hello Gill , I like so much to watch your videos talking with someone , because , this way , I will be learning English and cultures too. It´s fantastic for us , A million thanks


thank you so much, your awesome this engvid is helping me a lot with my Grammar and it is so fun to do with you guys, your videos are so amazing and helpful, tons of thanks!

Isra Zahan

Hello,teacher Gill.
I love watching your videos I am improving so much my English of them.Please make video about Translating and Interesting.


I really like this type of interview lesson. It’s a little more challenging than regular English lessons. I think I sometimes understand more than 80% of what the English speaker say when I watch English education videos, but I understand less than 20% when I watch English movies. There’s a long long way to go to English fluency.

Insoo Yeo

    Yes, l agree with you


Hi Gill.
It was a very interesting conversation. We could practice our listining. Thank you and Michelle.

izabel gurnet

She’s good at English. It was a nice interview.

Ke Ding

Thank you so much.


Learning English that’s long long way to fluently, I total agree with you. Thank Gill and everyone

nguyen van long

Thank you very much gill


Thank you for the advice


Thank you Ms. Gill for an interesting lesson.


I would like you to teach us about English Tense like Present Continuous , Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous , Simple Past , Past Continuous, Past Perfect , Past Perfect Continuous , Future Continuous , Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continuous . All of them I really want to learn English Tense . Could you teach this please???


Please i need to know the difference between tenes past past contniuous past perfect and
Present simple present continuous present perfct
Present perfect continuous


Michele, thank you for the tip about tracking between Seaford to Eastborne. It looks like wonderful!


Thank you very much Gill, I know seven sisters that is nice place…..


Hello Gill,
I adore your accent!


Gill! I coincidentally found you on the internet recently and since then, I’ve been watching every video of yours. I love you and your way of speaking English. I kind of mimic your speech. Your genuine sincerity makes me feel warm. Thank you for your lectures!

Jiji Katayama

Sorry Gill, can you sort out the echo? Because I don’t understand well what you say in this talk


Well done, it is interesting lesson.
I improved a lot by listening your talk with Mishel .
Thank you much Gill for this interesting conversation


It was good hear this interview and it was very helpful too.

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