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    I was going to check my mail, but I realized there was a new lesson by a new teacher; so I watched the the video lesson instead.

    Excellent topic for your fist video lesson on EngVid Gill.

    Welcome to this marvelous website.

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      just I can say
      yes you are right.
      I agree with you

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    Thanks Gill for making my English greater than it was, i have already started using this lesson. My English has really approved.

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obviously welcome,nice to listen to your enchanting british accent

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Thanks a lot for this lesson Gill. it’s very usefull.

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Welcome in Envid. Its so nice listening british accent. Usuful lesson. Hope to see you again.

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Welcome Gill !
I whish u great time in engvid with 9 other best teachers.Hope to learn a lot from u. My favorit teachers in engvid are Ronnie,Adam,James and hope u be the 4th.

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Excellent! Thank you Gill! and welcome to EngVid !!!

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Oh Gill, it is such a great lesson. I absolutely adore you, your beautiful accent, good tempo of speaking and your way of teaching. Can’t wait the next one :) Thank you very much.

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    Hi I want to improve my English via Skype : english_fluent Thanks

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      any time, just call me

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    would you want to speak to improve our

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Hello Gill, very useful lesson , thank you :)

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thanks so much Gill welcome to EngVid.

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Many thanks, Gill! Your lessons are incredible useful for me :-)

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Thanks a lot for the lesson!

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Excellent lesson Gill, thanks a lot! :)

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What A lovely teacher

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Hi Gill! I am glad with your EngVid debut and to learn with you also!

Thank you very much for this profound and comprehensive lesson!

I couldn’t take 100%, unfortunately. If only I had studied English more the past years, then I would be better now.

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Welcome Gill, I loved this lesson. Thanks!

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Thank you Gill for sharing this great lesson us.

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Hi Gill! I liked the lesson a lot! Thanks! Your diction is very clear. Come back soon!

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Hello!I liked very much the lesson. See you soon.

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I was watching only James’s lessons but also I really liked your first lesson. And it was really helpful to improve my English. I am expecting more lessons from you.Thank you.

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    Try to listen others too. Ladies first so Emma, then Adam, and Alex. Good luck!

    Profile photo of MKJMKJ MKJMKJ

Hi Gill thank you for the lesson, I could like to know more about newspaper vocabulary, some words we can see often but could be interesting know more about.
Thank you a lot!

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Certainly your lesson is very important,thank you so much Gill and welcome to Engvid team.

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Hi Gill, welcome to EngVid and nice to meet you.
I really enjoyed your lesson, your speaking is very clear and so i got 10 out of 10….Thank you, i hope you’ll do many more lessons for us, i’ll be very glad because it’s a true pleasure listening to you,so please come back soon!

Profile photo of Rosa Casiero Rosa Casiero

    Do you live near the “Ghirlandina”?
    Bye bye

    Profile photo of Luke Luke

      Yes, i live near the Ghirlandina, do you like Modena?
      Where do you live? Bye

      Profile photo of Rosa Casiero Rosa Casiero

        I like Modena but live in Sassuolo, read my profile. I think we can help each other! Bye

        Profile photo of Luke Luke

        Hi, as I compriend you are from Modena. Am I right? I come often in your city I’d like to meet you for practice a bit English with you. Do you want too?

        Profile photo of dfantauzzi769 dfantauzzi769

        Ah sorry I have a Skype nickname donatello133 if you want contact me I’ll be pleased. byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

        Profile photo of dfantauzzi769 dfantauzzi769

Hi Gill, nice to meet you for the first time ! I hope you´ll continue teaching at Engvid. I like your accent and your rhythm. See you soon !

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i had every intention of sleeping early today but i have noticed that new video has popped up , so would not have bothered me to watch it as it is i have been more than happy for seeing it , as a matter of fact i have to state very clearly that i am in love with your accent , welcome to my favorite website and thank you for sharing ,i just want to let you that i have enjoyed the lesson a lot and i can not wait for the next one .

Profile photo of Mossab Mahmoud Mossab Mahmoud

Hi, teacher Gill. I don’t have idea when to use “i wanted to” and “i want to”. Can you teach this topic? Thabk you.

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very very useful, thanks a lot madam and welcome to engvid i like your way of teaching ;)

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Thank you dear Gill for your slowly and clearly pronountiation.

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Thank you for the lesson Gill and welcome to engvid.
I like your accent it sounds pretty well.
Ok until your next lesson.

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Welcome mam …useful lesson & very nice accent ..

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8/10 Hi, Gill nice to meet you, welcome to our family, cheers.

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Hi Gill, welcome to Engvid, it is a nice chance for me to learn from your great and useful lesson, and we are much desire to learn more and more from you.

best wishes.

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Hello and welcome to EngVid! I like your lesson very much!

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thank you so much teacher

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thanks for the lesson. It was hard, but I got 100!! you´re a excelente teacher!!

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    Hi, read my profile. My sister-in-low come from Brasil so i need some help with portughese. We can help each other with english. Bye for now

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I watched you at first. Realy amazing lesson. I rushed to my BOSS and quicly finished test. 6 of 10. If i gonna go to meeting me BOSS, may be i had made 1 or 3 mistakes. Anywewe thank you for thiss lesson.

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Great lesson, Gill! Very useful topic!

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Hi Gill. I admire your lesson and experience. Thank you for joining EngVid team. Thanks to this, we can watch free beneficial videos.

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Hello! It was a great lesson. I’d like to take your new lesson very soon.

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Thanks for this great and useful lesson, Gill!

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Hi Gill, thanks for your help. I have listened your class and I have admired your streight of point. See you soon.

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Thanks a lot ! Great lesson!

Profile photo of desilijic desilijic

Hi Gill.. Good for the students that like British accent like myself! :-) I’ve read you live in London. .. But your accent isn’t a cockney or an estuary one…. I mean. Please could you describe your accent? Forgive me but I’m a bit curious about it…. After that … If you like or you are in the mood, what about lesson or more about zero to third conditional? I’d be very grateful for that! Thanks for you help… Marcello

Profile photo of Marcello60 Marcello60

    hi Marcello — thanks for your question! You’re right, I don’t have a Cockney/Estuary accent. I’ve lived in London for many years, but originally I come from the Midlands area (further north), so I have a mixture of Midlands and RP. Ciao, Gill :-)

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

      Thank you for your answer! :-)… But what’s about the next lesson? I’m looking forward for it… And I think I’m not alone in this waiting… Isn’t it?

      Profile photo of Marcello60 Marcello60

      Thanks very much GillL .I am very weak in English Is there an easy way to please. This is my special Emile (sidou-07@live.fr) Or skype (cimahed)

      Profile photo of sidou02 sidou02

    Hi, me too, I need to know about conditionals!

    Profile photo of betcheva23 betcheva23

Welcome on board teacher Gill.
It will be a pleasure to study with you!

Are you the Jade’s mum? You look like each other!

Profile photo of aiace aiace

    hi Aiace — sorry if this is a disappointing answer, but no, I’m not Jade’s mum ;-)
    Thanks for your kind welcome!
    Ciao, Gill

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

      You must be her sister then ;-) Welcome!

      Profile photo of hiubhp hiubhp

Welcome to Engvid!!
I hope you’re having fun as we are. I just want to say that we’re very lucky to have such great teachers on this website that provides us interesting and useful lessons every week!
Thanks for being a part of it!!

Profile photo of henry19 henry19

Thank you! It’s a very useful lesson.

Profile photo of waynezhang waynezhang

good lesson, Gill, we wait for another one

Profile photo of moezbesbes moezbesbes

Hey mrs Gill

Thanks for being a part from Engvid,, we r so happy and lucky in the same time to see u and 4 getting a chance to know u,,, and in the same time I would like to thank kareem 4 requesting this lesson ;)..
Best of luck mrs Gill :D

Profile photo of Rena jackson Rena jackson

    Hi Rena,

    What are you think abou chat with me to improve our english? My Skype is ‘caiofig68’.

    Thanks a lot!

    I’ll see you there.

    Profile photo of caiofig caiofig

Be welcome. Al Jr. from brazil says thank you.

Profile photo of bochecha bochecha

Thanks a lot for your lesson.

Profile photo of galina spirina galina spirina

Wellcome a board Gill. The lesson was usefull and interesting. Good luck!

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If someone wants to practice please add ninguem00001 (skype) :)

Profile photo of Danny758 Danny758

    Feel free to add my skype,,,

    Profile photo of Edinho Edinho

I love breathing pure English air:)
Welcome Gill!

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Thanks for your lesson and i believe that it will help me alot to improve my English skills.

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Hello Gill, and welcome to this web site, It is a pleasure to learn with you, as well with the other teachers. I`ll be waiting your next lesson. Have an excellent week!

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Hi Gill, Welcome to Engvid ! The lesson is great. :) Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of tientruongthanh94 tientruongthanh94

Very usefull lesson, tks !

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Ohhh tks Gill, very usefull lesson !

Profile photo of Luke Luke

Excellent lesson teacher!!! It is grateful to hear an clear british clear accent!!. I think in England is not very frequent..bye!!

Profile photo of Sergio32 Sergio32

Thank you, Gill!
That was really good!

Profile photo of Antoshka007 Antoshka007

Welcome to engvid :-) Very useful lesson. Good to polish up my skills with good teachers :-) Waiting for next lessons :D

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Welcome! I love teachers from England, because british accent is easy for beginners, like me!

Profile photo of carlos 2138 carlos 2138

Hello everyone, and thank you so much for your kind words of welcome :-) Please keep watching — there will be another lesson soon!
Best wishes, Gill

Profile photo of Gill Gill

    Thank you Gill, i’ll be waiting for your new lesson, it’s great to have you here!
    My best regards.

    Profile photo of Rosa Casiero Rosa Casiero

    Hurry, I’m looking forward to it haha, welcome again!

    Profile photo of GuiBSR GuiBSR

    thank you Gill , Please make a lesson about Meeting and Negotiation .

    Profile photo of Mohamed Fares Mohamed Fares

great and interesting lesson, thank you Gill :)

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I do not know how to thank you, you really have a smart idea, thanks again

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Very interesting lesson, teacher Gill. You speak so clearly that makes easy to understand you. Thank you.

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Thanks a lot for your lesson.

Profile photo of hrizi1991 hrizi1991

Hello Gill!
Very usefull lesson.
Thanks a lot.

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Thanks a lot. Very useful lesson.
Hope to watch your new lesson soon

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Dear Gill, I would say thank you for your lesson and thank you for the time you would spending here at Magic EngVid.

Profile photo of ilfabri1966 ilfabri1966

Hello gill, Thank you very much for share knowledge with us.

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Profile photo of papemaguette papemaguette

You are an excellent teacher. Thanks for the lesson and welcome to Engvid!

Profile photo of Janilza Janilza

thank you! :)
I learned a lot form this lesson

Profile photo of HayaHmeli HayaHmeli

    Hi Haya,

    What are you think abou chat with me to improve our english? My Skype is ‘caiofig68′.

    I’ll appreciate that.

    Thanks a lot!

    Profile photo of caiofig caiofig

Bonjour Gill,very beautiful accent, i hope one day i will have..

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Welcome to Engvid, and thank you, Gill :)

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Tank you ans welkome

Profile photo of arguig arguig

Very good lesson. thank you :)

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It was a great lesson , thank you , i felt like my mother was teaching me.

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Profile photo of davy0601 davy0601

Welcome Gill.

Profile photo of Carvalho42 Carvalho42

Thanks so much! The lesson is so good!!!

Profile photo of Quan Huynh Anh Quan Huynh Anh

Oh it was a great lesson.It will help me alot.
ur way of teaching is very good.Thanks

Profile photo of jyotiNijjar jyotiNijjar

wel dan

Profile photo of hamidullaharif hamidullaharif

Wonderful lesson Gill, welcome to this fantastic website. I love your british accent and am hoping you teach us with many more lessons.

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I want to start from scratch in learning English ….. thank you

Profile photo of mishasy mishasy

you are welcome. good lesson!

Profile photo of turalrahimli turalrahimli

Hi Gill, nice to see your first lesson on Engvid. This lesson it’s been very useful for me.. now i can say:
i was going to study english very soon this morning, but my allarm clock didn’t work, so i couldn’t wake up very soon !!! :)

Profile photo of Flavio90 Flavio90

WELCOME to engvid Gill :-)
I am pleased to meet you because i got one more dedicated teacher.I just loved your accent.I must appreciate you energy and enthusiasm as well :)to be frank,i am really impressed by it.Now i am pumped to get the next video from you.Many thanks for this one.

Profile photo of TEJALKK TEJALKK

Hello Gill, your first lesson was great.
i tried to find out more videos for you but didn’t find.
can you do more videos for us i love your way in teaching , and i hope my English is good enough.

Profile photo of abdelhafiez abdelhafiez

    This is Gill’s very first lesson! Don’t worry, more are on the way :D

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Thank very much im here to learen

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thank you

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Hi Gill,thanks a lot for this usuful lesson.

Profile photo of ismailovish ismailovish

Hi Gill
welcome to engvid, your accent is very nice, we need teachers like you. Your lesson was very interesting. Thank you.

Profile photo of Frank Frank

Hi Gill. Welcome to Engvid ! I love your accent, it makes me think of my english teacher. I’d have a question about question 4 of the quiz : I put “decided” instead of “going” and it didn’t sound wrong to me. Is it really wrong “to be decided to do something” ? Maybe I’m just translating from French :-). Thank you in advance for your answer.

Profile photo of edig edig

    Hi Edig — thanks for your kind words :-) In question 4 it should be ‘He was going to do some gardening’, because that’s how the construction works when we use ‘going’. If we use ‘decided’, it’s a different form of the verb (-ed rather than -ing) and the construction is: ‘He decided to do some gardening’. I hope that helps to explain :-) All the best with your English studies!

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

a new great teacher is here. Welcome :)

Profile photo of Saiful Anwar Saiful Anwar

I’m very glad to see your first lesson. Your are wellcome.
In your presentation, you said you found this site by chance because you looked for rude words for one lesson.
About this subject ask Ronnie. She is a specialist.
Anyhow she is a marevllous and funny teacher.
About you I’m sure you will help me to perfect my English. Kind regards

Profile photo of vilainpetitcrapaud vilainpetitcrapaud

I just listened to you. Congratulation for this very clear lesson and your nice accent !

Profile photo of vilainpetitcrapaud vilainpetitcrapaud

Hello Gill
That’s a very good lesson. Thank you!!
I would like have a lesson about “graded and ungraded adjectives”

Thank you!

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Pleased to meet you, Gill! Thanks for the lesson, it’s not badly :) Go ahead!

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Hi Gill and Welcome , Thanks a lot , really glad to see your lesson ,come back soon ^^

Profile photo of Ltfbnr5 Ltfbnr5

Hi Gill
I have learned your lesson very well. And another one have learned: (would have pp) pattern . Thanks. Also your rythm is good for me.

Profile photo of tezene900 tezene900

Dear Gill,
You heve have done your best. please CAN WE SAY IN ENGLISH ?: (You have enlightened me???) to refer that you have helped me to learn a lot from your class???..or what we must say to refer or to say that?
You are welcome.

Profile photo of moh-avid moh-avid

    Hello Moh-Avid — thanks for your question. If you tell someone they have done their best, it may not sound like a compliment, because it can imply that their ‘best’ wasn’t good enough — though it depends on the tone of voice you use! But if you want to tell someone that they helped you to understand something, here are two suggestions: ‘You did a good job’ or ‘You have really helped me to understand’. I hope this helps – all the best with your studies :-)

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

      Thank you and you did a good job.

      have a good day.

      Profile photo of moh-avid moh-avid

Hi Gill, I am happy to welcome you.

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    Hi ! How are you ?I am from Bulgaria too! I like these lessons !

    Profile photo of Anni6278 Anni6278

Welcome, Gill! You have so clear accent.
Thanks for this useful lesson.

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New teacher??? I have joined engvid since 1 january 2015 I have never found you Gill???

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Welcome new teacher!

Jesus bless you Gill!

Hugs from Brazil!

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Gill, you are a wonderful teacher. Looking forward to seeing your next video. Cheers!

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I´ve liked this teacher!!

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That was very good watch you.. I got everything you said. thanks

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Thank you for your first very educational lesson.I wish to Watch many more videos with you.I hope improve my English thanks to your very pleasant accent

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Thank you so much Gill! ;-)

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Welcome Gill!!! Thank you for this lesson!!!

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Very useful lesson. I hadn’t had any idea before that this simple case has so many ways to be used. %) Thank you and welcome!

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i love my new teacher

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Welcome Gil! Iam really glad to watch your lesson. Thank you!


Welcome Gill. It was a very helpful lesson. Tks!

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I am Tom from Brazil. I would like to say that I liked too much this Teacher. I could understand everything that she thought. This a lot

Profile photo of tomluizaraujo2@gmail.com tomluizaraujo2@gmail.com

If only I knew it before… Thank you Gill

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Hello,this is the first time I watched your video teacher GILL.Your are a great teacher.I wish if we had teachers like you in my country.I am a student in the English department, at university in my country of course.I would like to advice me about how can I improve my writing and about how can I increase my vocabulary.THANKS in advance professor.

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I forget to say “WELCOME PROFESSOR”.

Profile photo of uness555 uness555

Welcome Teacher Gill I would like to thank you very much for your good English lesson.

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Thank you so much lovely teacher, I got 10 out of 10 yaaay

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i really appreciate u that i learn more things of your lesson

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I am very sad 20%

Profile photo of shathaSalah shathaSalah

Hi Gill, I was so pleased with this lesson and I also like your accent as well. May I ask u to have a lesson in the titled “there is or it is?” I always have problems! :(.

Profile photo of Elham Davoodi Elham Davoodi

    My Skype usman.musazai
    I really want practice of English to improve my spoken English more and more

    Profile photo of usman.musazai usman.musazai

    Hi . There is talks about the existence of something , but It refers to an adjective of some thing : There is a dog in the yard , it’s black. Regards

    Profile photo of Soei Soei

      It also is used in this way : It’s a book. It’s a girl.

      Profile photo of Soei Soei

Hello, teacher Gill! It is very happy to meet you here! I felt that you are very elegant and lovely teacher. I think I am a happy student because I could take your wonderful lesson! Thank you very much about that.

I made decision I should ask you this question which makes me very bother for long…

It is still very complicated to understand to me that the grammar of “comparative” with “THE”.
For example: “The harder he tried, the worse the situation became.”
”The stronger the medicine is, the sicker I feel.” Like those.

I am very looking forward to your next lesson! (Even though, it isn’t the lesson for teaching about the grammar I asked, absolutely!! :) )

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    I would like also, you dear teacher to teach us about this subject. Thank you for your useful lesson. I am amazed about your accent. I adore your voice.

    Profile photo of alinamohamed alinamohamed

Hi Teacher Gill, Thank you for your lesson and welcome to Engvid.

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Hi Gill, welcome! It was great lesson! Thanks.

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I enjoyed your lesson Gil. Congratulations for the perfect way that you teach. I had intention to write more, but I need to go to work.

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Thanks Gill for this nice lesson

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Thank you Gill^^

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PARABÉNS GILL. A ideia do site é maravilhosa. Que coisa boa tê-los fazendo este trabalho. Parabéns para todos os professores.

Profile photo of Clistenes Clistenes

Special thanks from Lebanon and I get 7/10 is that good ?

Profile photo of horselover horselover

I’ve loved your lesson! I’d like to suggest all of you to work with long sentences too. It is really good. I feel like if I have more things to say. Learning with short sentences causes a broken vocabulary, and you can’t prolong a conversation because you get used to talk like that. For example, Brazilians like to talk a lot, and feel the need to do this in English. That’s the big question!

Profile photo of jopaalna jopaalna

I haven´t realized that there is a new teacher on Engvid. She is so good as all the teachers in this project.

Congratulations and greetings!!

Profile photo of abby2 abby2

Thak you Gill, you are a lovely person and teacher.

Thank God I could have seen so great lesson and I hope this will be only the first onde among many others you will gift us.

I really enjoyed this time with you.


Profile photo of Alex Fernandes Alex Fernandes

I really liked your lesson. I think it was very useful as I often struggle when expressing what I was meant to do but I didn’t do. And Welcome to EngVid. I am new to this website too!

Profile photo of andreaherrera andreaherrera

Nice job!

Profile photo of Carlsbad Carlsbad

I realy enjoyed the lesson I hope it is not the last .I laked everything topik, akcent,and of cors the pirson.Evrything was perfect. See you .!!!!

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Welcome, Gill! Great lesson. Thank you!

Profile photo of halem2013 halem2013

Be very welcome Gill! You are the player that was missing for this team. Now is complete.Terrific teacher. Thank you for this opportunity.

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Great lesson!!! Gill can you make a video about the differences among “as though”, “like” and “as if”?

Profile photo of Pablo Gaudard Pablo Gaudard

Thanks Gill

Profile photo of wadani3333 wadani3333

Thank you very much. your meterial online is useful .I wonder I got 9 correct out of 10 even thought I am not sure my answer.

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Hi, Gill. Welcome and thanks for explain the lesson carefully. You are so close.

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Thank you very much, im very happy to have a great, new teacher online. Your lesson was informative for the non speaking-English.

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Hello Gill and welcome to ENGVID world( world of exchange). thank you for the lesson,it was useful.

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Excellent! Thank you Gill! and welcome to EngVid !!!

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welcome grandma the lesson is very nice like you

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Thanks you Gill it excellence lesson

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welcome and thank you Gill
excellent lesson (9/10)

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great lesson .

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Thanks Gill for greatest learning styles and perfect quiz!

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Thank you, Gill. It was easy and clear explanation. I’ve got perfect result 10/10.

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Welcome. Your Rock.

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Welcome Grandpa :)

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Welcome! I’m sure everyone is happy to have you here.

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thank u so much Gill, and nice to see u here

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You are welcome Gill.Good lesson.

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nice gill it was interesting lesson

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Surprisingly, one Karim has requested the lesson and I am a other Karim has listened to it for first time . Thank you Gill for such a great presentation.

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Thanks, Gill. I liked your lesson!

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Thank you Gill, nice lesson

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Thanks a lot for this interesting and usefull lesson. May I ask you what the difference between invest in and invest with is?

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Much Useful lessen, Thank you.

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Thanks Gill, I love your lessons. See you latter!

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You’re awesome Gill :)

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Thank you Gill ! Your lesson was very interesting and useful, and your accent!!!!! It’s something fantastic!!! Would you make some lessons about pronunciation? Thank you :)!

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thank you, i like so much your class, i’d like see more classes her.

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Nice to meet you Gill and welcome to Engvid. Thanks a lot for the lesson, it was really interesting and useful.
You’re very nice and your accent is so clear that I’m glad I could understand all you have said.

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welcome and thank u our new teacher … by the way if any one want to practice with me ,add me on FB or skype…caganokat@hotmail.com….

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Usually, we use ‘has/have been + past participle’ to talk about the action that had started in past and still in progress. On the other hand, we often use ‘have been’ to talk about the past action but not continued. For instance, “I have been to Britain”.

Thanks in advance.

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    to spend sth (on) doing sth. here the preposition on is optional. so the original sentence could be like “i had to spend that money on getting the car repaired”.

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Excellent lesson. Its really helpful!

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anyone here who want to talk in english and improve

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Hi Gill!
I understand your pronunciation very well.
You speak so clearly, by other teachers I don’t understand only about 20…30%.
I hear everyday two or three lessons…it is GREAT…THANK YOU SO MUCH… 👍👍👍

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Thanks a lot grandma ^^

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Hi Gill, I look forward to watching your next lessons. Please go on ! You’re a great teacher !

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amazing lesson Mr Gill. than you so much

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Thank you very much,it is really good lesson

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Great job!

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Thank you very much gill ! Now I have new words for my vocabulary !!!

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thanks gill great lesson

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