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great work


Thank you so much


100℅ . I’m glad and also enjoyed the lesson a lot. :) . Thank you Gill. I admire your effort.


Good afternoon!
I need friends for told every day for learning ingles f

Paullo Jorge

I understand Gill, thanks.


It was easy. I got 100% too. EngVid teachers are very talented overall.


Cricket is not popular in Vietnam, so I felt quite difficult to understand, but you are a good teacher and your explaination is very clear and excited. I also felt difficult because the lesson is long. I have got 9/10, hope the next lesson is shorter. Thank GIll alot

nguyen van long

Thank you so much Gill!!!
I had no idea about the rules of cricket before your lesson. Now I think I would be able to watch and understand a cricket match ;)


Nice work

Shahriar ayoun

Please do some more research on the answer for number 5. The person who throws the ball in cricket is referred to as the ‘Fielder’. Throwing the ball while delivering to a batsman would be illegal and an extra run to the batting side. its referred to as a ‘No Ball’


I watched cricket since age 4. This video is helps a lot to understand the game of cricket specially idioms
thanks ma’am

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