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Thanks. It’s intereasting and impressive. I can easily remember all the expressions about sleep.

Profile photo of Starkle Starkle

Dear James, you forgot the s in unconscious :)

Profile photo of Matthew11 Matthew11

Very good and interesting lesson! I had fun when James told about snore and some other things! Looks like James spoke faster sometimes than ususally, so I am going to watch this video again. Many thanks, James!

Profile photo of Vitalii UA Vitalii UA

    I entirely agree… he speaks too fast… despite this, It’s worth watching again because we improve our listening skills.

    Thank u so much James! (=

    Profile photo of flavia.lima.an flavia.lima.an

    I also agree with your comment

    Profile photo of Deadpoolforce29 Deadpoolforce29

Thanks James, this lesson was great…I learned news words that I don’t know…
and You help me a lot..

Profile photo of marcos alexandre marcos alexandre

Oh yes ! I got 10 and I’m so happy ☺☺☺. Thanks james!

Profile photo of Annie Annie

I got 8 hehehe,.. not bad :)

Profile photo of chan2x chan2x

I got 10 out of 10

Profile photo of 3aBoDx 3aBoDx

a pleasure to hear you James and learn this lesson! Another very rewarding lesson! Thanks and Merry Christmas! don’t fall asleep to early..! ;)

Profile photo of kampor kampor

100/100 thank u <3

Profile photo of YAC08 YAC08

James, you are thebest thank you for lessions :)

Profile photo of bwlukasz bwlukasz

quiz doesn’t work. please help
when i click next question the page is refreshing(

Profile photo of Gurban009 Gurban009

So much thanks dear James. That lesson is very practical and I got 10/10 because of your excellent teaching. May I ask you how I can find these categories vocabularies? Thank you 😊

Profile photo of Peyman81 Peyman81

There’s no way someone would doze off with this interesting lesson.

Profile photo of Mateo Bonavento Mateo Bonavento

I am ver y happy with this wonderfull lesson, I am new in EngVid, I want to thanks The teacher for his time and effort.

Profile photo of Alberto Alberto

Hi teacher James! 7 months ago, when I was in Brazil studying English with your videos, I thought “When I’ll be living in Toronto I’ll see teacher James on the city and I’ll say to him that I’m his fan”. So, yesterday it happened! I love your classes!

Profile photo of Deborasinger Deborasinger

i killed the exam but i have to watch it again and again because i like it

Profile photo of TRIPLEA TRIPLEA

Hi,everyone。HoW can I access to the videos lessons?there is no any video or play button on this page

Profile photo of jeffyang jeffyang

    If you’re trying to watch from China, you will probably have to use a VPN. Our videos are all hosted on YouTube.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      oh,Many Thanks! This is probaLy where my problem Lies。What a pity!

      Profile photo of jeffyang jeffyang

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

Many thanks for this lesson!

Profile photo of Alisa2311 Alisa2311

    Alisa, would you like to chat to practice?

    Profile photo of sebpartners sebpartners

Very good and interesting lesson! Thank you :)

Profile photo of ZoyaAstreae ZoyaAstreae

    bonjour from France, how are things in turkey?

    Profile photo of lemarvillois lemarvillois

      Bonjour life continue normally but people still scare because they didn’t catch the terrorists yet

      Profile photo of ZoyaAstreae ZoyaAstreae

        complicated time, the world and the people everywhere are so beautiful that I’m sure we will finally live in real peace one Day. Bonjour de la France à la Turquie !

        Profile photo of lemarvillois lemarvillois

Thanks James, interesting lesson ;)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Thank you very much, James. It was a very interesting lesson. Goodbye!

Profile photo of Júlio César L Sousa Júlio César L Sousa

    Ola’ Do u remember me?

    Profile photo of kotoz kotoz

u r my best teacher
ty kindly

Profile photo of kotoz kotoz

Nice Lesson!

Profile photo of MustangTHERED MustangTHERED

I really dozed off while watching this video an even fell into a fast sleep one time, but snored very loudly and woke up. Joke, of course :-) Thanks a lot, James, it was a useful and animate lesson. I got 10 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of Igor Igor

Really it was interesting lesson

Profile photo of Ammar Al-Khafaji Ammar Al-Khafaji

Thanks very much for this lesson.

Profile photo of emamul emamul

James could you please do a video lesson about the word ‘OVER’? maybe some phrasal verbs or expressions. I am quite confused with it. Thank you for this useful lesson.

Profile photo of thanh pham thanh pham

thank you, It was great

Profile photo of Mohamad9393 Mohamad9393

Taking quizzes on Cristmas is quite a nightmare for almost everyone except engvid students…. I got 10/10.
I highly appreciate you work. Thank you. It was an exceptionally interesting lesson.
Merry Cristmas!

Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

It’s awesome. Thanks.

Profile photo of canozdemir canozdemir

May I ask a riddle related to the word fast? Another interesting meaning…
How to make a turtle fast?
The answer is coming tomorrow.

Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

Thank you, James! You are very funny, so it is impissible to doze off watching your lesson.
10 of 10!

Profile photo of Maria.r Maria.r

Thank you very much, James! Your amazing lessons always make me laugh:)

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Profile photo of jpjunior jpjunior

Thanks teacher. It was very intersting. Even having 2 mistakes, I feel that I Learnt a lot.

Profile photo of Sergiofut96 Sergiofut96

james, could you please give episode on ” how to say stupid to a person more politely especially in corporate or professional environment so they should not feel and that carry the sense also.

Profile photo of avadhesh kumar verma avadhesh kumar verma

Thanks a lot! It was so fun that I can easily remember all the expressions.

Profile photo of nadine@@ nadine@@

Thank you. It was interesting lesson. I love it .
wish you a happy holiday season !

Profile photo of Ahmad Asaad Ahmad Asaad

Thank you, James.This lesson is so great that I learned a lot from you.

Profile photo of Sonny Hsu Sonny Hsu

I can’t describe how brilliant u r .
coz u teach us with different many ways.

Profile photo of hamlyforever hamlyforever

Understood nothing. James speaks so fast…

Profile photo of Vladimir Vladimir

    come on, he speaks clearly … sometimes, just kidding.
    what is the weather in Russia?

    Profile photo of lemarvillois lemarvillois

    Watch it again and again… It’ll improve your listening skills and broaden your vocabulary (he not only explains, but also talks to the student).

    Good luck and see ya! (=

    Profile photo of flavia.lima.an flavia.lima.an

thanks james well done, this lesson is more helpful thanks really

Profile photo of akram143 akram143

    akram sxb englishka ma ila paractice garaynasaaa wax somaliya adaan meeshaan kugu hayaa

    Profile photo of TRIPLEA TRIPLEA


Profile photo of sarfraz zafar sarfraz zafar

Thanks, I like it.

Profile photo of nataparhom nataparhom

I have doubted with “fast asleep” which means “completely asleep” and I confused it with “fall asleep very quickly”, now I can remember you have explained the difference then I will have to review the video class again. Furthermore you have solved and figured out my doubts between “sleep” (go to bed) and “asleep” (when you are dreaming with closed eyes, not conscious), it was an old doubt I wanted to understand and now it has been revised and learnt. Thanks a lot teacher James from Engvid, as always doing good explanations and performances.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Dear James, you are a awesome professor! Thanks! I got 100/100 :D

Profile photo of @dago1994 @dago1994

Thank you, James! Many ways to sleep. It is a challenge.

Profile photo of yassiel86 yassiel86

    Thank,s teacher I desired someone to practice English speaking to me plz contact me

    Profile photo of qaali.aragsan123@gmail.com qaali.aragsan123@gmail.com

Hi James!! Thanks for this video, it was really interesting.

Profile photo of Aleachi Aleachi

thanks boss

Profile photo of isimbiluc isimbiluc

Good lesson and tips.

Profile photo of Dre 13 Dre 13

i got ten out of ten. This lesson was a piece of cake. Cheers!

Profile photo of CART CART

I love this lesson! And I love sleeping!

I am so good at sleeping that I can do it with my eyes closed!

Profile photo of byte byte

    I lol’d.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

I always doze off in front your videos.. lol… I’m kidding… Thank you so much for this incredible lesson…

Profile photo of Fernando Moreira Fernando Moreira

Hi James… I love your classes… thanks.. I got 8/10. that’s not bad haha.. you are the best..

Profile photo of dariboga dariboga

very well teacher understand

Profile photo of Torayev Ruslan Torayev Ruslan

I got 9 out of 10.

Profile photo of WHITED WHITED

10/10.. thanks very much.. it was very useful for me.. i learned some new words:))

Profile photo of Chelebi89 Chelebi89

Hi thanks so much!

Profile photo of Renato7 Renato7

hello everyone,could you pelase tell me how to pofile the image ?
i really do not know how to crop my picture thing.when i upload the image it end up like a totally shit!!

Profile photo of lavender159 lavender159

i did it by the way thanks teacher and know i am going to get some zzzzz before the next lesson

Profile photo of TRIPLEA TRIPLEA

Thanks! I got 10

Profile photo of BayarSama BayarSama

thank you a lot

Profile photo of A-NASS A-NASS

good job. thanks !!

Profile photo of MuaadhMoha MuaadhMoha

9/10 this is my result)

Profile photo of SovaPetro SovaPetro

7/10 i will study more when i got free time

Profile photo of sawjunglecreek sawjunglecreek

6/10 i will study more when i got free time

Profile photo of sawjunglecreek sawjunglecreek

Thank you very much, James. It was a very interesting lesson…!!Excellent…!!
EXPLAINING..??it is difficult for me to understand.Pleaseeeeee

Profile photo of gold33 gold33

    It’s the only teacher with natural pace of native speakers. Let him be him.

    Profile photo of see08348 see08348

10/10 thanks so much.

Profile photo of fieryevil fieryevil

Thank you for your lesson
It was very very interesting ^^

Profile photo of kyunghoonkim kyunghoonkim

    hi, I’d like to talk to people from all over the world , what about you?
    do you know Advanced English with Jennifer, it’s a Korean one and it’s very interesting.

    Profile photo of lemarvillois lemarvillois

james your teaching style is great!

Profile photo of Sifat Shipon Sifat Shipon

Im really sick and tired of hearing sexy words. I’ve been hearing this words and other words that are related to this word, in this lesson and new training video from Ronnie, I didn’t watch Ronnie’ s video, but I watched this one, and I didn’t know the topic of sleep can includes these words. Engvid, Please observe these red lines.

Profile photo of nkh nkh

    Hi nkh!

    I am replying your comment just to say I agree with you. Sexy vocabulary makes the lesson heavy and embarrassing to some people…

    On the other hand, I think James deals with this subject in a light and suitable way, without using bad words or aggressive examples.

    Anyway, I appreciate your comment. It is difficult to find a person who thinks like me in a world which turns around sex…

    Bye-bye! :)

    Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

Dear James, I like your video, except the points that I mentioned at the top comment, every thing was great. Thank you
And I hope you sweet dreams when you sleep☺

Profile photo of nkh nkh

I got 10. Thanks James. You are a great teacher as well as an actor.I love your lessons .Thankyou

Profile photo of ZAID ESL ZAID ESL

What keeps me up all night? Most likely not your Johnson ))) Well said)) Thanks, James. You are Great!

Profile photo of KevinKoch KevinKoch

Hi James, hope you are doing well. I want you to be an actor, you are really deserved to be an actor, the way you impersonate like someone else is great. I want to ask you a favor in advance, please add an example of word ‘Tamil’ in your lessons in future, it will be really great james, thanks.

Profile photo of Anojan Sithamparappillai Anojan Sithamparappillai

Good Lesson , Thank you.

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Profile photo of Belhaj Belhaj

Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of eceu eceu

thank you .. i am going to my bed :)good night to everyone

Profile photo of ayhanhafuzoglu ayhanhafuzoglu

Thanks James. I like your style of teaching us English. So funny and interesting. I didn’t even notice when how long it to watch this video. Thanks. I have learnt a lot.

Profile photo of Abdirazakzx Abdirazakzx

Thank you sir. I got 10/10… Your lesson was perfect

Profile photo of ASHKING ASHKING

your lesson so perfect!!! you are my favorite teacher =)

Profile photo of Phasuda Phasuda

Hello friends. Is there anybody here to have time to chat on Skype? I need a friend to talk in English. Thank you.

Profile photo of 1981sheida 1981sheida

    hey,u can talk to me.my skypeid is abhishek83513.

    Profile photo of abhishek awasthi abhishek awasthi

great lesson :)

Profile photo of RafalKwiatkowski RafalKwiatkowski

Really amazing,

Profile photo of sina555sasani sina555sasani

A special lesson. Thanks James!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

hello james😁 i love you…r lessons 😊😊😊you re so funny!!!! it s a pleasure to listen to you !

Profile photo of Desiderata Desiderata

Thanks a lot. 10/10

Profile photo of MarilyfromBelarus MarilyfromBelarus

was a good try to learn new vocabulary about sleeping thanks so much James .
I dozed off while you talking to me in the lesson >> Hahaha

Profile photo of Asim Alsamhan Asim Alsamhan

thanks james!

Profile photo of sofia2310 sofia2310

So interesting and helpful. I got all the expressions about sleep words and got 10 scores. Thanks.

Profile photo of Patrick 2017 Patrick 2017

thans Mr James
I got 7/10

Profile photo of soufyan soufyan

Hi James, this one is My prefered lesson! Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Christina FoX Christina FoX

Thank you so much,It was Perfect lesson.It’s so interesting lesson.

Profile photo of Muad Muad

Thank you
I got 10 of 10 but I need more practice about new words so that I learned in this video

Profile photo of redflight redflight

I got 8 .. not bad :) Very good lesson!

Profile photo of Valery Voleex Valery Voleex


Profile photo of perebon perebon


Profile photo of sodojsa sodojsa

thanks , i enjoyed the lesson

Profile photo of anankrd anankrd

Thanks for your teaching. From this class, I learned some new words, like black out, doze off, pass out, fast asleep…

Profile photo of JayHuang JayHuang

Hi James!

Thank you so much for this great lesson! It is quite interesting, helpful and funny as usual. I also would like to say that it is impossible to doze off in front of you. When I am tired, your lessons are better than a power nap for me. Ha-ha!

See you later!

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

Thank a lot

Profile photo of Rahim232 Rahim232

Hi first of all thank you very much james for this interesting topic and the video was awesome. The way you teach is so good that I feel like a real class room. Thumb up 👍

Profile photo of Ecstasy006 Ecstasy006

10/10 Very good! thanks James!

Profile photo of Roberto Bahia Roberto Bahia

Thank Jame very much, love this lesson ^^
Have a nice dream!

Profile photo of anhnguyethro anhnguyethro

i am very happy to watch this video channel also watching you

Profile photo of aparlak01 aparlak01

Thank you very much I got 9/10

Profile photo of mosasaleh mosasaleh

Thanks James, I got 90% correct, it is really helpful

Profile photo of che1707 che1707

Dear engvid please tell me how can I get the english transcript.

Profile photo of Engvid isuru Engvid isuru

You got 10 correct out of 10.

thanks a lot.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Thanks, James you are cool!!!

Profile photo of AIVARAS AIVARAS

Thanks a lot, i feel jubilant with your class dear teacher:)

Profile photo of ErikaGabriel ErikaGabriel

Good lesson, thank you James.

Profile photo of Mei Mei

i got 100/100, your videos are awesome, thanks man

Profile photo of Yacine BRINIS Yacine BRINIS

Yesss! I got 10 correct out of 10.Tkanks James and engVid.

Profile photo of Available Available

My Golden Slumber… ‘._.

Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

Thx James, I had the Golden Slumber, but I got only 7/10! That’s bad score!!! :P I’ll take a chance again! :D

Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

Thank you Mr.James
I still have a little problem
what’s the diffrence betwen sleepless and toss and turn

Profile photo of kiki tawsi kiki tawsi

your video is phenomena but ads is ugly

Profile photo of amirmahdialipour amirmahdialipour

WoW James famous as an actor( i want u to keep up the good work.) I always have a good sleep .but sometimes I have some dreams like… funny dreams romantic dreams but sometimes nightmares. thanks for the lessons James .
hope u teach like this again. So coooool

Profile photo of Noppapat27 Noppapat27

Thank you Mr. James!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

again wonderful lesson

Profile photo of volkanakbulut volkanakbulut

thank you

Profile photo of ph.mohd ph.mohd

I got 9 out of 10 and did not have to watch the video. That is how good i am.

Profile photo of Deadpoolforce29 Deadpoolforce29

James, cool lesson! I got 10 of 10, that’s great!

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