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SUPER! This is a perfect lesson for me, can you tape more videos like this one please, and one more thing can you talk about pairs, talking about pairs is to complicated for me, a pant is one piece, not a pair of pants “those are two pieces” Thank you so much.

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    Hi Gill, how’ve you been? In today’s lesson you touch upon two important aspects of pronunciation -word stress and sound reduction- that are seldom addressed by teachers in the language classroom.

    Thanks for sharing this resource list with us Gill. You did a great job.


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Hi teacher. thank you very much. helpful .

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It was very usefull for me. Thanks.

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PERfect, I dare say. Thanks a lot.

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Your speech is always a lot understandable. Your teaching is very clear and will be useful…
I am going to put much attention when I will talk about my CONsole or when I will have to conSOLE some my friend :)))
Take care Gill !
Bye to each guys that follow EngVid

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Thank you! Great.

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Hi teacher.this lesson is very helpful.thank you

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You were so perfect with this presentation!!..
thank you for this kind of lesson with your effort to forward us..
Really It is going to be very useful Mrs Gill!!…

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Super comprehensive. I’m glad you did this!

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    I agree with Alex. The explanation is incomparable.

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    Thanks Alex :-)

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Thanks a lot, Gill! Very useful lesson! :)

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Thank you so much, this lesson is very helpul. Great!!!!

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Thanks a lot Gill!!I´m really enTRANCED with your lessons. Your pronunciation is soooo good and clear :)
And….what about the words Offer and oFFER???As far as I´ve studied, it´s the same case, isn´t it???

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    Hi knopfler86 — thanks for your question. In fact the word ‘offer’ always has the stress on the first syllable, and can be used as a verb and a noun. The change of stress ‘phenomenon’ which I cover in the lesson doesn’t apply to every word, but only to a few particular ones.

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Thank you very much. Very helpful.

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That’s was great. Thanks for such an useful thing.

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Thank you Gill!!! It’s really useful. xxx

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Thank you, Gill. This was the matter I needed the most right now! It’s really helpful and comprehensive video lesson.

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I had 9 out of 10! I thought i was going to have a fewer score. Thanks for the lesson Teacher Gill!

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Where did you say is the document that con-TAINS this lesson?

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I alwais enjoy wathing your lessons. You explain very clear. They are free from stupid jokes. Also you attract me with high moral manners.

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    I alwais enjoy watching your lessons. You explain very clear. They are free from stupid jokes. Also you attract me with high moral manners.

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Very helpful lesson. Thank you!

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Gill is an excellent teacher.

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Thanks a lot.

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Hello Gill,
Simple understanding..

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thank you for your teaching

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I’ve been always missing the differences of them. A big thank to the instructor.

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Perfect! Thank you!

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i really like your lessons and your way Gill. I recommend your videos to my friends. thanks a lot :)

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The lesson is perfect but some words I can’t sound the different like ” import”

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Hello GILL ,
Thank you for this so useful lesson .
I’d like to know if a stressed syllable must be told only louder or louder and longer . Can you answer my question please ?
Thank , see you

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    Hi tsamp, and thanks for your question. The stressing of a syllable involves both a louder sound and a longer vowel, but the difference between this and the unstressed syllable is only slight. I think the combination of stressed and unstressed syllables happens in all languages. It’s like in musical rhythm, where some notes are stressed more strongly and some less strongly. I hope this helps :-)

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Great video Gill! It’s been helping me a lot. :)

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Best compliments, Gill.Thanks.

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Tks Gill!!! I loved it!

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The quality control worker in the factory picked up a _______ and threw it into the garbage.
what is the answer of this question, REF-use or RE-ject?
can you explain why RE-ject

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    REfuse is an idea thing while REject is generally a substantial thing. That is my memo to memorize the diffrence.
    In case of doubt the unpleasant action of consulting the dictinary remains the only available option.

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    I forgot to say Thanks to Mrs.Gill for this wonderful lesson, which was very useful for me.

    But still I couldn’t understand why we can not use REFUSE for above question of quiz….

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Thank you Gill

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Thanks a lot Gill… PER-fect explanation! Mariangela

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Thanks Gill, the lesson is really interesting and useful.
I have a doubt about the word Support.
A friend of mine told me the word Support is pronounced at the same way both as a noun and as a verb. Is that true?

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    Hi pier — thanks for your question. Yes, the word support is always stressed on the second syllable. Please see my answer to knopfler86 for more details :-)

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Thanks a million Madam!it was a nice lesson as usual, i think the pronunciation is so important to master in any language, sometimes we use some words in a wrong way which maybe gives a totally different meanings e.g, i confused between the words”right [raɪt] and riot | ‘raɪət] ” when i had listened to them at first

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Dear Professor Lady,
Great! Useful! Practical!
Is there any further rules in changing the prefixes pronunciation as in REcord vs reCORD?
Maybe there is a technique to learn this diffculty without consulting each word in dictionary.
Please come for rescue, Lady Teacher!
Thanks in advance.

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    Hi MKJMKJ — thanks for your question. There isn’t really a rule to follow, as the words and their meanings have just evolved over the centuries. It’s like all vocabulary, you just have to learn each word individually. But this stress rule only applies to a small number of words — please see my answers above. All the best with your studies :-)

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Gill ~thanks a lot~!

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Very interesting how it changes the meaning of words.

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Dear Professor,
Thank you for your comment. All your comments extend the understanding of this stress issue.

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Thanks a lot.
I got it clearly.

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Hi teacher,Thank you so much, It’s a great lesson for me .

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Hi,Gil! You’re great

I always get confused with the pronunciation of

this word: ADDress and AddRESS.

I’m sure you can help me. Thanks in advance.

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Thank you Gill! Nice explanation, very clear and we have learned new vocabulary too. Might you explain other rules like: graduate, to graduate; ultimate, to ultimate, etc. I am confused with this rule. Thank you Gill

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Staying English

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How are you? Gill. I like your lessons so much. You speak English so clearly and beautifully. Thank you for what you have done for us.There is one thing that I need your help. My daughter is going to study in USA as an exchange student. As her parents, we are asked to write a letter to her host family. Will you be kind enough to help us check the following letter of recommendation. We are not good at English, so we want to find someone to do proofreading for us. Appreciate your help so much if you can give us a hand. The letter goes as follows:
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Yours sincerely,
Xia Shuyan’s parents

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thanks you it is very useful i need this in my study gell good wishes

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Hi. Thanks for your Reply, but I still can log on to engvid. Haven´t you deleted my profile yet?

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thanks a lot Gill. I’l look forward your lessons.

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Thanks :)

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Thanks, Gill!

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Thank you Gill, Great,
I wanted to ask that is it useful in American pronunciation too, ?

I think more in British pronunciation.

Please answer to me .

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thank you so much
am a new here and am enjoy <<

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Thank a lot,Gill! I enyoy all your lessons,thank you very much!

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Thank you Gill

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Thank you very much teacher Gill, this lesson has been very helpful!

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Thanks, Gill, for this very useful lesson!

I´m very conTENT, more than this, very happy, with all this lesson and document’s CONtents. PERfect to us to perFECT our English.

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I don`t know how but I got 100% scored, lol Definitely was the good explanation…
Its so confused, I think just leaving in a English speaker country you get these nuances. Thanks Gil for your explanation

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Thank you Gill

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great lesson , thanks alot Madam … you are awesome

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really i’ts a very useful lesson and i’d like to tells you … i like your way of speaking and teaching too , its very easy ,and useful too .
i have a request.. could you suggest to me a SIMPLE BOOK to read , which could develop our language ..
thank you .. Basem

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I’m so enTRANCED by all your lessons.Thank you very much and best wishes to you.

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it is very helpful for me.thanks a lot.

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A very important lesson,, Thank you very much Gill.

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I didnt know nothing about it, but tonight you helped me so much your, thanks Gill, bye for now !

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Thanks a lot,Gill!
You’re very instrumental in helping us to improve our english skills.Please, keep up with this style of teaching.

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I’d like you adopted me as grandson. You are so cute! hahaha

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Hi, Gill!

Help me out on this one, please!

Is there the difference between the adjective ‘suspect’ and ‘suspicious’? When a person is suspicious, and when they are suspect.
What I managed to learn is that when a person is suspicious, they have doubts about something or someone, or they are sceptical, but when they are suspect, it means that they are the ones people are suspicious of. Did I get this right?
They are used as synonyms as well, that’s what confuses me the most, but they don’t happen to be.

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Incredibly useful lesson.
Thanks a lot:)

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Great, thank you so much.

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10/10 Pleasant lesson as usual. Thanks Gill!

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Thanks. I understood clearly.

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That was a very nice lesson!! Thanks a million, Gill!!
So kind of you!!

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thaaaaaanks all thanks ..i love you Gill…note : i got 10 correct out of 10.

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Thanks, Gill! We should be careful with the pronunciation in order to prevent misunderstanding.

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Oh! I nearly forgot! Thank you very much for the extra paper. It is very helpful and quite thoughtful of yours!

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Thank you Gill! I enjoy your lessons and style of teaching. You effective use lessons time and make a hit with your lessons ☺.

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thanks Gill for this helpful lesson

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Great lesson, thanks!

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Thanks Gill,I learn too much from your lessons!They are very useful and interesting for me!

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thanks for the information gill, i love it the explanation.

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Thanks a lot!

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I’ve got 100 in the test.
You explain very well
Don’t deSERT us.
When I’am sad because I can’t learn something, I ask you to conSOLE me.
Thank you

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I’ve got 100 .
The CONTent of your lessons is so useful and helpful. Please,don’t deSERT!

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it was very helpful

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Thanks Gill..

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This was very interesting and helpful. Thanks, Gill.

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Hi Gill! Very important lesson! Thanks so much!

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great, thanks to help us to stress well the words because it is a reason to not be understood on serveral occasions.

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You got 9 correct out of 10.

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Thank you Gill

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thank you Gill

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Great !!
Thank a lot!

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Hello Gill, it is exactly what I was looking for, nice lesson! Very helpful.

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when we speak depend on if we state a statement or question it is going to depend on the sound the sentence meaning changed as well whether you state an expression in which you use a noun or a verb it may change as well the person can get much better. There are more meaning words to comprehend the class to get understood successfully with no issue.

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every time we speak English we should make a dramatic the conversation it depends on what kind of theme you speak.it sometimes similar when you speak your own language when you make a question, question, negative question, affirmative question, noun and verb…

I am going to enter with my sister.
I am going to take the next entrance.

they are going to import the goods
the import has been successful.

I work harder every day
the work was completed last night

I completed my task.
He is completely similar to his parents.

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Thank you for this lesson. I have done it for 100! I am so happy.

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Thanks Mrs. Gill!

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Thank you.
I learn something new in every lesson.

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That was indeed an exquisite lesson Gill. Thanks a lot.

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