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Great lesson, thank you. I learned many new things

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    would you like to practice english together ?
    this is my email on skype : azooom24

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      azooom are you English Teacher ?

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        Using reductions makes us sound more natural, no doubt about it, and at the same time helps us understand everyday spoken English more easily.

        How about “ain’t”? Is it considered a sound reduction? What’s its full form, if any?

        Engaging video-lesson on sound reductions Ronnie.

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          ain’t =
          am not; are not; is not:
          has not; have not:

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      Hi azooom,

      this my skype: oubmed9

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Thanks Ronnie

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Thanks this helped alot

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    hi can we be friends?

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    Hello I’m looking for a native speaker to improve my english. so can we be friends?

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I liked this lesson! Thank you.

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Thank you ronnie, it’s powerful lesson
We wanna more lessons like this

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Oh my god, I’m so happy because I understood everything the quiz,thank you teacher learning more with its methodology.

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    Olá, Dany. Nós podemos ser amigos através de outras redes sociais além desta? Também estou estudando Inglês e gostaria muito de praticar. Não sei se posso mencionar o nome de outras redes sociais aqui, mas, meu nome é Brad Pághanni.

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      Are you here too? OMG… is it spam? hahahahah

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    Hey Dany,would you like to speak with mer in english? this way, we can improve our english together.

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thanks Ronnie!! you are the best!

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thanks! your lessons are cool! You are funny.

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    hi i wanna be your friend?

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Ronnie, Can I ask sth? You gave an example that you said “Do you wanna beer?”, my question is would it be wrong if I say just “Do you want beer?”?
I think you forgot a “t” after “I” when you were explaining about “has” and “have”.

Awesome lesson!

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    Hi Caiopr , I´m wanna talk to you
    you have whatsaap?

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I’m very well thanks go on

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100% finally

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Thank you very much, Ronnie :)

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    hi , Is Bunga your real name? would you like to ´ractice english with me? I also have an exame to do. TOEFL> so let’s support each other.

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good lesson (y)

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Thanks a lot for every teachers of engVid.com. Thank you very much.

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Hi Ronnie! Thank You for Your lessons.
I’m a greener here and in english too)), so I don’t know how shall I leave requests about other themes. May I asking You to show us the lesson, about difference between “anybody”, “somebody” and “nobody”.
It’s dificult for me, because in Ukraine, its means almost the same and I have confusion when I studing english.
I will be grateful for this!

Profile photo of Ihor Zherebko Ihor Zherebko

    I hope you do not mind if I try to help you out with that. You should basically understand how to use “some”, “any” and “no” as follows:

    1 – SOME: Is used in affirmative sentences – Example – I have some time, You have some tea, But also used in interrogative sentences if you are kindly (just) offering things to people as – Would you like some coffee? or even – Some sugar? – Never used in negative sentences, OK?
    2 – ANY – in the other hand is used in Negative sentences as – I don’t have any time – they don’t have any money. It is used in interrogative sentences when you are just asking for and not offering as SOME – Ex. Do you have any free time so we could talk? or do you have any sugar in the kitchen?, but it can also be used in affirmative sentences and its meaning changes to “another” “either” or referring to an undetermined people or thing. As: You can give her any gift. I know any song from that singer.
    3 – NO is only used in negative sentences. Example: You can say “I don’t have any time” or “I have NO time”, both mean the same.
    If you followed me with this explanation, you will be able to use all their derivatives, ok? Let me know if it helped you or not, take care

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      This post was helpful and obvious,
      Thanks for your help!

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        I do apologize for not answering your kind comment. It may have taken forever, but thank You Mnes Blue

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      hello there… you speak fluent english. so i need your help please my ID skype is lompoabdou. thanks beforehand

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        Hey lompoabdou, I have just shown up to apologize not replying you with an even simple “yes” or “no” answer. I hope you are still doing great with your English learning.
        Thank you for your comment!

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      Hi Mark,
      Actually, it is not very different here either. The only thing is that the mom would kindly ask the stranger’s name and tell the kid to whether treating them like Mr., Mrs or even like you do there “uncle or auntie”, the second option would be more uncommon, but it may vary as they are a little bit more reserved to approaching strangers. I hope I’ve answered and helped as well.

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        yeah very much so! Appreciate you answering) If it’s not fundamentally wrong, I think its ok to say so. Well, children are uninhibited, and aren’t self-conscious, so they don’t have any problem whatsoever with talking to strangers…unlike adults by way. I wish I be child))

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          Nice lol
          That’s right we should keep this child side of ours.
          Take care!

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Interesting! Thank you, Ronnie :)

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good lesson

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you really hot today Ronni

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I did not pay attention to this. It makes sense. Thanks.

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Really its a great lesson it’s very useful and helpful because always I was confusing
about this

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Thank You, Ronnie for this good lesson. Actually I’m already familiar with all of the reduction forms, except for “Wantsta” I’ve just learnt in your lesson. previously I used to say “wanna” with all pronouns, but now not anymore :)
thank you for your lesson again…

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    Yeah, I agree, I used to do it… But No more.

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Hi Ronnie. Thanks for your lesson. All of your lesson are really funny and useful. And as I think I have noticed one mistake on the board. “He, She, It” not “I” in the second example, right?

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well I think this is kinda easy to practice and understand, but the hardest thing we usually face when we have to talk with native speakers is understanding their QUESTIONS, native speakers usually tend to ask questions very fast and in a different way. I really hope you make a video on this, and you explain it all in depth and width. Thank You Ronnie :*

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Thank you so much….good lesson and great teacher..

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hello everyone
I want to practice with you English speaking if you like send to me request friend on Skype

My mail on skype : azooom24

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    i like to practice with you

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i come with havta or not
you write it is mistake

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Useful lesson.I always confused and now i know the rules.Thanks Ronnie.

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think you,Ronnie.

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Thanks Ronnie , very useful

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Thanks a lot!!!

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Good and very useful lesson! Thank you a lot. 10 minutes went very quickly)

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I liked this lesson!

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Thank you teacher. You teached clearly and slowly to let us learn a lot.

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thank you)

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Thanks Ronnie, This so useful, when we’re gonna speak…

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Thanks for this useful lecture, but I think you missed “T” when you explained ( it havta) is wrong >>>you wrote it (I havta), which it is right.
please check it and tell me,
thank you bye.

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    I realized the same thing about this, maybe Ronnie did it on purpose in order to check our knowledge :)
    Thank you Ronnie, as usual you have been great!

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      * you has been great!Sorry for my mistake.

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        you didn’t make a mistake !! The right sentence is you have been great NOT has been great

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          Hi Reemass,
          You have a point my friend!
          Now, sorry for my mistake about my fake mistake :)

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thanks you dear teacher Ronnie!

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Hello! Teacher can you help me ? I don’t past continuous and past simple.
please check it and tell me,
thank you teacher

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Thank you so much! Ronnie, you’re a “Master of the Craft”. It’s easier to learn when it’s funny.

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Thank you kindly Milsdy Ronnie;
very nice lesson indeed. I pay my respect to you. H

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I fine this vido 2 lesson it,s nice & nice

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You’re great! Thanks

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It’s correct to write this sentence:

I havta go to the bathroom.


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Hey, i am so happy to joint your vision and would like to learn from all of you guys.

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thanx alooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

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Ronnie, You’re the best one! Tks

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Wonderful! Thank you Ronnie.

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You are wonderful and the easy way you explain everything is amazing and fun, thanks.

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thanks a lot for this class ronnie, i havta practice this lesson a little bit more. :)

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thanks for all these lessons

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Great Lesson! Thanks Ronnie

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very nice

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We can’t thank you enough Ronnie for your lovely lessons.Could you please give us a lecture about contraction tenses words spoken English like would had etc ?

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Hello, Ronnie, please, what about gotta (have to)? Isn’t it being used anymore?

Profile photo of Alexandre Justino Alexandre Justino

    I believe it still being used, but as “got to”:
    I’ve gotta go home (urgent, something top priority)
    I havta go home (when you want to aware some one about something you must do, but is not that urgent)
    I hope I explained right, it’s just something that always felt to me to have this meaning. If I’m wrong, could someone please explain it in a better way? Thanks :D

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Hi Ronni ,thank u for the great lesson !
I’d like to ask you about a formal writing.is’t ok to write “gonna ,wantsta..” in IELTS writing test or it’s just for informal talking ?
thanks a lot :)

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thanks you teacher
ismail & nigar

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Lesson has nicely done. Thanks Ronnie your tichers skills very impressed me.

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thinks a lot for inf

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    thanks not thinks
    I’m sorry that is my mistake

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Fun and educational as always. Thanks you Ronnie.

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gd teacher ever ;)

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I don’t like to use reduction forms. I have to try a lot.

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I wanna to learn more and Ronnie wantsta to teach us. We are a good team indded! Amazing Teacher

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Sorry to say, but I am confusing with second mistakes. Did you missed letter t in It?

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Good lesson, I´ll practice

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Very Useful lesson, thanks!

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I got 90%

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Thank you, Ronnie

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Aslo, I noticed that native speakers don’t speak the last letter if it was “t” or “r” like in “what ever” >>> pleaaaaaaaaaase we need a lesson for it pleaaaaaase

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Thanks, Ronnie <3!

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Tnanks Ronnie,it is very helpful to me。

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Thank you Ronnie for this lesson .

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wow, my score was 100. I’m very happy, that was my first trial. Thanks Ronnie for this lesson.

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It is the best page I have found so far. From Colombia, thank you so much :D

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Thank you,Ronnie.It is so useful.

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thanks a lot ,i wanna more lesions like this.

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    sorry i mean lessons

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exciting and it really helpful..
Thank you

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I’m gonna get chocolates for you .
Thanks for the tutorial.

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It’s very helpful lesson. I often heared those words in songs and movies)Thank you Ronnie)

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Good lesson very cognitive! thank you Ronnie! you are the best!

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Thanks Ronnie plz make more reduction and slang videos

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Ronnie I have a question, please.
In this question: “We havta finish this quiz”
Dont I need the verb to be?

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Really thanks roomy

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Ronnie thanks a lot! I really like ur way that u use to teach:))

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great lesson :)

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Hi Ronnie.
Big Fan of urs….the way u teach is superb.
Would u please let me know how to say the word “The” bcoz i have seen people saying Theee and Thuh… confusing isn’t it? ;)

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hello Ronnie : you are so wonderful ! but ther is one thing I do’nt understand : if we use the verb “Go” to the simple present : ” I go, he goes” why can’t we use ” i gonna or he gosta” ? the exemple you give it is for “g” to the present continuous, but if we use “go” in simple present ? thank you in advance

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    For exemple in the phrase : “frankie goes to hollywood” we have to say : “frankie gosta hollywood” no ????

    Profile photo of lybbie lybbie

      sorry, in my questions i wanted to say “he gonna” not “gosta” very sorry…

      Profile photo of lybbie lybbie

thank you

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You are a great teacher!

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Thank you Ronni , it is very good lesson , I’ll keep it well in my mind .

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Big thanks for that

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Thanks for lesson. I’m starting to learn. bye.

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Thank you a lot!

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    Hi ajjya,
    I hope you are doing well
    We can talk together on Skype to be more native speakers
    thank u for ur time

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but how to reduce word “will” ? Sometime they reduce that word when they had a chat with me.

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Thanks Ronnie….

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Excellent lesson.

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hi, Ronnie.
You’re best of the best teacher!

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Thanks Ronnie ! its been very helpful !!

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it gives help :)

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Thank you, dear Ronnie!
We love you!
God bless you! :)

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Hi Ms Ronnie,
Many thanks to you about all of your lessons
By the way
Happy Mother’s Day

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Thank you very much

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Thanks, Is the best thing is when you give a time to answer, It seems the class is only for me.

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I am Beginner.thankyou.

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thanks for the class

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hi Ronnie would you like to teach me on skype it would be better way i want to learn English specially i have to improve my speaking. i want to become a good person . only i lack of speaking i shall be thankful to you
this is my skype ID “ahmer.xain”you can send me request

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aww. thank you

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it’s very useful!!! Thank you :)

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Maervelous and Great Lesson

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Thank you for teach English.
Make me understand English more than

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Thank you

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Thank you Ronnie.

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Thank you Ronnie. You are a good teacher! I liked too much!

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thankyou very much for very nice lesson

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thanks Ronnie, i didnt know about “havta or hasta”……

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Thank you for this quiz…so helpful for me.

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Thank you Ronnie.

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Thank you very much.

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Thank you very much for the lesson.

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Very interesting lesson. And you’re funny. Thanks!

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thank you very much.it was very nice :)

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Thanks Ronnie. Your lesson very helpful. It twist my tongue while I’m practicing it :D

Thanks again.

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Great lesson Teacher!!!

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Ronnie when you say ” Do you wanna beer?” spoken I think It’s ok but written is that right?, because it should be wanna + verb.

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I used to do some mistakes. Now I will avoid them ;)

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Thanks a lot Dear Ronnie

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why there is no email, more than 12 teachers but no one of you guys put his or her email .

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Thank you teacher

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Great lesson Ronnie, I love your videos. They are very funny and you are awesome. I’m a big fan of yours. I’m obsessed with languages. I try to study every day. I love it.

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I wanna learn with you!!!!

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Thanks for your useful lecture. Until next time, toodles. Anyway, what does ‘toodles’ mean?

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thankyou very much for lesson

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Thanks Ronny… You are the best… I havta tell you xD

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Thanks Ronny… You are the best… I havta tell you xDti

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great leason would be great if you could explain us more reduction words are very usefull

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Ronnie is very funny! I love her lessons!

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We need conversation or write with the people all time because is very important practice.
thanks Adams

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Hello, Whats up?!

I’m Luccas Santtana from São Paulo – Brazil, and I’d like to make friends to practice english.

Feel free to add me on SKYPE: luccas.santtana .

We can type a little (while I’m working), or have a conversation :) !

See you on SKYPE!

Luccas Santtana

SKYPENAME: luccas.santtana

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You’ve lost a t letter in secend mistake. it not i

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Thank you ronny . I am new student and you are the best

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Well done! Superb lesson!

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Perfect! It was very heplful. :)

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Interesting. Thanks!

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hello, this is my first quiz, i’m happy for do it well. thank you. I’m gonna to be a lot a time here.. thanks again.

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Havta and wansta were new to me. Thanks Ronnie

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Havta and wantsta were new to me. Thanks Ronnie

Profile photo of Tomxtxt Tomxtxt

Thanks Ronnie! Your lesson is awesome as usual! I’ve never heard about “wantsta” – I know about “wanna” and other reductions mostly from songs, but there is a lot of “he/she wanna” :)

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Thanks Ronnie!
I love your lessons and your funny gestures while teaching as well!
I ‘m gonna use your tips to become more fluent….

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I am a teacher can you help me improving my teaching skills.merci d’avance.

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I got 100, thank youu ronnie

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Perfect! It was very helpful. I like You :-)

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Dear Ronnie,
I’m very impressed as you perform video lesson. No dout that you are the best that I’ve ever seem.
Thank you for such kidness and ability.

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Thanks a lot for every teachers of engVid.com. Thank you very much. best-engVid.com

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100%, it is useful. Tks Ronnie

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It helps me alot. I am thanksfull to Ronnie. Ronnie you impress me alot

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ty, i got 8/10. not bad.

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Thank you! You better teacher

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Thanks Ronnie for this great class, but I think I’ve found a little mistake on the board: in your second set of examples of mistakes, I suppose that the pronoun “I” was written down by mistake…shouldn’t it be the pronoun “tit” instead? Otherwise, ” I havta” would be correct…

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I’d to type “it” instead of “tit”…sorry, my mistake now. LOL

Profile photo of wilson.med33 wilson.med33

Really helpful lessons, thanks

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Thank you very much

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Dear Ms.Ronnie,
thank you kindly, it has been an interresting lesson. I should like to wish you and your family a nice happy Easter. I pay my respect to you wonderful Prof. H

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Thank you Ronnie, very good teacher.

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oh my god
u’re amazng
thank you a lot
i understood everything what you said

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thanks for all i like all of the person

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Clear and funny lesson, Ronnie. I had to check the word ‘toodles’. A brand new (old) word. Thanks a lot.

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Excellent, teacher. Thanks for this useful lesson

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miss ronni pls is it true
i do research about your company and i found it one of the most biggest companies in middle east , it is a big honor to work with you .
i do a higher studies in ain shams university about financial accounting beside my work , I feel will be a great benefit to your company too , i also have experience of selling field i was in charge of two brands , responsible for 6 employees ,dealt with many problems and solve all of them.

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Awesome, Ronnie! I didn’t know about the reduction “havta” either “hasta”. “Wanna” and “gonna” I knew it.

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thanks misss ronnie

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Where is the correct use of word “stuff” as a slang and normally?

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What is the difference between “hafta” and “havta”?

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You rock Ronnie!!! =D

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thank you

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you’re the best Ronnie

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So cool lesion. But is there any audio/video using these one to learn?

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Thanks Ronnie, I’m clearly know this now

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thanks Ronnie i got a perfect score..!!

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It was very usefull!

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9/10.Reduction in sentences it’s important to understand natives speaking. But, I try to avoid speaking like that, because if you don’t speak fluently this reductions will sound weird.

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This lesson was awesome for me. I had a big doubt about this words.

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This lesson was great!!!You are teaching in a so natural manner…it is really a wonderful way to teach English;I discovered you by watching your videos on the British Council website and I immediately told to myself that you were the best teacher I had ever heard for many years…Thank you very much for this extraordinary lesson;best regards,renardedudesert

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We can help each other

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I like so much this lesson … This details will help me a lot when I talk with a native. Thanks doll :)

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Finally, I notice when you were explaining the mistakes with the have to/has to, you mentioned the third person case but wrote “I” instead “it”. Not a big deal to me but probably to other.

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And also “wansta” =)

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So cool!! I’m gonna go to try more and more, every time.
I’d like understand better the it uses ponctuation, it’s complicated! May you help me.

Profile photo of Rosemaryoliveira Rosemaryoliveira

Thx :)

Profile photo of CesurKondom CesurKondom

Hi Ronnie, I’m afraid there’s a mistake in 5:50.
You said:
(You can’t say: “He, she or I havta”)

Otherwise perfect as always. Thank you very much.

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Actually, You have great talent to don’t make us boring.

Profile photo of Ryutarou Yamazaki Ryutarou Yamazaki

Good lesson, Ronnie.
I’m gonna learn more.

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hello everyone
I want to practice with you English speaking if you like send to me request friend on Skype

My mail on skype : ferci.sami

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Ronnie youre really hot, i wanna meet you :)

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Great lesson thank you 🙏🏻♥️

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