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I love you so much cuz I always learn some thing new

plz give us lots of slangs / idioms/ expreions ….

lots of looooove

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Very useful thanks.

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    I absolutely agree with you on this Byte.

    Engaging video-lesson on spelling Emma.

    It was a great idea to have us practice spelling in context on the quiz; well-designed quiz, by the way.

    Looking forward to your next video-lesson Emma.

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Thank you!! What about “anyway” and “anyways”? I use to use both, is it ok?

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    “Anyway” is the correct English word, and “Anyways” is informal or colloquial..

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Dear Emma.
Thank you for you’re great explain. I’ve learned many thing from you.

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    in this case, you should use #Your and not #you’re.

    Good luck !

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      this is what I wanted to write))

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      add my skype kanou2706 let’s study together

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    and one more thing: not “many thing” but “many things

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Thank you so much teacher

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Really it was very useful thank you so much

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Great lesson, as always! I would like doing the exercise again, with new words. Maybe you could do the exercise BEFORE the explanation. We should realy test ourselves… What do you think? Thank you my dear teacher.

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Thanks Emma . just I have a question about the pronunciation of the word ” OFTEN” I used to pronounce it with T silent but you do the opposite


thanks Emma ,
very useful and joyful

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I love it! Very good lesson Emma. Thank you!

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hi, thank you we need more and more of this new method, it´s very usefull, i like it,

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thanks Emma we watch you from Egypt , you have a lot of fans in Egypt ,even English Teachers middle school and English Teachers High school Learn from you. thanks again

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Your English was easy to hear.

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I like spelling tests very much! When I visit Oxford dictionary website, I usually take the spelling challenge. In your test(YouTube), I got 11 correct out of 11! Thank you, Emma :D

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Thank you, very helpful

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Wow ! Thank you so much Imma !

I needed that !

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thank you for this leson , could you please make us a new lesson about the phonetics vs phonolgy

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thank you miss Emma for this great lesson ,it is very useful.all the best for you and for the other team of engvid.

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definitely useful lesson thanks a lot Emma until next different lesson take care

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Useful Emma, when we going to start a test we need reminding a lof of this… Thanks !

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It is simple but very important.

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Very usefull! I know I can improve with this tips!! thanks

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thank u very nice and useful

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Thanks Emma

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Today I was very nervous when I had the test of “10 spelling mistakes”. I listened Emma’ s voice carefully as if I was a high school student about a half century ago(I am a retirement). It was very pleasant and nostalgic time.
I got perfect! Thank you for your wonderful lesson everyday.

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it was a usefull a lesson

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    you should say “It is a useful lesson”

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10/10 during the lesson I heard Emma say often but stressing the “t”. But once I ask about how to say “often” and someone told that “t” is mute such as in sword the w is mute. So we must say often or ofen??

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    Both are correct. Watch the lesson with Emma on silient t.

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thank u mrs emma

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Like It :)

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don’t know where to ask a question here lol, but i would like to ask if there are any lessons about Subjunctive Mood.

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thank u & love u emma

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Thank you

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It was a very nice lesson as it was a practice lesson.

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10 of 10 in my test, tkd emma

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10/10 or say it as 100% thank you again:D

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thank u.

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Thank you so much very useful

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Dear Professor Emma,
You are a truly gifted teacher. Not the only one on this site.
As far as this lesson is concerned, while watching you I had a feeling that you exaggerating with a detailed approach, but when I made two mistakes during the lesson, I immediately understood that I was wrong.
I vote for more lessons with Emma!!

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hello again miss emma I’ve got a problem with the site http://www.goodluckielts.com ,I can’t open it ,is there a problem in the construction of the site if we said the connection here in Algeria is very good ,all other sites we can access to them easily….all the best and thank you.

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10 out of10 like it .
this is my skype asmaa.menier
feel free to add me

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These tips were amazing!!! Now I get to spell correctly the words :) Thank so much.

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Thank you Teacher Emma, It was very helpful for me, to have follow your course.

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hello,teacher emma ,i like you lessons!

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I’ve got all correct!!!
I love to listen your lesson,
Thank you.

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very opportune, thank you, finally I can see how to pronounce the word “often” explained. MKJMKJ, thank you

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I liked your lesson and you very much :) Thank you!

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I get 100 :D

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Thanks teacher Alex, your English class is very interesting and very clear, I can understand and learn whith your class!

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better remember spellings by pronunciation rules, if there are any.

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Thank you for your lesson Emma, It is very useful . If anyone want to join group so improve our english you can add me anytime. ukrit_2011 on skype

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This is a great lesson. Thank you :)

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I got 100, Thanks emma

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i got 9 of 10


thanks :)

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I got 80 …. hehe :) :) :)

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thanks a million
this is very interesting and useful
but you forget many words
like : useful and grateful

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thank you very useful can you explain about prepostion like a – an cuz actually i dont know how to use them in writing and this is small mistakes make me lose a lot of score wish to accept my order

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government – environment – their – different – believe – percentage – society – intil – definitely – which – nowadays – thank you very much Emma.

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Hello Emma!
I really enjoy your teaching and it has helped me to improve my English a lot. Thanks for all teachers of this group.


Thanks Emma 100 times i got 100

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Good job Emma.

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Thanks very much

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thanks emma

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Thanks a lot Emma

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I like transcription, easier learn. Thanks very much. 9/10

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Thank you very much for your explanation.

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Thanks Emma

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Very useful..Thanks

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Thank you Emma.

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Thank you!!!!

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just say thanks. i find cool that way of learning

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Thanx alot

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Hi Emma! Can you explain us when we use “Relative Clauses” (whom, who, that, which, etc)?

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thank you.. i was wrong in definitely

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Thank you Emma.

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This is my first time in this website and this is my first quiz. I love it! thank you so much Emma

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great Emma, thanks.

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These lesson it’s very important for me. Thanku dear teacher

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excelent lesson

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thank’s a lot emma am very fun

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thanks , that was very useful for me ..

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I’ve spelled wrong a lot of these words, and you helped me to fix them with correct ways! Thank you so much Emma!!!

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I am an international student in USA . If you want to practice with me,you can join my skype

skype: mrthartford

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iam searching for someone to practice speaking in skype, could anyone?
this is my email : mogdad99@gmail.com

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Emma the mistakea not happen for Indonesian.
my Quiz 100
You got 10 correct out of 10.

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Mam : i see your video lecture in dailymotion and i realy helped from the lecture
So mam i want more video lectures tell me please how to i get your more video lectures ?

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Excellent exercicies

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To get 10 out of 10 means I am not badly off in grammar. I would request any well wisher to sponsor me register for IELTS.

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Hola Emma se que estas aprendiendo español,un saludo desde Sevilla,España.¿Como te va?jeje espero que bien,yo estoy tratando de aprender tu idioma,step by step.Hasta la vista!!

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Hi! I just realised that you guys don’t have any lesson specifically about “Future continuous”. Would you guys prepare some lesson abou it? PLease please please!! Thank you

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thanks for the lesson : )

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I believe that you are the best teacher, you are different then others. :)

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Thanks Emma

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thnx ma’am

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thank you . i got 10/10 :D

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I like your quiz

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can you please make a video concerning when the word contains “cie” and “cei”

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Thanks Emma!

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helpful emma

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I have 90%
Next time I hope it will be a lot better

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thanks very helpful

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Emma …i Got 10/10 …..Helpful….but Ielts is not too easy …please provide some listening/reading papers in pfd or other format for practice.

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I love this video. Thank your Emma.

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i liked this website its too helpfully for all

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Thanks it’s really helpful

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Great , i love it.

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thank you very much to know all these.

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Thank you Emma. I pray for you. You may live long

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thanks a lot.

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Cheers….got 9 correct out of 10.

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Thanks Emma,
This lesson is very beneficial for us.

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thank you very much. U so amazing ! Good luck, see u later .

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9/10 i must try more

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dear emma
thanks for giving me the questions, u give me spirit to get a progress

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thank’s emma your lessons are really at the top level and it’s also the case for your method of explanation.

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thank’s Emma

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thanks a lot

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thank you emma…..

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Thanks Emma!! Your lessons are simply presented, very clear and helpful! :)

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thank you so much.

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got 100 :)
Thanks for the lesson Ema :)
love from indonesia

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Thank you Emma! It was very helpful and I always commit such mistakes. I have a problem with my speaking and it’s because I don’t have anyone to talk to. will you please provide me a solution for this?
I will be your thankful!

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Thanks Emma,

I believe that those different words will definitely increase my percentage in IELTS.

I hope I spelled them correctly :)

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got 100 out of 100 :)
thanks emma,it’s very useful

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thanks madam Emmy i got 10/10

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i got 100 :) thank you Emma

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It was very usefull lesson. Thank you very much for your explanations.

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Thanks Emma. I got 9 of 10.

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i love it ,, cuz this is what i want. dear Mrs Anna please guide me for learning english :D thx you for these quiz, it make me found new vocabulary.

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lesson is very useful with the test after .
fine i like

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i love this quiz and i am rely have spelling mistakes
thanks emma

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Love it

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thanks, this is very useful to me

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Thank you

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It was very useful the lesson Emma. thanks a lot.

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

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I got 10/10!
thanks for the lesson teacher Emma

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10 correct out of 10.
:D thank’s Great Emma :)

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thanks a lot :)

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Good One! Spelling

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Thanks God
I Got 100/100

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thanks for your teaching

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thanks dear emma to learning us the best

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10/out of 10 it was very good to me

Profile photo of rezwan babakarkhil rezwan babakarkhil

very useful lesson thank you Emma

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Thank you Emma .

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They’re important vocabularies. Thank you, Emma.

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Very helpful lesson… Many thanks Emma!!

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Thanks Emma!

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Thank you very much, you are so sweet, greetings from Mexico.

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thanks mam

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Thanks Emma.

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Thank you so much. its amazing to learn here

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emma! you’re very nice. my name is victor

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i think u teach us very well.i love to be your student.

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thank you very much
your lessons always useful

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I got 10/10 .Thanks Ema for this lesson it’s very helpful.

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Thanks for sharing such kind of useful stuff.

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Thank you Emma,you are always in the top.

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I got 100 wawoo!

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i got it perfect…thanks dear Emma

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Thanks so much ms. Emma
this very useful. I got 100 yeah. Thanks so much

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Thank you I get 10 of 10~!

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Thank you I get 90

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Thank you its very nice and good information…

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thank you mam you really awesome

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thank you!

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Good Exam

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thank you

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Thanks you a lot. It’s really useful lesson

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thank you very much

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thank you Emma you’re great

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i did just one mistake , may am i superman ?)

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Thanks, Emma. For the first look this lesson seems to be unuseful, but my expectation was wrong. Your lesson was really good for practicing my spelling.

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Thank you Emma you my best one.

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Thanks Emma.

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thanks for teaching

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Thanks Teacher learned a lot of things from your lectures

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Thank you, Emma. A useful lesson.

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thank you so much. Ms Emma.

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Dear Emma, you’re excellent teacher and so beautiful!
I love your explanation
Tks so much! God bless you.

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thank you very much ,, i hope everyone to contact with me on instagram : abu_zyad_15 or facebook on : abu_zyad_15@hotmail.com . to help each other to improve our English skills .
thank you

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thank you so much .

Profile photo of hezam1408 hezam1408

Mam I had problem in letteirs like a,e,i,uu so help me

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i get 7 out of 10 in my frist time test .thank you emma .i love you so much .

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I won’t forget what I got from u . Thanks

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well, i confess that sometimes i forget the last s of word Nowadays.
thak you Emma.

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thank you Emma.

Profile photo of marcoskinho marcoskinho

Thank you so much for very good lesson.

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Really essential lesson for me. Thank you)

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Thanks Emma for your instructions.
I had a spelling mistake of the word “Environment” (missed letter “n” :-( )

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hello how are you

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Dear Emma , I want to have a mock exam so can I get skype id so that i can practice speaking ..

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dear,Emma that helps me.

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Thanks Emma. very helpful tips

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We should have more. Thanks Emma.

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Thanks very much

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i got 10 out of 10.
thanks to you, i got.
thank you. ms. emma.

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Dear Emmah :)
Many thanks for you efforts and your interest.
I out of 10 Alhamdulillah : )

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thank you Emma

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Thank you Emma.

Profile photo of Ibrahim Hasan Ibrahim Hasan

hi emma madam .i really like and appreciate the way and tone of your teaching,i have learnt more and i will be,but i little bit confusion about the writing task 1 in ielts.sir adam said that there is no need for conclusion in writing task 1 and said that there must be a conclusion so please make me clear. thank you best of luck.

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it’s exciting :)

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It is essential lesson. By the way, thank alot.

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Different lesson)

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it’s really awesome. I loved it. Thanks you!!!!!!!!!!

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My score was 10/10. Thank you Emma for your lesson. I like your way in talking Emma.

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I think you are one of the best instructors at engvid who can reach the mind of any follower at any level..hope you would come out with many interesting expressions and uses in the modern world through eng.vid. good luck Emma..

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Eglish spelling is very hard to remember for me.

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Emma . . i like your way of teaching . . . thank you alot :)

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very easy for me…plz can u have more difficult words

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I got 9 nice test

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Thank you Emma for this valuable lesson.
you made it clear to me.

Just one question when do we use different and when do we use difference?

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I am very like the way you teach in the lesson, I have learn a lot of from you, thanks Emma ^_^.

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I like your lesson Emma.

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Thank you

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Thanks a lot!!
It’s a useful video!


i got 10 out of 10 thank you so much mam P

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It is really helpful lesson.

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Thank you for remind me these words. <3

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Thanks Emma
This is very exciting words

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These are very exciting words. This is an exciting word.

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Thank you so much Ms. Emma, what a great lesson I love the way you teaching us I am a big fan of you. thank you :)

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thank you that was a good video

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Thanks, Emma. I got 100

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Thanks emma,I got 100.

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Really helpful

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request you to put more exercise on it

Profile photo of Rupeshpatel2006 Rupeshpatel2006

i made a mistake. thats wrong

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Thank you Emma !

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I learn from more than anyone else I do, thank a lot Emma

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I couldn’t believe it. Thanks elot . keep doing ur best on this. GOD bless u

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Profile photo of Clinton Penty Clinton Penty

I have a lot of problem with pronunciation. So this lesson was very useful from my point of view.

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If l had been president of government i would have employed you as a minister of high education

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thanks, Emma, it really helps me.
if any body practice with me please knock in skype or Gmail id – ahmedshuvo

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Dear Emma,
Thank you so much.

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thank u teacher

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Great teacher, Great lesson!
Thank you.

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Thank you Emma; you’ve proved that when we believe to know everything about something, you can learn something new!

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I got ten. Thanks Emma for the lesson

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I got 9 correct out of 10.


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Emma you are a rock star

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thank you thank you I love Listen to you

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it was a wonderfull clas. thanks teacher

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I got 9 correct out of 10, thank you Emma.

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10 out of 10
thank you very much Emma

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Thank You Emma. This is awesome!

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Spelling mistakes usually happens from anyone but it need to memorize word’s with correct spelling

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Yes!!! Got 10 out of 10

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well I never have done that kind of mistakes

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I got 100.

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hello teacher, I’m new here. I’ve studied until level three but I’m felling I don’t learn much about.I want help please. how to emprove my English?

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like how u guys simplify everything

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Thank you

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Thank you Ms. Emma.

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I love it, thank you very much ma’am

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10/10! Finish today’s task. Now, I fell better than the last day. Learning English is a daily thing, I need to keep lifelong.

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Hi Emma. Need more complex words.

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I got 100/100 marks.Thanks mam EMMA for this…

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