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I like Emma lectures very much.

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    I too

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      I do too; her teaching style is unique. Learning vocabulary in context is much more meaningful than learning word lists.

      Thanks for this superb lesson Emma. Regards

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      You should say “So do i” but not i too

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      you can say “me too”or “so do I” :}

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        could I ask you question?

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      better say ‘me too’

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Time to hit the books, everyone!

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    Thank you my teacher Alex I will try to learn more and I hit the books with engvid.com

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      That’s the right attitude! Good luck!

      Profile photo of Alex Alex

    Of course we will!!So, people, it´s time not to cut Engvid classes ;)

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      That’s the right attitude!

      Profile photo of Alex Alex

        Hi Alex, it’s Giuseppe from Italy again.
        You’re more often present in the collegues’ comments. I would remind you the request for a lesson about AS WELL and one about the real differences between SOMETHING and ANYTHING, not only in negative-interrogative/positive. Thank you again

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    Yes, Of-course.. Mr.Alex sir..

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it’s a little hard for me to remember all of them but i will try my best, thanks emma. sometime i fall behind in Engvid but i think i can not waste my time any more so i decide to come back engvid and get caught up any lessons i miss before.^_^

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    I also think engvid is a good website to learning english.

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      I think so, although I am not good at english very well but I found this site very good.(> _ <)

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        I am so happy to received your reply.

        i just wanna to attend IELST exam,SO,i need to improve my english skills.

        Especially English Speaking and Writing.

        AND my Email is huang0504@qq.com

        if some also wanna to improve english ,welcome to send a letter to me.

        i will be very happy to receive letters from all around of world.

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      hi, I come from Hai Duong. Can you make friend to you?

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        Hi Im Rika :)

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        hi CaoThuong, very happy to see a vietnamese on this wed, hope you success to help our country.

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    cann’t agree more

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    yu are right ^^

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Thank you Emma, your lesson is very important for me. I quite understand all these words and I sometime use these words for working in university. I watched some teacher hand out assignment to their students.

I am exited when I got 10 correct out of 10 ater took the quiz

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When I was a junior college student, I had hit the books.
I seldom pull an all-nighter though. I didn’t want to drop any courses. Maybe I seldom cut any classes except job hunting. Anyway I wanted to graduate from the junior college in 2 years ^^;

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very good lesson Thank you

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Wonderful lesson. Thank you. Very very useful.

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time to hit a pillow

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I’m not very sure yet I think this sort of lesson already taken by yourself or somebody else but here I can see some new vocabulary .. .
I loved this lesson anyway.. .

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I like this lesson)
Thank you!

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When I singed up the university I’ve gotten the advise. During the first year you have to hit the books as much as you can, pull an all-nighter and after first year in the following semesters you will get a good marks even if you falling behind the class because you earned the good reputations between the lectures.I bet It works in my country especially at school and college. Have you ever met such tendency during you study? And what sort of injustice at the education system you can find in you country?
Let me know about mistakes I’ve done!! Thks!

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    that is too many things to talk about education system,feiend,if you like,you can contact with me on skype,or facebook

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Thank you very much Emma! I love the way you teach difficult topics to learn like this. You make it much easier ;)

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thank you so much

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thanks Emma very much. This is helpful lesson!

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Thanks for everything

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Dear Professor Emma,
A very well chosen and performed lesson. It is a previlage to be your student.
If I am asked, I would say that Professor Alex is sharing my opinion.

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First,I need to thank you all about your helpful lessons.I have a small question:Do you like to hit the books?

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big thanks my best teacher ever

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thanks Emma. it’s very helpful for me

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Thank you Emma for your all lessons.May ı want a special lesson for me that is about passive voice withouth any halping verbs. how can we use any passive voice withouth halping verb(am is are was were has..).for example:when it announced the mall….

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Thank you very much Emma. I got 10/10 :)

I admire Engvid classes which I have enrolled since its beginning. Thank you all.

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thank you Emma, I love your lessons

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I came to Turkey for this term.And I enroll in Engineering 343.Thank you Emma.

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every class is helpful, I learn a lot

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Found a good for learning English language.

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Thank you very much for your a great lesson.so I got 8 out of 10 That’s easy and I learn a lot of lesson

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Great lesson as always, Emma. Thanks.

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Emma, thank you very much! You teach so excellently!
Giving a story from your real life has really helped to learn the words.

I have a question: Does the word “ditch” has a same meaning of “cut” / “skip” ?

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Great lesson Emma, thanks.

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Well this is my first time lesson and I learned so much! Thanks Emma!
I would like to know if these vocabulary are used currently in a daily english conversation, in the US for example.

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I’ll practice this class in the college

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Thank u ema

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Thanks a lot Emma; I have been in many troubles at my uni, after that I hit the books. I had to pull an all night-er and my friends helped me to catch up. at the end I passed all exams, so I graduated my uni on time.

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Thanks Emma for this useful and entertaining lesson!!!

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This course is very useful to improve my english

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its very good, thx u.

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thank u maam

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Thank you, Emma I like this lesson and it reminded to hit the book.

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I´m searching someone who wants to practice english with me. If anyone want it please write your Skype name here so we can talk. Thank you!!! ;)

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    Hi Danieell, I’m looking for someone to practice English, too. If you wanna make friend and speak English with me, Here’s my Skype: rubysuchu
    Warm greetings ^^

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    Hi Damieell, my Skype id is:-Sac.chivalrous..Thanks

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    and if you want to write the englisy

    you contact me

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Thanks Emma for a well organized teaching, it makes me get easier for remembering. ????

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Thanks you for teaching , it makes me get excited .

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Thanks Emma for this lesson!

I will hit the EngVid web pages to learn more deeply and quickly this language.

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My skype is jovano.mata

I will see you soon.

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Thanks Emma for this lesson. I really love this site it helps me to improve my english… <3

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I want to improve English language ,so I like to follow this lesson very much

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You are the best Emma :)

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awesome lecture thnku madam:)

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It is a great lesson,thank you so much the TEACHERS of Engvid.I was so busy that is because I cut class ( I didn’t follow the videos constantly ),but now I am keen on getting caught up :)

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Hi, Whom ever want to improve spoken English. We can communicate on What’s app: +91 9700 238 727 or on Skype : anand.andy10

We rock

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thank you emma :)))

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I like your lectures, you have a clear tone,lovely voice and smooth way of explaining

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so very good

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hi valen u are a good and nice

Profile photo of bwreed bwreed

Hello, I’m a Brasilian man and I improving my english with your classes. thank you for beautiful job and help me on this knowledge

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thank you so much, It is very useful

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Pretty good Vid.. Thank u guys

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What’s the difference between but & although?

Profile photo of Mahmoud Ramadan Mahmoud Ramadan

I am so happy to have such great teachers

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thanks Emma

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i’m so glad to take the first lesson with you emma your english accent is more better than i expect and nearest to american accent so i will try to continue and i will subscribe with all the lessons that i will pass on it .thanks alot

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After I test , I must hit a book now…

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I’m very surprised with the improvement of my English understanding skill. Thanks a lot!

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Thanks Emma you are amazing and you have a very clear voice that makes me understand all what you said and i get 10\10 in the quiz :D

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It’s very nice to make friend with u,

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you are so great teacher Emma!

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Hi there,

I’m looking for someone with mutual interests (medicine, science , also IT and design) to improve my english. Please feel free to contact me guys, my fb is :https://www.facebook.com/#/arman399396

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Hi Emma,

Thank you for your interesting lesson. And yes, during exams, I usually pull an all-nighter to repeat what I have learned in the course of a term because the periods between exams are too short. It is a day or two days. You know, you just cannot finish repeating all the materials during such a short time.

Kind Regards,

Profile photo of Roya Seferova Roya Seferova

    Hi Roya!
    Im rika from Indonesia:)

    Profile photo of Rika Agustin Rika Agustin

#Thanks #Emma
you are amazing
Great lesson

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Hi Emma,
Thank you very much. Thank you for your interesting lessons
I folow you on youtube

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These lesson definetely usefull and i really love it. This my email: saputraikhram@gmail.com lets learn together

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thank you Emma , nice lesson.

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thanks emma, i finished my quiz first time got full scores.

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You are Amazing Emma. You are my best Online teacher. I like your lecture most. You are the best teacher I have ever found online. Love you, Emma.

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thanks emma, nice lesson

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hello, good evening to all teacher just teach me how to remember vocabulary forever. because i learn words but after some time i forget.

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Hi, Emma. Thanks for the awesome lesson.

When I got myself enrolled this semester, I had no idea I was going to be hitting the books more than ever before. What happened, you ask? My professors handed out assignment like they thought the students were taking only a couple of courses, which naturally made me feel like cutting class! Thankfully, I didn’t do that nor drop any course. However, because there were so many assignments I had to hand in, I got tempted to plagiarize to make it a little easier. But you know what, I’m proud to say that didn’t happen either. I just bit the bullet and hit the books like my life depended on it. I haven’t got the results back yet, but I feel a sense of achievement in the fact that I did not give in to an easy way out.

Profile photo of Spideyrocks Spideyrocks

A college student says:

1. Pulling an all nighter never works. Even if it does, it’s never a good way to learn stuff.

2. Aim not to fall behind in class. You won’t have to worry about asking someone a favor to help you get caught up. Besides, you’ll find yourself previewing and reviewing all the time.

3. When you feel like a course is really not right for you and you should withdraw from it, give it the benefit of the doubt and stick with it for a couple more weeks. You might start to like it or realize that you can excel if you put in a little more time than usual.

Profile photo of Spideyrocks Spideyrocks

Thank you so much ^^

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thank you so much Emma, very useful lessons

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i love to learn and this website is just an awesome place , good wishes for all the teachers

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Wow! Your explanation of the course was very understandable and for it really helpful. And thank you so much professor Emma and Engvid.

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Wow! Your explanation of the course was very understandable and for me it was really helpful. And thank you so much professor Emma and Engvid.

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thank you Emma , nice lesson.

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Thank you Emma. It allways help to me that your lesson.

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i like her

Profile photo of nguyendinhtrieuvy nguyendinhtrieuvy

I’ll do my best to be a good English speaker.

Thank you so much Emma

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I love u beautiful teacher! I start for learning english but I can’t understand but when I found Englishvid I think english so easy!

I learning japanese also now,everyone I can teach you all about japanese :)

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i have a poor score but more practice thank you very much mam emma to teaching me

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Dear Emma, when we hand in an assignment from the professor and we have to send it by email or upload it, can we say to submit the assignment?

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That was amazing lesson!!

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I enrolled in a course called “commercial and promotion” while I was a sophomore. Since I was completely strange at that field ; thus , every time prof handed out the assignment , I had to hit the books and put an all-nighter so that I could hand it in just on time. In order to get caught up with other classmates , there’s nothing could do but put loads of efforts on it ; otherwise , falling behind would be going with me. Not to mention to cut the class or something even worse to drop the course.
To do so was just making you being more like a loser.
The words kept in my mind , “the brighter side my thought is at , the less difficult things I’ll encounter” would let me go for a long road.

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Hi Emma
I already have watched your lessons ,they were very clear by me

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Hi Emma, your personality fixing my attention and my concentration, thanks you so much for your advise and your passion to give to understand better part of us S.P

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    I wanna conversate with u roya

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i want to learn the university english, and how do I prepare for my english class in university. I can’t speak very well . So I’m scared to speak there. Reply plz.

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Thanks for your class Emma…

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10/10, wonderful lecture!! i remember these words easily coz of your expressions. Thank you Emma.

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I’m so glad to enroll in Emma’s course.Thanks you Emma.

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keep doing

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I found this site very good.

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thanks for you . its a kind to try to learn ….

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thanks emma…

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very useful lesson ,

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hi emma, I want to you will teach us step by step grammer lesson.PLz help me learn for grammer. thanks.

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Thanks Emma )))))

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Hi Alex! I would like to know if you can give to me some suggestions and advice for improving my speaking,I have good grammar and a lot of vocabulary but when I talk to someone by phone or face to face I get afraid I don’t know why? I wonder if I can write to someone by phone easily why I can’t to speak easily to them by phone or face to face. I’ll be expecting your answer and I’ll be so thankful if you help with your suggestion and advice this’s my email address ingenieroarias2013@gmail.com. thanks.

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Thanks Emma,it’s very nice lesson.

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I hit the books every day

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Thanks Emma, more grease to your elbows

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I would really like to congratulate all teachers from this websites. It is a really beatiful action because you are helping people who don’t have enough sources to study english, either economical sources or human sources.

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Hai… Medam, I understand your accent very easily. compared to other. thanking you.

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hi.i got 9/10.
Thanks a lot Emma.
I am new student.

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    Hi Roya. Welcome!

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very, very useful lesson. I guess I’ve learned so many wards. thank you Emma.

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thank you so much, it’s very useful :)

Profile photo of nhatlongtien229 nhatlongtien229

Dear engVid
Maybe someone can explain this to me, please.

Why Emma used
enroll – British spelling
plagiarize – AmE spelling

I’m going to take the IELTS for studying in Germany. What spelling should I use?

And what spelling is in Canada used?

And one more thing, could you recommend me a Canadian English dictionary, please?

I know google dictionary (AmE)

merrian webster dictionary (don’t know whether it’s BrE or AmE, but Emma spells accordingly to the dictionary)

Profile photo of yankhonskiy yankhonskiy

    And what spelling is in Canada used? ->
    And what spelling is used in Canada?

    Profile photo of yankhonskiy yankhonskiy

thnak you so much Emma ım really like your nice lesson
and let me tell you that ı got 100/100 in the quizz
long time i didnot studding english so ı thing İ falling behanid do İ have to work hard to get cought up my friends
if anyone want to hepl me or contact me here my mail : abdu@abalad.com

Profile photo of abalad abalad

When I was in university, I didn’t hit the book as my friends did. I’m the one who skip classes sometimes. Usually I tried to get caught up before midterm and final exam, though it didn’t work at all. But I did hand in all of the assignments on time. I did not plagiarize.
Just share my experience, please do not imitate XDDD

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It’s a very useful lesson.Emma, thank you)

Profile photo of Dzinka Dzinka

My first year at university was very hard. Because system of learning was very different from school. We were not often behind and successfully ended university. Hit the books is about us. We wrote poems and other texts. And I can say we get first job because of these efforts.

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i enjoy this lesson and i’m going to internilize what I’ve learned

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Thank you Emmay.your voice such as a canary

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Thank you! It’s very useful information!

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Thanks for essential lesson^_^ Yoy make me hit the books,apparently!

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    to socialize

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thanks! it makes me provide my english , anyway

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can’t say thanks enough! Emma.

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awesome lecture i hope to be teacher like you.

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Time to hit the English books :)

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You just great , Emma : ))

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I really love this site :) !!! Thank you Emma

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I think Emma is the best teacher on this website. I understand all of the lessons. Thank you so much :)

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Emma you are the best teacher
I got 10 out of 10.

I am improving day by day through engvid.com and mostly by Emma lectures

Profile photo of Shahzaib Ansari Shahzaib Ansari

I LIKE Emma’s classes a lot. She smiles all the time and also explains things very clearly.

Profile photo of jasondsayshi jasondsayshi

My Jesus… I got a 100/100
Thanks Emma.

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Thanks Emma! you are a great teacher!

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Very useful lesson :) Thank you, Emma!!!

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thanks Emma!

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very good lesson

Profile photo of emade7 emade7

hello,please i have a problem and need help. i just want to know how to improve my listening.
somtimes it’s difficult for me to catch people when they are speaking english. it from a person to another.my reading is good,my writing too. english is not my native language but french. thanks

Profile photo of salemk017 salemk017

    Hi ! salemk017 I have a few tips for you. There are books with their CD . Buy them or if you already have it listen to the recordings . First just listen after take a look on book, so chase the sentences through ( by) the book. So by this way you will get the pronunciations of the words which you cant realise them. It is useful. or watch a lot of movies in english with eng sub it is useful too.

    Profile photo of Aytan Aytan

I need someone who talk with me in English

Profile photo of khodor khodor

yah! I got 10 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of rousnay rousnay

10 out of 10 :D yeahhhhhh
Thanks Emma :*

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The lesson was very useful ! 10 to 10 correct ! ^_^

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I love this course. I’m not going to drop it.
Thank you so much teacher :)

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love you Emma!! Great tips

Profile photo of Nguyen Van Hau Nguyen Van Hau

Keep learning English.

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I enjoyed this lesson, thanks.

Profile photo of Maliban Maliban

thank you so much
I like your way of teaching

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Hi, you are a great teacher actually my favorite teacher here on engvid, every day I watch your videos, it was interesting lesson. I am not going to withdraw from engvid. it is a magnificent website

Profile photo of Nelson Rodriguez Nelson Rodriguez

As far as I am concerned, It is important to hit the book for everyone. By the way, Engvid is a magnificent website. I have learned alot of useful topic, pronunciation, and so on. Thanks.

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Thks Emma, this cours is very interest.

Profile photo of asakji asakji

Emma is an awesome teacher!!!

Profile photo of annafarias.rh annafarias.rh

I guss paul is not real but this way to teach us is very well i like this style thanks Emma <3

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Thank you so much. You speak easy listening

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Thanks Emma. İt was an useful lesson for me.

Profile photo of Aytan Aytan

Thanks. Emma, you’re the best!

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Thanks, Emma. Very useful lesson.

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Hi Emma, thank you!

Profile photo of bellatimor bellatimor

than you Emma but I have a question does plagiarize mean cheating ?

Profile photo of LILY LILY

Thank you Emma :)

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Profile photo of youcefi english youcefi english

Emma thankyou!I like this lessson, I didn´t know this words. It{s very useful :)

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looooooooooooooooove it

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Thanks a lot Emma…really useful vocabularies…

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thank you for this lessen it is very useful.
Best regards

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hi i dont indrastand english

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Thanks, It was a great lesson .

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Many Thanks , Emma.
You give me a big help.

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Oh my God! All this lessons from Emma are incredible! Emma, thank you a lot for your divine lessons! My English is not very well but I understand almost every your word! That’s wondeful! Teacher Emma, keep going with the same spirit and give to us experiense and joy! Thank you!

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Tnx,Emma its halpful for me.

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Thank you Emma, it is a very useful lesson.

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thanks Emma you are the best
get it good!

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thx alot
Great effort
Magnificent lectures

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your every lesson is so informative.
Good job …..

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It is interesting topic, some new noun phrases have been known. Thanks Emma.

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<3 you, Thanks Emma :)

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Hi. I want to have more practice with the speaking, who can help me?

Profile photo of Bridareiven Bridareiven

    Hi Bridarevin i will be happy to help you guy.

    Profile photo of farzadsadat farzadsadat

Thanks Emma

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Great lesson!
It’s a good way to keep in mind phrasal verbs using them in a short coheren story.
Thank you Emma!

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Thanks, it was very good

Profile photo of farzadsadat farzadsadat

Thank you so much for this class

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Emma’ lecture helps me lot to learn English

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Thanks, Emma, it is very helpful!

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I got 10 out of 10,thank you Emma,for the interesting and useful video.

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Hi Emma,

i like your way of teaching English so much, thank you for your hard work& efforts. could you please tell me the definition of:
+ cram or cramming
+ ace the test
thanks alot

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Thanks Emma, you are an amazing teacher !

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I’m loving the Emma’s Lecture.It’s so easy learning with her way…

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Thanks Emma!I learning whith your lectures.

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it is really so helpful, most appreciation Emma

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Thanks a lot Emma

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Thank you Emma !

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i got 9 out of 10

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Hello everyone, I an going to writing about Anonymous university experience.

Anonymous wanted to start a univerity education called Architect. A friend told him to sign up for the course. He became uncomprehendible becouse it was the first time he attended university, so Anonymous just listened and enrolled to the course. A professor handed out a assignment to the students. Anonymous found the assignment very hard and was thinking of cutting all classes, that is to droping off this education. Although, Anonymous did his best to caught up the other students, he falled behind. Anonumous did not know that universities deemed plagiarism very seriously. Anonymous plagiarised by taking anyone’s idea and some sentences from the internet. One month later, he got a letter which declared that Anonymous has been kicked off the university for two years. Anonymous became terribly sad and applied to another University since he become willig to contntuing his architect studies. He decided to never do such stupid thing and pulled an all-nighter for his studies sometimes when needed. He kicked the boobs and therefore could hand in all his essays or assignment, whatever he got, in time.

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    good story

    thank you

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thanks for your lecture.. do homework simply!i’m in mid-terms season now.. i should hit the book this semester to get a good point. i enrolled 5 class, and i don’t want to fall behind with others. i can’t drop all course because if i do that, i can’t graduate in this year.. but i’m not a plagiarrazing one, so i will do to hand in paper as best as I can.. and never do cut the class!! I never forget what I learn for this class because of your good or short class.. thank you emma and hope you will always happy.. ^^

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Well explained, thanks for the lecture.

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Hi, I have a question about 6th in the quiz.
The correct answer is ”cut classes” and Why doesn’t ‘cut’ have ‘-s’?

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Great course and I think it is a very helpful one. I got 10 correct answers in Quizz. That is mean the course is clear and easy to understand.

Thanks, Emma <3

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Wonderful lesson! Thanks a lot. :-)

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The lesson was nice., especially with your story about your friend. really it was useful. Thanks

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Yessssssss. Love u

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It was a very useful information. Thank you for your efforts.

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I scores 10 out of 10
Thanks too much

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is it ‘cuts class’ or ‘cut class’ ? can you please let me know which one is correct ? Thanks

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Yes! I got 100! Thanks a lot Emma!

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You got 10 correct out of 10

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Thank Emma your lesson is quite precious I do love it.

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I’m interested in this video. Thank you Emma.

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you are a very good teacher

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This video is really helpful. Thank you so much!!!….

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So “to pull an all-nighter” means to study or work all the night IF BEFORE the exam or the assignments due date, right?

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It’s very helpful for me.

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I like Emma course explanation :)

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9/10. Thank you Emma.

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I got 100, thanks now I’m going to hit the book

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Thanks Emma. I was so busy with my jobs and I missed some lessons at engVid last week.I am going to hit the books right now.So that I can get caught up soon.

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You are really amazing with teaching Emma!
but I still caught English writing

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good teaching

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10mark,thanks for your teaching❤️

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Great, I have 100, thank you so much for your lessons Emma..


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I am happpy to be a part og engvid family

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I remember University English expressions.
I’m in the University 1st grade.
My major is Social welfare.

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The lesson was so easy explained so I got 10/10! Thank you very much for increasing my vocabulary with the most incredible words such as hit the books, pull an all-nighter, fall behind, get caught up!!!

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Hi Emma
Thank you very much
I got 💯✔
I hit the book.
I want to get caught up.😊

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it is really a great lesson … thank you

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Thanks Emma! I loved the lesson. You are a great teacher!

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Thanks Ms. Emma.

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Thanks Emma

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Hi Emma very good lesson, im very grateful with you.
So when i was on High School i was a lazy girl so i cut some classes, and that was very bad for my learning, so i had to ask to borrow notes of my friends and get caught up for the finals

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8/10. My vocabulary is very poor! I need study hard, watching more Emma’s video!

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10/10! Wonderful! Today I got a new keyboard, It’s very comfortable for typing. I will use this to learning English more.

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well done

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It’s a precise and lovely lecture

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