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Hi Emma, you’re a very good teacher, anyone who needs to be learned English should listen to your videos.

suhail habahbeh

Using “had better” with YOU it is threat or warning.
This is recommendation with another cases (we, she, he, they, I). Very interesting.


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this is my first comment!thanks for your lesson


I have a lot to learn in English. I’d better not to miss any lessons by Emma.


    Yurgen, I think you’d better say:
    “I have to learn English a lot, so I’d better not miss any Emma’s lessons.”

    I mean you’d better not use “to” after “I’d better not”


I’d better study English in Engvid today.
Thanks Emma!


I’d better use this website every day.
Thanks for your lessons.


Hey, Amma. What a nice lesson today. Everything is clear as usual. Thanks a lot.


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I’m happy to see the method of teaching thanks Emma I would like to have you on Facebook

Rao Muhammad talha

Emma, thank you for the lesson, but I always keep wondering why
I HAD better, but not it IS better or I WOULD better,
because actually for me those three expressions mean the same.
I had better go.
I would better go.
It is better to go (for me).
Are the last two expressions ever used? Thank you.

Elen Sheff

Hi Emma, it was so interesting to listen your lesson, it helps me so much with all of my question about this topic. See you next time.

Chiapas girl

It’s a great lesson Emma thanks.
I had had a question in you tube before.and I would write it here again.
What about (it had better)
Thanks in advance.

Mouhcine tene

Thank you Emma for that lesson! I’d better watch more videos with you to learn english.


I’d better not miss your lessons :)


Thanks Emma!


Thanks Emma , Id better to follow your lessons to improve my language.


husam simawi

Great lesson


Thank you very much, teacher….!!!

Jakub Alvarez

I’d learn a lot..thank you Emma

Mordecai dangmei

It was a very useful lesson, thank you. I’d better not lose any of your videos!


Before this lesson I’d never understand this expression! I’d better watch again

Thank you Dear Emma!


thank you .

Fawzia Ezzeldin

Very helpful thank u


Thanks teacher emma this is very knowledgeable


You are great Emma!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your videos!


I’d better watch your videos for learning english…


Hi Emma!! Your videos are amazing!Thaks a lot for your attetion to prepare those class. Great!

luiz fabiano cristillo

thanks for the video an he lesson. very helpful.

Vivian M Rodriguez

08/10. Wow lesson. Emma ,I just enjoyed the lesson a lot. Feeling are seeming me like I have gone through from an adventurous ride :p :)


Teacher Emma, thanks for your efforts.i have got 90%


It is nice to put a goal in his life .. The most beautiful that this goal will yield an ambition equal to your ambition .. So deserve all the thanks, the number of colors of the dice, and drops of rain Emma .

otmane abdane

Thank you Emma.


thank you


Thank you Emma, I have found your lesson really useful !!


An easy way to do the job about teaching and learning English, I really like your style Emma. Thanks!!

Robert Anya

Great lesson thank you


Thanks Emma.


thanks Emma!!!
I got 100%


thank you

Aml Mounier

lose/lost/lost.I’d better not make the mistake again. Thanks so much.


Hi,Emma,although I haven’t watched the video yet, I did the quiz and got 9 correct of 10. The for the superb lessons!

Gelso Cossa

I got 9/10.Thank you soo much Emma


Emma i have a doubt. what should we call someone elder to us with respect. like in our language we call them ‘DIDI’


    Maybe haven’t in English, I think. In China, we use ‘您’ to express more respective of ‘you’.

    Gerald Chan

    Doubt or question?


If I want to learn English better, I’d better use new words I learnt today and practice them as possible as I can.

Thanks Emma.

Gerald Chan

hi Emma I’m Richard from colombia, south america and with all due respect I have to say that you are not only a gorgeous girl but also an excellent teacher, really really excellent, all your videos are amazing I’ve learnt a lot, thank you, Emma. I would also like to ask you a question, this is the problem: some times I see a word and I understand its meaning, no problem, the difficulty is that I don’t remember the correct pronunciation or I don’t know how it should be pronounced (it drives me up a wall !), what can I do in this case? how do native speakers pronounce when they don’t know a word? how do you pronounce when you find a new word, for example when you haven’t seen a word before or the name of someone that could be new for you? HOW, EMMA? I’d appreciate it if you could help me, thanks… bye “Pretty Woman” god bless you.


great to learn here. emma taech very well


you are an excellent teacher in this lesson i’d better learn where to use i’d better.


Hi emma my dia teacher i’m delighted to be your member of student. And i have great passionate of fluency englush speaking, u are best i have ever seen in my life big respect for you.

Ahmed bashi

Hello EMMA,
I have a something question.
Is it just only located “verb”, after “i’d better”?
Isn’t it a exceptible?


I’d better not forget to study more!


great job


There is so much I’d to start learning in the English language.


I’ve got a 100. “You’d better not stop teaching me my dear Emma”! then I won’t be able to improve my English, LOL

Thank you, Ma’am!


Great Teacher! So clear, so easy to understand!


I didn´t like it. I mistook the most easy question. #sad I love Emma. From Brazil

Wallace David

Thanks for your good lesson! You are a very good teacher!


thank you Emma, we love you.

Jose Cipriano

Thank you very much, Ma’am.

Ko Thura

thank you very much my teacher.


Ummm… I thought I’d better meant I WOULD better… o_0


    So do I))) it’s surprise for me….


thanks a lot


It’s good, thanks a lot


What a great explanation you always give! Thank you so much.


Good lesson i’d Better not to forget this lesson

Praveen mm

OH YES! I got 10 out of 10! So this mean I am doing well.
This lesson is as easy as beginning. Thank you Emma!

Chan M.

Thank u a lote
You’d better teach us English so we’ll be better ?


thanks emma

mustapha aba

Extent Job


Hi Dear Emma
u’re really master at ur job, and my goal is to be not as same as u but u-like one.I hope reach my aim by taking ur hand through ur nice classes. by the way u are all pretty.
tanx so much


When you use an ing-verb or an infinitive verb after I’d better
Thanks a lot


If English were always so easy..


Thank you very much my teather

Sergio Murilo Lopes

Hi Emma,

This is Moin, I wanted to improve my speaking and writing skills, Can you tell me is there any possibility you take the individual one on one class for speaking and writing.


Thank you teather


i’d better that i study every day to learn english , 90/100 almost but its ok i think


hi Emma it is my first time to join to your channel . really i am happy because i understood every thing in this lesson my pleasure
thanks for great teacher.


Hi Emma,
Why Q6 answer is A?
Isn’t “lost” an adjective and “lose” a verb?


A lot thanks

Alok meena

Hello Emma.I’d better say thank you to you for this prefect teaching

Mohammadreza Khalafi

Thanks Emma


Thanks teacher for this lesson


Hi Emma. Thank you for the good english


A boy lied to his mother about a fight at school. The mother says to her son, “You’d better ____________________.”

be lying to me
not be lying to me
not be lie to me
be lie to me
Emma please, why lying ? the grammar is I’d better no + verb ?


hello, thank you for your class. hello from brazil

adriano de oliveria do amaral martins

a really amazing lesson, thanks a lot


thank you so much


I got 8 correct out of 10. thank emma


Emma, I appreciate your good work, keep it up! the one who rewards for a good deed is God. I only got 9 questions correctly but failed one out of 10. I just clicked on the wrong answer from the option provided in number 10, it was a mistake. I did not intend to click , it was on ”I’d better” that I mearnt to click on.

Igboagu Imroteas

    Oh no! Please accept this cat gif as a consolation prize.

    A kitten batting at fish in a smartphone app

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      What does it mean? In my regional dailect, cat is a symbolical representation of witchcraft operation, spiritual affliction and invisible impediment to progress.

      Igboagu Imroteas

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        engVid Moderator

I get %70 oh my gush


what,s the difference between i,d better and must.


must it means somthings is very necessary and i,d better means good idea.is this true


very good lesson


I’m not understand why ” not be lying to me ” is correct. Lying = Mentira and Lie = Mentir


Thanks alot


thanks emma I understand very well


Thanks Emma I got ten out of ten on my test.

Ty Cahill

Thank you Emma, nice lesson!

Jonas Lima

great lesson
id better follow your lesson again Emma!!!!


Emma, i love the way how you to explain, i can understand everything ;)


Ur so good


If I improve my English,I’d better study English with Envid.com.


Thank you so much
I got 9/10 I had better watch your lessons

Abdulhadi Danfour

Thank you so much


Thank you Amma


Thank you Emma


I am really enjoying the lessons in every corner, but I do have some small issues when it comes to writing at length. Dear Emma, what strategy can I put in place to help improve my writing skills?


Thank you …Emma yours lessons are good


I’d better work the English language every day


I’d better follow Emma’s lessons every day if i want to improve my english


Thank you for this lesson, I’d better will study so hard to get 100 for next time.

Best regards.


I’d better study english everyday

Trisbea 95

thank u Emma

al willis

thanks. it is 90


Hi, Emm your excellent Teacher may you’d better not stop the teaching.

Abdul Ghafar shafaq

thank you so much EMMa, I like your lessons.


thank you teacher EMMA


Excellent class. Thank you.


I’d better follow your lessons Emma

Al- Shahrier Mehedi

I got 9 out of 10.
I’d better Watch your lesson.

Byeong jin Jo

“I’d better be going”
Is it correct?plz response

Bikash Ranjan

Thank you Emma.


Thanks for nice lesson

Khudaynazarov Jasurbek

Thanx a lot ?


Thanks Emma

Kingsley Kunda

Thanks Emma

Kingsley Kunda

If you want to improve your english skill. We can help each other you can find me on skype as ”ellezam”


Hi Emma .how tu use it with they

Fatima Zohra Guenfoud

thanks from algeria


Thank you for this lesson.I’d better learn your videos everyday.I do a quiz i got 8 points.


Thank you for help us…
God bless al you

Marcio Truvilho Teixeira

can we talk about past using I’d better ? for example
I’d better gone to bed. does it means I must have gone to bed but I did not ?


Thank you Emma. Your teaching style is very simple and can easily understand.


Hi Emma! I love your class!


Hi emma,
Firstly, many thanks for very useful lesson. I try to watch all your lessons and I always able to learn new things everyday.
I’d better follow Engvid in order to learn English.


Thank you for this lesson!


I have a 100!


Hi Emma, you’re a very good teacher, anyone who needs to be learned English should listen to your videos


If I want to improve my english, I’d better study english every day.
Thanks Miss Emma. You are a great teacher


Thanks Emma.I’d better practice more

Banan Abdel-naser

Thanks teacher. I got 80 point. I was wondering if number 9 has the same anwer or wrong spelling?

Roeurn Vandy

Very good lesson! Thanks Emma!

Henrique Alves

Thanks Emma


Thank You So Much

Shwe Yamin

Thank you so much Emma [great teacher]. Watching your videos are very nice to me.
I’d better not lose them.

Nooreddin Asadi

Teacher Emma thanks! so much bout lesson English


Watched with a score of 10 out of 10.


Hi there teacher emma this is video it’s very important when I talk about in any conversation or small talk with another people native speaker as you can see it’s very common in any comunication with anyone I say I’d better that I continue study english all the time by our learnning.


It’s very kind of you.

Toe Tat Aung

I got 100 points!! Thanks!!!

Aquina Sur

thank you Emma, I’d better watch your videos because I have a test in september


I’ve got 80 of 100, I’d better read carefully all questions.


9/10. thank you for your class.


Thanks Emma.You are amazing. (Azores islands, 06April2022);


Thanks Emma your lesson was really helpful and easy to understand and I’ve got 10 / 10


Thanks Emma.


I’ve got 90/100, I’d better watch the video lesson carefully.


I had better leave a comment.
ı had better thank u
ı had better not to drink alcohol.
He had better not to talk wtih me.


Thanks a lot for this awesome lesson dear Emma from Toronto

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