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great lesson


Thanks teacher for your amazing lesson. I actually didn’t know before the short English words came from Anglo Saxon , but they are a bit easy to memorize and understand.


Thanks teacher for your amazing lesson . I myself didn’t notice which words I use frequently. maybe because I am not a native speaker of English (:




I learnt Latin because I studied in a Catholic French Liceum in Spain, but why Latin is also sudied in Oxford and Cambridge? Snobism? Tradition? (The fact is that English uses the latin alphabet.)
I didn’t know about Norway, Anglo and Saxon was tribes fron Germany, IX century?
BTW in most of countries aroun the world people take off yours shoes before walk in home, including England(UK), Russia, Spain, and so on. For good higienical reasons. In Sweeden the first thing women do is take off their special warm underwear, in the bathroom ussualy. General rules have always exceptions.


Hi Jade.
Great lesson and interesting lesson

Muad Abdiaziz

I love this lesson.


Thanks Jade! It is always a good idea to know the origins of a language you speak.


I loved this lesson and I love her accent and her diction (lovely, lovely, lovely!)


French is a Romance language (meaning that it is descended primarily from Vulgar Latin).
The majority of French words derive from Vulgar Latin or were constructed from Latin or Greek roots
English words related in this lesson have its roots not strictly in French, but in latin or greek


Thank you Jade..that was interesting

Asmaa Naciri

Thank you Jade..this was interesting

Asmaa Naciri

I had been reading and studying a book about the origins of the UK and Ireland, the British Isles, and I discovered a lot of interesting stories of this topic. The English language was influenced by Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans, it’s the Anglo-words’ mixture with these four languages. I have also remembered the French or Norman period in England, the 11th century with the story behind the Battle of Hastings, and the leaders who fought it out in 1066. I have also looked for this theme in the web:
Thanks a lot, teacher Jade, I have ran away of Engvid and I have gone up my knowledge of the UK history, very interesting readings.


    Excuse me, it would be “I have run away…”


Geoffrey Chaucer is the writer of the canterbury tales.
“Geoffrey Chaucer, known as the Father of English literature, is widely considered the greatest English poet of the Middle Ages.”


Thank you, Jade!!! I love your lessons!!


Hi Jade! thanks for this interesting lesson. There are an interesting BBC’s documentary: “The Normands” (5 chapters) on youtube about que conquest of England by the Normands.


Nice lesson Jade. You mixed both English language and culture in a very interesting way.


its Awesome! I love it. its increase my English ability thank you so much


Great job, Jade.

Júlio César L Sousa

“God, that sitteth heighe in magestee, save al this (english teachers) compaignye, grete and smale!”

Not easy but very interesting lesson.Thanks a lot Jade.

Riccardo S

Thank you Jade.

tarek ammari

Thanks Miss Ronnie Wonnie, the lessons always fun and great. I am learning more things now!!!

Jenifer Tran

I Am so sorry about that, just thunk that Miss Jade is Miss Ronnie. So sorry

Jenifer Tran

Hello I’m new here I don’t know anything Here . How I can study Here ? Thank you

Alqahtani ibrahim

    i think it’s better to do first level 1 ,and when you understand more ,continue by 2 and 3. But sometimes in funny to try some topics about culture , history ,expressions, or popular celebrations….. Good luck!


I love this language I’d like to be able to speak French fluently though it’s such a fancy language.


Great, thank you.


I’don’t know how i can give a test.on this website ‘i’don’t speak fernch plz someone help me sooner


It is useful lesson.I got much information.



This is the first time I am learning english in your meathead which is very interesting


sorry, I misspelled Your name Jade


Great lesson

Melissa Dyall

hi to my fav teacher ~ Ronnie ~


hi to ms jade <3


Hi Jade
Are you from England?
I don’t understand your lesson; but I listen and listen your lesson until understand


Great lesson and useful quiz.

Fabio Skywalker

i want heip me


Thanks teacher for your usefull lesson. I actually didn’t know before the short English words came from Anglo Saxon , but they are a bit easy to memorize and understand.


Thanks teacher for your amazing lesson. I actually didn’t know before the short English words came from Anglo Saxon , but they are a bit easy to memorize and understand.


Thank you Jade.


god i love you reading middle english poems! bring more!

Eugen Kolbasov

Thanks Jade, you’re a great teacher.


great! It’s ever important know the differents ways to say something. I speak portuguese, so my english sometimes, sounds like a very formal outdated English, and with some expressions and accents that don’t exist in the british english. thank for all!


great lesson thanks a lot


Thank you, Jade. In fact, I prefer Anglo-Saxon words. They sound more manly to me.

Ayman Esmail

Excellent class!


though but interesting lesson


Thanks Jade.

Isaias Menezes Silva

very useful lesson: a bit of history and a “barrel” of concepts


Sometimes I find easier to understand your accent to the american’s.
Besides, I love the way it sounds
Thanks for the class


Hi jade.
Your lesson was very interesting especially for a french like me.


Another great lesson.Thank you,Jade.


Thank you,Jade.



Riza karatepe

I ate lamb for the first time when I was in Torrevieja, Spain. It tasted so good. But I never eat venison all my life.


As for learning languages, it’s true that when you know English, esp. Academic English, it’s much easier to study French


BTW, it looks like French grammar has influenced lots of languages too.


Always Learning Something brand new .Thanks


Thanks Jade very interesting!


Pardon my French :-)

It is remarkable how irony techniques work in the everyday language.

In Poland we say “pardon my Latin” just before one uses a “bad language” in a conversation. A source of the Polish phrase is similar to the English one: Latin was a language of the elite, in common use in politics, diplomacy, literature and even letters in old-Polish culture. Nowadays in the spoken language ‘Latin’ in Poland and ‘French’ in England (or Clatchian in Ankh-Morpork /can’t imagine why…/) stands for a ‘bad language’. O tempora! O mores!

Thanks very much for the lesson.

Sorry for any mistakes in the comment.


It seems to me that nowadays language blending is more the results of trade, travels and immigration, than warfare. Otherwise how to explain the spread of the word “pizza”.
Thank you for the lesson Jade.

Paolo S

that was amazing lesson dear Jade


Thank you, Jade! I enjoy your advanced lessons.


thank you teacher

naif hashim alharbi

I got full mark! ? :D
Thanks a lot,Ms.Jade
Happy New Year!
Greetings from Kazakhstan 26 Dec2o21

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