Thanks Gil.
Like you, I think Queen Elizabeth was an admirable woman, respected by all. But as a Frenchman, I do not accept the monarchical system and I would surely also be seated at the end of the film…
I felt your emotion and I bow like all subjects and people around the world.
With friendship and respect.


What is really questionable is the power and the privileges they still keep. They should start from removing the royals from the coins, notes and stamps and put someone else that has really contributed to the society,science,culture… those people just do the minimum to keep a reputation and so to hold the power.


    Hi – I respect your opinion, but as I said in my talk, the Queen worked incredibly hard throughout her reign, travelling all over the world, doing diplomatic work, visiting companies, universities, schools, supporting charitable organisations, etc, so she did contribute a huge amount to society, science, culture, etc. She continued working to the end of her long life, whereas most people in the UK retire in their 60s. She was dedicated to doing the right thing for her country. There have been many monarchs who did very little for society, and even made things worse rather than better, but she wasn’t one of them. She also didn’t have absolute power – in our constitutional monarchy the king/queen has to go along with what Parliament decides. I hope this helps to clarify :-)


      Queen Elizabeth II’s reign brought incredibly huge benefits to the UK. Her Majesty endevaoured to maintain the stability in the UK throughout her life. As an understanding and humble character, she was all ears to people’s problems in order to figure out them. Her diligence led to a powerful, sovereign and promising country. My thoughts and prayers are with her! RIP Her Majesty!


      Well put Miss Gill, that is what makes England a beacon of the civilized world. Britain has guided the world on an incredible journey.


I am a Thai but I love the Queen, she is a lovely and great woman. May God have mercy on her soul. 🇹🇭❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿

Phasut Maoklang

Thanks, Gill for an interesting story.


Thank you for a good lesson Ms.Gill.


Hello, Gill!

I really liked your lesson; I thought it was very enlightening indeed.

It was very interesting hearing your comments about the reign of the queen.

Thank you for taking the time to spread this kind of knowledge, it is vital for us to learn who gave so much of her life to the service of others.



Seif Eldawla

i like watching your videos

MEBANI Abdelmalek
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