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I can’t understand very well because I don’t have all words and I am not studying so my exercise ise not good. But this teacher is very nice I love you. Thank you. You are very sweet. Maşallah. Allah is creating beatiful subhanallah. You are very nice teacher

Mives Gr

I got 10 out of 10. Thank you so much.

palakshi nautiyal

Palakshi is the first

Bal Rai

Dear Emma,
It was really usable. I was really looking forward to learning this subject. Actually you are very creative.


it was very interesting . 9 \10 . no bad
thank u


Thank you for the practical lesson. Cancelling an appointment can happen in any place in the world. I could improve my understanding of cancelling expression and I expect I use them someday in the future.

Insoo Yeo

    Hey Insoo Yeo, would you like to practice English with me? Perhaps we could have conversation in English together over internet, Skype, Duo, Messenger or another platform. Sorry for asking if you are not interested. I just need to improve my pronunciation in English. Have a nice day. Best regards from Hellum from Denmark


Thank very much teacher.

Mohamed Abdi Guled



Hello…I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis?
My whatsapp number is +8801812788727.
Thank you.


    are you Rasho MCqueen?

    The red car from the movie cars? haha


    never give your number in public.

    palakshi nautiyal

Thank you so much, Emma. I got 100 point because of you. I was really looking forward to seeing you for the next video.

Sunantha Atsawakitthada

why I can’t watch the video?

Jim Wu

Hi emma, My Name is Ranjani I’m from India Vanakkam (Greetings). Thank u so much for ur lessons. I’ve got just 70 points only. I don’t know how to speak fluently in english. I like your way of taking class. Do u understand my message. I’m waiting for your answer reply me please.


Thank you so much Emma.


a quite useful lesson… thank you so much!


Almost Every fuckin’ “party girl” flakes a lot, so it’s better hookah the same night


(Yeah, i’m a philosopher)


Good thanks.

youssef 01

What an interesting lesson. I think it is always nice to express in a polite way and make people have a good impression about us and motivated to want to have a continuous and constructive relationship.
I really appreciated today’s lesson and you r nice accent.
Thank you Mrs Emma.


Thank you Emma, important lesson


Emma you are great, thanks….

Wilson Barrera

Thank you very much!


Thanks Emma. I appreciated your humor when someone canceled the meeting because their underwear was not clean.


I got 9 out of 10. Thanks so much Emma for your teachings, they are currently helping me a lot.


I got 6 out of 10 because, i back to join long time. I want to practice.

Muhammad Abbas

thank you Emma for the lesson it was really useful .

Hey! how are you ? I wont be able to came this evening to the meeting . something come up with my car . can we reschedule it for tomorrow .

nabil elmeskini

How are you Emma? Sorry I still couldn’t Express my great thanks to you for this and other lessons. Can I reschedule my thanks until something -I can’t wait -happen?


I got 10/10 thanks a lot Emma its very helpful for me to learn this lesson because I am going to take an exam for my residency here in Canada. And one of the question is how to handle a difficult situation like this when you cancel the plan ore something hard to decide. I found this lesson very helpful on how to be being polite when you cancel the plan. Thanks a lot and more power to you. I’m looking forward for your next lesson have a great day take care!


Thank you this is very helpful


Thank you Miss Emma.

I passed with flying colours. I scored 90% out of 100%.

Mohammeddeck Ali Dabajoog

Thank you Emma.


i really enjoy watching you

thank u very much


Great lesson.


Thank you Emma.


I’m sorry. I’m going to have to cancel my Spanish lessons. I was really looking forward to learn Spanish. Something has come up. But I am not a flake.


5/10 :C


Many thanks Emma…

Hasan Soledad

great lesson


great thanks, I like learn words like flake, something has come up, swamped and flake out


Thanks for the lesson.


Thanks Emma

Budoor Qasim

Thank you i get 10 , great lesson

Haneen ehab

It is a great lesson.


10/10! I think I’m a flake after learned this lesson. It’s a bad habit, let me correct it!

Jerry Gu

I really appreciate this steps. Thanks Emma!

Henrique Alves

hiEmma , your a good teacher, your way of teaching is easily understandable .keep going i am waiting for your more lessons.Todays class relatede to cancelling a plan is very usefull.thank you.

sajith k

very nice session


Great ! lesson. Thank you very much.


thank you mre emma

magdy mahmoud

Thank you so much for this free course! The class and quiz are both funny and useful!


i feel on professional classroom, i’m very thankfull ?


Good Job! I appreciate your teaching English Video which is useful. Thanks a lot.


scored 9/10


Thank you so much, Emma.


I quite get what you said in this video. I wish i could know you earlier, So i could boost my english language better . anyway


Thank you Emma. Your lesson has been appreciated.


i just like this teacher, always get impresed by her lessons. i have improved a lot taking her classes. Thefore i strongly recomend her this side also.


10 out of 10.

Adm. Paulo Rocha

I like this English lesson 60 out of 10

Pal Bhan Nhial Jock

Thanks for effort

Ridha Omar Al-Khoja

8/10 I just wanna get 10, I just can’t. Thanks for your great efforts.


I got 80% before seeing the video, but after seeing the same video I can understand better than ago…


I like this teacher good job


thank you Emma

Tariq Ahmed

very good lesson thanks Emma

shumila naz

Thank you Emma, hugs. (Kazakhstan, 06 october2021);
This lesson makes my English skills better


I got 10 out of 10. Thank you so much.

Radwan Moh'd

8/10 not bad thank you so much


Hi Emma, Thank you so much!


Thanks a lot, it’s very helpful


Very helpful appreciate Emma 80/100


9/10 Thank u!


9/10 ♪♫


Great lesson for me tonight. I guess I don’t want to be called a “flake”😊
I have to keep remembering these 5 areas in mind when my plans seem to be cancelled. I learned something new from your lesson, Emma.
Great efforts and very much appreciated.


Thanks Emma. I got 10/10


Thank you for the lesson. I find the video very interesting for me. In our life we have many situations, when we are not able to make our plans. Emma presented 5 easy steps how to cancel plans, which are helpful.Now I know meaning of words such as flake, swamped. Thank you.

Weronika 90
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