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This is becoming usefull for me emma than you and i am going to ask you request, if you wanna that could you teach us how to write prefect essay.

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I mean how to write introduction and body and conclusion.

Profile photo of Husni13 Husni13

That’s a powerful lesson!

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Emma,This lesson is useful.

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Thank you so much….!!!

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Thank you, Emma!

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Thanks so much for the very useful lesson Teacher Emma. I will be better on learning new English words from now on.

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Thank you so much!
Amazing, 10/10

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this lesson I’ve got 8\10 thanks to my best teacher Emma I’m very happy understood for your lesson i love more than your lesson keep going Mrs. Emma thank you so much.

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Despite of her opposing, he still made out her at the party.
I binge-watch your videos, Emma. They make me enjoyable and motivated.

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Great! This lesson is very important for me and all students.
Thank you so much, Emma!

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10/10. Thank you so much. A very interresting lesson.

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Good afternoon, I love your lessons and method but I would like to improve my speak skills through live conversation, can you help me.
Thank you in advance

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100 :). Thanks Emma. Awesome lesson. <3

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9/10, thank EMMA, your lesson is very useful and although it’s quite long but I feel easily to understand

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I have got 9 correct out of 10 Thank you Emma I like the way you explain you’re the best in the world

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thank you EMMA
your lesson is very good

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Really a very useful lesson! Thank you Emma!

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Thank you so much

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thanks for your very intelligent moderation

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you are awsome

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    It is “awesome”. Greetings!

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Emma, Your lessons inspire:
Practice, Practice & Practice :).
Thank You.

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Thank very much Emma! Very interesting lesson.

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Thank you, Emma, very useful course.

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Thanks a lot! I got 10/10.

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love your positive attitude towards teaching….

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i need learn more and more i have difficult understand ):

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Thanks Enma. I´m love this lesson

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I got 10/10. I really enjoyed the lesson. Kind regards

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Thanks Emma, I learned new things today

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Hello my friends

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practice is important, thank you to share all yours skills

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This is the first time I realize how knowing different aspects of a word helps learn and remember the word faster and better.
Thank you Emma

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thank you very much

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thank you

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Superb!!thanks teacher..

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Thanks for sharing this important information in a nice way. Actually, this lesson more than fantastic all the best dear Emma

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Thanks, Emma! It cheers me up to go all out.

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thanks Emma

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First time watch web inlesson

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Thanks Emma. i just love it…

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Thanks just Iove it

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Very Nice

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Thank you Emma for this wonderful video. teaching students like me about how to learn new words that we’ve saw in movies or in books etc.

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im prasanna from sri lanka. im getting ready for ielts.i just using youtube .speacilly your vedios.thanks teacher

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Omg . Ilike this lesson

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bir tane bile türk yok mu arkadaş ya ulan hadi biraz gayret edin thanks emma

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I got 100% on the quiz. I was sort of surpised when I got the grade at the end.

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Hi Emma. I really really love your classes! I’m growing up with it, getting better my English Skills . best regards from Brazil :)

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Thank you, Teacher Emma! This lesson is very useful. I got a perfect score on the test!

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Thanks, Emma, very helpful video

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thank u

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It was a brilliant class! Thanks a lot!!

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A very useful class. I’ll try to put it on practise.

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It is a helpful lesson.
Thank you Teacher.

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thank you teacher.

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Much appreciated for your time in sharing the values of how to remember new words.

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That’s nice! I loved your class!!!

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Thank you, Emma. I need to learn a lot of words and your tips are easy and useful♡

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I got 9/10

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Very productive lesson

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thank you Emma

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I really like you website with interesting English lessons peace out.

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Thank you very much Emma.

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thanks Emma :)

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Emma,thanks a lot,your sound is well loud and clear.

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I love your lessons, I really understand you. Thank you very much.

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I love it

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Thank you for lesson, i’m liking it very much of course. Big hug for you!


Thank you, Emma. It is a useful lesson to improve our skills. I am going to practice my English skills more and more.

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Thank u so much

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Thank you Engvid,and of course Emma,i advice your site to each of my close friends. Because not everybody deserve, such useful resources of learning))

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thank you Emma 10 out of 10

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Thank you Emma I love it

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An excellent lesson! I got 10 correct answers!

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An excellent lesson! I got 10 correct answers!

Profile photo of sandrochessgame sandrochessgame

Thank you, Emma

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I’ll learn from you everyday!

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Thank you teacher Emma☺️

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thank you so much! very interesting lesson!

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Thanks Emma

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Thanks Emma, Really I get something special to make me sound in English gradually. In this test I didn’t give full attention in question 5. the word NOT That’s why I failed to choose the right answer. Thanks.

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emma you are superb. I am really pleased for yuor lessons.

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Very useful.

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Very useful lecture and quiz

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I enjoyed watching this video. Her pronunciation and her explanation are easy to understand.

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Excellent teacher’s explanation and show how to work in a better way to get better and maximise from our learning process.

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Excellent lesson. i got 9 of 10, but what is the part the Emma talks about make out?

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Excellent topic,i got 8 of 10.Thanks

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Excellent presentation. Very usefull and helpfull.

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Thank you very much for your lessons Emma, your very kind

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What a useful lesson,thanks Emma

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I’ll take a 80% This test demands my attention

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I really like your classes, Emma!

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Thank you Emma for this lesson

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Emma is a brilliant teacher !!!

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You are amazing, God bless you !

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Emma, Please how can i understand films automatically ?? Please answer me !!! Help me !

Profile photo of marcelguedes marcelguedes

Hi Emma.. any of you guys give some skype lessons?
Are there other ways to have a conversation in english to practice speaking skills?

Thanks a lot

Profile photo of reprodrigues reprodrigues

Thank u som much Emma

Profile photo of Nazia shaheen Nazia shaheen

This is so much work. But it’s very useful to memorize a new word. Thanks.

Profile photo of hochihuang hochihuang

I’m very thankful of this method that you are using.
This site is very very good for me.

Profile photo of Nazir Ahmadi Nazir Ahmadi

thank you, this was so helpful. l got 10/10

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very importan. thanks

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I got 10 correct out of 10. Thanks, Emma.

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10/10! Great! These tips are useful. I will use it day in and day out!

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8/10. Ok, I’m good. Thank you Emma, excellent!

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10/10: I’ve been binge-watching your videos Emma. Thank you :)

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I lernt a lot,thanks Emma!

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Remember words and phrases is very difficult for me, when I see or listen I can understand but when I will say or write these words disappear of my mind, thank you so much for this precious information, Emma.

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Thanks Emma I got 10 of 10
It was interesting and usefull

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Thanks a lot Emma.

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