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this is an awesome website.I am really loving it.

Profile photo of Anmon Khan Anmon Khan

Thanks Mrs Gill i got 100 .

Profile photo of wafaa1976 wafaa1976

Thank you very much Mrs. Gill! I am always glad to see your lessons.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

You are fabulous Miss Gill. You are a great teacher.

Profile photo of KamranAbdulWahab KamranAbdulWahab

Thanks Mrs. Gill! An interesting lesson there. Kudos!

Profile photo of Rehoboth588 Rehoboth588

merci madame por cette lecon

Profile photo of mohamed sofiane si hamda mohamed sofiane si hamda

Thanks Mrs Gill i appreciate you this lesson.

Profile photo of husam simawi husam simawi

I have 8/10 i was wrong about kink and ping, thank Gill very much

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

I got 6 correct out of 10. :(
One of the worst quizzes I had until now.
Anyway, thanks Gill for your lesson.
I was useful to me.

Profile photo of mohammad177 mohammad177

Thanks I got 100% but I enjoy checking my knowledge and I’ve apreciated the opportunity.

Profile photo of jfsanchesc jfsanchesc

Thanks a lot Gill!!!
It´s always a pleasure to listen to your accent.
Btw, I must be a bit of a color-blind guy, as I consider your shirt orange instead of pinK :)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

    Hi, thank you for your kind words :-) I don’t know what happened to the colour of my teeshirt – I think maybe the bright lights in the room while we were filming made it look different!

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

Thank you, Gill. Verygood lesson as always. Of course, it wasn’t difficult for me, but very plesant to meet you again.

Profile photo of Larisa392 Larisa392

Can you please correct these two sentence for me pleas!
1.He took on the responsibility of helping his friends from laos and consolidate vast amounts of information into coherent sets of ideas.
2. He always good in academics and always ranked high in the class.

Profile photo of Teeherlia Teeherlia

    Hi, here are my suggestions:
    1.He took on the responsibility of helping his friends from Laos and consolidated vast amounts of information into coherent sets of ideas.
    2. He was always good in academic subjects and always ranked high in the class.

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

Many thanks for Engvid Team,
I very happy to tried test Exam of this Website and I got 5 correct I take it easy.

Profile photo of Xayaaka Xayaaka

Thanks Mrs Gill i got 70!

Profile photo of amranisiham amranisiham

Thank you for the interesting lesson.

Profile photo of Iasha Iasha

Thanks Mrs Gill.

Profile photo of LEO BAI LEO BAI

very good lesson teacher Gill!!
thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Nano Laurent Nano Laurent

Thank you very much ! I learn a lot of new words 👍😊

Profile photo of Zoubidachou Zoubidachou

Interesting pronunciation lesson

Profile photo of rede rede

Thanks a lot Mrs Gill

Profile photo of Franci Franci

Thank you Gill.
I like your lesson very much.

Profile photo of kimkimn kimkimn

Thank you Ms Gill. I’ve got perfect score.

Profile photo of tes8dlp tes8dlp

Thank you so much for this lesson. I was not pronouncing well the words ending in -ing.

Profile photo of Vane83 Vane83

Thank Ms Gill.

Profile photo of emilia42 emilia42

Thank you !

Profile photo of mhs.matheus mhs.matheus

Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Joany Vargas Joany Vargas

Thanks a lot Mrs Gill

Profile photo of Mahmud Mahmud Mahmud Mahmud

Thanks :)

Profile photo of miidazy miidazy

Thank you very much Mrs Gill

Profile photo of Alo Diaz Alo Diaz

thank you

Profile photo of ben hisham ben hisham

thanks vey lessons

Profile photo of miftah mostafa miftah mostafa

Thank u so much. ❤

Profile photo of Hunaiza Hunaiza

Very good lesson teacher Gill.
thanks for it.

Profile photo of Mbuta51 Mbuta51

thanks, GILL

Profile photo of mohamed ibrahim fanah mohamed ibrahim fanah

Well done thanks for helpful

Profile photo of Yamin ibrahim Yamin ibrahim

Thanks you.

Profile photo of Patrice De France Patrice De France

Thank you, Teacher. This lesson was lelpful.

Profile photo of Vida Vida

Thanks Mrs Gill i got 80.

Profile photo of abdonirho abdonirho

thanks a lot for the lesson teacher.

Profile photo of ramonnnnnn ramonnnnnn

Thanks I just started today and I love your method.

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Profile photo of bunkeo bunkeo

I got it all.Love this lesson

Profile photo of Ma.elzeera Ma.elzeera

it helps alot

Profile photo of Faithjewelkasongu Faithjewelkasongu

you are the best gill

Profile photo of Faithjewelkasongu Faithjewelkasongu

Thank you Gill,very helpful.

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