think you’re smart every day,regardless! Your well-expressed and thoughtful comments are always appreciated. Thanks for your warmth, support, feedback and dedication to optimizing your English. All the best.

      Tuesday, June 13th 2017

    Thanks for your kind words, zver1zver2! I wish you all the best with your English.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Thank you for teaching

Sunday, May 28th 2017

    Thank teacher.

    Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Thank you, Rebecca. The lesson is very interesting and useful for me :)

Sunday, May 28th 2017

    How are you?
    I also like this lesson..^^

    Monday, May 29th 2017

      Hi, Danny :)
      I’m OK, thank you.
      How are you?
      I think Engvid.com is an amazing source for learning English.

      Wednesday, May 31st 2017

    Never I have ever heard about such sophisticated interesting things. But I noticed it before and I did not pay much attention.
    Thank You, Rebecca.

    Monday, June 12th 2017

Thank you Rebecca !

Sunday, May 28th 2017

Thx Rebecca..it really works and will help to grow in vocabulary

Sunday, May 28th 2017

    Yes, Jogie, for sure! Thanks for your comments. This strategy will help expand your vocabulary and raise your English level at the same time. I wish you all the best.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

You are really great teacher Rebecca😉

Sunday, May 28th 2017

    Aww, thank you so much, PHATCHARA. You are a very kind person. I wish you all the best.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Thanks Rebecca, this lesson was great and easy to understand..:)

Sunday, May 28th 2017

Thank my best teacher, and I have a question why did you spill a number in question ( 3,7 and 9) when it was over ten? why did not you writ a number?

Sunday, May 28th 2017

    SOM3A, it’s a general suggestion and shortcut you can use, but you don’t have to write in numbers all the time. It also depends what style your company prefers.Thanks for paying attention so well! I wish you all the best.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

      Well and thanks for your reply.

      Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Thank you Rebecca. It is a very useful lesson.

Sunday, May 28th 2017

Thank you so much for your lesson.

Sunday, May 28th 2017

Thank you Rebecca.

Sunday, May 28th 2017

Thank you so much Rebecca!!
We really appreciate your lessons ;)

Sunday, May 28th 2017

i’ve learned record-learning-english words with well-known english-speaking teacher Rebecca. thank you so much Rebecca. we really appreciate your lessos.

Sunday, May 28th 2017

    Thanks, SKIKDA, for your smart and well-thought-out comment! You took the best possible action after watching the lesson – you applied the knowledge immediately! I wish you continued success.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Thank you, Rebecca. You are an awesome teacher.

Sunday, May 28th 2017

An easy-learning lesson from a great teacher like Rebecca!!!

Sunday, May 28th 2017

Thank you! Interesting video.

Sunday, May 28th 2017

I like to watch your videos,Rebecca:-)
They are usefull and interesting.

Sunday, May 28th 2017

Nice and clear.. Feels grateful to have you here, Rebecca :)

Sunday, May 28th 2017

Thank you

Sunday, May 28th 2017

Your lesson is awesome!😃

Sunday, May 28th 2017

Nice lesson . Thanks Rebecca

Sunday, May 28th 2017

I have asked you befor about making a lesson that teachs us whow to spell the I letter if there are a rule for it, and I still waiting for it. Please don´t forget it .

Best regards

Sunday, May 28th 2017

Thank’s Rebecca,I’ve already get ten-point in the quiz, I really like your manner to clarify your lesson,so I hop you make a lesson about writing’s skills at soon thank you again

Sunday, May 28th 2017

9/9. Thank you.

Sunday, May 28th 2017

Your twelve-minute video is great!

Sunday, May 28th 2017

    Thanks for your smart comment, proverbial horse! You’ve got it! I wish you continued success.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for helping us master our English, this lesson was really good. After watching this video, I have realized that I have made this mistake. So thanks again for clearing this up, I hope not to do it in the future.

Monday, May 29th 2017

Yes! I got 100 :-)
Thank you, Rebecca

Monday, May 29th 2017

9/9 Thank you!

Monday, May 29th 2017

You guys doing amazing work, helping my kind of poors to grow in life. Thanks you so much!

Monday, May 29th 2017

Thank you!!! 9/9

Monday, May 29th 2017

100%, thank you for your help

Monday, May 29th 2017

Hi Teacher, you deserve that big recognition; Great lesson, kind of advanced, but easy explained with all the basics, some of your co-workers avoid the basics or reference to past lessons that not help at the moment; One improve idea may you like to take or talk with the website administrator/owner is to re-make the old lessons, the bad think with this lessons is the sound, sound like was recorded inside a box, is kind of annoying comparing with the new lesson records, and don’t forget to delete the old versions.

Monday, May 29th 2017

    Eduardom49, thanks so much for your very kind and thoughtful comments. We are, in fact, re-recording some of our earlier videos. I hope you made progress with the essay part of the exam you had mentioned last time. May your improved English help you achieve your highest goals. My warm wishes to you, Eduardo.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

“Nothing in life is so hard that you can’t make it easier by the way you take it”
The quote isn’t obviously mine, belongs to Ellen Glasgow

Nothing in life is so hard that you can’t make it easier by the way you teach it
That´s is my quote

Thank’s Rebecca

Monday, May 29th 2017

    Thank you kindly for these insightful comments, PacoBe. I totally agree with you and think you are quite remarkable, by the way! All the best, my friend.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Thank you, Rebecca… I love your classes … You are full-package teacher ;)

Monday, May 29th 2017

    That’s creative! Thanks for the feedback, NLucas! I wish you all the best.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

thanks for the lesson, it’s very importan tips !!

Monday, May 29th 2017

Thank you very much Rebecca! You always make things easier to understand.

Monday, May 29th 2017

    Thanks so much, Frances2. I try my best to do that. I really appreciate your feedback. My best wishes to you.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

No one likes YOU!

Monday, May 29th 2017

    Yurei78, I think you wanted to say:

    There’s no-one like you.
    No-one like you!

    In this case, if you add the “s” to the word “likes”, it means that no-one cares about you. I think you didn’t mean that, but if you did, then that’s fine too! I wish you all the best.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Hi. Why don’t I need hyphens in “Seven Mile Bridge”?

Monday, May 29th 2017

    Technically, you do need a hyphen. They forgot.

    Glad you know better now! All the best to you.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

100\100 thanks teacher

Monday, May 29th 2017


Tuesday, May 30th 2017

THATS FENOMENAL!!! its completly information…. nice ill hope learn a little bit more!!–

Tuesday, May 30th 2017

Rebecca, you are really a very very good teacher! I love your way of teaching.

Tuesday, May 30th 2017

    Thank you kindly, eugeneraf. A big compliment from someone who has done so much learning to become a surgeon himself. I wish you all the best.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

      you are welcome. Really you are a very good teacher and you help us a lot. I have just a question, by curiosity how did you know that I am a surgeon because it is no mentioned in my profile? Thank you again

      Saturday, June 17th 2017

Thanks, teacher.

Wednesday, May 31st 2017

Thanks Rebecca, this lesson is very useful….!!!

Thursday, June 1st 2017

Thanks Rebecca

Thursday, June 1st 2017

thanks a lot

Friday, June 2nd 2017

Thank you teacher!

Friday, June 2nd 2017

Thanks for the wonderful lesson.

Saturday, June 3rd 2017

i got 100 thank you.

Saturday, June 3rd 2017

Thank you :)

Monday, June 5th 2017

Thank you very much teacher. T้his lesson is nice and clear for me.

Tuesday, June 6th 2017

the lessons was great

Tuesday, June 6th 2017

can anyone explain me question 3 7 and 9

Tuesday, June 6th 2017

    You are concerned because the answers are written in words, instead of numbers. Please see my reply to SOM3A above. Writing in numbers is a stylistic option, not a rule. All the best to you, xirin4u.com.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

It has been a review lesson about compound adjectives, a basic topic that it’s easy to fail or mistake it you forget the rule of dropping the “-s” and writing the hyphen, that it is also a very common error when you haven’t often practised them, it’s a normal situation to change compound adjective by other words in the sentences. Thanks a lot, teacher Rebecca, without your advice and aid, it would be more complicated to learn English grammar, this video class has been very useful as always.

Wednesday, June 7th 2017

    Thanks for your generous feedback, angardiobel. Much appreciated. I wish you all the best.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Thank you very much teacher.

Thursday, June 8th 2017

Thank you very much teacher.

Thursday, June 8th 2017

Thanks,very useful.

Friday, June 9th 2017

Hi, your lessons are very helpful & wealthy which is making me to watch more and more videos, thank you.

Saturday, June 10th 2017

    Thanks for your kind words, Placid. I design lessons based on the most common errors I have seen over 30 years of teaching international students. I wish you all the best.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Hello, Rebecca. Thank you for sharing this excellent lesson.

Saturday, June 10th 2017

    Glad you found the lesson helpful, Fabricio. I wish you much success.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

I dont know how to start it

Sunday, June 11th 2017

    first you choose your english level then chose teacher then follow there videos kind of your teacher, general lesson , Vocabulary,writing ,
    sorry Rebecca i reply to this student as i got from your online-video class

    Thursday, October 5th 2017

Thank you so much it was so great 👍🏻

Sunday, June 11th 2017

Thank you so much for sharing this precious knowledge.

Sunday, June 11th 2017

May I suggest something, it is possible to put a number to the videos. It would help a lot to find one, there are so many right now. You are wonderful.Thanks.

Monday, June 12th 2017

    Thanks for your kind words and feedback. I will pass on your suggestion. Are you a fan of King Crimson? They had some beautiful songs, back in the day! I wish you all the best, my friend.

    Tuesday, June 13th 2017

      Thanks for your answer. Yes, I love KC specially the old songs in the ’70. Thanks again Rebecca, the best for you.

      Tuesday, June 13th 2017

My thanks to all of you for your kind and useful feedback. It always means a lot to hear from you. Sorry I cannot reply to each one, but I do read every comment and appreciate the sentiments and suggestions. Telling your friends and teachers about engvid, and subscribing to my youtube channel, would also help a lot, so we can continue to make new lessons. Thanks again.

Tuesday, June 13th 2017

By the way, some of our viewers wrote “Thank’s”. Please note we do not need the apostrophe in this word. Just make your life easier and write “thanks”!

Tuesday, June 13th 2017

    Your politeness is overwhelming, Mrs.Rebecca.

    Tuesday, August 8th 2017


Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Thank you dear rebecca for your teaching 🌺❤ your lessons always help me so much 🙏🏻🌸

Tuesday, June 13th 2017

I like this VDO.Thank you very much.

Wednesday, June 14th 2017

got 100%, Thank you Rebecca,

Friday, June 16th 2017

Many thanks !
Just one question about numbers : What about the number “ten” ? ten or 10 ????

Saturday, June 17th 2017

Hi dear, I hope that you feeling well!
I am writing this comment that how can I take the PDF file of each lesson?

Monday, June 19th 2017

Thanks for the tips!

Tuesday, June 20th 2017

Thanks for your teaching.I got 9 from 9 number.

Friday, June 23rd 2017

Rebecca, as always you are one of the best, and nice teacher that I ever known, all the best to you great teacher byeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, July 4th 2017

Hi! very interesting course , and easy to understand.
Thanks a lot Rebecca.


Wednesday, July 5th 2017

I got 9/9. Rebecça love your videos, they are so educative for English students. Though English is my favorite subject at school I would like to be more advance by learning from you. Thanks Rebecca, have a nice day!

Tuesday, July 18th 2017

Thank you Rebbeca, really an interesting lesson!!!

Friday, July 21st 2017

Thank you Rebecca.Your lesson really helped me.

Wednesday, July 26th 2017

I want to improve my communication skills

Wednesday, July 26th 2017

Hi everybody!
I wanna especially say hi to Mrs Rebecca for helping us.
I really appreciate your courses Mrs Reb. May God bless you.

Tuesday, August 8th 2017

Great lesson,as usual,Rebecca.
You explain all subjects so easily and so well.
I don’t do all the quizzes but I watch all your
You are an amazing teacher.I thank you once more.

Tuesday, August 8th 2017

thanks! I got 100%, very useful Lesson

Tuesday, August 8th 2017

You guys are A W E S O M E!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot for this wonderful class.

Wednesday, August 9th 2017

I got 78%. Thanks rebecca. You are wonderful. ☺

Friday, August 11th 2017

Hi Rebecca, I love your lessons thx! I have a doubt about one of the questions of the quiz: you wrote “You have to watch it all! It’s a __________ series.” the verb and the subject are singular… why did you use serieS with the plural??? I hope it was clear!!

Sunday, August 13th 2017

    Hi! I’m not Rebecca…but “series” is the singular and plural! It’s a bit confusing.

    Monday, August 14th 2017

      terrific, thx!

      Tuesday, August 15th 2017

Rebecca , the way you motivate students is applaudable.keep it up.

Friday, August 18th 2017

Loved the lesson,Ms. Rebecca.Very important subject.
It’s very different from my mother tongue, I got 10/10 though,due to your totally clear explanation.
Thanks a lot.

Sunday, August 27th 2017

Thanks for wonderful and amazing expression. I didn’t like English before but thanks to you I like English.



Thursday, August 31st 2017

Thank you very much, it is very interesting and pertinent. Thanks Rebecca!

Friday, September 1st 2017

Compound adjectives are used to describe characters and places in many contexts, like in the book narratives. Thanks for this lesson Rebecca!

Sunday, September 3rd 2017

100%, thank you a lot

Sunday, September 10th 2017

“A piece of cake-quiz” thanks anyhow.

Thursday, September 21st 2017

Thanks a lot for the fully-understandable explanation. Amazing grace!

Sunday, September 24th 2017

Thank you…..

Tuesday, September 26th 2017

Very good lesson. Thank you

Thursday, September 28th 2017

thank you rebeca, i had get 9/9

Thursday, October 5th 2017

good lesson Rebecca your best friend

Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Thank you Rebecca

Friday, October 20th 2017


Saturday, October 21st 2017

I got full mark, thanks rebecca simply and good lesson

Sunday, October 22nd 2017

Thank you very much for such a informatic lesson. I really get new knowledge from this lecture.

Friday, October 27th 2017

Dear Rebecca, thank You for Your smart-useful lesson. I like Your every-day lessons.

Wednesday, November 1st 2017

It was easy-understandable explanation, many thanks

Thursday, November 16th 2017

Thanks Rebeca,
You are a well experienced teacher.

Sunday, November 19th 2017

Wow it’s amazing sites it helps me a lot

Friday, November 24th 2017

thx for yr kind video Rebecca

Wednesday, November 29th 2017

Thank you very much! this lesson was amazing.

Wednesday, November 29th 2017

Thank you for this lesson, but I have a question regarding this tuition.

Can I use these compound adjectives during (very) formal writing ?

Friday, December 1st 2017

Hi Rebecca,
Your lesson full-of-knowledge but, For me it is difficult to use it all on daily basis.Please provide your valuable- suggestion for improvement in my writing ability.I have objective to achieve band-8 in IELTS exam .

Sunday, December 3rd 2017

Thank you

Sunday, December 10th 2017

It’s easy-understand lesson.Cool

Friday, December 15th 2017

Thank you Rebecca you are kind-heart teacher. I understood everything but i think the word HACK is confusing me can you explain word HACk what is synonym for that word? there are many explanation for that ford in my language. please

Monday, December 18th 2017

highly appreciate Rebecca,

9 out-of 9

Thursday, December 28th 2017

Thank so much i Understood so much

Friday, December 29th 2017

Thank you so much Rebecca. The firt thing i did in the morning when i woke up is watching your videos. Let’s me tell you that your lessons are so helpful and useful ( i don’t khow if i have to put s to these two adjectives). I like your teaching method and your explicits examples. I became hooked to your lessons. Thank’s again.

Thursday, January 4th 2018

Thank you teacher for explaining a very good lesson about compound adjectives.

Tuesday, January 9th 2018

Thank you for your effort and hope to you all the best

Saturday, January 13th 2018

Thanks for sharing your knowledge Rebeca!! We really appreciate it! :D

Sunday, January 21st 2018

Thank you four unestimated help.

Wednesday, January 24th 2018

thanks ma’am u r awesome

Wednesday, January 24th 2018

i think it’s the best web site to learn english because of the talented teachers and because of the quices they left you.
thanks for the lesson

Sunday, January 28th 2018

Thank you for your effort and hope to you all the best

Thursday, February 1st 2018

Thanks alot

Monday, February 5th 2018

You are a brilliant teacher.Thank you for this
great lesson.All the best.

Thursday, February 22nd 2018

I got 9 correct out of 9, thank you Rebecca.

Friday, March 9th 2018

Great to have you, Rebecca, you are a 100-point teacher…

Tuesday, March 20th 2018

You got 9 correct out of 9.

Thursday, March 29th 2018

Thank you very much, prof Rebeca

Tuesday, April 10th 2018

This is the great video to use the adjective in advance in academic writing. Dear Rebecca, you are a professional teacher that can describe easily. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

Thursday, April 12th 2018

Thank you teacher for your hacks, it is a smart-easy way to learn english

God bless you…

Sunday, April 22nd 2018

that was great to learn something advanced, oh i will never make this mistake again. thanks teacher

Friday, May 25th 2018

Hi Rebecca..Thankyou so much for this useful information. These are really great videos.
God bless you..

Saturday, May 26th 2018

Thank god i find this mesmerising pahe i wish i could masret grammar too

Friday, June 15th 2018

Very well explained!!

Sunday, June 17th 2018

Hi Rebecca,
can you help me in essay writing? i have written many of it but i don’t have confidence to face ielts,
my phone number +971589848559

Thursday, June 28th 2018

This refreshed my 20-year English learning.
Thank you Rebecca

Saturday, July 21st 2018

Thank you teacherr Rebecca

Saturday, August 11th 2018

This is a really good lesson. Thank you so much Rebecca.

Saturday, September 1st 2018

I used to be the one of those, who do these mistakes, but I’m not the one of them, “Not anymore”) Thanks Rebecca!

Sunday, September 9th 2018

Thanks Rebecca.

Friday, September 21st 2018

9/9 Thanks, Rebecca! I enjoy your work here.

Monday, September 24th 2018

Thank you very much Rebecca! It was a well-presented lesson.

Monday, October 1st 2018

Thank you Rebecca, It was a very-helpful lesson.

Friday, October 19th 2018

Thank you a lot Rebecca for your lessons, I appreciate strongly your teaching Methode

Saturday, October 27th 2018

hi Rebecca,
I like the way you teach, so clear and I understand it so well. I’m so thankful that I found this web.

Friday, November 2nd 2018

Hi Rebecca, I just want to address your example sentence about compound adjectives which is ‘the conference was three days long.’ You changed it to, “it was a three-day conference.’ I was wondering if we could possibly include the word ‘long’ in the compound adjectives so we could write instead, “it was a three-day-long conference.” is that possible or is there a certain rule about it? Thank you!

Monday, November 12th 2018

thank you Rebecca

Monday, November 19th 2018

Thank you so much miss Rebecca for your very excellent teaching us ..

Saturday, December 1st 2018

Rebecca you use best-teaching method.Thank you for all these incredible tricks.

Monday, December 3rd 2018

Thanks mamdam your lesson is very helpful for learning English

Tuesday, December 11th 2018

you are the best teacher i have ever seen /

Tuesday, January 8th 2019

Thanks a lot, Rebecca

Monday, January 14th 2019

I got 100%.
You are an excellent teacher!
Thank you Rebecca!

Sunday, February 3rd 2019

It has been wonderful journey since I started following your lessons yesterday. Thanks a ton.
I was also wondering if using French words like raison d’etre, faux pas, carte blanche is seen as formal or not?

Thanks again!

Wednesday, February 20th 2019

İ am going to run a campaign that you are best english teacher ever. You are making everything so easy to understand

Tuesday, March 5th 2019

Thank you. I’m really happy to learned a lot from you.

Saturday, March 23rd 2019

I have to try my best to be a skillful English teacher

Friday, March 29th 2019

Thanks Rebecca. I really learn a lot from you, I got 100%

Wednesday, May 8th 2019

Thanks Rebecca I got 100 percent, my English is getting beter!

Tuesday, June 18th 2019

Thanks a lot! This is a useful lesson

Saturday, September 14th 2019

I really love your lessons due to easiness and clarity. I belive a child can also easily learn them and make no mistakes.

Friday, November 8th 2019


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Wednesday, December 18th 2019

it was a good and important lesson for me
I scored 10/10

Tuesday, January 7th 2020

I got 100%thank you very much teacher

Saturday, March 21st 2020

It’s really amazing video ma’m. I got 100% score.Thanks for your videos. 💐

Sunday, April 12th 2020

8/9.Thank you.

Thursday, April 16th 2020


Thursday, April 30th 2020

9out of 9 thank you Rebecca

Friday, May 29th 2020

Thnx alot i got 100 out 100

Tuesday, June 2nd 2020

thank you Our lovely Teacher we really love you. Thanks. I’ve got 100%

Wednesday, June 3rd 2020

You are the best; I really appreciate.
I would like to speak better;how I can practice?

Monday, June 15th 2020

Rebecca you are the best

Tuesday, July 14th 2020

Thank you ma’am . I like your videos. Please make more videos on BPO call centre, polite english.

Tuesday, July 14th 2020

I love your teaching methods. I can only hope to be as knowledgable as you with your style!

Saturday, July 18th 2020

My eagerness is increasing day by day by watching your lessons.
Thanks, Rebecca.

Sunday, July 19th 2020

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