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It suited me.

Profile photo of mrduongdaihiep mrduongdaihiep

    Hi there! The lesson suit me fine too Mr.Duong.

    Although learning vocabulary is not my strong suit, today’s lesson was the exception that proves the rule AND it was thanks to James.

    This lesson is suited to anyone who wants to learn new expressions in a humorous context.

    Many thanks for this awesome lesson James.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

Ciao, James:)

Profile photo of byte byte

10/10 thank you very much ,it was so useful and have fun.

Profile photo of Khaleed Khaleed

Thank you so much James!! This is a wow lesson!!

Profile photo of ilfabri1966 ilfabri1966

Hello, first i would like to thank all of you” Engvid staff”… you have been really helpful..I just got my Ielts result..I got 6.5 .. I am not surprised because I was expecting this good result thanks to your help & support…I wish you all good luck. :)

Profile photo of asmaasaad14 asmaasaad14

interesting video, thanks James

Profile photo of rouak rouak

Thank you James YOU are the best
I got 10/10

Profile photo of Kayrat.Medeshov Kayrat.Medeshov

Thank you very much, it was really useful

Profile photo of Lanoisapollon Lanoisapollon

It suits me fine.
Many thanks!

Profile photo of marinella63 marinella63

this video it’s easier to understand thanks!

Profile photo of jonathan2015 jonathan2015

This class was too useful.

Profile photo of ubiracy ubiracy

pls,which one is correct, How wonderful that movie was!or how wonderful was that movie! and why thank you

Profile photo of black ibra black ibra

Interesting lesson :) Thank you, James!

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

James, this lesson does not work. It was impossible to watch it at the NET???

Profile photo of CREBIO CREBIO

hi james,
this lesson was interesting 100%, i’ll share with my coworkers this monday.

Profile photo of edu43 edu43

Sorry James, but this lesson is not important for us because we are not going to use it daily. You should think something more useful to teach us!!

Profile photo of CREBIO CREBIO

    This lessons it’s very useful to the people who actually have in their workplace some english speakers, don’t be a stupid.

    Profile photo of Richard Wollyce Richard Wollyce

Love the lesson! Thx James

Profile photo of 247H 247H

I got 80%/100% that’s what I have seen myself going a head.

Profile photo of Hamid Yousif Hamid Yousif

I like all your vids.. I am happy learning..

Profile photo of lurselle.cris23 lurselle.cris23

This lesson suits me
thanks James

Profile photo of haferlin haferlin

That’s useful. Thanks a lot

Profile photo of AdnanANouf AdnanANouf

i am suited up :)

Profile photo of moip moip

Very interesting Lesson, I learned much by seeing this video, I will never say to you “Suit yourself” because I wanna have English as strong suit.
Thank you James.

Profile photo of madis0000 madis0000

Thank you, James.

Profile photo of Viktor Viktor

Thank you, james.

Profile photo of Miglez Miglez

Thanks James, very good. But please, don’t use again this Batman suit. It doesn’t suit you… Just kidding (or not), lol

Profile photo of Bergvolk Bergvolk

Thank you James. I like the way you teach. It suits me to know how to use them in different occasions.
And You make learning so fun and easy. I really enjoy it. Looking forward to next class :)

Profile photo of Kate.C Kate.C

very great lesson, I really enjoy the way you act, so cool. tnx james.

Profile photo of shadow shadow

Thank you teacher James. :) I got 100%
This is a great lesson I have learned many new things. So useful So fun ^^

Profile photo of czech czech

thank you James! it was awesome lesson. it suits me.

Profile photo of Daniar Daniar

Thanks James .

Profile photo of Gabriel Michael Gabriel Michael

awesome lesson for me

Profile photo of PROteen PROteen

10/10 Today you look very British, Mr. James!?? Or, may I call you, Mr. Bruce James Wayne. The truth is, that suits you very well Sir. Thank you Mr. E. now, can you serve the tea, please, because I am late to the Batman night shift, which will begin very soon, and I still need to put my monkey suit.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

that was great 9/10 thanks Mr.James

Profile photo of maya77 maya77

Hi James,
I loved your version of Batman. Beautiful approach on the subject, very complete, accurate, well done. Great ! And Thanks,
All the Best. Bye

Profile photo of Del Carmen Del Carmen

I didn’nt watch the lesson, i got 4 lols

Profile photo of Nette13 Nette13

You got 10 correct out of 10.

Many Thanks

Profile photo of NaNa NaNa

i suits me. thanks!!))

Profile photo of turalrahimli turalrahimli

This attire suits you perfectly :)I am not talking about batman attire ;)Just teasing you James.Even that one suits you properly.Thanks for this amazing video on suit idioms and expressions.

Profile photo of TEJALKK TEJALKK

Very interesting lesson. I don’t like wearing monkey souit. But this lesson suited me. 10/10 correct.

Profile photo of Danddan Danddan

    #monkey suit

    Profile photo of Danddan Danddan

100 thank you james nice perfomance.

Profile photo of rominabz97 rominabz97

If English is my strong suit,I won’t be an empty suit.If I’m not an empty suit, I’ll suit the company.

Profile photo of Fidan Aliyeva Fidan Aliyeva

Thanks james

Profile photo of Miguel Jimenéz Agudelo Miguel Jimenéz Agudelo

Thanks, suitable lesson!

Profile photo of carlos 2138 carlos 2138

There is wrong button on your vest ))
Thanks for the lesson

Profile photo of Marmaza Marmaza

hi,why can I see the video? my goverment?

Profile photo of wangyuqing wangyuqing

    hahaha, look at you

    Profile photo of Richard Yen Richard Yen

Thank you James! 10/10.

Profile photo of WesleyCruaia WesleyCruaia

thanks, suitable lesson!

Profile photo of hieple hieple

EngVid suits me.

Profile photo of Richard Yen Richard Yen

thanks, james

Profile photo of kuroro lucifer kuroro lucifer

still i didnt understand the mean idea suit

Profile photo of Saide Cebo Saide Cebo

wow i love the way you teach us , thank you sir

Profile photo of Shetzynoer Shetzynoer

Grazie mille (Y)

Profile photo of hazemmostafa hazemmostafa

Thank so much James.

Profile photo of marbeck marbeck

Incredible. Thank you James!

Profile photo of Finn Seah Finn Seah

is there anybody who wants to practice English with me? this is my skype Krloz095 . bye

Profile photo of Charless Charless

    thanks, james

    Profile photo of Joannewu Joannewu

10/10 Very interesting to learn Enlgish with these videos and your lessons James Thx

Profile photo of Reynald Reynald

Thanks Mr. James
This lesson strong suits me haha.

Profile photo of jaden83 jaden83

Got 8/10, thanks James. Teaching suit you.

Profile photo of Marini2 Marini2

Thanks James.

Profile photo of allgreen allgreen

i like the way u talk^_^ #funny
and awesome lesson #thanks

Profile photo of Ahmed yakot Ahmed yakot

I got 10 correct out of 10, this lesson suit me, I didn’t know idioms for “suit”. James always particular way teach us. Thanks you so much, you are the best.

Profile photo of sanosuken sanosuken

Thanks James! This lesson suit me.

Profile photo of Ana Paula Silva Carvalho Ana Paula Silva Carvalho

just awesome
i love learning english with all engVid Teachers.
we don’t have any native english speaker teacher in iran !
so i enjoy learnig this way.
thank you all

Profile photo of Mohsen Barati Mohsen Barati

Hi james.Thanks .i didn’t even hear about these idioms.Ur lesson is very knowledgable for me.Thanks

Profile photo of jyotiNijjar jyotiNijjar

Dear Mr.James
Thank you kindly, very nice lesson indeed. I do love your teaching, speaking and joking. Sir, I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to let me have a lesson on Cleft-Sentences. It is a very hard argument and I always made some mistakes. Seneca said,”Errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum.”
Please accept my deepest apologies for disturbing you. I pay my respect to you, Sir. James. H

Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson

You are the best teacher I’ve ever had!

Profile photo of rin.ram rin.ram

Mr James it is a pleasure meet you, I like so much your videos! We can learn with a big smile in our face and actually enjoy the lesson. Your method really works :) thank you very much!

Profile photo of sunshine9065 sunshine9065

Thank u for that perfect and funny lesson. I want to add 2 things…1.follow suit – to do as someone else has done – for ex. He went to bed and I followed suit….. 2. Suit(someone) down to the ground — to suit perfectly.. fr ex. That arrangement suit me down to the ground…..

Profile photo of cagan cagan

What a lesson! It suits everyone.

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi

THX James you’re the best

Profile photo of gregukmansfield gregukmansfield

thanks James for your efforts teaching english is your strong suit :D

Profile photo of muhammad sami muhammad sami

cool,I really enjoyed it.u’re perfect

Profile photo of armita armita

Awesome class!

Profile photo of HsiaoWen HsiaoWen

Thank you James )) you are very funny !

Profile photo of Nodya Nodya

I enjoyed that lesson ,I really like your way in teaching thank you ^.^

Profile photo of sakura sakura

Thank you,James!

Profile photo of Paulina Paulina

very useful and easy to understand.

Profile photo of poo poo

thank you, very nice and useful lesson

Profile photo of ismailenglish ismailenglish

terrific! thank you james!

Profile photo of biglorenzo17 biglorenzo17

Thank you.

Profile photo of maanRhabeeb maanRhabeeb

“all the way” how to use this? i think there’s two meanings. And “Way” other expressions. thanks James

Profile photo of Joseph Anthony Joseph Anthony

I like how you teach. You are so funny.

Profile photo of AtiAlvandi AtiAlvandi

your lessons suit me james, lol.

Profile photo of nosair nosair

Thanks James

Profile photo of said.zahrani said.zahrani

Professor James i got 10/10 Loved this lesson!! don´t forget to be Batman!! Batman helped me at this lesson!

Thank James and Bye Mr.E!! =)

Profile photo of JPFlorentinoMattos JPFlorentinoMattos

it suits me… that course was very useful thank you mister james.. I like your way of teaching.. continue (y)

Profile photo of meriem35 meriem35

Lesson is really cool. Thanks, James!)

Profile photo of sanitospacos sanitospacos

10 correct out of 10!
Tell me that it’s my strong suit!))
Thank you,Mr.James!

Profile photo of Syny4ka Syny4ka

you have strong suit this job man go on ;)

Profile photo of emsrdar emsrdar

It’s a good idea that there are some related questions in the end of lesson, thanks.

Profile photo of Maliban Maliban

😜Great one

Profile photo of SmartNick SmartNick

Yes! I got a perfect score!!!… thanks james…

Profile photo of Ryan18 Ryan18

Thank you James! Your lessons are very interesting and funny=)

Profile photo of Sveta2015 Sveta2015

Hey james could you please explain me the meaning of rhetoric or rhetorically speaking . i can’t understand its really confusing.

Profile photo of akash soni akash soni

I like tis video! It’s suits me ^^

Profile photo of AlinkaSalatun AlinkaSalatun

thank you james

Profile photo of eoma eoma

OMG! So good lesson! That suited me for sure!! thanks James!

Profile photo of Cristiana Titi Cristiana Titi

But I thought this video advanced and not intermediate…

Profile photo of Cristiana Titi Cristiana Titi

It’s about a time to make tests harder.

Profile photo of Alex Alex

10/10 ta!
this lesson suits me as noth
ing else shall do it!

Profile photo of YaoKomenanParfait YaoKomenanParfait


    Profile photo of YaoKomenanParfait YaoKomenanParfait

HI James… The guy you’re talking about is Ted Mosby and marshal Ericson.. Nice video men…

Profile photo of Victory20 Victory20

I watched this lesson two times. It’s great. But I have forgotten some idioms after first watching (1 month ago).
Many thanks, James!

Profile photo of Vitalii UA Vitalii UA

Hi, James! Thank you alot for your teaching me. It is your strong suit. The lesson suits me. I like it very muc

Profile photo of Zulyalya Zulyalya

I got 100 , thie website suits me 😊

Profile photo of khalidbaksh khalidbaksh

this lesson is suits me
get 100%
thanks a lot

Profile photo of Gehan Adel Gehan Adel

i got 100 out of 10
THank you james

Profile photo of sam sam

You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank you.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Thank you james

Profile photo of sono ariel sono ariel

10/10, thanks James

Profile photo of Arlindus Arlindus
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