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It was child’s play.


    Yep! It is a beginners’ lesson.

    I like the way Alex explains grammar in his videos. He is a gifted teacher; no doubt about it.

    All the best.

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    After watching Engvid please turn ur pc off

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very cool this lesson !


When I wake up I immediately get up and turn on the TV.


thank you sir


It was so good to refresh my mind. Tks.


nice explaination for this phrasal verbs


Thank you Alex

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You are a very clever teacher!
Maybe, you are the best!
I like your lessons very much!
Thank you!

wild boar

    nice lesson for start

    kailash sharma

Thank you Alex

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all are correct
thanks a lot it’s very simple

Walaa Ibrahim

that’s cool teacher , i would like some more phrasal verbs :) and thanks !


You scored 6 out of 6. yes!

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Thank you so much!


thank you so much.


thank you…… you are the best teacher, please make an lesson with prepositions plus ING.


Mr Alex,
Thank you so much for your attention.

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Very good!

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good but very basic.please tell us about more phrasal verbs used in daily life.


Alex: Even when this is a begginers lesson, I’ve got a doubt: during all my years studying English my teacher always told me that on and off are used at the end: “Turn TV on”, “Turn light off”. Are both correct?. Thanks.

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Really thanks, it was a clearly and useful lesson.




Thank you so much, it is very helpful for all.
Best Regards,

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Dear Alex,
Please answer bazanmarcelo……
is this correct???


Thanks for the clarification between get up and wake up. I have heard the two phrases seveal times but I always confuse them.


Hi, Alex. Thank for your videos!!!
I’ve learnt a lot watching your videos.
I’d like to ask you a question about the verb ‘wake’ and the phrasal verb ‘wake up’. Are both the same? Is it possible to use ‘wake’ without ‘up’ in any situation?


    I know the verb wake as an activity to break up somebodys sleep. To wake up is the thing that you experience while that activity. For example you are waking your friend and because of that he is waking up

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    I’d like to know as well.

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Thank you Alex

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i like it nice lesson


Alex, You are the best


You wake up at 6am EVERY DAY!!!!
You are hero!!!!


thanks a lot

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Thank you sir


thank you mr Alex for your good lesson……

Eng. Adam

nice lesson, I knew it. thanks anyway Alex, have a good day.


The way you are presenting is excelent

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I was great. I get 6/6. But can i receive this program to my mail?


Excellent starting


Thank you very much for this lesson. I have just one question related to the phrasal verb “turn on”. Could we say: Don’t forget to turn the heater off before you leave the house, instead of saying, Don’t forget to turn off the heater before you leave the house.
Thank you.

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Thanks, You are the best;)

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Thank you so much and keep your good job.

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Very easy, but good. Thank you!


Oh !! thanks a good teacher !!


It’s better you could add the subtitles in this video

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Thanks, your explication went very good.

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nice lesson i like it


nice lesson

kailash sharma

thnx alex, u such a gr8 teacher, god bless u/

Farhan Ali

The explanation is so clear that I can understand it easily.

Adi Tyogunawan

nice lesson
very helpful


thank you engvid team..these videos are very helpful.

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Thank u, teacher !!

Nice lesson. Awesome ;)

Allana R.

Suggest something more complicated, please. Thank You.

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Thanks a lot! It’s so helpful!

Thanh Thai

thank you it was nice lesson. do you mind if i ask you smthing i wanna know the d/f between work and job thank you .


i have only one word that i wanna ask you to answer that is how to use only word “be ”
please waiting !!!!


Hi Alex I very happy for your teaching
I am every great for your lesson
thank so much


thank u it is a good lesson

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thanks so much!

Thu phuong

excellent work thank you


thank you Alex.

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Hey! Alex this is my first time that i’m listening and watching ur video ………..it is amazing…..i’m am getting it easily……so carry on Alex

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thank yuo


Thanks for your lesson!

Bao Long (Viet Nam)

Wow ……..


Very simply and useful lesson.


think you



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I got nine out of ten sir . Next time I’ll try my best

Moahamed Shifaan

It’s easy to understand. Thank U

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Lesson is very informative. now i can use these words confidently Thanks EngVid !!


thank you sir


way of teaching is very good.


thank for lesson . it is easy to understand.


My scored 6 out of 6. and I answered all of that questions without watched your video lesson! What an easy test..


Thank you.It easy to understand.

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awesome! i’m really enjoyed with beginning lesson. Thank you sir and engVid.

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Although my level is 6 , I did 4 out of 6 . Why ? Because too much confidence is not always good . This was another experience I have learned in this site :)
Thank you very much for enlightining us …

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hey guys, i wanna improve my english speaking , my skype id cute.nonni add me if u wanna help

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thanks so much


so good, I can understand very well

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its sooooooooo easy


you are awsome alex. this lesson was very useful for me :) thank you very much. i think i will learn the language….. :)))

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Thanks you sir so much. I have completed the test, I’m really ẹnjoyed


Thanks a lot Teacher ALex


thank you so much teacher Alex

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Sir, Could you explain how to use these words “Would have been”, “Should have been” and “Could have been”?

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clear , thanks a lot

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Very easy to lern…
Thanks teacher!

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Merci sir!

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Hi Sir Alex, I have some questions regarding phrasal verbs. When can I use phrasal verbs like for instance, Please help me or please hep me out….and when can I use to separate the phrasal verbs like fr instance, “Don’t turn on the lights. I turned the lights on.” I hope you can help me with this. I’ll be grateful in advance. Thanks. More power to you and to EngVid.




thank you for that lesson.

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So easy =))))))))))))))))))00


wow I like it


thank you very much!

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I could understand the lesson ,thank you so much….

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mr alex
thank you

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Thank you Alex. It’s an interesting lesson.

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superb!i can easily get it

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Thanks for make these phrasal verb simple.

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It was useful.
Your result is 6/6.



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6/6 very useful lesson thanks

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When I get up early in the morning I get up immediatly, sit down properly and turn on tv confidently:)

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lesson very useful !
thanks teacher

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Thanks Alex.You make it easy to understand.

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Thank you Alex!


thank you so much you are the best


Thanks for the lesson, especially for the difference between wake up and get up.


youre the man…cool….nice alex.


very good. I would like to watch more than theses kind of phrasal verbs

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Hi Mr Alex! It’s very good site for learning English. Thanks for all team Engvid.com
Could you explain for me what’s difference flout, mistake and error
thank you! take care

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Even though its very basic I find it very useful



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Good Lesson Alex.
Thank you a lot.

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On weekend in the morning.Normally I can’t wake up early.

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Excellent teacher! I like his pronounce and accent! Very clear!

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thank you very much. best teacher.

hoàng anh

l’ll almost come in engvid site everyday!!! good lessons thank you^^

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Mr. Alex, Thank you very much for this useful lesson.
I have one question please concerning the last sentence of Stand up. It is very clear that students usually stand up only after the teacher getting in class.

so,which is more convenient?
Everyone stood up when he had entered.or,
Everyone stood up when he entered.

Thank you.

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on the weekend ……….. or at the weekend ???

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Thank you, Mr Alex :)


thank you sir i got 6/6

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thank you

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very thank you sir

bhaskar yadav

thank you sir,i easily get it

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Thanks a lot Teacher ALex


For Mr rommanomar ques which is’ Everyone stood up when he had entered.or,
Everyone stood up when he entered’. I think the second is correct bcz the actions happened directly in a short time.I mean there was no period of time between the two actions,so it’s better to put the two verbs in the past simple tense.


Thank you Mr Alex.

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I like these video!!!Thank you Mr Alex.I am a pupil of 4 class.


Thanks teacher Alex,I understood well your lesson.Happy new year

Pedro mpela

Teacher congratulation for this class, I liked just enough!

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I find practice and enjoy this lesson and than follow you everyday Thank you so much….

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thank you so much.i think that you are very good teacher


Hi Alex. There are some same questions as I have: I turn the light off. Or I turn off the light. Which is more correct? Thanks

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it’s a good lesson

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Finalllllllly, thank you so SO much xx

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I like this page it’s very useful thank you so much


Thank u Alex for awesome lesson.

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thanks i really understand.:)

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very simple explanations)Thank you Alex and engvid team!!!!

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Thank you Alex, your explanations are very simples and useful, I love your accent because I can understand every word that you say. Thanks alot

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Thank you so much . You can sit down in/on that chair. Can I use ON?

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It´s too boring to get up early on weekends.

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am very pleased to start the lesson for the first time, and also delighted how it’s arrnged

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Thank u for this useful lesson. Please explain what are the different between tool, equipment and device

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Thanks! I got 100.

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your english is easy to understand for me..thank you Mr. Alex :)

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Thanks for all things. I have a dream. I want talk perfectly English. I study alone and engvid.com is helpping a lot because I can listen. This lesson was good for me.

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thanks a lot)

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Thank you Alex for the important lesson .

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Thanks I got 100%.

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I got 6/6! Thanks Alex!

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Thank you Alex : )

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Thank you alex . You explain well. Keep up the good work!

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very easy lesson 100%.

thanks Alex.

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Thank You Alex for this lesson ! You explain very Well

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good lesson Alex! I got 100. Now I’m going to sit down on the sofa and watching
an english film to improve my listening skill.

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I Like this lesson,

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thank you so much for this lesson and very helpful
take care

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Thank you Alex
Your speaking is very clear.

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What’s the difference between “kind” and “sort” ? Thank you for the great lesson.

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Thanks Alex! good review!

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thanks a lot.

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Thanks a lot.

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Great! I got 100

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got 6 out of 6

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i got 100 thanks a lot alex

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Hi Alex,
May I ask which one is correct if you want to know some one woke up or not yet?
(1) Did you wake up?
(2) Have you woken up yet?
Can I use “yet” with the simple past tense?
Thanks :)

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It was very useful

Profile photo of Miguel Castillo Miguel Castillo

100 tnx. :) btw. “Repeticion est matere studiorum.”

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hi teacher, i have a one question , in the seconde question in the quiz, why we can’t say “stood up” because told is in the past?

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Thanks you so much, you are the best.

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thank you alex you are amazing teacher really

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Your explanations are very clear. Thank you very much.

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Cool!! thanks man.

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Merci Alex. Je me suis levé à 7 heures ce matin et j’ai apprécié cette révision matinale pour anglais débutants.

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Thank you, Alex!
You are a good teacher.

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Today I wake up at 7:00…

However, I only get up at 8:00.

You know why? Why today is my day off and today is sunday….


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Thanks a lot for lesson!!!

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Thanks T. Alex
you explain very well :)

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I got 10/10!! Thanks for the lesson!

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Thank you Alex

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Piece of cake. But don’t forget if anyone want to gain high level of English ladder have to start with the first step of it.

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I got 6/6!!Thank you Alex.

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