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Thank you gill, I’m the first to leave comment here.

Ratanakiri Cambodia

I got 10. Thank you ,my doll for delivered such an interesting lesson !😊


Good morning gill. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. Now I am able to improve my vocabulary. Thank you once again😀

palakshi nautiyal

    And also I got 10/10/ thanks once again

    palakshi nautiyal

Thank you Gill. I am sure you’re an excellent volunteer as you talk so well about this subject.


This is my first test with engvid, I like your learning’s method. I also really appreciated this subject that you’ve imparted extremely well, Thank you Gill


Good day, Gill. Thank you so much for your and your collegues gob.
Once I visited that kind of shop and was suprised very much with prices. I didn`t speak english well those days. If I had known that it was for charity, I would certainly have bought something. So, it is one more evidence for studing english. We don`t have charity shops in Russia, only second hand shops. But people in need can obtain help at churches. We distribute


9 out of 10 guess it’s not bad as it was the last answer was wrong
Thanks dear teacher 😘


Thanks, Gill. You are great!


Thank you very much Gill!!
We all appreciate your advice ;)


    thank you MARK KNOPFLER. (Knopfler86).


      My pleasure ;)


Hello Gill, your lessons are very clear and helpful. Thank you very much!


Thanks Gill, this lesson great…

marcos alexandre

Thank you very much Jill, you are a wonderful teacher. In the last question on the quiz, Is “Italian cooking” a autobiography ?


    Hi Arthxs — Italian cooking would go in the Cookery section … unless it’s an autobiography by someone who has spent their entire life doing Italian cooking and nothing else! ;-)


Thank you very much!


Great lesson. Thank you!


Hi Gill,
Thank you very much,so Great Lesson.

Muad Abdiaziz

I liked very much this class!

Marcia Dantas

It was a very good lesson, I have learned a lot , thank you very much.


thany you!althought.the quiz shows that i just understood 70 percent in the end. this is my first time to leave a comment on learning-english vidioes,.thank you so much for your help.it is real helps me to know about the charity shop.


Nice lesson, Gill. Thank you so much!

Júlio César L Sousa

Gill isn’t just teaching us a lesson, but how to be more human and not be so selfish.
It’s a self development on both sides.

Josmar Rohrbacher

    I agree with you completely. Bye.

    Riccardo S

thank u Gill


Excuse me, I’m newbie. How can I do the quiz? I’ve tried to tap the quiz button, but nothing happened how many I tried.

Dhiayuddin Dzulfikar

Marvelous lesson Gill, have knowlodge about all those charities shop where you can be volunteer our help people bying things.

Fabio Forne

Interesting lesson! Thank you!


you’re great teacher, thanks for useful lesson


Good experiebne


Thank you, Gill! It was a great lesson!


Dear teacher Gill,Your lessons are very helpful for your students thanks you very much.You are a great teacher . God bless your heart.




hello Gill
thank you for amazing teaching,realy when i was watching your presentation,i was feeling completely comfortable as if i was eating sweet.
see you later!


Thank You Gill. It’s good to know that in a charity shop I could improve my english language skills before I will start to job in another country. Thanks for this advice.


Hello Gill , Hello everybody,
Thank you Gill for this lesson . More than a lesson it is an invitation to volunteer . It is good to remind us that we can spend time sometimes not for nothing but to get something better than money . No problem If we haven’t time enough to volunteer as we can also go as much as we can to the numerous charity shops that exist either to give things that are no longer of use or buy things and in this way help charity shops to raise money for those in need . Some charity shops employ people that have got rough lives , helping them is give support to these victims of life .
So sorry that thrift stores still exist cause that means that we don’t all make a good living but while waiting for a better solution ” go and enjoy charity shops , donators , volunteers , customers you’ll never regret it .
See you bye


    Hello, i agree with you about the importance of charity shops and the donation they give, personally, i love this kind of activities, and i wish one day i could be a volunteer in any charity shop. donation make us happy.


thank you i got 8/10


Thank you Gill


thank you Gill ,nice class.


its a lesson for life , thank u Gill for putting this idea in my head .


“So” at the end of the sentence

Joseph Anthony

Thank you.


thank you so much for making this website. it’s so useful for me


Hi Gill!

Great lesson again, thank you. I consider very noble of yours to choose this important social subject while you teach English.

I really would like to buy things in a charity store if I knew one near to my house. Mainly books (I love reading!). By the way, I am reading at the moment a biography called “Life of Harriet Beecher Stowe”, who is my favourite writer, and I am enjoying it a lot.

See you in your next lesson!

Eduardo França

Hi Gill! Thank you a lot for teaching us this lesson and congratulations for your job on Engvid!

Douglas Belinato

thx & do help a lot


Thank you


Thanks Gill, for this lesson and this tip!

Through the Internet, I think we can help some volunteer works and learn English as well, like when developing free software or helping to expand the Wikipedia, for instance, but I have to try a little more to validate this theory. I see this as an option, if someone doesn’t have a charity shop with English speaking persons near.

Fabio Cicerre

Thanks Gill

Metin egrioglu

thank you Gill. I got 10/10 :)


It was a very helpful lesson Mrs.Gill, thank you so much!!


It was a very helpful lesson Mrs.Gill, I’m willing for working as a volunteer, since I love helping others. Thank you so much!!


Great lesson !!! Thank you Gill


Thanks Gill, I got 8/10, This test is first time for me. Your pronunciation is very nice and clear.


Thanks Gill !


thanks for new learning experiences life with charity shop out there, It’s nice lesson from you again,dear Gill.

polly poohly


Rodrigo Ribeiro

Thank you Gill for letting me know about a charity shop.


9/10 Thanks!


Yeahhhhh I got 10/10

ruby sodhi




yeah ! i got 9/10 ;)


Thank you, Gill! You are a great teacher!


Thank you for great lesson. I feel I had studied more about the kind of charity work and how to talk about it?

minhhuy Do

Thanx!! I am delighted to learn more.


I couldnot watch the video. 5/10 . sorry ! thank you dear teacher.


I got 10 out of 10 thank you very much.


Thank you teacher ,your lessons are very interesting but i hope to see pictures for that things you have discussed ,,


I’m very excited because i got I got 10 out of 10, very nice!


thanks for your lecture. it’s really amazing,graceful and useful for me.


Great lesson !!! Thank you Gill


Gill ma’am
You are a big help on learning & understanding the concepts more clearly and distinctly.
Heartly Thanks


Hi, Gill is amazing to notice on you how you handle your on experience to share with people looking to learn English in the way you do.
great and keep on please , ……

Ricardo Pizarro

thank you


Thanks a lot.


Thank you for this lesson, Gill.
Also,I’d like to pay your attention to the mistake in the description of this video.It’s in the last sentence where there should be the pronoun ‘I’ instead of the article ‘a’ before the word ‘teach’.


Thank you so much. :)


You got 9 correct out of 10.is it good?


Thanks Gill. Good lesson.




Usefull lesson!!


so Great! Thank you Gill


Thank you very much for your usfull lessons.


I absolutely agree with Gill. It is a good possibility to do volunteering and practise English. It is really a good idea.


thanks Gill


Thank you gill you are great.

Ahmed Elnour123

I got 8 , not bad 😄

Leshaf yacine

Thank you Gill, you’re the best!


Thank you, Gill.

Jesan Chuang

“Sometimes a charity shop will put a notice in the window asking for volunteers. If there is no notice in the window, you can: – cry.” :) Ha-ha! I like Jill’s lessons not only for their high quality but also for the subtle humour which Jill put in her lessons.
Thank you for your excellent lessons, Jill. All the best!

Ferat Bey

I really enjoyed this lesson, thanks Gill.

Valdir Pivatto

it was wonderful lesson and helpful, i got 8 out of 10, so not bad, mrs GILL great teacher and really enjoyed this Quiz, thank you so much,

mohamed ibrahim fanah

Thanks too much


The first pf all, thanks for this lesson which we help to have more vocabulary words, and a big thanks for this subject “charity shop”, it’s very important to have a charity shop in all countries and cities to help homeless people and poor people in their hard life, as a Muslim, i have to be volunteer to do this activities of charity, because God and prophet Mohamed we demanded to do that all time we can.


Thanks Gill. You are the best! :)



Alejandro Bugarin

I got 9/10. Thank you Gill to taking the time to teach us! :)

Mati Vald

Hello Gill. How are you? I had gone to New Zealand for 24 weeks, and study English in Auckland. I tried voluntary work at St johns charity shop. But I went there once on 22/03/2020. Whole New Zealand turned on lockdown (Level 4). Because coronavirus. I’m pleasant. I was following a right way, to learn
English. Thank very much for tips.

Julia Hissatomi

    Hello Gill. I tried it. I had gone to New Zealand, and studied English for 24 weeks. I did voluntary work, and one only day. Because New Zealand was turned on lockdown (level 4) by coronavirus. I was a right way to improve English. Thank you.

    Julia Hissatomi
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