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Hi Jane
Thank you for your lesson.
As you said, if we learn the sounds we can not only speak clearly but also understand people easily. Learning the sounds is important for the improvement of speaking and accent. If we learn the sounds at the beginning of the learning English journey, don’t you think it could help in learning new words if you already know all the English sounds?
Based on that, why do you think English teachers, schools and books do not go deep teaching the sounds for basic/elementary English students and do it for advanced students which makes hard to relearn sounds that we have been saying for a long time incorrectly.

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Learning bit by bit or step by step this new and a little complicated topic of IPA, it isn’t easy if you don’t listen to the English sounds frequently but we can improve it. Thanks a lot teacher Jade.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Excellent and very useful lesson. I can get the order in to my pronunciation.

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OMG! I got 10 out of 10! Great teaching this lesson!
Thank you Jade!

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100 … wow thank you

Profile photo of soozi soozi

Thank you Jade.

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thanks a lot Jade

Profile photo of zabihi zabihi

thank you teacher Jade.

Profile photo of Glendalyn Glendalyn

9/9 Thank you, teacher!

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English as a second language to me is something difficult. At least I’m improving on how to understand the sounds. thanks Jade

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Really helpful. Thanks so much Jade¡

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Very difficult lesson, thanks so much! :D

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it’s a difficult lesson but it’s very useful

thank you very much

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Thank you Mrs. Jade.

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Thank you Jode

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Is accent your weakness? Get Jade's accent course!