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I just loved that class ❤ and she is also one of my favorite teachers here in engvid 😀

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    Indeed, You cannot in any way dislike Jade or any other teacher on Engvid. They are all great, and they all complement each other.

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      I totally agree with you. Each teacher is different, but they might help us with many ways and they complement!!

      Profile photo of David Fausto David Fausto

        Yeah, they have different accents and it is very good, I can understand them very well…I love all!

        Profile photo of ChrisNavy ChrisNavy

      I agree with you .. all of them are awesome :)

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Very helpful.

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1st comment ;)
Thank you very much Jade for your advice. It´s always nice to listen to you (although you also recommend to learn grammar and take notes).

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    Unfortunately your comment in number three, I like listening to Jade speaking as well. I love her accent.

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Thank you for learning English technique.

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Thanks for your advices!
We´re are going to learn English now. Come on!
If you fun learning you will be succcess.
Is it correct, Jane?
Bye for now.


hello there,
thanks Jade, and im totally agree with you

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I reckon listening to radio in English help you a lot.For instance; I was unable to understand people who were from UK as I wasn’t accustomed to British accent.I kicked off listening BBC Radio 1 one year ago whenever I went to my university.At first, I was unable to understand the whole conversation they were having during programmes.However, later on I got used to their accent and understood most of things.I still can’t understand %100 percent of things but at least I can understand %75 percent of things now.I dare say that the more you listen the more you will be better at listening.

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    but, what about speaking? if you dont move your tongue you will never be able to speak

    Profile photo of oussama boukoufallah oussama boukoufallah

    of course. but i think that is when you have knowledges about a language, agree? i can’t even understand one word if you don’t know it!!

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    Very nice, buddy! I will try to follow your advice!

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    i agreed!

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    Totally agree. I’ve done the same for over 2 years and undertand perfectly not only the british accent and moreover – the more I listen the more I can pronounce with right accent.

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      is this way works with?
      i mean listening help you to improve your language and your speaking ?

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Thanks alot Jade, whats great video!. i’d learned just by try to listen a lot, but its not effect. I think we should learn every skill at the same time, and try to pronounce correctly every word!

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    that is good idea

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Thanks for your lessons charming young teacher. I agree with you about the act of writing the language we want to learn; more neuronal connections we create and more could be easy for us to find the word we are serching for in the moment that we need it.

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Firstly I had English course, where I got English grammar, and my linguistic divide was broken. I have some experience of talking in English with Europeans and two Americans. Now I use not only Engvid, but also, I used a couple other sites. I used communication with people from other countries, even with scammers for improvement of English. On Lingualeo I use such strategy: watch a video, read the text of the video, mark unknown words and phrases and work with them. I would recomend you, Jade, to change your glasses to something light ( I don’t mean the colour). I wear glasses too, so it is just a friendly advice.

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    I totally agree with you, also in the last part about the glasses!! LOL

    Profile photo of teckne teckne

      Thank you so much!

      Profile photo of Roman06 Roman06

    I do not thing there is any problem with her glasses, i think you yourself need to be polite! you are a man, aren’t you!! lol. i don’t think i can imagine you with your freakin’ mouth are saying such a thing!!

    Profile photo of Nguyen Van Hau Nguyen Van Hau

      I don’t think I was impolite. I didn’t say that there were any problems with the glasses, but any clever man was able to understand what I meant. Moreover that you are not a person for talking about polite/impolite matters, as you showed in your comment.

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Belly dancing….. I almost died from laughing! Lovely Jade but those spectacles don’t fit you. They kill your beautiful eyes

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this site is not for a beginer, it is for who speaks english

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Thank you so much for that lesson Jade, I really was doing the frustrating method you mentioned in the video . I’m going to stop that and be active :).

Best wishes

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thanks a lot. I’ll try to listening BBC radio from now on.

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    Hello Rufinjay, I think you got Jade’s words wrong. Repeat the video for more information.

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For once, I totally agree with Jade.

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I just got 4 from 9, But i am sure I am going to learn better that never

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I am confused now. If the language which we trying to learn is totally different from our mother language, only listening would not be helpful, would it ?
By the way, you mentioned about your learning experience. Can you tell us which language you learned by listening ?

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    See bro, when learning a language which is completely different from your native, it’s impossible to learn it just by listening, there’s no way you can understand a word. That’s why you have to have a different approach. Just listening is not enough, we also have other three sections – writing, speaking, and reading. You should develop the skills from all of these equally in order to master a language. Grammar, vocabulary, and many other topics are also as important.

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this was very useful , Thank you

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Oh, this lesson is right on time! Thanks!

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Thank you Jade!!!

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Definetely, you are righit!
Thank you very much.

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i want learn english but i don’t understand any thing , also i don’t have someone help me to learn english

Profile photo of mohammad117 mohammad117

    Start from the very beginning. Get a grasp of all English books you can find. Read it regularly, learn several words daily. Surround yourself with all English materials, be persistent, and you will improve your English in no time. Take care.

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Thank you Jade for share with us your experience and for your advice. I tried to learn english by watching movies but it was frustrating so I added subtitles in english. But when I’m reading subtitles I’m using visual memory not the auditory memory and the english language isn’t phonetic. However watching movies with or without subtitles can be an additional activity.

Profile photo of Jorge Jorge

I disagree, IF you want to speak any languages, you have to listen A LOT of that, if you don’t , you aren’t going to understand which one is the correct sound of the words, or in what moment the expressions are more common or when use them the native speakers, of course making use the correct techniques,because you’re going to know a lot of words and grammar but when you are starting to speak, You will seem like a robot, its my personal opinion, thanks for reading and sorry for my grammar, I’ve spent much time listening REAL ENGLISH, IF someone want to practice write me (+57) 3182719012

Profile photo of Andres.ortegon Andres.ortegon

Thank you Jade! For us Brazilians are very hard to pronounce words with “th” sounds. Any tips?

Profile photo of Sidney Sidney

It is really warn myself. I will learn English actively. Thanks Jade.

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According to me, your lessons and your tips are very illuminating.

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according to my experience to learn english if you have not a sincer desire to get it don’t wast your time and your money and be honest with yourself … and finally thanks to because it help me to improve my englih and thank you too … please correct my comment if there are any mistakes

Profile photo of a.zakaria a.zakaria

    I think bro; you’re mistaken in this word (sincere) isn’t it?, you forgot (e) in at the end. so all of you too please correct me also on my comments? buddy.

    Profile photo of Mustapha.Ldj Mustapha.Ldj

Thank you, jade.
(ps: This is my first comment, I decide to leave it here.)

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I totally agree if we are talking about learning a new language from scratch. You understands nothing, get frustrated and stop listening. But I think, if you have a base, listening interesting podcasts and watching interesting shows is a great way to improve your language skills. You can’t talk with yourself all the time ;)

Profile photo of Nick722 Nick722

Hi everyone! Nice to be there with all of you!) I’ve got 89 in my first test.

Profile photo of anna.fevral anna.fevral

Mostly i agree with you, but what about a titles on english, not on native language? I think it’s a best variaty of ‘lazy’ listening

Profile photo of Taras29 Taras29

Thanks teacher for this video. I’m brazilian and I find easy listen english. I understand almost everything when I watch engVid videos. I feel good about myself. But I want more. I want read better, write better and maybe talk in english too.

Profile photo of danielbrisolara danielbrisolara

Can I learn english just listen to you?;-)

Profile photo of petern70 petern70

That’s great…thanks Jade

Profile photo of Abu Bakkar Abu Bakkar

Thanks for the tips. I will try to apply these idea to improve my English

Profile photo of Abu Bakkar Abu Bakkar

Okay. It’s really good advices. I want write better, understand when i’m listen english speech. For me easyly to write in english, but i so long styding a grammar and etc. You can see I do many wrongs. I want to be more succesful in learning!

Profile photo of Joxer Joxer

First test where I did everything right!Good understanding. But I have a problem with using grammar and etc.

Profile photo of Joxer Joxer

Hi Jade… More one time, I love your accent!!!! But, I think that listen is the more important practice in learning one language, and can be, in the first time, the only kind of practise, if it is in the level what the learner can understand, that is, if the learner is begginer, he should be listen, and only listen, easy conversations or audios, and day by day, increase the difficulty , after this, start to practise read, speak and write. We can see in most schools, students studying grammar, textbooks, without understand very simple conversations in that language…
I wrote a lot because, of course, I`m also a student and I want improve… ;)
Thanks for your video

Profile photo of MARTONIO MARTONIO

thank you Jade. Good point.

Profile photo of Ilugoc Ilugoc

I try to be active in learning English language, so I leave this comment! Thanks for your ideas.

Profile photo of Maliban Maliban

Thank you. I am trying hard to have a fluent english. I am searching an online tutor, so who can help me to have real conversation in english?

Profile photo of Yllk@ Yllk@

Very helpful Jade. Some times I need hear motivations like this to keep focus in learn. Thank you!

Profile photo of estevao.moura estevao.moura

    Estevão. eu sou beginer e a aula estava para beginer e eu não consegui entender :( vc poderia me dizer resumidamente o que ela falou? A
    acabei ficando curiosa. Valeu!

    Profile photo of Sandra Marafioti Sandra Marafioti

      Sandra, a aula realmente não está muito adequada para beginner. Minha sugestão: assista novamente e depois repita, incluindo a legenda em português (no canto inferior à direita tem essa opção)

      Profile photo of fabiuspictor fabiuspictor

I agree with you, but i think those who watch movies or listening to songs, or those who are living abroad for many years can learn the target language better and faster than those who are spending many years of studying the language Without advantage just wasting time.

Profile photo of Bushra hg Bushra hg

    I`m totally agree with you the only thing we can miss is writing in a perfect way , But of course I`ve improved my Language skills too much through listening more and more

    Profile photo of Muhammadseleem Muhammadseleem

Thank you Jade.

Profile photo of fatihaeng fatihaeng

It was my worst score quiz, I got 44 percent, however the recommendation for learn English and improve it I liked. Thank you so much.

Profile photo of sanosuken sanosuken

Hi Jade, Thank you very much. I was in similar situation where you explained that just listening to English language does not help to increase your level of knowledge. I totally agree with your suggestion ‘Be Active’ in using the language will help you.

I have some problem in picking up the words. Sometime I do not get proper words to use. I would like to hear from Engvid to overcome in difficulty in picking the words.

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Profile photo of solly93 solly93

Hi Jade,thank you so much for the lesson. Question No. 8. i thought the answer would be Jade starts a billy dance:) just a friendly joke. I’ve been practicing English for the last 6 years intensively, in general, am a speaking Russian guide, and then in 2011 I decided to add the English language to my guiding license,the idea came to me while I was watching a movie dubbed in Russian, some words that i didn’t understand I I wrote on ms W doc. with the meaning in English- Russian- Arabic, after each time I saved the I’m if I want to advice smb, i tell ‘m to use google translator just to find the vague words, but not on one condition to translate a whole text, besides, , write how many syllables in the word: that gives you also the pronunciation of the world.I believe that the more you practice, the more for sure you getting better. also try not to think in your own native language. if you could master the in, at, off, on,out sentences- your English will be more natural, and English if you know is not about to be logical as much as to be more natural in it…
A guide from Jordan- Amer.

Profile photo of Amer_70 Amer_70

Thanks very much for your recomendations.

Profile photo of trozo trozo

I pretty much enjoyed today´s lesson, teacher Jade. My student´s parents think he´s going to acquire the language only by listening to it, that´s why his whole family is going to leave to USA in July. They´re desperate! I did my part in order to prevent them from making such a big mistake and told them he´ll never get it right effortlessly, that he should practise a little bit more on writing, reading, listening and speaking as he does here with me in Brazil. I fear he may speak just broken English by doing that. By the way, thanks a lot for the lesson. I will share it with them now. I have to :D

Profile photo of Emanoel Pereira Emanoel Pereira

From Guatemala , thanks Jade! Great work.

Profile photo of Jose Lazzo Jose Lazzo

Everyone has own way. Unfortunately, no universal method to learn foreign language working for every human being. ((

To me the listening has worked pretty well. But you have to listen in active way (no just be a passive receptor what actually the author is criticizing).

repeat, no subtitles, try to feel language
that’s VERY VERY comes in handy later to understand English fluently and no matter what speed other person is talking to you

Profile photo of dlvbasys dlvbasys

thank you :)

Profile photo of ahmedkhaled159 ahmedkhaled159

Hi. Thanks teacher.

Profile photo of Soei Soei

Thanks teacher. there are the best way to improve and study English……..

Profile photo of douangxaivang douangxaivang

Hi Jade,
with each your new lesson, I am falling in love deeper and deeper… I am talking about English! :)
Thank you so much! :)

Profile photo of mikekant mikekant

I learned something helpful from this lesson. Many thanks ~

Profile photo of Jonathanfromtaiwan Jonathanfromtaiwan

I think , if you want to learn English the lestining not enough to be very well. you have learn other skills : writing, reading, speaking …

thank you jade :)

Profile photo of Arooj-92 Arooj-92

Hello! I agree with you that we should learn a language in an active way. Only listening can improve our listening skills but we should do practice in an active way to learn a language. Thank you for an interesting and useful lesson!

Profile photo of natalianew natalianew

I’ll keep doing thank’s!

Profile photo of ishi117 ishi117

i hope you would do more video on travelling. i very enjoy to watch the last video you do at Covent Garden, thank you Jade, you’re so beautiful. :))

Profile photo of Nguyen Van Hau Nguyen Van Hau

Great topic…

Profile photo of malajana malajana

I think Jade is right. But I would like to now that if for example I understand 92% of the spoken material would it be wise to find out why I did not understand the remaining 8% of the spoken material?

Profile photo of viacheslavkr viacheslavkr

I totally agree with you Jade! I really have to be active and put extra effort on what you want to achieve. As much as possible, try to surround yourself with the language and participate in activities that hone your skills as often as you can. Patience and diligence are important.

Profile photo of juliancute14 juliancute14

Yes your right Jade,listening can’t help a person to learn english.To be active of what weve learned are the possible way of learning english.

Profile photo of tobefluent44 tobefluent44

I don’t understand most of you are saying. I suggest to write what Jade say in English.

Profile photo of rahmaali2016 rahmaali2016

I’ve already tried them , without visual learning nobody can go so far , and by watching this lesson , I’m sure what is the best method.

Profile photo of aria.code aria.code

Thank you Jade! But I think that the audition is too important skill, that help us to plunge in the language environment. In this sense, I like the Effortless English method.
By the way, you are so charming girl! :)

Profile photo of MicGal MicGal

Thanks Jade. You are superstar.

Profile photo of JVOLF JVOLF

i think, no doubt about it.İf you follow that approach to improve your english skills,you’ll just progress a little bit but The best way is , you should keep going how can you learn english easily.

Ty for all this efforts you’re a great, different and interesting teacher :)
Go ahead,teach us something with different ways :)

Profile photo of kolcuogluozan kolcuogluozan

Thank you!
I would say,if you are learning a language it is because of your goal which you have. mainly, our goals are connected with other people. you won’t achieve your goal only listening to others.

Profile photo of vovchick vovchick

Rather emotional speach) Although phrazes lacked from emotions totally don’t graze anybody’s mind at all))

Profile photo of Kubanez Kubanez

Thank you . I like what do you do My teacher

Profile photo of hassan elgarn hassan elgarn

Thank you Miss jade, your advice well be helpful for me.

Profile photo of Mohammad Qadir Abid Mohammad Qadir Abid

you are completely right
we can fast understand when gramamtical rule
close to the first language.I am indonesian
I have close grammar with english.that why
I can study faster,better than chinese or japanese who have their first language far or different with english.after I graduate from
strata one english education I also becoming fluent to speak indonesia my first language

Profile photo of chakim hamzah chakim hamzah

Hi jade. I like your lessons because I find your accent easy to be understood. I also loved the philosophers stone joke in the questions hhhh I am a great fan of harry potter since I was 11 but I read it all in French and I am trying to read it in English thank you see you soon

Profile photo of hamza melki hamza melki

Good lesson, tks

Profile photo of Dudurito Dudurito

Thank you Jade ^,^
Who want to practice English with me, since I’m not good in speaking :P

Profile photo of amaw amaw

thank u but for me it is hard

Profile photo of Native78 Native78

Well, maybe in the beginning you can feel frustrated if you are trying to learn a language just by listening. But if you already in a intermediate/advanced stage, i think it really helps. For instance: Nowadays i listen to English radios all the time, and i can understand most of it. But as a beginner learner in German, i can’t do it, because i just understand few words, and it does not help at all.

Profile photo of JohnAlf JohnAlf

I’m studying at B2+ intermediate in an Anglo School here in Mexico. I’ve always had problems with listening tests, but I noticed that, when my grammar and vocabulary skills are better the listening test have became easier too.

Profile photo of Edynglish Edynglish

hii everyone iam here cuze i want to learn English its very important to me so i want t learn English perfect here and Thank u for this website :)

Profile photo of account91 account91

Hello Jade, thank you for the lesson.

Profile photo of bellatimor bellatimor

I am not totally agree with you. Although it is the worst thing someone could ever do to start learning a language by watching TV, it is very helpful when you are above intermediate. If someone has a good vocabulary and grammar knowledge, watching TV and other listening stuffs could unbelievably expedite the learning process.

Profile photo of Amin3182 Amin3182

Jade, you are so beautiful, your British accent is so charming… I’m ready to listen you just for pleasure without any hope of mastering language. New look with glasses is perfect. Go ahead!!

Profile photo of Hildar Hildar

I agree with you Jade. It’s very correct. Anyway, thank you for this valuable lesson.

Profile photo of SanjulaHapugoda SanjulaHapugoda

Hi Jade, thanks for this lesson! I guess watching movies is a good way to do it, beacuse there is a relation between what they are saying and what they are doing. Then it really helps me to get into it.

Profile photo of Aleachi Aleachi

Thank you Jade, I agree with you recommended I can’t speak English efficiency without knowing grammar, vocabulary and pattern.

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

I would say if you are a entry level english learner, it’s not a good idea to just listen english. But if you, like me from China having done so many grammar and vocabulary practice, want to survive in english environment, learning is the best way.
Here is my methods:
1. Choose the right level to listen:
If you are not sure about your level, try elementary level first
2. Choose the right resource to listen:
You can start from free resource. Here is a website to start. ( Also Amazon Audible subscription is advanced option.
3. Choose the interesting thing to listen:
This is the VERY most important part to learn new language. You can start from adventure/detective novel.
4. Try to be active:
This is what I am doing here to comment this video.
Good luck, everybody, and have fun.

Profile photo of William William

Thank you Jade for helpful tips. I do learn the english language by means also of my own effort, aside from listening attentively to some lessons, i also practice it by reading on reading materials, saying words out lous and listening to my own grammar, i practice also by writing and understanding what i wrote. And also if i don’t have someone to talk to using english I talk to myself in front of the mirror. That’s true, i may look silly but that is just part of helping my self and putting my back towards to seriously learning it and mastering it.

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

    you have skype

    Profile photo of hassan90 hassan90

Yeah, that is pitty you can’t just sit relaxed doing nothing difficult and listen to the radio : ) How ever as an additional way of learning listening is quite helpful, the main point here as you said is not to lose your attention and always make your ears stay open : )

Profile photo of SergeyIrk SergeyIrk

According to Jade’s advice, I will try to write more comments as I can. Never thought that writing comments is an active learning methods.I changed my mind about the “comment”thing after watching this video. Hoping that I will become optimism for the future.

Profile photo of Shiang Shiang

Thank you very much, Jade. I recognize that I just only learn English by listening, but I need learn English way by writing, reading and speaking to youself a lot of.

Profile photo of Lucia Loan Lucia Loan

Hey Jade! Everything you’ve said here is right and useful and as for me personally I use all of these tips and tricks. But there is one more important thing – a person who learns a foregin language should fall in love with the language s/he learns. I have been learning English for ages (for about 15 years to be more exact, but interruptedly though) and I had felt as if I had been forced to learn it untill I made a great friend in England who interested me in a lot of things :) Now I am glad to say that I love English very much and I am ready to “absorb” everything my friend says.
I love your lessons too, thank you very much for your geat help and support! I appreciate your videos very much!

Profile photo of vasvas071 vasvas071

Hi Jade!! thanks for your lesson. It’s a little bit difficult find a way to practice when you are not in the country that you want to learn. Good advices!

Profile photo of manuelco manuelco

Thank you so much for that lesson Jade! ))

Profile photo of James Simpson James Simpson

Hello Jade! Your tips are very precious! They were very important to me, because in the past I was trying learn English only listening, but now I know that I have to develop more skills than only listen, like read, write, use the slangs and learn the accent, because English is not my native language.

Profile photo of kaiovinnicius kaiovinnicius

This is my Skype contact:
Join me if you want to practice spoken english

Profile photo of vanzo82 vanzo82

Thank you Jade for the lesson. You are absolutelly right, I ever in that situation, I’d rather keep silent and listen to what they say because I don’t understand the meaning. That made me upset. Even most of the foreigner who visit my country, Indonesia, they feel the same, once they do not understand what we talk about, they, foreigner, prefer to keep silent. That’s what usually foreigner do when they come here for the first time.

We will feel the difference when we force ourself to be involved in the conversation, even it will take many days or months. Just keep in our mind not to stop trying, and learning. :)

Profile photo of WULAN2020 WULAN2020

Thanks , I think the listen for videos about language it’s very good and easy to learn

Profile photo of 9mt2ljroo7 9mt2ljroo7

Thank you for your advices

Profile photo of DinaOsman DinaOsman

I agree with you.

Profile photo of Antgutgon Antgutgon

Very good, great job Jade.

Profile photo of Wendell360 Wendell360

thank u jade for these interisting lesons

Profile photo of yaseen-m.k yaseen-m.k

I thinks that’s correct. Only you can learn a language by contact and practice, you can listen but you will be a conversation real to learn too.

Profile photo of JorgeDanilo JorgeDanilo

Only the active larning with notes will help with listenig. Passive listening is going to a trap.

Profile photo of PavelZubenko PavelZubenko

Hi Jade!
Today you looks so charm.
but it doesn’t because it I agree with you.
When I try to study English by watching TV it makes my lazy.
Real people and real conversation enforce me think in language.
It kick me ass.

Profile photo of brodjag brodjag

Thnaks Jade for this site, is hard for my learn english, but whit this videos can learn in my free times =)

Profile photo of eduardorev9 eduardorev9

sorry, but I ‘ m not understanding many words because I’m a begginer and I’m not used to living with people who talk to me in english… Thank You!

Profile photo of vicsouzaa vicsouzaa

Thanks Jade!
I thought I have to learn English not only by listening but also speaking and reading and writing.

Profile photo of Yuto Iida Yuto Iida

Thank you for the video!
I agree with you as listening only is not helpful.
But I think one of the best ways to learn a language using movie technique, it is so existing and at the same time helpful for pronunciation, vocab and listening as well.

Profile photo of broteko broteko

Thanks, Jade.
I believe in English as a tool, a powerful tool.
That was got a different way to express my thought.
Perhaps I don’t need to speak to anyone in English. But I might require further of study.
I setup the conclusion of study English, that is, “use that everyday”

Profile photo of josephchang josephchang

Thank you .

Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

I have signed up an account to leave a comment after this lesson. Thank u, Jade :D

Profile photo of trungmid trungmid

Maybe you are right,Jade
but I think learning english by listening is more interesting and fun method,which includes:listening to music,watching tv shows and movies are in your level and you have watched before.But its just my opinion.Im beginner,thanks you a lot for your very useful lessons,advices and teaching more friendly :)

Profile photo of Avidmaa Avidmaa

I agree with you, Jade, if you listen a material of higher level than you have. Because of this you must listen, even if you´re a beginner, listenings of your level which you can understand at least 80%. People who try to learn English just listening and don´t reach an improvement is because they normally listen a material of higher level than they really have (they don´t understand at least 80%). Also, it´s necessary to work with the listening material (new vocabulary, pronunciation, working with transcripts, and so on). I improved really my English listening when I started to listen easy listening podcasts and videos, and bit by bit I listen more complex material. How? Controlling the speed, the speaker, the vocabulary, … (and always working with the transcript). It´s my positive experience.

Profile photo of Pedro Jesus Pedro Jesus

Thanks Jade, but I think if I speak to my myself how can I know I make mistakes?

Profile photo of DuongCam DuongCam

Thank you. This is the first comment i write in this site after many time i come to engvid. will try it as much as i can :) Have nice time

Profile photo of kimlongap kimlongap

Hi Jade,
Initially, I was also trying to learn by just watching videos. But now, I repeat engvid videos again and again after you guys and using it in daily activities.
Thanks a lot for being there!

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Great lesson and really awesome advice. Thanks

Profile photo of chicolemberg chicolemberg

I agree with you but only partly. It is very improtant to listen native speakers otherwise you cannot recognize proper sounds of words. But also you have to translate words you can’t understand and repeat them to train your tounge. It helps me remember when I make a context sentence with the new word i’ve just learned.

PS. This is my first comment :) I really enjoy your video!

Profile photo of mal162 mal162

Hi Jade!
You talk about conversations, but I can’t find people to whom I can speak. Can you inform me about websites or forums where I can find a companion?
Thank you!

Profile photo of agordienko agordienko

    I grant you, there are many peoples, trying to learn english, so in every town you can find english-talk-meeting

    Profile photo of Kubanez Kubanez

      Yes, you’re right. But I said about conversations with people who’s native to English. It’s not the same, I think so.

      Profile photo of agordienko agordienko

Thanks for your lesson Jade. Can somebody tell me an idea to improve my english when I´m driving?

I´m a project manager and I´m driving all the day.

Profile photo of Salva86 Salva86

thanks for this video, it’s a helpful advices, i will add to my method (based essentially on listning) to write and speak (pronounce words).
Enjoy you learning everyone!
Good luck ^^

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Thank you for the video!I’ll try to follow your advice

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You are the inspiration.

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Thank you!

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Thank you so much!(Muchas Gracias)

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very useful

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Short and sweet. And sweet)

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I just love Jade’s class and she is my favorite teachers here in Engvid.
Jade… I can learn any language by listening if you are the one who will be speaking that language to me all the time! Just envy your spouse!!

Profile photo of osammyoa osammyoa

Jade… I can learn any language by listening if you are the one who will be speaking that language to me all the time! Just envy your spouse!!

Profile photo of osammyoa osammyoa

Thank you so much for this advice and I do think that listening to the TV shows or so . It’s an effective way to learn especially for the advanced students

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I love this web page. I love english. The teachers are amazing!!!! The have differents accents!!!!

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Thanks for the advice, i was on my way to use the effortless course of english.

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I’ve listened to your Video and tried to catch your speech as good as possible. I’ve done answered all questions on quiz given. But, the result is “7” for me. How embarrassing. Thank you for the suggestions. I’d try more and more to learn listening skill. I love your class

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Thank you very much!

Profile photo of hvilemen hvilemen

Nice talk, i agreed with teacher’s opnion. But i always lazy, so my english still not improve much :)

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In my opinion, listening while watching the video is pretty easy because we can read the lips.
I have to listening to your British accent everyday, hard to understand, sometimes, but surely it’s beautiful.

Profile photo of nuurussubchiy nuurussubchiy

It was good lesson. Thanks.

Profile photo of albee albee

Could you please add timeline in the quiz to know how many questions I have to answer?

Thank you in advance!

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thank you, I like your accent

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Hi, Everyone.
I’m Vitthyea and I come from Cambodia.
Nice to meet you!

Profile photo of vitthyea vitthyea

that is great lesson i like it

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Thank you, Jade :) I have found your tips very usefull for me.

Profile photo of santorodnl santorodnl

I think what Jade are talking about is quite right. I often watch Englisgh tv series, and want to learn the langugae by doing so. But after playing fifthteen minutes, I stop listening and stare at the screen eventually. It’s hard to focus on something you cannot understand. So I’ll pick some videos with english subtitles and play my favorite part again and again, imitating the character’s lines and tones to practice my English speaking. It’s fun and it’s useful to practice English in ths way.
Thank you, Jade! For making this video and clarify my question!

Profile photo of Breakthough5087 Breakthough5087

Hi Jade!

Thanks for your hints about the importance of the active role in learning English. I’ve always been writing in the past videos to improve this skill, but I would like to speak more, to other people, without appearing a mad person talking alone in order to use my tongue.

Besides the existing polemic here, I think your glasses fit well to you.

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Profile photo of richar steward richar steward

4/9 I got I knew I wasn’t going to score high on this test. Just learning my English will be a winner for me. Thank you

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I think english is a so tough language.

Profile photo of bbuciu bbuciu

Thank you so much. Its very helpful. Also i like your accent.

Profile photo of Mungunkhuu Mungunkhuu

Hello Jade! Your tips are very precious! They were very important to me, because in the past I was trying learn English only listening, but now I know that I have to develop more skills than only listen, like read, write, use the slangs and learn the accent, because English is not my native language.

Profile photo of Vitobek Vitobek

i have a problem
i listen to english videos and i can understand most of it, but i do not have confidence to speak in english, i am not sure if i am saying the right words in the right order.

Profile photo of Asmaa Hakim Asmaa Hakim

Many years I try to progress with listening but not efficient enough…

Profile photo of Thierry79 Thierry79

It’s a good suggestion. We should put our own effort to learning a language.

Profile photo of withalice3181 withalice3181

I’ve been studying english around 4 years, and the best way to learn english is being active in different ways, for e.g. I enjoy as much Reading books in english, listening to music, watching my favourites documnetaries, Etc. but the key is to enjoy and keep focus in the process.

Pd. I don’t know what happen, but when I watch this lovely girl i fall in love lol

Profile photo of lemp lemp

Thank a lot, Jade. I used to learn by this way but it acctually wasn’t effective as you talked.

Profile photo of MinhTamPham MinhTamPham

Yes I agree but I remember that when I was at a English language school and in the first day we had to start listening and speaking at the same time, I quit the school few months later. Now I am in the first part, understand by listening and reading and writing. After that I hope start the second part trying a really confident conversation. Thanks Jade!

Profile photo of John B John B

Thank you Jade. I’ve been studying wrong way for a long time. Think I was just lazy. XD. I’m gonna write down what I learn daily and also try to speak loudly. Thanks again!

Profile photo of Scarlet Kim Scarlet Kim

    hi exactly me too

    Profile photo of sina.javan sina.javan

That’s great!
Thanks alot gade.

Profile photo of Mohammad Alyousef Mohammad Alyousef

Talking about being active but having nobody to practice my spoken English with… This is what I do. I always speak to myself in English, as if I were actually talking to a real person . Don t get me wrong. I don`t go by doing it in a loud voice , especially when I m out in the streets, but it has worked for me . I guess it must be the same process we do in our native language at those times when we find ourselves thinking aloud about God knows what. The time will come when you progressively find yourself thinking and consequently, speaking in English. Try it out. You can`t be that shy with yourself , can you? So ,go ahead.Look at yourself in the mirror and start “talking” about anything: what things you have to do, or how`s your day been. You can go as far as to fantasize about who you are, what you do etc. Final tip. Don`t forget to kiss the person you see reflected on that mirror.

Profile photo of diana57 diana57

Great Jade!!!

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Nice tip, thanks Jade

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As usual Jane!, you always give very useful tips to take and apply for English learners. Your advises are the best

Profile photo of Dgracia Dgracia

I will be to start conversation with anyone

Profile photo of Maram@B Maram@B

I have exactly the same problem as you described in this film… try to understand spoken English, but after a while, when I don’t understand native speakers I just turned off my attention.
My language skills seems to be better, but I have a problem with speaking and understanding really fast spoken language.
Thanks for tips!

Profile photo of Marek78 Marek78

Miss Jade is telling you the perfect ways to learn from this site..As she said, you’ll be better and learn more if you put an effort not just by listening or watching videos but rather by commenting, quizzes solving and practicing. Thank you miss..
I forgot to say, nice glasses

Profile photo of mginawy mginawy

I can’t believe it !! I got 9 correct out of 9 !!! wow !!

Profile photo of gabbianorosso gabbianorosso

Thanks for the advice

Profile photo of Volodymyr Volodymyr

Im your number one fan , Jade . Thanks a bunch for your tips

Profile photo of diana57 diana57

i finally make an account after many times watching engvid video,thank you for your lesson, as what you suggested, i must put an effort by commenting ,quiz, speaking, not just by listening and watching videos , sorry for my english

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Thank you for this advise
fortunately It s my first lesson .
i think that I am lucky.

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Thank you.

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Wise lesson, Jade! Thanks for your good advice!

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Profile photo of nekoibu nekoibu

Thank you , so I think to learn faster is to get plan schedule everyday to mix method for lesson 1 and step by step, and respect it into test all skills ourselves in this period of lives program probably.

Profile photo of Mustapha.Ldj Mustapha.Ldj

Ohh my god, Jade, you’re very good teacher but is very hard for me your british English. The pronunciation is so different and my few english knowledge definitely is an American. But is part of the learning process. Thank U

Profile photo of Autana Autana

Thanks Jade for your video. Well, in my opinion that depend of the student’s level. It’s very important to watch videos to progress but it’s not enough. First, you need to get the basis of the language, grammar and vocabulary with exercises. Second, the videos must be adapted at your level. Third, the English subtitles are very helpful at first. Video can help students for the understanding of the language. In conclusion, students need also to speak and exchange with native people but it’s probably the most difficult part if students live abroad.

Profile photo of andrek andrek

To be active learner is the best way to learn anything, not only for English. Thank you so much for you sharing the experience. Actually I have exactly the same feeling when I was staying in America. Although I lived there for almost one year but my English doesn’t improve too much. I still cannot understand what people around me are saying. I find without the help of speech, you aren’t able to master the listening ability , the same rule applies to writing and reading. To be active English learner should be the first step towards that you master English successfully.

Profile photo of leiwu leiwu

Ooo, previously I thought that listenning was 70% of success. But after 2 month I understood that it wasn’t easy to know a language. Because when I watched unknown video/movies/cartoons majority of the time I often stayed in vacuum :)
Jade gave nice explanations and advice!
Thank you!
P.S. This is my first comment on english :)

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Thank you for your lesson, It´s very motivating

Profile photo of Jessika Ricaurte Jessika Ricaurte

Thanks Jade !

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very useful. Thanks ^^

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Thanks Jade for this advice.

Profile photo of Leandro Cleber Leandro Cleber

Is good to hear that!

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What about reading a book? Does it help a lot?

Profile photo of maxipin maxipin

Thank you Jade! Your class was very important to me!

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I got 89 marks.

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wonderful site and teacher

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First of all, thank you for your advices. If I listen the more, I will be better at listening. As If I was talked english everyday. I start to listen BBC radio.

Profile photo of polathan polathan

It’s great!
write it, write it … speak, speak

Profile photo of eportico eportico

But I can’t find poeple to speak with them

Profile photo of 3lielshenawy 3lielshenawy

Thanks jade, very helpful! I think you are right. I will have to change the way I am trying to learn English. :)

Profile photo of marcelo grandi marcelo grandi

Thanks you! I completely understand what you’re talking about as I myself used to think that just watching movies with subtitles would just make the magic…it helped in some way,but still my spoken or written english are not that good apparently…a frustration indeed when you come to realize it

Profile photo of Lariiisa Lariiisa

thank you for learning english in this way :)

Profile photo of Amid Alsaadi Amid Alsaadi

Helpfully, thanks jade you’re my fav. Teacher in this engvid. But I got just 5 true of 9 number :(

Profile photo of MuhFA MuhFA

Like you said, based on your personal experience you couldn’t. I lived for 4 years in England.
When I arrived there I couldn’t speak a word of English. Now I teach English and I learned it mostly by listening.

Profile photo of Roberto SpyglassEng Roberto SpyglassEng

thank you a lot jade, you are amazing

Profile photo of Amid Alsaadi Amid Alsaadi

Thanks for your videos! They are great!!
One question: what’s the meaning of “run on the spots “? :)

Profile photo of silmoran silmoran

so many comment :)

thx for the video

Profile photo of vivekpandit724 vivekpandit724

Not just by listening but listening is very helpful for learn English. You have to do reading, speaking, writing and listening. If you don’t do listening, you won’t understand what native speakers speaking. I do for a long time listening and I can say it is very helpful.

Profile photo of gzmkst gzmkst

Thanks for great video! I love your accent!
I like learning by flashcards everywere where I can. I think it’s very helpful. (:

Profile photo of Kruszczi Kruszczi

my strategy to learn English is repeating watching move many times untie understand full story of move and any vocabulary of move in funny way
Of course i should have reading , writing , speaking specially as well

Profile photo of ebadola ebadola

learn language by emotion

Profile photo of ebadola ebadola

Sorry. This lession is not for a beginer. I’d like to know she teached.

Profile photo of Sandra Marafioti Sandra Marafioti

Wow, it’s good to see you¡

I am impressive how straightforward you have explained something we do not have to make, when we try to learn not only English but other languages.
In my case, I enjoy a lot to read English books with audio and pronouncing at the same time that the speaker.

Profile photo of robertojose01 robertojose01

Thanks for your advice. I must practice as much as I can. :)

Profile photo of Piyaporn Kae Piyaporn Kae

Hi Jade,
I’re absolutely right.
I’m Brazilian but I’m living in Australia now.
I’ve spend a lot of time trying to lerning just by listening and I’m still unable to speak fluently.
After I saw your video, I felt a kind of relieve.
I love british accent and I think you’re a very good teacher.
Thank you so much for the lessons

Profile photo of pontes pontes

Hi Jade. Thanks for lesson. You have used word “frustration” several times. What does it mean?

Profile photo of kind kind

9/9 Jane, I like your British accent.

Profile photo of viacheslavkr viacheslavkr

Sorry, Jade!!!

Profile photo of viacheslavkr viacheslavkr

Hi there!
I’ve built a new method to improve my english with ENGVID videos. I’ve listened one video per day by three or five times. First I’ve listened without subtitle, then I’ve listened in 0.5 speed, and after I’ve listened with subtitle in normal speed. I’ve also did the quiz and comented the video.
And you, What the way do you use to improve your english with ENGVID?

Profile photo of carlosengforever carlosengforever

Thanks a Lot Jade

Profile photo of Kirtisinh Jadeja Kirtisinh Jadeja

Thanks, Jade, for this very interesting and informative class. I really appreciate the themes you explore in your videos.

Profile photo of Luiz Alberto Luiz Alberto

very helpful

Profile photo of mpvarma143 mpvarma143

Now I’m thinking in a different way of learning English. I was wrong. Thank you.

Profile photo of danielvitorao danielvitorao

Thakns for you coments! I will be practice speaking english in mi library and my school!

Profile photo of sergiocaon sergiocaon

thanks a lot

Profile photo of Tatiane Batista dos Santos Costa Tatiane Batista dos Santos Costa

Listening is one of the most important language learning skills. What you have just said about it Jade is quite crucial and essential for it to be developed by foreign learners. Thank you so much Jade. I will try to do my best to commit myself to your precious advice.

Profile photo of Jongoo Jongoo

Thanks my teacher for this lesson was very useful for me , i love engivd because i am getting over my english every day thanks a lot , see you soon

Profile photo of uvescos uvescos

I am very agreed with Jade. I was trying to learn like that… it is very frustrating. I can say that I don’t know much more English now (4 months living in Ireland) than when I was in my own country. I know that It is because I was trying to learn by listening.
I’ve tried other ways like “english partner” but people don’t want to spend time on Skype or something like that… :(
Now I have to study a lot by myself and I’m going to do what Jade says: Talk with myself :)

Profile photo of ShawnRs ShawnRs

6/9 hope when I will be more practice then I will get better , with my English, Thank you Jade!

Profile photo of Dorotka311 Dorotka311

i agree.after specific period it is totally lying to your self.

Profile photo of mohamad abdelwahab mohamad abdelwahab

thanks for your beautiful effort on your both 2 chanels

Profile photo of mohamad abdelwahab mohamad abdelwahab

I agree with Jade, but I guess pronunciations of diversity in English confuses foreign learners not to mention the slang.

Profile photo of Flanildo from Brazil Flanildo from Brazil

actuallay in the begining I knew only basic things and some words but I allways interestt in English anyway. after I had 2 room mates , one of them was a british guy other an american. after spending 2 years with them I was able to understand even on the line.even now if I can understand from videos thats because of listening. beleive me.. first rule you have to understand how to spell a word that you dont know.if you are able to spell so you can check it immediatly . BUt never consantrate on words when you are listening otherwise you will miss the other part of the sentence !!!

Profile photo of enextazy123 enextazy123

    very good advice, not concentrate in a word because lost the sense of the conversation. thanks a lot

    Profile photo of Marioporras Marioporras

actually I was learning english, in the wrong way, because I was listening only, and dont feel my english get better, I hope practice since now writting and found a partner for conversation.

Profile photo of Marioporras Marioporras

Thanks! That was my problem. I would have thought that listening every free time would help me improve my english but it’s not work at all. I’ll try to leave a comment on every lesson I watch even I know that there are many grammar errors in my Thanks you Jade. God bless you!

Profile photo of lephanquangha lephanquangha

How can Engvid members can practice chatting/talking together? Should we have that function on Engvid?
Like joining a group chat…

Profile photo of lephanquangha lephanquangha

100! thank you Jade!

Profile photo of Fatima.sultani Fatima.sultani


Profile photo of Meeii Meeii

he i want meet the new people for practice english add me en snapchat @elhaddaa

Profile photo of el hadda el hadda

well my mother language is arabic and it’s completely different from english. and actually watching subtitled movies was my first step to learn this language and it worked. and as you said we need to add a personal effort and it’s what i’m doing, i think i’m getting better. also thanks to engvid im developing my english skills

Profile photo of Reyane Reyane

Thank you Jade

Profile photo of Abdo khalil Abdo khalil

I really adore your British accent.

Profile photo of Chhundy Phe Chhundy Phe

your accent is so nice ! thanks

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Please talk to me in english

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Hi there..

Profile photo of jenpearl jenpearl

Thank you for your video, this is very important for learning.

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This lesson,you look very learned.Tha glasses are very nice.

Profile photo of Shiya Wei Shiya Wei

I’ve been studying english since I was a child, by reading, listening, speaking and writing . I agree with you Jade that by only listening is the most frustrating way to learn a language ; it could help you but it takes forever to improve just a little. take care ! bye

Profile photo of Lucasurf72 Lucasurf72

Thank you so much. Your lessn makes me courageous. I don’t know that this sentence is right.But I will make every effort. You gave great power to me.

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good advise to us to improve English.

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Thank you

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Great advice thanks a lot

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I found it very helpful
Thank you a lot.

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Good vid, I’m a noob in this language yet and this video helped me to change my focus about learning English.
Thank you.

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that was great lesson.
Thank you!

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Hi everyone *___* I’m a happy when I’m here . This is first comment i write here. i’m enjoy when i hear you. thank you and thanks for everyone.

Profile photo of meme2017 meme2017

I totally agree with Jade, however, for me, it’s very hard to converse with someone in English – I stress myself and forget even easy words :/ albeit the main reason it, that I am a bear by the nature ;)

Profile photo of Martasek Martasek

this is a very important idea,A few months ago, I just read it more and more,I never wrote anything, also didn’t speak anything.Actually,this is a wrong way to learn English,it is very important to practice more and more,try to write and try to speak.

Profile photo of Bob1975 Bob1975

hello… thanks Jade for this.

Profile photo of gigor gigor


    Profile photo of gigor gigor

I like that one, thanks for your enlightenment, i have been wasting time to study english while listening and watching, but it’s doesn’t make any alteration so far. Therefore i expect someone to be my partner :D

Profile photo of Pradana Pradana

Thanks for the vid.
In my opinion, if you are a beginner, just listening to english wont be the best way to learn. But if you have a low-mid leveler, listening to english as much as you can will get you a big boost. There is a lot of resources nowadays on internet to learn english so a good strategy would be listening to videos on youtube in english, reading news trying to learn new words and listen to engvid teachers :-)

Profile photo of ovleuv ovleuv

For me, It’s really difficult to understand the U.K. accent. When the north-americans speak, I understand about 80%, but this number decrease so much with britain people.

Profile photo of Jeck Jeck

Hello, Jade! Thank you for the tips. I agree with you. When we intend to learn a language only by hearing it, it is frustrating and we learn a lot of those mistakes all native speakers make, mainly in casual situations. In my opinion, one of the most effective ways to learn a foreign tongue is reading. When we read novels, magazines, newspapers or anything we like, we increase our vocabulary and we become more fluent. Besides, if you love reading like me, it is an amusing way to spend the time!

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

Hello Ma’am how are you. This is true because I have the same experience at certain stage listening causes boring if we don’t speak also I’m your student for 2 years thanks, you always have great topics. I’ve learnt many things from your lectures.

Profile photo of Zia7 Zia7

Thank you Jade , they always told us about listening method but it takes ages as same as you say

Profile photo of Mariamrose Mariamrose

Thank you very much Jade; your explanations are clear and you make the lessons very interesting, I have learnt English since Kinder but for the last 20 years I haven´t had English classes, and I find I can understand you quite well. I like very much your teaching method, because you enrich your lessons wuth your personal experience, that is worth a lot. I really thank you very much.

Profile photo of Juan Miguel UY Juan Miguel UY

Hi Jade
Extremely motivation lecture. Jade learn any language against your Native language is very frustrating. As English is frustrating for me. But i will put my all efforts to learn this. Practice much more and pay much time. Thank you for motivation and encourage self confidence. Jade can you guide me how i can improve or increase our sick vocabulary.

Profile photo of ahsanalimughal ahsanalimughal

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you :D

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Thank you. It was useful.

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Thank you so much. You are right.

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I agree with you , I spend many time on movie , radio and youtube still my english bad. -_-

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thank you jade

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    Thank you to my sister jade

    Profile photo of hakimpub hakimpub

thank you , it’s helpful , I always follow your videos and coments , it’ve been amazing for me learn . I’ll hope more your videos , god bless you .

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I have the same opinion, and I love yours tips ,thanks.

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Thank you Jade , it was very useful…

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Thank you so much , this video helps me a lot

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Thank you for this video. I like it. You are right about your point of view.

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Thanks for giving such a right direction for learning english.

Profile photo of Zoyafaraz Zoyafaraz

I completely agree with Jade and this become of cause why I’ve wrote this comment. It’s just my activity for English learning, do not worry ;)

Profile photo of veriga veriga

Hello, I´m the kind of person, who think, that when I´m just going to listen englisch, I can learn it. Now I´m going to be more activ here on Engvid. Thank you for motivation! :)

Profile photo of Patty00 Patty00

You speak out what I am thinking! You said so right! By the way, I am introvert too.

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Hello! Thank you for your tips! Your lessons are very useful! I hope getting any better!

Profile photo of cecilia.dario cecilia.dario

Hi everyone. I agree with Jade. Just listening improve your listening skills but dont learn language well. In order to get learning language, you must be in active. Thanks Jade. Your english lessons which gave on youtube channel are very helpful and your teaching way is awesome. Thanks again.

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thank you so much for your advice

Profile photo of khaled khaled

Thank you Jade

Profile photo of Mohsen Tatoo Mohsen Tatoo

Thank you jade!

Profile photo of Pedro Henrique Vasconcelos de Souza Pedro Henrique Vasconcelos de Souza

i agree With jade you Cannot laern any languege just listening. thank You jade Really I like Your videos ….

Profile photo of saeed gowjax saeed gowjax

thank you Jade for your advice, I am agree with you, kisses, at the next time

Profile photo of zagor63 zagor63

i agree with you so much jade , i also find this ouccurence in myself,i spend a lot of time to learn english, to remember the words , to listening all kinds of english video, to read news, but i find it’s useless or it’s not obvious to promote my english level, i feel a little confused about the way of learning english.

Profile photo of baofeng235 baofeng235

Hi, in reference your tips, “put effort in on your side”, is the key driver, if you have the decision, learning will came. as you comment, write it down, as draft in secondary or university, support my studying. the most difficult part is get a conversation. one I think (brain storming) would it be have a 1 hour video call by skipe or others with few engvid fans. (just writting this paragraph make me focus!) Excellent couching teacher!! keep in !

Profile photo of Sergio Sergio

Think you for your effort but your idea is opposite to another English teacher ajhoge the director of effortless English club who said that listening is the key for a person to become fluent in English based on the research did by Dr Steven krasen the expert of English-language learning so for me a student which method I can to choose it to reach to improve my English skills

Profile photo of Mohamedkenawy Mohamedkenawy

Thank you, I didn’t know to get all!

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Thank you for your message. I’ll do my best.

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Thank you.
(lesson 39/?)

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I Love all your videos , they are all very helpful. :)

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you’re right!

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Actually I have a little confused with some accents. like the accent of londoner, where I often hear the sound “L” as sounding “EW” for example, “ADELE” becomes “ADEWE” and “TH” sound becomes “V” for example, sounds “THREE” becomes “FREE”.

In another case. like Aussie accent, the pronunciation of “Day” like “Die”.

For us, where English is a second language, it’s very difficult to hear different accents.

So What’s your opinion miss Jade.??

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Thank you!

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Your accent sounds nice, I mean it

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thank you , it was a new method for me, several time I have been heard that, for learning English listening and watching is so importend but today once again I have to research as well

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thanks you it was good method i learn more thing now
thats agood method

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thanks teacher.

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that british accent kills me
i wish i can speak like that

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i wish, i could speak like you😒😐😐

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You speak English so fast and fluent………i’d like to speak English fluently ..from 1 year i listen english lecture and funny videos …i understand what the people are saying but i can’t speak english like you people

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My favourite teacher here alongside Gill and Valen.I enjoy your videos so so so so much that i feel like watching them in a loop.Yeah well got it,be in the loop!.Thats what Jade ma’am was talking about.

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I think listening is important step in some situations and in some state of learning. For example if student has only limited oportunity to meet native Englishman. Listening helps to quickly recognize words etc. But generally I agree any listening is only one part of learnig process.

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Thank you Jade… it’s really helpful..

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i think i have to be more active. thank you ^^

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Firstly, i love your accent Jane, it is british, right? But i feel more difficult in listening your words, may be because i often liatening to US accent. Second, i agree with your suggestion, being active. Because language is habbit. If we just listen to the native without practicing it we won’t be able to speak english fluently. Acctually i have a question, for anyone, is grammar important in learning english?


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Thank you jade. Your advices increase my confident.

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Good advices for my English learning! The secret is to be active in your study, and this is a really very good tip! Thank you Jade.

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I appreciate your method and your way to explain. Thoug I’m beginner,I’ll follow you tip and be active as much as possible. thank you Jade!

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Yo! I got full marks in the quiz. :D It really helps. Thank you,Jade..💙

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Nice lesson. The best, the teacher.

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Thank you, Miss Jade.

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Hi teacher, it was a great video. But I have doubts, I have been studing english in many differents ways and I feel that is not enough to have a good performance. I have gone to big class, private lessons, watching videos, etc, etc…Is there some method that you recommend me? Thank you

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I agree with you. how about reading a book with laud sound?

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    sonds good i think

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According to Brain Tracy;
one of the most effective way is, Everyday learning.
Jade was also talking about th esame method.
When you get used to do (whatever you want) it regularly, at the end you’ll be able to.
Thanks Jade.

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I totally agree with you, Jade. It is impossible to learn languages just by listening to people speaking. You need to take your small steps before that by learning basic words, grammar and pronunciation. And of cource be as active as you can. Being in a native speakers environment is of great help but it is not enough if you don’t take your part of learning.
Love your lessons! :-)

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totally agree with you

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I really like your video but, after answered the quiz i had a conclusion: I have to practice more listening because I miss 5 of the 9 quiz questions! But It’s ok!

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    you should rewind that audio and listen again on and on and on.. when you wholly understand what say, be sure and keep going on…

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helpful to me, even I just got 67…

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Hello Jade!!!!! You are really AWESOME!!!. I had red some comments from many students here and I believe that some of them misunderstood your idea. Listening of course is very important!!!!but people do not learn just by LISTENING ONLY. Being active is one of the most important part in learning a language. Also, writing a lot helps, too. The best way to get into any language is by practicing, practicing, practicing and practicing. This involve: Writing, Speaking and listening, all together. Greeting from Dominican Republic.

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u have a very good looking! wow

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9/9 Thanks, Jade! I like your lessons! Make more advanced lessons. If you please.

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thanks for your advice ,i liked your lessons , thanks alot

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First of all thanks a lot dear jade!but for me the best way to learn a languge is listening to easy real english and step by step I text book no colleg only real english!!!!

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nice video

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In my life, I try to learn english since always. But unhappinnes, It’s doesn’t very well, I’m sad with my loses and mistakes. I’m sorry.

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Thanks, Jade! I really enjoy watching your videos. Keep doing this way ))

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Helpfull to me. I have been listening many things to improve my English. But, It doesn’t improve my speaking, just my comprehension. I need to talk with other learners.

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    You need to talk of course, alongside with write down

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Jade I have a question for you, you’ve said that just by listening, I won’t learned the language, but if I’m understand more than 90% is it still doesn’t make sense?

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    When you have listened to something, then just write down the summarize of that

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i think the best way to learn English Through reading and writing

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    even though you wrote and read much, I think you should be improved by listening too

    Profile photo of at-LightSpeed "don't disturb me" at-LightSpeed "don't disturb me"

Thanks! You have encouraged me, very helpful video.

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Thanks Jade for your lesson.I think the best way to learning an idiom is mix reading, writing, and a great effort.

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I made my vocabulary from 3K to 6K by watch TV(with ENG subtitles), and great improve with listening. I think because things like TV shows, movies, and Jade is hard to leave behind.

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I definitely agree with you

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I would like to inform with my own experience that listening is a good way to learn English but you should already having some background of vocabulary and basic grammar. I agree with Ms Jade that it really difficult with just listening especially for the beginner. I would suggest to first of all learn some vocabulary and understand basic grammar then try listening will help you. Listening can improve your listening skills only.

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I really like course of teacher. Thank you a lot

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Thanks, teacher Jade. Very userful your advices. I promesse that I will try use them.

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i should put an effort in on my side,but i am not eager do all of this,bcs already a long time i try to learn english

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Jade thank you for advices.
I love to listening your video lessons.

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Do you mean, I should write an essay or something like this everytime to be developed by loops and bounds?

Profile photo of at-LightSpeed "don't disturb me" at-LightSpeed "don't disturb me"

by now, I didn’t read a book, just listened, watched and some wrote down. I want to read a book and for each page, I will be summarized and develop myself by loops and bounds!

Profile photo of at-LightSpeed "don't disturb me" at-LightSpeed "don't disturb me"

When I arrive the goal, I should write, speak by heart! (by heart: from memorise)

Profile photo of at-LightSpeed "don't disturb me" at-LightSpeed "don't disturb me"

Very useful lesson, thanks you very much

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Thank you very much.
Really good advice to be more active in learning English. It was discovery for me when I firstly got knowledge that we should divide learning on two parts : passive and active way.
It’s true that many of people try to get better just by getting information but not generating anything.

Profile photo of MityuninDmitry MityuninDmitry

thank you very much, i will keep it in my mind and i will be an active learner in away that i will take out more than take in then i will give you feedback

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She’s my favorite teacher. It’s a very sensible reason.

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Good lesson Jade,I remember that
I tried to learn English just listening it was wast of time,I think the better way to learn something is the more active way possible.

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Every teacher has his own taste your,s is very sweat

Profile photo of Zaki46 Zaki46

I won’t be able to understand if I didn’t spend my time by watching thousand of English movies.
I can completely perceive your opinion and recommendation.I will try to write it down more often. Thanks. P.S. listening isn’t bad idea for me…. =)

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I confess that at the beginning I did not understand anything you were talking about. it was very difficult !!!! I thought about running away from here but you left my mouth open with this video … apart I understood everything you said, you looked beautiful and i think that i fell in love with you, i kidding, i am just practice my writing, dont scary. let me congratulation you by this lesson.

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This video is useful.

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Thanks Jade. I am of that opinion either. But just the same I like watch ENGVID videos.

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I am learning so much from her .

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Very pracrise lesson.
Thank you.

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thank you, Jade you’re an awesome teacher, so I give you 5 star

Profile photo of Rajab1234 Rajab1234

67%🙁need more practice .Thank you very good lesson👍

Profile photo of Reynalda Reynalda

Hi jade,I am listening & watching movies tou much
but I still have a problem in arranging sentences
while speaking,
so how I can improve my English language?

Profile photo of Hemn geology Hemn geology

I agree with Jade. The only language you can learn by listening is the similar to your mother tongue.For Spanish speakers that is Portuguese an Italian as well cause they have same root and similar pronunciation. Hope be useful..

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I agree with Jade. I try lear English already long time.

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How did people learn language the about 100 000 of years when there where no writing and no theories of grammar? It’s obvious to me that you first have to listen before you can even articulate a word. Or see it if it is a sign language.

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in fact, I understand all conversation. I need to good make a sentence. Mine haven’t enough grammar. This is my idea.

Profile photo of sinan1975 sinan1975

I gree, you have to be more interactive and not just listening. Reading and writing will certainly help you to improve your skills.

Profile photo of Monnylu Monnylu

I’m now a LISTENER.Thank you for your advice.

Profile photo of gtyangyang gtyangyang

I always listen to the radio while I am driving in the morning, I think it is useful for me to improve my English, I am a Chinese, so I need to listen first, then speak out confidently.but when I watch the video with my native language subtitle, it seems like not as good as listening to the radio.

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Thanks a million for such a great lesson. I’ve learned a lot from your advice and some comments of learners.In my opinion,it’s the best way to learn English that practice listening、speaking、reading and writing almost everyday,instead of just one of these.And more important I think persistency and consistency are key to success.

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Yes, not just learning English by listening only.
that is only the way to improve listening.
still need to have the effort.
reading: need to learn to to read a word, sentences and context.
speech: need to practice how to speak
writing: need to practice how to write

all of them need to have enough vocabulary as the base.
need the grammar to construct correct sentence.
need to learn how to get the comprehension from resources by reading and listening then write down new ideas from it by ourselves.
thank the advice from Jade.

Do not learn English(new language) by listening only.

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I think that the best way to speak english is living abroad in an Anglo-Saxon country where you are obliged to talk to survive.

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Nice voice I learnt some thing

Profile photo of muhammadimtiaz muhammadimtiaz

Well said, Jade.
A couple of tips I would like to make in order to learn another language are:
1. To imitate: Try to imitate how native people speak.
2. To practice: Practice makes perfect

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I love your accent. About learn just watching and listening a language, I think that it is not very helpful, but you can improve your listening skills doing this.

Profile photo of wesleyjrz wesleyjrz

might you’re true . by the way to learn english
all the best

Profile photo of mohannadadli mohannadadli

got 5 correct out of 9. its okay
quiz matter
thanks all

Profile photo of mohannadadli mohannadadli

In my opinion listen is effective when you have understand and a good vocabulary, in this level you get more and more vocabulary and grammar automatically just listening. Thank you so much Jade for shared with us this precious information.

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