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A lot thanks Jade.

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It needs to be practiced more, thank you,

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    hello….where are you teaching ?

    Profile photo of royarezaee royarezaee

      Hi, I teach in a high school in Tehran,

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Real Madrid 3 – 1 /lɪ.və.puːl/ XD
Thanks Jade!!!

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You got 8 correct out of 9.

Profile photo of royarezaee royarezaee

I got full marks for the first time!

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ohhhhhw, 98%, is awesome Jade

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Thanks a lot, Jade! Here in Russia we pronounce most of these cities incorrectly. For example, when we talk about an EPL football club Southampton we call it “Saut-gampton” and it’s so far away from the right pronunciation:)

Profile photo of Bra1n Bra1n

I’m chuffed to bits

Profile photo of rikard12345 rikard12345

this is great

Profile photo of Vanessa-vivian Vanessa-vivian

It’s wonderful to have different english teachers’ accents and nationalities. It really helps to train the ear for the several english dialects.

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Im sory but I Want to Know if you have American Accenr
I am a estudant but my livel is no very full, I start estudy english with american accent,
if you can help me please write back to me thanks.

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Sorry, fashioned

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Thank you so much Jade!

Profile photo of Bushra Zangana Bushra Zangana

am so happy! got 100 :) :) :)

Profile photo of RubyJul RubyJul

    i am sur you cheat like me :p i got 9/9

    Profile photo of salim pbl salim pbl

Thank you, not to bad for the first one.

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thank you

Profile photo of giereviens giereviens

100. Very helpful. Thank you

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lots of thanks

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