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I learned a lot from you teacher ,so Thank you so much and keep your good job.
It is really awesome and cover so many things.
I proud to add any one to improve my English language on my skype id mansouralqasem.

Best Regards

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    Me 2


    Me 2


I will not forget the stuff that you teach me :)

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    it’s nice :)

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    you are using wrong English.the write sentence should be “I will not forget the stuff that you taught me”

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thank you, that was very helpful


awesome lesson as usual thanks james!!!!


thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you james turtle

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hello James
where we use the” should”

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Hello, We are really appreciative for what you are
doing here.
as you know nowadays most people apply for studying
abroad. so, I would like to ask you talk about
university vocabulary.
The things that a student needs to know about Foreign
universities from applying to studying there.

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You’re such a funny teacher…that’s the way to teach English…”son” that’s your new stuff! LOL! keep up the good job!


Thank you, James for the lesson. These are very useful tips. As far as the modals will/would are it’s very clear explanation! I like it.

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Tks teacher.
Almost correct my answers. Lily Diaz from Brazil


Thanks James! It was such a funny but understandable lesson. I enjoyed it very much!

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    Hello Rose, I come from Chile. Like you, I want to improve my english. This lessons are very helpful, but I need to practice my english in conversation.
    Would you like have a conversation by SKYPE?


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      smart move man


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Hello James..Thanks for the class .I wish to have someone like u to speak every day..you’re a very good teacher ..Tnks a lot :)

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thank you very much jimes


I like your way to teach English, teacer. But, as I am Brazilian, I don’t like when you speak so quickly because this way I don’t understand so much. Could you be a bit slow on talking?


Thank you! The staff of EngVid teached me a lot of stuff!(Sidney – Brazil)

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    I agree with you Sidney…the staff of EngVid teach me a lot of stuff….

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      Hi Adurao.There is a small mistake in your comment. It should be corrected as “The staff of EngVid “teaches” me a lot of stuff”. My English is also not very good. But I could see the error. So, thought to help you a bit ;)


      I want to improve my english. This lessons are very helpful, but I need to practice my english in conversation.
      Would you like have a conversation by SKYPE?

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    Hi there,
    U know,past tense of the verb “teach” is “taught” not teached!!!
    GooodlucK with ur job n English.

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      Thank you! Irregular verbs are a big problem for learnes…

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      realy han u r ingenies


thank a lot of, is very good this video, congratulation.


Thank You! Your a good teacher Mr. James. In addition, how about the difference between shall and should? :)


Dear James, with regard to the use of “would”, you have mentioned that it should be used in a conditional situation. My question is whether the use of “would” is acceptable in a politeness circumstances? Thanks before!:)

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Hi James !!! thanks for video , it’s very useful !!!

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I am a eng speaking learner and I see video I like so much. Thanks

Siraj ajani

Great video sir. But at the end you said “by the time you see this, it will be “near to” ten billion” . I’m confused. I would be grateful if you could explain it.Thank you :))


Thank you!

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thx a lot


If amusement is the best way to learn English, this is excellent!

So if I went for a walk close to my house talking to people that I WILL kill my wife, the police would arrest my ass (bottom). So I won’t do it.

Thank you :)

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Great lesson. thank you very much James


may the God bless you
you are really awesome i like way you teach us :)
i hope you can explain the word (Bust) next lesson .

regards :)


filmed 5 mouths ago??? unbelievable!

Vu Uoc

filmed 5 months ago??? unbelievable!

Vu Uoc

To be honest I had made this common mistakes. I didn’t know when I should use stuff or when to use staff. Now, I know the differences. Thank you for your great lesson. Take care James

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Thank you very much for this useful lesson :) I will remember all this stuff !

Great job !

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At the end of the video you used “Nearer TO 5 million…” Isn’t that wrong? :P
Anyways, thank you so much!!!

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Good topic, good lesson and excellent Teacher.


Thanks a lot I enjoyed with this video ..


u r a great tutor James n’thomas the turtle too. I won’t forget the stuff u taught 2day bro. thank u.


it was a very useful leason, thanks james, you’re the best


thanks, useful lesson


it’s very helpful :”) thank you so much :”)


i mant english please help me


very useful information


James, thank you for the interesting lesson :)
I have a question. Could you explain the difference between these structures: ‘have you…’, ‘do you have…’ and ‘have you got…’? It would be a very useful lesson)


Still laughing … LOL
Your best performance so far.
It was very interesting!
Thank you for that !


I’m so happy.
I took 8 in the quiz.
Thanks James for this video.

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good lesson


i love your lesson


Hey, James!
I’m a bit confused. Are you sure “math” has the same vowel sound as in “staff” and “laugh”?

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    Well, I’ve found the answer. Thanks!

    Profile photo of fenixita fenixita

      Would you please share your answer fenixita ? I also have the same problem. Thank you :)


        It’s about differences between the American and British pronunciation. In British English they say staff /a:/, laugh /a:/ but math /æ/. But in American English all these words contain the /æ/ sound which contradicts the rules of reading and personally pisses me off! No offence!

        Profile photo of fenixita fenixita

          Thank you very much fenixita. :))


          Welcome anytime, Suelz!

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          thanks! I wondered about ‘math’ too)


please help me.
on 5:55 James was said about lesson “O.P.A”
please, help me to find that lesson.
thanks very much.

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Thank you!It is also very useful for Chinese English learner.

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I wont forget teacher :) thanks

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I need your help teacher because I’m intermediate in the english and the uses of get it’s difficult for me and anyone can help me or explain me about that please….


i love your lessons :)

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James, are you teacher and if yes what school?

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good lesson i like you James, can you leave the animals out of your lessons because i kind of fell like iam in a Elementary school, good job keep up

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Hi James ,
Can I say ” While my car is getting closer to the corner, it stopped suddenly.” Thanks.


really i can’t thank you . I love your way of expression a lot .Thanks james :)

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good job teacher, the lessen was really great, and I will wait for new lessen


you are good teacher james


Thanks James, I enjoy your teaching style and also learn new things…Thanks once again




Thank you very much!!!You are perfect teacher!!!

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Hi James, i enjoy your teaching manner, i scored 8/10 in Quiz.
we need your guidance always.

Rohit Sharma

Welcome Thomas… EngVid staff is growing up!!!! Hi James. Thanks a lot!

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hi Jones,
Do you have any of the skype or face book id or on line teaching so I can learn English please reply on my email.


its really helpful


it is really a good video thank you james

ankit pal

Thank you for your lessons!!


i want more same like this its really a nice

aman kasula

I’m confuse now because you said we can’t use near to but at 1103 you say near to five million users. we can or we can’t

Charlie Stud

it’s really nice..but James,if you don’t mind,I would like to ask you a question…how can we differentiate the present perfect continuous and present perfect simple, sorry if it ‘s out of your topic,but I a bit confuse in using these tenses…

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Teacher,you really help me a lot . Thank you very much.


thank you for your teaching.


Thanks for nice lesson


Thank you very much! It’s really helpful!
I like to watch your lessons. Keep going )


Really very nice to know it …

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Excellent video thank you, it’s very important to take this account.

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nice **
U r agood and cool teacher .. thank you ^^

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thank you. i’ll never forget what did you taught me .


Hi,James.I am very happy to find you at the website!Nice to meet you!

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Very nice lesson, now I had understand what is the different between close to and near and will/would .. thank you very much teacher James


Great job James!I like how you put humor in the lessons.thank you for not being boring!


thx a lot nd its very nice job.


thanks for teachers’lesson

mai son

thank you. it´s very good.


very good!!


thx for a very useful lesson. I got 10 out of 10. But I have a question: in quiz there is a sentence starting with : The car cost… Why there’s no s at the end of the verb? Thanks for your reply.

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I feel disapointed when I watch a english class from james because I normally get bad score on the quizz!!!


Thank you James

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So instead of saying “I move near to you”.
I’ll say :”I move near you” ?


Oh! And I got 10 out of 10 in the test


james, what college did you graduated ? what was your major ?


Thank you

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Can you speak slowly, please? I’m still learning :-(

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    I guess you should take the beginner levels first. Don’t be in a hurry and with time you’ll understand everyword and every meaning of it)

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Thank you James,

It has been a great lesson!!!!!!


thanks a lot it very nice


The lesson was fun a lovely. My English would be performance if I keep learning. Tnx

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This is my first time watching your lesson and I really love it. So I sign up to be the member already.
It’s very very useful. Thank you

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Thx, you are great. I like watching your videos. It is fun :) I want to ask about “near to” – you used this in the last sentence “nearer to 10 bilion..” Is this ok?



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I like this lesson, it really funny and useful. Thanks a lot.


thank you very much, James. VERY USEFUL!

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not bad, not bad =)

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I love this video


Thank you so much James

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hey!! thanks alot James I will put this videos near my most important stuff and close to my heart becouse with it I’m sure I will be a better english speaker and maybe I would become a member of your staff.What do you think?

Ronnie Amaury

Is NEAR TO sth a mistake in 100% of cases?
I’ve checked longman online dictionary, and it gives one example with TO, a hotel near to the beach
Would you say that in Canadian English it’s a mistake and in BrE it’s a proper structure?

Looking forward to your reply.

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awesome class thank u so much bro keep up


Thank you James, I am getting close to master english


I am near to your thought or close to your views now! Thx a lot u made it a help for me. TQVM! U’re fun! (correct if there is/ are mistakes ! Heheheh)

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It´s great to see I´ve got a place to clarify some points in English. Thank you all, ENGVID staff.

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very good u are good techer

sultan khaled

Thank you very much teacher. I learnt lot.

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Praise the tutor turtle!!!!!

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How wonderful it is
Thank you very much


Thank you, James. good teacher, good quiz, and perfect answer, haha~~~~

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I have learnt that besides the content of the teaching, the facial expression of the teacher related to the topic is also important. Thanks………..

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Excellent teacher, Really you are a perfect teacher and your method of teaching is awesome .
Good job


That’s so cool! – Thanks Mr. James :)

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hELLO James
How wonderful it is!!
the staff of engvid has really helped me
thanks a lot .
I thank that when I watch all vid s ,I’ll be tough in english! ^^


hey, thank you teacher. :)


I will not forget the stuff that you teach me :)

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Great lesson :) Thank you!

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    do u have skype?


I really enjoyed that and so useful for me who isn’t a native.


Good lesson


you make the lessons so much fun thank you


Thank you for your good job i have learnt a lot on this lesson.


great, ty


Thanks… this is a great web site in order to improve english skills… I will work with my students. Thanks a lot


i came here and took a look over here .. and guess i got this site is wonderfull.. /..


I got 10/10 but I understood these examples not very clear…but thanks for your videos, you are cool and you help us so much! :)

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James is great!
But title should probably be “4 common conversation mistakes” :)

2Website designers: Could you move ‘Leave a Comment’ area to the top of thread. It is really boring to scroll down every time when you want to leave a comment.

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One more wish to Website designers:
It is more appropiate if you can see the latest comments on the top.
Let do your site better together!

Profile photo of lastdruid lastdruid

Thank you James :)


this lesson was so awewsome

javi galindo

thank you James..!

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great teaching


Thanks alot

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i will not forget the stuff that you teach me

mohamed youssif

It’s really helpful
I hope you continue


oh good idea to teach
i hope i will meet you next time

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hi james
you are agood teacher but you are speaking very fast.
if i were you i would talk slowly.
best regard.


Wooohh! It’s so Amazing! I’m glad to see you again. Many Thanks

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Why weren’t you my english teacher when I was 12 ? I didn’t like my teacher. I didn’t understand her and then, I hated your language ! Perhaps I was not interesting in another language because I didn’t know why I learned. And you really are better than my boring professor… Thank you very much !

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thats very nice thanks)


thanks james.


I’m very pleasent with this fantastic videos. I don’t get boring at all when I’m in this terrific site. Much obliged for everyone who helps developing this website.
best wishes


Thank you!!!!!) It was really important info for us!!!

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Thank you!))) Now I know the difference between “stuff” and “Staff”)))


Fantastic lesson and the way you teach is just great. Thank you!


Fantastic lesson and the way you teach is just great. Thank you!


thanks you very much!! :)


2. Whose stuff will help plan the Christmas party?

Is this correct?


the correct word is ‘staff’: people that work in a place or offer assistance

But I can’t agree with this answer because
stuff can help you.

Whose are these stuff? They are mine.
What have I got? The diary and the palmtop.
They can remind me about something, they are helpful.

My diary and palmtop will help plan the Christmas party !!!

If I em wrong tell me why.

PS. Lesson was enjoyable as always. Thank you!

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Hi James, nice lesson!
Thanks a lot for your time!

Profile photo of gsonego gsonego

It’s not tough, calling your bluff, useful stuff

Profile photo of guven7557 guven7557

Thanks James .


I like this lesson, very useful. I always get confused with near and close. I will try not forget! Thank you.

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thank you so much


james i wish i can see u :( its nice of u ,, your students are very lucky you have an aMaZiNiG way to teach i loved you


Hi I’m From Pakistan Thanks for the CLASS KEEP IT UP SIR JAMES ! :D


James u r simply superb in teaching. I learned so many things from your lessons. I am extremely grateful to you.

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It was great lesson!
Keep it up!
Have a ball!

Fellows need your help!
I have to improve my low English-speaking skeels.
If you have desire to communicate with me, I will be glad.
Here is my Skype ID – jevgeniikyrychyk.

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dear teacher James
I believe the McDonald’s near my house is the best restaurant in the world.

why is it near not close to ??


thanx a lot Jemes
it was a great lesson . I was always confused between will and would :) thanx again


Thank you James !!! ;0)

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Good job James i hope you will never use walking staff Lolll


james thank u and i realy understand from u all your lesson but i need explanation different between because and cause

Profile photo of joury joury

    In a short and simple way i will give you examples on when to use both words.

    (1) The car had an accident because the road was slippery.
    (2) Because the road is slippery that could cause an accident.


thank you a lot I really enjoy your lesson.
What is the diffrence between a lot and alot


Awesome, this is the best thing after the invention of sliced bread , well done team


Great, Thank you, now I’m learning.


Add me on skype, as i want to practice my lesson as well as improve my english.

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great lesson!


Nice Video.
It’s the most understandable video for learning English.
Lecture about the difference between will and would was easy to understand.
Your voluntary activity will contribute to improving English ability all over the world.

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Many thanks …. Best teacher :)

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thanks teacher by this lesson I’m lerning more each day!!=)

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I’ve been using nearby for example; My house is nearby a Burbank airport so is that correct?

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Thanks Mr James..you’re thebest teacher.

Profile photo of alstar26 alstar26

I got 70 %, so so. Ok Thanks.

Profile photo of alpido24 alpido24

Thank you James! Great lesson!

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Excuse me James! I understood that the “to” shouldn´t follow the word “near”, but then why did you say “nearer to 10.000 viewers” at the end of your video? Maybe i didn´t get it well!
Kind regards from Venezuela!

Profile photo of joseingles2013 joseingles2013

I did the quiz perfectly, so the lesson was useful for me ;). Thanks a lot!

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hi, Teacher I’m new here in this website but I’ll keep studying English here with you ‘Cause I really admire you way in teaching it’s really interesting … keep up!

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you’re sense of humur in lessons makes me wanna learn more

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Good stuff in this lesson! Thanks!

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Really awesome, you guys do a really well job, congratulations. God bless engvid.com

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well! I’m quite satisfied, but not completely.

Profile photo of sanjaysanjay18 sanjaysanjay18

James, you are the best!
Keep doing this wonderful job.

cheers :)

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McDonals the best restaurant in the world?
damn come to italy and discover what is real food!
by the way i choose the right answer =P

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James, I can´not live without ENGVID!. It is an addictive site, no more facebook, no more twitter now only I will learn english with ENGVID. I need a partner in skype for practice it, Who said I?. congratulation teacher, you are a complete showman.

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Thank You James!

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Thanks a lot! James! Good lesson!

Profile photo of Ip Man Lee Ip Man Lee

I was looking for a site like this. First I saw James`s video — good work.

Profile photo of Bobmendez Bobmendez

interesting teaching for me :)

Profile photo of Pen Rasin Pen Rasin

I love the way you teach! And your sense of humor :-) it’ s really fun watching your vids – thank you so much!
Best wishes from Germany

Profile photo of mela24984 mela24984

Thanks I got 100%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

Lovely and helpful. Many thanks!

Profile photo of Andamaria Andamaria

thanks a lot it was really what I was looking for

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Great lesson.

Profile photo of sham5 sham5

A very good lesso. I got 80

Profile photo of Aloj Aloj

Thanks a lot teacher

Profile photo of MehdiUSA MehdiUSA

nice, I like him, is funny and I can understand clear!

Profile photo of yolami yolami

thank u teacher!Can we say that ”near to ” about quantity is synonymous of ”about”? bye Mr turtle!

Profile photo of nori.maki nori.maki

good lesson and will follow your teaching.

Profile photo of mohdjamli mohdjamli

understood,thank you

Profile photo of Zaman1804 Zaman1804

Thanks for your great lesson, James.
I have a quetion about Quiz No.3

3. Tom used his staff to go up the stairs because his leg hurt him.

Why “a walking stick or weapon” is correct answear?

According to your lesson, I tought staff means people.

Profile photo of e-noda e-noda

    This is a bit of a trick question, I guess! “Staff” does mean people, but it can also mean “walking stick” — which is a lot more convenient than getting a bunch of people to help.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Thanks James. I have studied english since last year and the stuff that the staff of engvid has teach us have been very helpfull.
once more, thanks for the lessons and continue like this.


Everything was very well explained. Very good.

But I’m afraid I didn’t get the “turtle” thing.

Is it a slang for “teacher”?

I’ve never heard that in my life.

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

I will not forget the stuff you have taught to me.

Profile photo of indrakharisma08 indrakharisma08

wow 70%

Profile photo of Birnoov Birnoov

I love this video

Profile photo of llscrn.AZ llscrn.AZ

Thank you James. You’re an excellent teacher!

Profile photo of Wellington Porto Brito Wellington Porto Brito

I get 7 .. thanks teacher

Profile photo of hannn hannn

Thanks James, I am learning your lessons and these are very helpful. I have listened about forty lessons in this week and made almost every quiz and my confidence has already increased a bit. Ok, more than a bit. I very enjoy this way of learning. Beside this activity I see movies in English without subtitles and I learn on an other site too, called duolingo every day. Definitely you were the one who speeded up or strengthened my will, and I did it, and now I do know that I will be able to speak in English and I will can do it well. A really big thank you to you it is a big thing in my life. I have many thing to say to others:)…and there are only ten million people who speak Hungarian.

Profile photo of Andahazy Andahazy

such a funny lesson!Thanks James!

Profile photo of hoangtuyet hoangtuyet

you are the best :*

Profile photo of danea danea

I cannot stop watching you ….. you are really a great teacher ….. So. thank you so much

Profile photo of Roostom Roostom

James, thanks a lot for positive !!!

Profile photo of Tirelav Tirelav

thanks James. i like you you are very funny hahahah

Profile photo of mahmoud mena mahmoud mena

Thank you James that was fascinating video. U made me aware of the words I always confused.

Profile photo of Shimray Shimray

Could you please speak slowly because english is not our native language. Thanks

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Profile photo of hichamhalim hichamhalim

It has been a little difficult to understand Staff vs. Stuff, either by their sounds or by their meanings, and near (to) vs. close to, they are also a little complicated to guess their meanings, but we have learnt rules to identify these expressions, it is a very good stuff. Thanks a lot, teacher James, a difficult but interesting lesson.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

You got 8 correct out of 10.


Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Thanks James!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

i will never forget this, believe me.

Profile photo of 4lejandro 4lejandro


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