I like watching Gill’s video and today’s lesson is a special edition so I really enjoyed watching it. I usually watch Gill’s video without subtitles on but today’s lesson Gill and her student talked rather natural speed so I turned on subtitles to follow the conversation. Gill’s student from Greece spoke very fluently and seemed really comfortable with her English. What I agreed in the video was that I should try to use English as often as I can because language is not just knowledge but kind of skill which can be learned by practicing for a long time like driving, playing muscical instrument, things like that.

Insoo Yeo

Madam Gill You’re having a good student…I Don’t know when I’m speak to that level. Definitely English its just an language but English second Language learner know how its difficult and its some painful..In India so many IT Company selected english speaking Candidate only…Here so many people having good knowledge and work hard but our mother tongue is like Kannadam, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu Etc.We are practice and learn english some kind of Hollywood movies with subtitles and we are having a wonderful teachers in Engvid. Thank u Engvid.


hunting for
what is Hunting in it?
is it noun verb adjective


    Hi – the verb is TO HUNT, and different verb forms are hunt, hunts, hunting, hunted. The person who goes hunting is a HUNTER. The word can also be used as an adjective, for example a prize can be won called a HUNT CUP (trophy). A traditional form of hunting in the UK used to be fox hunting, but there has been a lot of criticism of it in recent years (cruelty to animals). I hope this helps to explain :-)


Thank Gill for making the video, that help me have a motivation to learn English. If you don’t mind please tell me How can I connect to Ms Hara for practice English and learn her experience about study English. Thank you so much

nguyen van long

    You can’t connect with her. You can learn about her experience by watching this video.


      How is the pandemic in your countries??


        In Canada and the UK (where most engVid teachers and staff are), new cases of COVID-19 were highest a few months ago. Cases are starting to go up again, because lockdown rules are ending and people are going back to school. However, they are still not as high as before. The UK has been much harder hit than Canada. Both countries are finding it hard to test people fast enough.

        A lot of businesses have closed as well. Many people have lost their jobs and are being evicted because they can’t pay rent. There are some government benefits for people and businesses, but it’s not much money, and not everyone is eligible.

        All in all, things aren’t great, but they could be a lot worse. I hope you are safe, wherever you are!

        engVid Moderator

This interview was nice Gill, I was able to understand the most part of it. I think Hara have a good accent and voice, which helps a lot to understand clearly. I also think that she had a good interaction and answers about the questions. Thank you and congratulations.


Excelent Teacher, so good, thank you, nice, very nice!


why i feel confusion speaking English while i can understand almost everything other speakers say?
the country i live is quite different than others, because most people speak same language,so there is no way to practice the language you are learning.

Ali Saciid

She is a kind teacher, which is accessed thoughfully through the way she speak, and the way she show her concern to the student!


Amazing People in the world are seemingly

becoming rare.

It seems this is a gold mine for the rare.

Thank you. Hope this makes some type of sense.


I love your teaching Gill it is incredible .


Thank you Ms. Gill. As for me, I found this lesson very useful and interesting.


Hello Gill,
Thanks for this video. I enjoyed and was so informative. Actually while the interviewee was comparing Greece and UK, I felt upset. she said that people in Greece are not themself as they are in the UK. I want to tel her to be happy and thankful because she has no experience of living in Iran.


Hello Gill.
Thank you for all videos and classes that you share with us. I do love your accent and the way you express yourself.
I just would like to know if you teach remotely because I’d love to become your stundent. ?


Hi Gill, congratulations, your method of teaching is excellent, because of your calmness. good luck to you. Stay safe


Thank you so much, was a good lesson. amazing.

puto luis
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