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Does a silent "e" at the end of a syllable usually mark a long or short vowel sound?

When a silent "e" comes after a word ending in "th", the "th" sound:

In the word "not", is the vowel sound long or short?

In the word "rate", is the vowel sound long or short?

In the word "huge", is the vowel sound long or short?

In the word "cute", is the vowel sound long or short?

In the word "fat", is the vowel sound long or short?

In the word "bath", does the "th" vibrate or not?

In the word "clothe", does the "th" vibrate or not?

In the word "loathe", does the "th" vibrate or not?

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Good good good! so good!

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

Thanks James, I easly got it!

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

thanks james

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

Great lesson Mr. J ^___^

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

Thanks James :)

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

I like the special marker

Wednesday, March 20th 2013


    Saturday, March 1st 2014

Great lesson

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

thanks james.nice lesson

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

thanks for you lessons

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

” You got 10 correct out of 10 ” thanks :))

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

Thank you teacher, each day I learn more.

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

Very useful lesson. Now I am enjoying learning English and eagerly wait for each and every new lesson uploaded on this site.

Thank you team Engvid :)

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

Thank you, James!

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

Thanks, James.

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

Thanks for your fun lesson. It’s a huge lesson:)

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

    it is a great lesson not a huge

    Wednesday, March 20th 2013

VERY Very very good lesson, Tanks James keep going on this sort of lesson
thanks again

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

I reely like this lesson! thank you James

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

ALthough, I got 10 correct out of 10, this class is confuse.

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

Excellent lesson!

Wednesday, March 20th 2013


Thursday, March 21st 2013

extremly useful! Thanks James

Thursday, March 21st 2013

Yes, useful lesson,thanks

Thursday, March 21st 2013

Thank you so much It was so useful Lesson! I learned it.

Thursday, March 21st 2013

i like how the way you teach us! i was easy to understand and you made sure us,if actually pronunciation is easy to learn..

Thursday, March 21st 2013

100% It was easy and funny, thanks a lot James

Thursday, March 21st 2013

yes, very good.

Thursday, March 21st 2013

very good lesson

Hey Mr.E how r u doing
now i wanna know more about sounds of soft and hard g and c.

Thursday, March 21st 2013

Thanks Mrs ,you are an awesome teacher …

Thursday, March 21st 2013

    Sorry I mean Mr

    Thursday, March 21st 2013

One mistake. not bad!

Thursday, March 21st 2013

Thanks! My english is getting well, i think.

Thursday, March 21st 2013

thank you mr.james you are the best
I want to practic english
my level is intermediate
skype : hamzawi.77

Thursday, March 21st 2013

Outstanding lesson Mr. E.

Thursday, March 21st 2013

Hey James! What a great lesson! Thanks!

Thursday, March 21st 2013

Thanks James

Thursday, March 21st 2013

thank you I like

Thursday, March 21st 2013

thank you very much

Thursday, March 21st 2013

just fantastic

Thursday, March 21st 2013

Thanks for your kind help.

Thursday, March 21st 2013

As you implied : I prevented from more than one ‘ conversation ‘ when I was studying, so I am able to milk up what you were teaching. Thank you for your kindness.

Friday, March 22nd 2013

HI JAMES!!! I am Russian!!! BUt I do adore when u are laughing and making fun!!! DONT BE SERIOUS!!! HEHEHEH NICE LESSON!!! THE BEST TEACHER EVER!!! :)))))))))))))

Friday, March 22nd 2013

I like good lessons… like this… Thanks, James for this useful lesson

Friday, March 22nd 2013

hi James..you are doing really good job..carry on bro…and advice how can i do my English actually my problem i am from India my languages is Punjabi .suppose i gonna to speck with someone firs i per par English in my mind then translation English to Punjabi for conformation ..this this good idea or not i think i am dong something wrong because it’s not support me to spill out English through my mouth

Friday, March 22nd 2013

    Hi Yadvinder,

    being Punjabi, MTI make it so difficult to learn English to make it natural to use in daily life. Best thing you can do is to watch English movies and Dramas to see how people use English in their daily life. Translating from Punjabi to English is not too good idea as it will make you a poor English speaker. But You don’t need to translate from Punjabi to English always in your head if watch English language used in same situation in a movie or drama. Also I would suggest one other your tube channel “Learnex – English lessons through Hindi”. Learning is always comes better if it is learned in a language which you best known to. I know you have heard people saying that learning English via Hindi is not batter than learning English in English. But this channel will take your English learning and vocabulary at fast pace.

    Saturday, June 6th 2020

Wow, James, I’ve been learning English for a long time, but nobody has ever told me such a trick. Thanks!!!

Friday, March 22nd 2013

nice one, thanks James

Friday, March 22nd 2013

Mr. James: your lesson is usefull and make me smile, Thank You!

Friday, March 22nd 2013

You got 10 correct out of 10.

Saturday, March 23rd 2013


Saturday, March 23rd 2013

i wanna ask sumthin..
wen i see hollywood movies..i often get confuse with the usage of contractions..
some times they say –
1)I’d like to help you.
2)i’d done it.

now in both cases what does ” ‘d ” mean?

Sunday, March 24th 2013

    I created my account at EngVid just to answer your question.
    “I’d” is a fast way to write/talk “I had” or “I would”. To know what’s each one will depend of the context.

    Friday, June 14th 2013

Hi,I know this has nothing to do with this video. However, I’m hoping my concern will be addressed. Using prepositions in, on, and at is easier if we apply them in/on transportation, place and time. What I’m not really certain of, is using it in/on concepts. I.e. “On this marriage” or “In this marriage”? “On that issue” or “In that issue”? “In this situation” or “On that situation”? ” On that matter” or In that matter”?

Sunday, March 24th 2013

Nice lesson..see you

Sunday, March 24th 2013

Thank you Mr James

Sunday, March 24th 2013

I got 8 correct out of 10.
Thank you so much and keep up your wonderful job.

Sunday, March 24th 2013

Thank you! It’s funny and very usefull lesson.

Sunday, March 24th 2013

You have a good Russian accent! )

Monday, March 25th 2013

you’re so funny sir james.. i love the way how you teach.. godblessed you :)

Monday, March 25th 2013

Wow. I like your sense of humor :)

Tuesday, March 26th 2013

thx Mr.James U are great ^_^

Tuesday, March 26th 2013

thanks a lot for this lesson, James, and as a Russian I can say, most of us like your jokes:) :D

Tuesday, March 26th 2013

thanks a lot

Wednesday, March 27th 2013

Thank you James, a cute and informative lesson.
perfect and splendid performance as usual.

Wednesday, March 27th 2013

Thank you James. I’v got 7 out of 10. Why they said “You” got 10 out of 10?. Thank you again. Good lesson and very good teacher !

Thursday, March 28th 2013

Hi James Thanks for your interesting lesson…Could you explain how can I master the word “cause” and “wonder(especially in the middle of the phrase)” please? I reckon that It could be interesting as well! Take care

Friday, March 29th 2013

Thank you very much you are the best

Friday, March 29th 2013

Excellent lesson James, thanks!!!

Saturday, March 30th 2013

Thanks a lot.
You are funny and also good at teaching English.

Sunday, March 31st 2013

thank you for this videos
and please be more polite !

Sunday, March 31st 2013

dear James
If you could get some times and explaind these words for I would be really greatful. thanks

Monday, April 1st 2013

Great class! Can you training conversation….ad me: ni07oliver@hotmail.com

Monday, April 1st 2013

JAMES, you are the best!

Friday, April 5th 2013

Thanks for the lesson Mr. James.

Monday, April 8th 2013

It’s very good” James…thanks…

Monday, April 8th 2013

Thanks for the humorous lesson. Haha I actually wanted to know what the joke was.

Thursday, April 11th 2013

great class!!! please say the joke .It was really funny when you imitated a Russian speaking English .

Saturday, April 13th 2013

thank you,,,
:) you’re very funny

Monday, April 15th 2013

This was the best class that I have watched. Congratulations!!!!

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013

You make it fun.You’re a terrific teacher.=)

Thursday, April 25th 2013

I like it!

Saturday, April 27th 2013

    You are the funniest teacher:) really understandable!! thanks

    Thursday, April 17th 2014

great lesson

Monday, April 29th 2013

Again ,again,and again you are impressive
thanks a lot .

Sunday, May 5th 2013

Thanks for the lesson Mr. James.

Sunday, May 5th 2013

I got 6/10….:(

Sunday, May 12th 2013

Good teach

Thursday, May 16th 2013

I got 100 %. Thanks.

Friday, May 17th 2013

hi james, your lessons is awesome! i always watch your lesson ,but i want to have conversation with you if you don’t mind and how can meet and talk ahmed143482 skype if you have one please add me.

Friday, May 24th 2013

Thank you, James! Your lessons are extremely helpful for me!)

Thursday, June 13th 2013

Please, James, don’t be more serious in your lessons; be yourself.
You are a wonderful teacher with excellent memory tricks. Thank you

Wednesday, June 26th 2013

I got 100 marks in Quiz. Such a nice lesson.
Thanks James

Sunday, June 30th 2013


Friday, July 5th 2013

The end is wonderfull. Bravo. Thanks. Keep smile…:)

Sunday, July 21st 2013

I got 9/10 :) good lesson

Thursday, July 25th 2013

hi James, May Almighty God bless you with all the best things in world for such a great job that you are doing.

Friday, July 26th 2013

Very good with fun teaching , thank you James

Thursday, August 15th 2013

cool ;) i got it

Thursday, August 22nd 2013

100You got 10 correct out of 10.
:D……………..thank you so much!

Tuesday, September 17th 2013

thanks James. I love your course.

Tuesday, September 17th 2013


Monday, October 7th 2013

Thanks, James! I love your lessons!

Thursday, October 31st 2013

I should learn this lesson again!

Monday, November 25th 2013

Thanks Sir James, I got 60%

Wednesday, December 18th 2013

Great lesson! For us Brazilians, or at least me, it is very difficult to remember how to pronounce the “a” sound in a word, we like to make it sound like “e” all the time. :)

Wednesday, January 1st 2014

Good lesson

Wednesday, January 22nd 2014

thanks James

Sunday, February 2nd 2014

Could you point me out another websites for learning about this subject?

Sunday, February 2nd 2014

Thanks James, you are very good teacher!!!)))
Very useful lesson and funny!! =)))

Thursday, February 13th 2014

Mr James ,you’re a Genius.God bless you.

Monday, March 17th 2014

very interestin lessn! thanks teacher!!!

Sunday, April 27th 2014

Good lesson <3 , I like your teaching James thank you.

Saturday, May 10th 2014

It’s an interesting and useful lesson!

Thursday, May 22nd 2014

Thanks a lot James!

Friday, May 23rd 2014

Thank you ..
i learned so much.
you make your lesson funny that makes the topic more interesting.

p.s. keep up the good work sir :)

Sunday, June 1st 2014

Yayyyy I completed a quiz, as first time in my whole life

Friday, June 13th 2014

I need people for practice my FB is francis mota thanks

Thursday, June 19th 2014

thanks for those explanations… it was really helpful

Friday, June 20th 2014


Thursday, July 24th 2014

Thank you James.
Breathe: is also vibrated sound, isn’t it?

Wednesday, August 13th 2014

Thank you so much, this lesson is really useful :D

Saturday, October 18th 2014

Hi James! I Always love your class and your sense of humor.I usually watch your lessons with a big smile in my face… But, sometimes, I can’t understand all the sentence. It might be because you speak quick and in loud voice and you change it. However, taking advantage of the opportunity, you draw very well! I’m in love with Mr. E! :)

Wednesday, December 17th 2014

what is correct: you speak quick or quickly???
sorry, i don’t write well

Wednesday, December 17th 2014


Thursday, December 18th 2014

very helpfull

Sunday, January 25th 2015

I get 10 correct :D

Sunday, February 8th 2015

Thank you for the lesson!

Monday, March 2nd 2015


Saturday, March 7th 2015

THANKS James!~ Great videos!~

Sunday, April 26th 2015

Probably the most important pronunciation class for beginners, 感謝!

Monday, June 1st 2015

Great! I got it.. Thanks James!

Thursday, June 4th 2015

OK, but could you tell us what that joke was???!!!

Saturday, June 6th 2015

Hi James, thank you for the lesson

Tuesday, June 16th 2015

10/10 thank you James. I love your lessons.

Wednesday, June 17th 2015

Thanks for this fine first lesson for me on engVid

Thursday, July 9th 2015

Great end!!!! great video!!!!,
As a spanish speaker these type of videos, I found very helpful.
Thanks James

Sunday, July 12th 2015

Nice job

Thursday, October 22nd 2015

thank you James

Tuesday, December 8th 2015

Thanks James, really helped a lot :) i am getting gold :)

Saturday, December 12th 2015

This lesson will help me a lot. Thanks.

Wednesday, June 8th 2016

good lesson,thank you!

Friday, August 26th 2016

thanks for your lesson. it’s very helpfull

Thursday, September 8th 2016

L like the way you teach English!

Tuesday, November 8th 2016

really your loesons its so good.

Saturday, January 28th 2017

Not bad understanding of these concepts but they are news for me, we have learned a little more about short and long vowels with “The Magic E”, and some new vocabulary as loath and loathe, it’s the first time I have seen these words. A very good performance teacher James, you entertain us very well doing the English funny and amusing, and these listening classes are very useful as always. Thanks a lot.

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017

Oh nice lessons

Friday, August 18th 2017

Awesome lesson. Thankyou

Wednesday, August 30th 2017

I got 10 correct out of 10.
support me

Tuesday, September 12th 2017

You make me laugh a lot while learning from your lessons. Thank you

Friday, November 17th 2017

You got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you.

Wednesday, June 6th 2018

I love your videos. Thank you so much for your help. 🙌🏻

Saturday, June 23rd 2018

Hey James thanks for the lesson

Wednesday, September 5th 2018


Saturday, September 22nd 2018

Super lesson. made it very easy

Monday, February 4th 2019

Interesting and clever man.😉

Wednesday, March 6th 2019

Easy to understand your lesson. It’s really fun to learn from you. Keep it up!

Sunday, March 31st 2019

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