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Thanks alot


    Identical pairs like Idiomatic pairs make our talking more colorful and natural.

    It was an excellent lesson with illustrative examples.

    Thanks a million Rebecca.

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Good video!


Nice English lesson, I´m Learnig English with your lesson litle by litle Thanks a lot


    that’s great.

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thank you our teachers

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Thanks a lot Rebecca, yours lesson always explain Word for Word the english speech.

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Day after day, I have tried to improve my English. Millions of thanks!

Hung frank

Respected Sir/Madam,

Thank you very much for giving the free English lessons on the board and today i learned eight words(Identical Pairs)which in fact i enjoyed a lot.

Thanks once again.


It’s really useful. I appreciate your lesson and look foraward to others.


thanks.that is agood idea


Excellent, I wonder if ( all in all ) is as the same as ( after all ) ? Whenever I am within odd time, I have many questions, but as soon as I come here I forget them, I’d better consider using a note book, thanks Rebecca I just joined your website and more questions to come, stay tuned :)

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Actualy was incredible lesson . Thanks so much mrs Rebecca

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Very interesting lesson I think that it is going to inproves my english a lot.Thank you very much!!!

Ronnie Amaury

Hi dear Rebecca,
Missed u !
Day after day,I’m looking 4ward 2 watching Engvid videos avidly!!
Thx 4 ur nice n profitable presentation,
All of the best 4 u.

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    an iranian here.hmm…lady,it seems u have some grammatical mistakes in writting.yep?


      How much sure u r about my grammatical mistakes??!!!!!!!!!!
      If there r some n if u r able 2 correct,so come on!!!!!!!!!!!!
      There r 3 IRANIANS here not just 1 !

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A lot thanks for you teacher


Habib Ali

Thank you very much :) I will try to use some of these new expressions !

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Thank you Rebeca :)

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IT’S A GOOD METHOD and very interesting thanks a lot


What about ”step by step”?


hi rebecca it’s very interesting i look forward to others expressions thanks a lot


I am improve my English little by little! Thanks :D

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Well, miss the step by step. :-)
Thanks for all! It was very useful!


Day after day I watch English videos to improve my English and I realise that I’m learning little by little.

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Piano piano si va lontano :)

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thank you rebecca


THanks Rebecca. you’re alwaysa great teacher and teaching .have a good one .




Thanks teacher!

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Thank you very much Rebecca. I wish to see more new videos from you. I’ll be happy to learn how to write by hand if is possible. Thank you. I wait your new video. Cata.

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thanks for a good lesson and I really learned important expressions that I’m going to use them again and again

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Thanks so much for English programe, I start to learn this programe just from today and I think that is very good lesson for me and other person who want to learn English.
I hope to learn more from you all.
God bless you all.
Again wishes you all best luck in your life.

from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.



lin siew ong

Thanks rebecca for u r wonderful lession
It’s helping me alot.


And i wish more videos to be like this
Tank u


Very good!Thanks a lot!

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thanks teacher !
this lesson is very great !

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thank you so much teacher.

DAY AFTER DAY i am watching eng videos OVER AND OVER so that i can speak english WORD FOR WORD hope end vid tutorials go ON AND ON LITTLE BY LITTLE . ALL IN ALL thnx for such a nice and worthy presentation..

thank you

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Lesson by lesson i m improving my english through your nice teaching. Thanks dear Rebecca

Jameel khan

Lesson by lesson i m improving my english through your nice teaching.Thanks dear Rebecca

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hi.how can we download these videos?

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    It is not downloadable,
    But if u wanna watch the videos,u have 2 use a Server/VPN.

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Thank you Rebecca!

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Hello. It was a very nice lesson. Your way of pronouncing makes it easier to understand. Keep that way. Have a nice day.


Thanks to all for your feedback. Very proud that you are already using some of these identical pairs! That’s the way. Watch a lesson and try to use that learning the same day.

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I am very upset and do not know how to solve this problem:my quiz stoped to work


Thanks a lot Rebecca, yours lesson clear and userfull. your explains are on and on ,little by little,word for word


thanks a lot, Rebecca, this lesson has been the most useful for me in days!

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Dear Rebecca,
I really love your lessons and they are well organised. I am so happy to use these expressions in my day to day English. Thanks a lot.
May God bless you.


    may god bless you :)))))))))) you are very funny my friend i loved you

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it helped me a a lot, thanks Rebecca


on in on i try to learn english thanks teacher

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Thank you Teache Rebecca, I am improving in English little by little.


My English is improved little by little through this nice website. And i will keep practicing on and on until i get the same level as a native speaker.

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you are good teacher Rebbecca.thanks

nashat anwar

you are good teacher Rebeca

nashat anwar

It’s about a week that I can’t find the quiz anymore on the site.
please,could anyone help me out?


    Please try again. The quiz was not working in Internet Explorer 9 for a little while, but it should now be fixed!

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Thank you so much Rebecca and thank you so much to all wonderful teachers of EngVid

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Thank you for this lesson,
it was very clear !

I will try to use the identical pairs as soon as possible.


The Engvid team really deserves a lot appreciation from the students around the globe for explaining each minute parts of the language efficiently as well as easily.I have written a few sentences below using all the identical pairs.
1.Over and Over :I can still remember each story that my granny told over and over.
2.Word for word :Understanding an English native speaker word for word means being able to communicate naturally.
3.Day after Day :If we keep trying to improve our language skills day after day,no one not even the creator(GOD) can stop us from being able to speak naturally..

sona sharma

1000 thanks!!! Our teacher


thanks 4 teaching. again n’ again thank u Rebecca

Efrain Dominguez

hi, Rebecca. I have no words to describe your classes. you’re just perfect. thank you very much for your help. all the lessons on engvid are very important but, when it comes to idioms, slangs and expressions, they are even more important because by learning them, we (foreign students) can speak just like native english speakers do. and I am very eager to go to your country. today, I can’t but I think in the near future it will be possible for me to travel there. I’m from Brazil and I hope you come to my coutry as well. I hope you’ll enjoy it so much. that said, I just can thank you over and over. bye

Daniel C Herculano

oops… sorry for the coutry. of course, it’s country.

Daniel C Herculano

I have to tell her over and over.
We derived round and round.
She talked on and on.
I said her to stop again and again.
She calmed down little by little.
All in all I think she is made.
Day after day she fights.
I can’t tell you word for word what she says.

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    HeLLo Rizwan I THINK YOUR ARE GETING CORECT WAY TO LEARN ANGLISH IM TRYING TO LEARN SOME…COULd U PLz CNTCT ME at my facebook acount for v can dicus many things about these lessons ..i’ll wait for ur contect .khansoha771@yahoo.com


Tks teacher Rebecca. I’m so glad about your kindness. Lily Diaz from Brazil


thank you so much for all your efforts to make us learn … !!! my god, today I’ve discovered your youtube-account and I just love it… david1shakifan is my youtube account… thanks again !! :D

Miguel Colombia

Where are you from ? are you Mexican ?


thanks for this useful lesson and practice

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Thank you=))

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Thanks teacher Rebecca.
I’m so glad to listen to your teaching.
(Purple from Taiwan–teaching in an English cram school.)


Thank you.im so happy that I can understand what she say

khaled alskran

thank you teacher rebecca.it is amazing lesson.best wishes to you.your faithful student.


Thanks a lot


thanks Rebecca,it was very useful like always….

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very good lesson easily to understand, thanks teacher.


english vid is the best

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Thanks Rebecca very clear your explanation.

José Luis

i’m taaking againg and againg and i’m improve my english littly abylittle .

mani shanmuga

I’m improving my english day after day.
is there an identical pairs say( day by day)?
if so what does it mean?
thanks alot.

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Thanks, I took 9/10


thanks Rebecca. It’s a mazing lesson


gracias, esto me ayudo amejorar en mi pronunciacion y en mi lectura
y estan muy buenas las clases

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Thank you very much for your teaching.


Before this lesson, I was around and around until speak correct english! Thanks to help!

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    You were on and on dear.

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My question is ( which one correct ; let me to finish or
let me finish?

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    High probably ,” Let me finish ” is correct. Think such as; let me see , let me check, let me write your e-mail. To is unnecessary there.

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thanks for all

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It was really usefull


Brilliant Lesson Rebcca
great thanks for this lesson.

shah Jee

Thanks a lot, Rebecca, for your clear video.
I have a question about one sentence in the quiz to be done after the lesson. The sentence is the following: ‘Day after day she looked after her aging parents, but she wouldn’t have had it any other way.’ Actuallualy, I can’t catch entire meaning of the part after BUT. I understand that here there’s the conditional: type 3, BUT so what. The two parts of this sentence don’t meet each other for me for the time being.
Could you be so kind as to explain me what’s the matter? L
My looking forward…
Best regards,

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thank you very much,your great people for what you’ve offering for us.




this lssons are very good


really awesome !!! thanks alot.


Thank you for this really usefull lesson! You always choose good and not obvius themas for your videos! You are the best : )


Thanks Rebeca this is my first 10 XD

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Many thanks! I’ll try these expressions for dialogs.

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good video

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Thanks Rebecca for this usefull video. However I have the same difficulty as urs68 Rouslan. I do not understand the neaning of the sentence after the word BUT. Could you please, explain me this issue. Thank you in advence.


Thanks , it was nice lesson …. i have learnt lot from Engvid site …

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thanks a lot


Got 10 out of 10 thank you for the lesson

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Thank you Rebecca


thanks you very much

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Thanks alot

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thank you you make me increasing my english little by little. you are good teacher word for word :)

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Hi, Thank you very much for your teaching. I am delightful to learn English with you and going to learn more on your English lessons, day after day. Thanks a lot! “Jesus Loves You”


Excellent, I wonder if ( all in all ) is as the same as ( after all ) ? Whenever I am within odd time, I have many questions, but as soon as I come here I forget them, I’d better consider using a note book, thanks Rebecca I just joined your website and more questions to come, stay tuned :) thanks for kind


Thank you Rebecca
I improve my English little by little.

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Good Methodology, thank you !!!!

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All in all, you are the best English teacher I have known so far, Rebecca! Thank you for your dedicated efforts and lessons. They are very useful for many people around the world to study and enhance their English commands.

Best to you from Viet Nam!


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I understand this lesson word for word..
Thank you Rebecca..

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Thanks Teacher Rebecca,
I got 10 :D

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thanks teacher for this

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Thanks alot… always learn us little by little

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Thank you Rebecca! You are simply GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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All the best to you.


yehey,yuhuu,yipiii,…i got aperpect score ha ha thank you

melejosa dela cruz

Thank you so much. Day after day I feel easy to speak English^^

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Firstly , this is my first comment here ,I’ve learned some new statements and words such as get to the point ! , all in all , round and round , word for word : )Good site and really useful informations. Thanks to all teacher.

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very good work. Many thanks

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thanks teacher


Thank you Rebecca.
i got 10/10 ^^

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Thanks ever so much . I’m going to use these in my real life.


really, i loved this site and teachers

i have seen that the best site about english teaching..

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Thanks of you, I improve my english day after day… That’s great… And very funny too ! Are there other pairs of words like these ? Thanks for answers ! Have a lot of pleasure in your work ! Thank you.

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hi dear Rebecca
i got 90 out of 10
your student
Weda from AFG


Thank you, Rebecca! It was a very good lesson!

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Just two days a go, when I discovered this great EngVid website, and I’m so grateful. Using this website has hugely improved my English. Many thanks to each teacher on this site!!!!, May God bless you all.

Ony Carter

I got 10/10. Thank you Rebecca. Little by little I am improving my English.

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thanks for your assistance dear. its really helpful for me

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Thank you teacher :)

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very intereting, helpful lesson, y
thank you very much for your efforts

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Its very usefull.Thanks alot.

Amitis nouroozi

l like the way u teach n ur smile is also mind-blowing.


Thanks to your lessons, little by little I have produced conversational skills. THANKS!

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It was wonderful
thank u




Day after day I’ve been learning a lot with you, guys!
Thank you so much, Rebeca. It’s impossible not getting your explanations; they are always clear!

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thanks, Teacher love it,,,


really useful lesson, thanks.

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Thank you very much

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You’re great I do really understand and grasping your lessons . How about a hot drink ? :)x


You are so good teacher Rebecca!Thank you very much for this great video too.xxx



i have a little prob on the usage of ”where”..i know how to use it with all other ways besides this rule please help me..
I wanna know how to use ”where” with these words and what the grammar rule is..pls give me a few examples of your own ones..

1 Due to the volume of emails we receive we are unable to respond to the emails where the answer can be found on our web site itself

2 If you have gone to a website where you have to create an account for yourself..

3 This procedure should be followed in cases where dishonesty has been alleged.

4 I heard a strange noise from the upstairs where the children were playing.

5 There is a stage in life where you can’t even hold a cup of tea.

Thanking you

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Great teacher you are! You not only explained us the meaning and situation using the adjective pairs or identical pairs but also the emotion in the sentences.
A: ‘ You tend to talk on and on , but only 2 hours I slept last night. I do hope your coming speech is short and sweet, don’t you? ‘
Averting from col for a while, I rushed into a restaurant . How nice and warm it was! I was going to order and have my lunch here comfortably, but the lady in next table was talking so loud , more terribly , she seemed to go round and round. I checked my bill and took my food away as fast as I could eventually.
The little girl cried on and on , I lost my patience little by little. I pretended to cry… interestingly , she stopped crying and tried to find our what exactly happened. Finally, we all laughed together loudly and joyfully. Then , we ate some mangosteen , shared some green tea and watched kid program on TV.


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I need helping (Reflexive pronouns),please .It
IS very HARD.

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Thanks You very much for your lessons …
i am sure.. it will be really helpful for all

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Hi teachers,I’ve stopped walk round and round; now I practice again and again, day after day, on and on, because all in all, that’s the right way to learn, little by little, repeating word for word from the lesson, over and over. Thank you very much you all; you are amazing. :):):)

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thanks Rebeca, you are the Best teacher

Profile photo of alberto117 alberto117

thank you soooo much!

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Thank you dear Rebeca, i really enjoyed with your lesson – i got 50/100 but i not shame in this i will try best:):)

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ahhh I got 80 %. Thanks…

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I got 10 correct out of 10. Bravo i’m a good student. Thank you. Little by little i became with more confidence and fluency.

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Very useful lesson! By the way, are these expressions also appropriate to be used in writings, or I should use them just for speaking? Thank you.

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*or should I, not I should, I was wrong ;)

Profile photo of albertomg albertomg

Dear Rebecca, you make so easy the language!. I got 100 points but you have the credit, the students with attention and no more learn a lot. Your class is dynamic and clear, in 5 minutes we are other persons.

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Thank you very much.

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Thanks a lot, Rebecca! Useful lesson!

Profile photo of Ip Man Lee Ip Man Lee

Thanks allot

Profile photo of Shoog alkhames Shoog alkhames

i got perfect 10 in quiz!! thanks rebecca :)))

Profile photo of twinkle v. pastrana twinkle v. pastrana

If we watch engVid lessons (over and over) then our performance will increase (little by little). If we watch (all in all) then our quiz will be accurate (word by word). I searched (round and round) on the internet and (day after day) I found engVid but Mr. James goes (on and on) in his lessons. I searched engVid in 2012 and (year after year) I am going better in English.
Thanks I got 100%.

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Very useful. I’ve been improvinng me english little by litlle since I watch engvid lessons

Profile photo of buyeromanya buyeromanya

gradually= little by little
all in all = considering all
over and over = again and again = repreatedly
round and round = in cricles
day after day = one day after another
i understand the whole lesson.

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**Thank you very much it was very helpful ***

Profile photo of julchc julchc

Dear Rebecca,
In the quiz there is the phrase,”… but she wouldn’t have had it any other way”.
Is that mean that she had to do so anyway?
If I say, “Eventhough I am ill, I will go to work tomorrow cause I can’t have it any other way.” Is it correct?

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Hi Rebecca,
I love the way you explain and elaborate, it makes me understand little by little

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ngiyabonga for the lesson!

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

Thank you Mrs. Rebecca for your lessons. Day after day my English is improving.

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Miss Rebecca Thank you so much I’ve 10/10 in quiz ,but I have a question ;could we use this expression in passive situation ??

Profile photo of Mohammed ammouri Mohammed ammouri

Rebecca this vídeo it was a important lesson, you are a great teacher. thank you.

Profile photo of vitorgeo vitorgeo

I wish I had talked with some student that appreciate your lessons

Profile photo of vitorgeo vitorgeo

Thank you.

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Dear Rebecca,
Day after day I go on engvid.
Again and again I learn your lessons.
Little by little I improve my English.
Best regards.

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my quiz rebecca:
You got 10 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of chakim hamzah chakim hamzah

Thank you Rebecca. I learned hundreds and hundreds of English words from engVid.

Profile photo of Ladyblue072282 Ladyblue072282

Good one. Very useful. Thank you.

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi

Thank you kindly!

Profile photo of Vivimi Vivimi

i got 100%

Profile photo of k.abed k.abed

you didnt explain it over and over for me.I got all in all .
I watch your videos day after day and try my best to understand word for word .You should teach us on and on.I tried to use all pairs but couldnt use round and round.
Thank you dear Rebecca

Profile photo of Ahsan Ali Ahsan Ali

Thanks again. But I want to ask you a question, has the expression “day after day” the same meaning than “day by day”?

Profile photo of Marcio07 Marcio07

You got 10 correct out of 10.


Profile photo of M kartal M kartal


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

We should study over and over than little by little we will get better,right Rebecca?
Thank you and God bless you.

Profile photo of Tammyjang1 Tammyjang1

Thank you Ms. Rebecca!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

I had it all correct, thank you.

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

Thanks Teacher i get score out of 9/10

Profile photo of polasa polasa

I go over and over your video to understand correctly what the lesson is :) . Thank you, Ms Rebecca!

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