Dear Mrs. Gill, every speaker of the world should be so polite to pronounce clearly all words in order to support his or her listeners, especially foreign guests in their own country.
Thanks very much for your lesson today.


Thank you Gill.


It was quite simple, but it was definitely a new concept for me. I have never heard about it before.

Goryanchik Maxim

Dear teacher Gill, i really liked your class , i hope watch more other class. I am watching from Brazil and i want be a fluenc speaker.


Hello Gill!

While watching your video on pronunciation, I found one interesting fact about the word ‘hospital’ and other words in its row seemingly originating from that word. Even though they seem to be one family of words, they are actually not, correct me if I am wrong.
For example, the word ‘inform’ is a verb, ‘informative’ an adjective and ‘information’ a noun. But they all refer to the same thing, whereas ‘hospital’ is a noun, but the adjective ‘hospitable’ refers to ‘friendly’ not to hospital. If we are consistently following the pattern, it should be either again ‘hospitable’ or ‘clinical’. This is almost of no importance to us, but I just wanted to point to that interesting fact.


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