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am i the first one who puts a comment???

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    Yeah, you are! Well done!

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    How can I see the video lesson in engvid from Iran? Can you answer me?
    Thank you

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    You are the best. Teach me master.
    I’m just joking.
    Writing this comment.I just wanted to practice my English ;)
    Don’t give up! Keep moving forward!

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Thank you Ronnie! Your lesson is great!

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Oh yeah,it’s real motivation video. Thanks a lot)))

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Woo hoo Ronnie :) I got 100. Ronnie I caught one mistake in question, there was one additional “you ” written by mistake. Thank you so much for the useful tips. <3 you.

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Aurina is my study buddy rn.

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thanks you a lot

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Thank you Ronnie ! I am trying to stay motivated and stubborn.

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hello everyone, I’m here for the first time, could you please guide me how can i do a test.?

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    Look for the bottom “? Quiz” near the video.

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Thank you Ronnie 😃 I appriciate your efforts and humor!!! 🎃😈

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Thank you

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Negative Nancy is my study buddy.)

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I don’t plan to give up on studying English, Even though sometimes people want to put you down.I ‘m going to HANG IN THERE!! Thank you for the tips Ronnie! love ya!

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Love you, Ronnie. Thank you very much for this lesson and for all the others. I’ll keep the video in my every day list. (I think there is one additional “is” in q. 7.) I set a goal to exercise 2 or even 3 EngVid videos per day, but for the moment I keep only 1 a day. Thank you.

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Thank you…!!!

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Thank you Ronnie !

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Nice video

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THX Lady Ronnie!

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I got 7 corrects out of 10😁 i’m promise to improve it.

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Hi I’m Mahmoud from Sudan living in Emirates thanks for ur help us in english courses

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The best!!

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Thank you Ronnie

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Thank for give us an slade of your live

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Thaaaanks Ronnie!!! You rock it!

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I wish you were my friend in real life.

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Thank you roony so much

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It was very useful video! Thank you, Ronnie!

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Never give up!Keep on learning!The most important thing Ronnie tell us is that surrounding ourself in positively and stay away from negative person.
Thank you Ronnie!I love your lesson.

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thank you very much

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Thank you Ronnie!!

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Fantastic, Ronnie.
Thank you.

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We love you Ronnie!!!! 👌

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I want to be better, how?😢😢😢

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    practice make perfect

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    Don’t give up ☝️😊

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I am always asked how many English vocabulary do ordinary Americans have? Please tell me how many?

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    That’s a very good question! This blog post summarizes some recent estimates that range from 20,000 to 40,000 words. It also mentions the difference between “active” vs. “passive” vocabulary. Words you know and use are “active vocabulary”. Words you know, but don’t really see or use, are “passive vocabulary”. Your “active vocabulary” will be smaller than your “passive vocabulary”.

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Thanks to you. I’m always learning new things when I’m in engvid

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thanks. my rank is 90

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Hello pepps

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thank u for this motivation

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It was so useful your tips, i got 9 score from 10!

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great, to practice English and to be motivated too. Thanks

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Robbie, your are crazy and funky. I ‘m glad to learn with you.

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thank you Ronnie!! Your videos are excellent!!!

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Thanks Ronnie, I did it 10/10.

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thank you so much for such a wonderful motivation. i always thought i can’t learn English but i have been so encouraged by your presentation. God bless you so much.

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I find English Linguistics very difficult to learn. I almost give it up on finishing it; but after watching this, I am going to kick some butt I assure you.

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I love you RONNIE, the best teacher….good lesson.

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Great video to start a promising year! ;)

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I like a lot your tips from this course.
Have a great 2019 Ronnie!

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Thank you!
You are amazing!

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Thank you

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Thaaanks for this!

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Thank you! It’s a really inspiring video. I like it.

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10 out of 10. That’s positive attitude!

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Thank you Ronnie for your advices
With love

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I just love it!!! Thank you Ronnie

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merci pour cette lecon de motivation car c’est la base du defi

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merci pour cette lecon de motivation

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I will never ever give up learning.great lesson.Thanks,Ronnie

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thank you your are very helpful

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It was A nice, funny, motivating video,
thanks Ronnie,
I took the Quiz and I got 10 correct out of 10 :)

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Another amazing class!
Today, I was thinking about the last class that I watched with you in order to be fluent in English and understand native English people and all the time, today, I was repeating the same phrase “Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me” dontcha!! dontcha!! hahaha however, this lesson let me a lot of teachings…don´t give up but the most important thing:
-Write down your goals.
-Have fun.
-surround myself with good and positive people and things.

Thank you so much!

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    leaves me*
    “Slip tongue” hahhaha

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I love you Ronnie. Your so natural and funny. For me your the No. 1 Teacher …Thanks..

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Bonne soirée from Tunisia Ronnie !

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Love you Ronnie! :)

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    You are the first Polish person who I have ever seen on engvid. I’m also from Poland:)
    What Is your best teacher here? I’m guessing? Ronnie?
    My favourites are Ronnie and James.

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100% i hope engvid to do more than oen quiz for a video and i like thsi teacher … man i can now go and live in mars

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Hello everyone,
i got 10 out of 10 – 100% in a quiz. It’s time to celebrate it :D I need to reward myself :P
Let me think… My tongue recently was hanging out for a pudding.
Yes.. :D I’m going to make chocolate pudding.
I love chocolate <3 Who loves too?

Thanks Ronnie for next great lesson.
See you later in the next lesson.

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thank u Ronnie, I have studied all the irregular verbs in one day

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I got 10/10. Thank you Ronnie!

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Ronnie, for me you’re the best teacher here! I love u so much!

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thanks you a lot Ronnie !

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i got 90 point. i can do it
never give up

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Thank you, Ronnie! you are the best ;)

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Thanks for the lesson. You’re such a positive person, Ronnie!!!

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