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Omg,yes its believable.I am happy..:)

Payal Chowdhury

Yeah, 100%!


Hi. Nice video. Are there any common phrasal verbs with “UPON”?


Hi, James
I’ve had so much fun learning with you. I appreciate the good examples you have explained to us. You’re the best teacher ever!
Thanks a lot.


I’m getting on with Farizi after not seeing each other for two months.


James, thanks for your time!
Would you speak louder, next time.
I listen the lessons in public transport it’s noisy.
It’s not your fault but it’s problem for me.


My my, you are the best, much obliged.


Also, remarkable results, we went from 360p videos to 4k!


thank you very much Mr.James

Aml Mounier

James, many thanks for the clear and reasonable explanation of how to apply the phrasal verbs and why English-speaking people use them. Got 10/10.

Leonid Ramzaev

Oh, James I haven’t seen your videos for ages because I was totally busy and couldn’t call off any of my meetings. But finally I cought this one! Brilliant as usuall. Short ans sweet!!!


I just want say thanks


80%. Thank you James!


Thanks James!


I called my meeting with my friend on Saturday in the evening. Because than, I made decision are going to the theatre and I need to dress up. I get on with my co-worker Ana. I invited her to go together She asked me look up about the play and follow up her, but I did not do it.For us the performance was very boring and dray on, but we move on and suffered to the end.


I got 100%

nighty boy

Great!100%!! I understand everything the first time with my poor English)) Thanks James!


    Hello im learning english as you in this wonderful site too and im looking for someone who’s interested to try a tandem with me, if it works it would be great, we can fit a meeting over zoom, i live in Germany and i want to improve my english. Because of quarentine i have more time to learn english but i want to start a tamdem with another english learners in order to improve speaking helping us each other. What do you mean???


James is a such amazing teacher, he always dress up his lessons. Funny and clever!

Diego Fontes

Thank you James!! Keep it up!


Thank you, teacher…!!

Jakub Alvarez

90% and wrong at number 9. your audio is not clearly, sometime is big sometime is small, so must to focus everytime listen it. if you don’t mind please drag your micro close up to your mouth. thank you

nguyen van long

Thank you for your suppot

basher adam alnor

I’ve already learned a lot of phrase preposition. But I still appreciate you for helping me go over it again. It’s helpful!

Jennifer Yuan

70% little bit sad


Hi Mr James,thanks a lot.
I am learning faster and better with you.


90% Thank you??

Aleena sunny

Good lesson Mr. James. Thank you


Many thanks for your support

Amani Kroe

Somebody wants to practice?




Thank you James.very useful


Negotiations have dragged on longer than expected.
We have to call off/put off the next meeting.
Yes, our deal depends on stock prices in heavy trading, could you follow it up?
Yes, I take it on.
We should go over our project again and dress it up a little bit.


Yeah 100%
Thank you very much for the lesson James.

Arijit Sen

Edd;” Hey Molly, I have a query, Are you and Tomas get on?.”
Molly; “What Tom is coming?! there’s no way that I’m going to go tomorrow, Sorry I’m calling off.”
Edd; “Oh come on! think it over!.”
Molly;” well, it depends on if James comes or not”.
EDD; “James is taking on a night shift in the hospital”.
Molly;” listen I’ll open up with you mate, we had a massive fight and didn’t move on up to now”.
Edd; “I see, we can fix it”.
Molly; “I’ll think it over and follow up with you later”.


Hi James
This is the best way to teach phrasal verbs.
Congratulations because this lesson is very clear and nice


couldn’t watch the videos,,,,sad


Hi james, Rodrigo from Cali-Colombia, I was wondering if you have some video about preposition ” along” , I was looking for it, but I couldn´t found it out


70%! Thank you very much James!!!


Hey, scientific American is not sci-fi !

Felipe mozza4

100% thanks james

Mosaad Gharbawy

awesome class


Tks in advanced> Very useful lesson!


I have to apologise to you Mr James, I have been busy through out last week so I have to Call Off my lesson even though I supposed to be done with my English by now but its keep Dragging On and I promised to Take On the lesson that I missed to Dress up my English speaking/writing.

Sign ofcross

Thank you so much, Mr. James.

Janie Wanli

Dear Mr James, could you support me please by marking and assessing my text (homework)?

Conversation containing at least four phrasal verbs :)

E: a couple of days ago, i met a beutiful russian girl and fell in love with her
We’ve fixed a date for yesterday but I had to call it off, because i got corona virus.
My brother called a doctor for me?

A friend of me: How are you feeling?

E: I’m fine, but I don’t know what might tomorrow happen,
It depends on, such a mix love and corona could be more dangerous, means my
doctor. He is looking it up and will go over
other similar cases, before he follows me up again to give
me more information about whether i should stay home or i should go to the hospital.


Thank you, teacher


hi, I got 90%, you are an excellent teacher.


Why this video are unavailable?
Not only this video a lot of them!

Fabio Bronzelli Pie

I got it


He is an excellent teacher .


Thank you very much James, a great lesson to improve prep meaning. I got 100.


Thank you for these wonderful videos. I got 10 out of 10:)


I got 90, not bad though.


thanks James… I like your teaching.. it has also some humor which makes your teaching interesting :)


You are a great teacher! Thank you!!!


Thank yoy James.
Somehow, the phrasal verbs become clearer for me. Indeed there is some logic . Very well explained.


Hi….I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis? My whatsapp number is +8801812788727. Thank you. Rasho.


Thank you Mr. James!


thank you Mr. James!it´s so easy to learn with you.


I need look over to “phrasal verbs” and get them up to my library…

By the way, why nobody didn’t drag us on to “dragon” jokes :/

Thank you James. We are taking on more study when you encourages us. <3


This is so helpful.


Thanks. James. I will do my homework. It is difficult for me to open up and discuss my problems freely even my native language. If I can not, I don’t get on with. Before I speak in English, I go over you video, I follow up with you. So I can participate English party without calling off.


Thanks a lot, James. I like the easy way to explain that matter that is not easy and commun for me. Definitely I need to do homework.


Top class James, like always.


SUPERB, I enjoy it!


Ihad to listen the lesson twice, finally Igot 100. thank you


I got a 9 and it’s alright this video helps me understand what phrasal verbs are and I’m able to look up more phrasal verbs in any informational site I could find, again thanks, sir.

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