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Thank you my dear master for this interesting lesson. You are great and i honor of having such an english professor like you. ❤️

Faramarz. F. T

Great lesson, Jade, although I acknowledge it was really hard to me… Fortunately, most of the famous English cities have easier names, like London, for example. Haha! Anyway, it’s always a good idea to know the right way to pronouce in case one day I ought to go there.

This lesson proves that English is not a phonetic language at all. Do you know the reason why the English spelling is so different from speaking?

I am from Brazil and my mother tongue is Portuguese, which is not 100% phonetic, of course, but our pronunciation is more “predictable”, I think.

Thank you in advance!

Eduardo França

Thanks! There are so many lessons and maybe there is already one, but have you thought about surnames?


Thank you!


thank a lot,Jade,hugs (Kazakhstan o1 Dec2o21:)
You’re brilliant with your pronunciation,Jade
i really enjoyed this video


Thank you, Jade! It was very interesting lesson.


Thank you, Jade! It was very interesting to know the name of english towns


Dear Ms Jade, ” curiosity kills the cat”. Sometimes, I think. Besides the correct pronunciation we learnt what the suffixes of towns and counties tell us about their origins.
Thank you so much.

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