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Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz.
I catch the bus every day. I caught the bus yesterday. I have _____ the bus again today.

I write many emails every day. I wrote 50 emails yesterday. I have _____ 60 emails today.

I buy a loaf of bread every few days. I bought a loaf of bread two days ago. I have _______ another loaf of bread today.

You like to drive your car very fast! You _____ your car very fast yesterday.

You drove your car very fast yesterday. You have always ______ your car very fast.

She tells her children a bedtime story every night. She _______ her children a bedtime story an hour ago.

She told her children a bedtime story an hour ago. She has ________ her children a bedtime story every night for the past five years.

I forget my keys regularly. I _________ my keys yesterday.

I forgot my keys yesterday, and now I have ______ my keys again!

I see my friend every day. I saw my friend yesterday, and I have ________ my friend again today.

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Thanks Teacher Gill.
You teach me great lesson every time on Engvid.
You taught me history of British monarchy last week.
You have taught me really useful grammar lesson again.

Saturday, October 21st 2017

Thanks so much Gill!!
It was a very useful lesson to refresh the importance of the irregular verbs in English.
By the way, I only knew one pronunciation of “ate”, which is the one pronounced as the number eight, but I didn´t know about the other one.
Thanks again and cheers from Spain ;)

Saturday, October 21st 2017

Thnk u so much teacher Gill
You thought me very usefull lesson

Saturday, October 21st 2017

Thanks Gill, this lesson was great, I got 10/10..it’s very easy..

Saturday, October 21st 2017

Thank u

Saturday, October 21st 2017

In the question 10 the answer is “seeing” but in lesson was teach see/saw and seen! Please what’s correct?

Saturday, October 21st 2017

    Hi Ricardo! The correct answer to the test’s question #10 is “seen” not “seeing”. She taught correctly in the video.

    Sunday, October 22nd 2017

I got 10 out of 10. It seems to me very interested , because tenses make me very confuse.

Saturday, October 21st 2017

    very interesting, very confused

    Sunday, October 29th 2017

I got 10/10.Great lesson and excellent exercise.

Saturday, October 21st 2017

Thank you very much, Gill. You are a great teacher.

Saturday, October 21st 2017

Thanks teacher Gill!we,in my house in Brazil, love your classes!

Saturday, October 21st 2017

Some of these sentences sound me a little bit strange.
As I know, when we use time marker (today, yesterday, last, on in) we use simple past tense and not the present perfect time. This tense is used when the time is not exactly specified (just, ever, already, never, yet). Am I right?

Saturday, October 21st 2017

    Hi emo53 — thanks for your question. I’m not sure which one of those two tenses you mean in your final sentence, but with just, ever, etc we often use present perfect, eg ‘I have just cleaned the kitchen’, ‘Have you ever met a famous person?’, ‘I have already had lunch’, ‘He has never driven a car’ etc. I hope this helps to clarify :-)

    Monday, October 30th 2017

10/10. Thanks a lot Gill, I love your lessons!

Saturday, October 21st 2017

Hi teacher Gill, I like so much your lessons, you’re my favourite teacher. I have a question: I would like to know if the present perfect is a common tense in spoken language. Thank you and bye for now :-)

Saturday, October 21st 2017

    hi Violetta — thank you for your kind words :-) Yes, present perfect is used all the time in spoken English, so it’s a good one to practise! All the best with your studies.

    Monday, October 30th 2017

      Thanks a lot, teacher Gill.

      Monday, October 30th 2017

Thanks for all explanations!!

Saturday, October 21st 2017

Thank you, Gill! Great lesson!

Sunday, October 22nd 2017

It has been a good revision of the Irregular Verbs in general because there are some of them not so easier to remember and difficult to enunciate like brought, taught, bought and so on. The participles are sometimes the problem because how I know when to use learned or learnt and forgot or forgotten but we can learn a little more of Irregular Verbs in English with revision although there are more Irregular Verbs to learn. Thanks a lot, teacher Gill, a very entertained and amusing lesson about this topic of Irregular Verbs.

Sunday, October 22nd 2017

Thanks Gill! I like your lessons very much!

Sunday, October 22nd 2017

Hi Gill! I’d like to point out the difficulty I have with the correct pronunciation of “thought”, past of “think”, and “taught”, past of “teach”. They seem the same to me. :(

Sunday, October 22nd 2017

    My doubt is the same !

    Sunday, October 22nd 2017

    Hello Marcelo,
    It seems to be the same pronunciation, but they have a huge difference. “Thought is pronounced like the word “só”, but with the tong between your teeth, like “sóti”. The word “Taught” you say “tóti”. I wish I could help you.

    Sunday, October 22nd 2017

      Olá Adriano! Hi Adriano!
      Yes, it sure helped me! Thanks! :)

      Monday, October 23rd 2017

Thank you very much for lesson.

Sunday, October 22nd 2017

10\10 thank you!

Sunday, October 22nd 2017

Thank teacher Gill. Your classes are clear
Bye for now :)

Sunday, October 22nd 2017

Hi Gill! Good to hear from you again.

I liked the way you organized your class presentation.
Excellent review of irregular verb forms.

Pronunciation is also a bit of a problem with these verb forms,but how you dealt with it -in the video-was just great, killing two birds with one single stone.

Phenomenal! Thanks for sharing your valuable teaching experience with us Gill. I really love your video-lessons lessons.

P.S. No computer, no e-mail, no social networkings; that’s still very common among many people. But that’s something we need to learn how to bear with it.

Sunday, October 22nd 2017

I have learned a lot from you! Thank you so much!

Sunday, October 22nd 2017

Very good.Thanks

Sunday, October 22nd 2017

〝You got 10 correct out of 10.〞
Thank you teacher Gill.

Monday, October 23rd 2017

Thank you so much
very good teacher *-*

Monday, October 23rd 2017

Hi Gill. Yesterday I was thinking that to learn English with you was difficult, but today I think
that is very easy. May God bless you for all these lessons that you teach to us. Bye Domenico frome Latina Italy near Rome

Monday, October 23rd 2017

Hi Gill
I usually having problem with irregular verb, but not any more after watching this lesson

Monday, October 23rd 2017

I have done all right, thank you Gill.

Monday, October 23rd 2017

I’m very curious to check all lessons here,I’m new member and I think I will spend much time checking this website , I want to thank all people that participated in launching a site like this ang big thanks to Gill I came here cause of you I just watched some videos on YouTube and they were very useful to me

Monday, October 23rd 2017

i have learn from you again :)

Monday, October 23rd 2017

Gill, your lessons sounds very easy but very helpful to understand.I am always confuse about had+vpp, has/have +vpp, when to use it how to use it? can you please make a lesson for it?

Monday, October 23rd 2017

I got 10 out of 10 without watching the video

Tuesday, October 24th 2017

8/10 i’m humble :D

Tuesday, October 24th 2017

Thank you… I got a 90%

Wednesday, October 25th 2017

Thank Gill!!! Your lesson is very important for students.

Thursday, October 26th 2017

Tkanks Gill. I love your teach.

Thursday, October 26th 2017

I’ve liked very much of your lessons teacher Gill, you speak slowly and clearly.Thank you!

Thursday, October 26th 2017

Dear Gill,

Thank you very much for the lesson, it was great.

Sunday, October 29th 2017

skilled teacher. thank you.

Sunday, October 29th 2017

Thank you very much.

This lesson is very helpful.

You are a great teacher.

Thank you a lot.

Mahmoud, Egypt

Monday, October 30th 2017

That was very good lesson. I did it very happily…..
Thank You Ms Gill

Monday, October 30th 2017

Nice lesson, thanks a lot

Monday, October 30th 2017

even i loved your teaching that in my class exa i got full marks

Monday, October 30th 2017

thanks. That was very useful

Monday, October 30th 2017

10/10 ☺ Great lesson Gill. Thank you so much.

Monday, October 30th 2017

thank you very much I can say I have learned a lot today in class

Wednesday, November 1st 2017

    HI! there.:) Did you meant to say, ” Thank you, so much for the lesson Gill.
    Today, I finally can say that I have learned a lot from you”.


    Monday, March 19th 2018

thanks Gill, its very useful

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Hi Gill, its useful.Thanks.

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Thank you teacher Gill.

Friday, November 3rd 2017

Thanks Gill, 80/100

Monday, November 6th 2017

Thanks for the lesson.

Monday, November 6th 2017

thank you for the great lesson, teacher.

Wednesday, November 8th 2017

befor i didnt know well about this irregular past participles but now really iam happy for this lesson today thank you so much teacher

Wednesday, November 8th 2017

I got ten marks (;

Wednesday, November 8th 2017

    Did you meant to say, ” I got 10 right, or correct! ”


    Monday, March 19th 2018

thank teacher Jill for the great lesson.

Sunday, November 12th 2017

Thank you, Gill! :)

Sunday, November 12th 2017

thank you Gill

Monday, November 13th 2017

Thanks teacher!!

I’ve remembered irregular verbs. I’m in a good level. Allways is important to remember!!

Friday, November 17th 2017

thanks teacher! very good English lesson

Sunday, November 19th 2017

I think it’s a very difficult subjet. But you are so wonderful teAcher, you make it so simple that I have scored 100 %. Thank you so much my dear Gill

Sunday, November 19th 2017

Thanks Gill for your lesson. You are a great teacher and surenly you love teaching.Don’t you? I beg your pardon for the mistakes. My english is no yet strong.

Monday, November 20th 2017

Thanks a lot it was really really useful lesson almost three tenses in one present simple past simple and present perfect thanks again dear Gill

Tuesday, November 21st 2017

Hahahaha,so happy to get 10/10,YES!!!

Friday, November 24th 2017

10/10 !
It’s always interesting to do revisions…
Thanks !!!

Tuesday, November 28th 2017

10/10 !
Thanks a lot, Gill. I love your lessons.

Wednesday, November 29th 2017

Hi Gill, Thanks a lot for lesson.

Sunday, December 3rd 2017

    Did you meant to say, ” Hi! Gill. Thanks, for the amazing lesson”.


    Monday, March 19th 2018

Thank you …. it was very esy :) I mean …. quiz

Tuesday, December 5th 2017

Thank you very much teacher Gill

Friday, December 8th 2017

How helpful and useful explanation!
I will use it with my pupils.

Monday, December 11th 2017

Hi Gill thank you for your great lesson.
I want to sayfor example: I have had this book for many years?

Saturday, December 23rd 2017

Thank you Gill, great lesson

Friday, December 29th 2017

OMG (I got 10/10)
I have a lot to learn, you guys are the best >.<

Sunday, January 14th 2018

thank you teacher.I learned a lot today

Monday, January 15th 2018

Thank you!!!! :)

Thursday, February 1st 2018

I got 10 out of 10 :)

Saturday, February 3rd 2018

You got 10 correct out of 10.

Monday, February 19th 2018

really helpful lesson <3

Saturday, February 24th 2018

I got 10 correct out of 10 :)

Thank you so much Gill, I felt like I was at school for 25 minutes :))

I understand you when you explained the lesson, that’s very very important for me. You are wonderful teacher :*

Sunday, March 4th 2018

Thank you Gill

Sunday, March 4th 2018

It was a very good review. Many thanks, Gill!

Thursday, March 15th 2018

Dear: Gill,
Thanks, for the wonderful lesson; therefore, you are one of the best teachers online. You are funny, kind, and explain things very clearly for us to learn from you. Keep up the fabulous work!


Monday, March 19th 2018

By the way, I got 10/10 correct!


Monday, March 19th 2018

I got 10/10. I am very happy to test my self with this Quiz.


Sunday, March 25th 2018

9/10 I have made a mistake. Thank you dear Gill

Tuesday, April 17th 2018

Thank you Gill!

Tuesday, May 8th 2018

Thank you Gill.

Saturday, May 12th 2018

great job teacher

Monday, May 14th 2018

Thx for your lesson Gill, it is the great lesson!
In this sentence: “Yesterday, my girlfriend drank beer and she got drunk!” I know drunk is a Past Participle so, in this sentence, I guess it is Adjective right, Gill? First time I thought drunk is only Past Participle but after I check on Oxford Dic Online I know “drunk” is Adjective too! LOL!

Thursday, July 19th 2018

Thanks for the video

Tuesday, August 7th 2018

Thank you teacher for the video

Thursday, August 30th 2018

very easy

Thursday, September 13th 2018

Thanks, teacher Gill
question:- only in the present perfect tense past participle is used?

Wednesday, September 19th 2018

7/10 – disappointment

Tuesday, September 25th 2018

Thank you Jale for this great lesson. I have learned a lot today. So useful and beneficial. I am just wondering in which way we might use had; like had told you, like had called you or I had brought. Shall I use the word had for all past tenses or not?
Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Monday, November 19th 2018

Thank you very much, your the best teacher!

Monday, January 28th 2019

10/10 ten is the my first record. Thank you for teaching us.

Saturday, February 9th 2019

Thanks a lot Mrs. Gill.

Thursday, February 14th 2019

Thank you for this good revision.

Friday, March 15th 2019

I get 90. thanks teacher

Thursday, May 2nd 2019

I have got 10/10

Monday, May 20th 2019

thanks for clarity of concept.

Tuesday, July 16th 2019

thank you very much, very helpfull revision.

Sunday, November 24th 2019

10/10 great result

Sunday, December 8th 2019

Gill is my first and best lesson with Irregular Past Partuciles
It’s very nice to watch such lessons
Thank you very much for a great lesson
lovely woman :*

Sunday, January 19th 2020

Thank you Gill.

Friday, May 22nd 2020

10/10 You’re best one. I love your Youtube Channel, and love your accent. Thank you! Gill

Sunday, July 26th 2020

7/10 it’s more complicated than I thought :s, the next time I will better! Thank you Gill :)

Wednesday, August 5th 2020

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