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Hi Jill,
Many thanks
It’s very easy for me as an Arabic person to pronounce these words, that’s because the Arabic language is having these characters. So we can’t find any difficulties of the pronunciation.
Thanks again
Thank you

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    I think her name is Gill, not Jill! :3

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Pronuciation lesson is very nice , this certanly improve skills for listen the language
thank you Jill

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As a French, this lesson is useful and I’ll try to have an athletic tongue to pronounce these words. Thanks you (“cinq” you Gill).

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Thanks you! Mrs Gill :)

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Hi I speak Spanish that is my mother language and I’m in the progress to learning English every day Alone it’s say, for myself and if Anyone want to be one of my friends pues puede escribirme al facebook or you can write me on email: danielcamiloramirezcastro@gmail.com


It was quite basic, I need advance chapters on pronunciation.

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Thanks you so much, miss Gill

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Thanks Gill, I´m really jealous of your pronunciation ;)

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Thanks teacher Gill for this lesson. follow for the next!!!

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thousands of thanks ms.Gill for this lesson. Se you

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Thank you! Mrs.Jill I love your pronunciation by the way!

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Thank you Mrs.Jill, I got 80% I am happy with the lesson

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I still have difficulty in

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Hello all !
I’ve come back after a long time! Thank you dear teacher!

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in question 7 how’s it been three??

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    In question 7 there are only two words contains the ‘th’ sound Thank you & three .

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Hi! thanks a lot.

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It was perfect.
THank you soo much

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thank you

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Hello ! I enjoyed this tutorial bcoz i am not good in pronouncing th ..

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Thank you a lot.

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Thank you teacher.

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Thank you so much for shared your knowledge.

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thanks for the lesson, please i will like to know how ”TH” sounds in ‘the’

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Hi Gill, thx for your lesson! You are old but you are my fav teacher – a fantastic teacher! Have a nice day!

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Thank you

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Manby thanks Gill very productive lesson ;)

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Oh this lesson helped me so much. Many thanks dear Gill! :)

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Yea I got 10 out of 10! Th and Thr are not hard for me to pronunciation. I able to say this word. Thank you a lot Gill!

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hello. thanks a lo your lesson. that is very important for me. in my opinion, thr and th is very difficult for me, but now i can read the word which include th or thr .

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Dear Gill
Thank you for your nice teaching.
But I have a problem.
In this question you asked:
7. ‘Thank you for the three drinks.’
How many ‘th’ sounds (not including ‘thr’) are there in that sentence?
I answered one but the answer sheet says Two.
Only “thank” has ‘th’ sound. Which one is the other?
Do you mean “the” has the same sound as “thank”?

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It’s to difficult to spend it for who talk Russian language, but it still interesting and good to practise that every day. But, we need more examples i think.
Any way thank you for teaching and great idea for who make this site!

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thank you for lesson!

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Thank you Gill, This video was amazing for me. because always had problem with this pronunciation words.

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A very good lesson, Indeed.

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Thanks, Gill! I am 56 and my tongue is broken after all the th’s🤣😂😂🤣

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I just registered because of you Gill! I’m in awe with you. Greetings from Buenos Aires.

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