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Hi Jade! Thanks for this lesson, but I also want to thank you for the advice.


    What has helped me to some good extent to built up my confidence -when talking to someone in English- is to look at my mistakes as a learning tool and not as a sign of my weakness in the language.

    Changing your attitudes towards mistakes is my best piece of advice.

    Thanks Jade for your suggestions.


    hi Aleachi!


      Hi Delwyn!


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        thank u

        Xamze Yasein

          Bro i will help you as i can


          thanks fasual


          You welcome my friend sanjeev
          I add your Skype and i sent you msg t thing you see it i want to make practice my friend my WhatsApp number is +256771423388 contact with me.


      Hi Delwyn


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        Md.Shadak Hossain Nijum

      Hi Delwyn


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Hi, Jade! Thank you for the advice.
What should I do as I am always running out of words when I speak English…

Lee Bing Hong

Thanks Jade for such a valuable advice. I personally find it really hard while speaking with native speakers especially Australians, since they sound more hard speakers. For me it’s become a piece of cake talking with native American speakers. Thanks EngVid for providing us with awesome teachers. Best wishes!


Thank you so much miss Jade .I must be do that


    Thank you so much miss Jade .I must be do that


Thanks Jade. I found out that tip 1 is very awesome. Speak to the native speaker on a level with them. This way can help me have more courage.


There is a mistake on question 6:
….” let yourself TO become”… should be without TO.


Thanks Jade, it was really helpful


Thank you. I remember the first time, when I met a native English speaker, it was an American, who had come to his bride in our city. The problem was in my not knowing what to talk with him about. I think the reason was described in Jade’s first lesson- my introvercy. But the matter of honour and curiosity drove me to speak English when I met foreigners, so I could improve my English.


Hi Jade, I really like the way you speak. Thank you for your videos. I love it.

Hoping and waiting for your new topics especially for English Tense. Thank you so much.


thank you jade
i used to worry about speaking with a native speaker or even an English learner whose level is higher than me, but now i have more courage to do that
you are a perfect teacher


Thanks Jade :)..your lesson is great…now I can talk with people without fear…

marcos alexandre

Hi Jade according to your video I adapt your advice, but unfortunately I do not find any native speaker where I improve my communication skill and get more confident.

Muhammad Abbas

hello jade,thank you for this lecture,it is very useful to speak English ,
you are my favorite teacher, i realy love you so much jade


Thank you so much for all your precious tips which surely,will help us to speak english with native speaker with more confidence.


Great tips Jade. Thanks a lot for this video.


Hi Jade. Thank you for your lesson. I’ve 100% in a quiz. Anyway I need more and more practice.


    Sorry :(( “the quiz”, not “a quiz”.


hi jade,thank you for this lecture,it is very useful to speak English ,
you are my favorite teacher, i realy love you so much jade


Thank you. You are so beautiful today.


Use Google translate…. i’m trying from laughing


I find that difficult to listen in British accent. Maybe because I have been familiar with American accent through films and tv shows. Recently, I have heard that Ielts usually uses British accent in Listening section. :(( So I am trying to listening to you, BBC and the like to practise myself. Your video really inspire me. I have never speak to native speaker before, after this video, i will take your advice and start communicating to them. Thank for your advice

April Vietlish

Thank you for your advice !!!!


    Angiebrad are you an English teacher too?


This is motivating, Jade, Thank you so much. :)


I used subtittles

Sonia Proenca

I think very easy

Sonia Proenca

Good lesson, good teacher!


thank you very much for the lesson.


Thanks Jade!!


Thank you so much for the lesson, Jade. I agree completely with you. I will have no fear if one day I have to speak to a native speaker. I think that if we may make mistakes in our mother tongue, why we may not in a foreign language? By the way, I love your British accent. I have just realized my accent is a blend of American, British and Brazilian one, and I am trying to approach my pronunciation to the British standard. Bye!

Eduardo França

    Hello, I’m Cristina would you like to bem my English mate? I’m looking for someone to chat and improve each other..


      Hey Cristina, I’m from Russia, if you need partner for speak in English we can talk in skype.


        Hey there! Are you interested to improve your English? specially your speaking? here my skype (julio.ortigoza2) i would like to do the same with you!


        Hello, yes, it would bem very nice :)


        i got 6 overall in IELTS
        need to improve english as well


        Md.Shadak Hossain Nijum

      Hello Cristina! I am also looking for another person to practice English. Do you have Skype? If so, let me know, and I will add you.

      Eduardo França

        Hello, Please let me know your Skype ID so we can chat ;)


      Hi Cristina, I would also like a partner to study and practise english. If you can, you can add me on skype:


      Can we talk on whatsapp or viber? +2 01225740564


      My Skype nikname: donatello133


      We can chat together to improve our English language.


      what”s up
      what’s your level i’m also looking for speaking partner maybe if we are in the same level we can do that

      PIPO SM

Hi Jade ! I think the lesson is Very Very important (for me) !!! Thank very much !!!!! Good wishes. Vladislav.


Thank you Jade


Thanks Jade. I like you.


Hi Jade. I just got 6 out of 9. Because I haven’t get used to listen to British accent yet. But this lesson helped me not care about making mistakes. I tend to care about it too much even though I know native speakers don’t care more than I think. I gotta be more confident! Thank you, and looking forward to your next lesson :D


Thanks a lot for the advices, teacher Jade. Though I´m not nervous anymore to do it, I remember I really was, which reminds me of my first time. I was eighteen and worked as a toll booth agent when this car made a wrong turn and ended up on a lane for special vehicles. I was asked to go talk to the driver. The more I was approaching the car, the more nervous I was getting. They were American and looked more nervous than me because they were lost, which made me take a deep breath and ask them to speak slowly (they spoke too fast!). It was such an amazing experience, because as soon as they knew that someone there spoke their language, they were all okay and calm. Then I knew where they were headed to and gave them directions. It was an unforgettable experience! I love, love, love English ;)

Emanoel Pereira

    Thanks a lot for the advices, teacher Jade. Though I´m not nervous anymore to do it, I remember I really was, which reminds me of my first time. I was eighteen and worked as a toll booth agent when this car made a wrong turn and ended up on a lane for special vehicles. I was asked to go talk to the driver. The more I was approaching the car, the more nervous I was getting. They were American and looked more nervous than me because they were lost, which made me take a deep breath and ask them to speak slowly (they spoke too fast!). It was such an amazing experience, because as soon as they knew that someone there spoke their language, they were all okay nad calm. Then I knew where they were headed to and gave them directions. It was an unforgettable experience! I love, love, love English ;)

    Emanoel Pereira

      Hello Emanuel, I’m Cristina and I’m also Brazilian.. How are you doing? I’m looking for a mate to chat and improve English and leard to each other… so, would you like to chat anytime?


        Hi Cristina, I’m a Brazilian English student too and I’ll be very happy to practice and improve together. We can do a whatsapp or Skype conversation groups with another guys from these comments. So just add me on Whatsapp: +5516992171920 or Skype: willian_engenharia.


        i`m here

        Mohamed Mosad

        Hi Cristina! I´m feeling so rude right now because I didn´t reply you before. I´m so sorry. I would definitely like to talk to you, no doubt. It´s just that I study and work a lot from Monday to Saturday, but I usually have free time on Sundays, is that okay for you? I hope it is. Please add me on Whatsapp: +5511992636022. Take care.

        Emanoel Pereira

        me to. whatsapp: +989122582448

        saeid maleki

Hello Jade!
You absolutely right, all students make some mistakes, and me too. I think when we speak with native speakers english we always want understand each other.


Thank you so much Jade!


thanks Jade for your device.

shaymaa fathy

Thank you for the great advice. I totally agree that we NNE speakers should make a lot of mistakes to master the language. It is just like way of practising as if a famous soccer player keeps kicking the ball again and again to be more accurate and accurate to make a goal in the end. I am talking about Ronald. You are very pretty by the way, I just have to say this. Thanks.


Thank you Jade. For me it’s really fun to watch your classes, especially because the greatest challenge for me is to get accustomed to British accent. You’re great!


Actually, most of our problems and disabilities come due to our thoughts..thinking about making mistakes and comparing to others will never change thing rather than wasting our time and energy as u previously said teacher ? hope that these guidelines will be applied by us as second language speakers.


Thank you very much !also write to native english speaker is hard for me .


Thanks Jade. Your tips are very useful.


Hi Jade!
I got 9 correct out of 9 but I’m not good at speaking English.
I will keep on practice.
Thank you.

Young Kyung Lee

Thank you teacher Jade,
i really like the way you are speaking and i hope to be like you. Just i am beginner. Also i like how you’re encouraging for us,

Thanks Agni,

Abdishakur Abdi

Dear Jade, actually I enjoy myself so much listen to you. Last year, it was almost impossible to understand your accent, thanks to another videos from you and your explanations inside them about what we can do learning a foreing language, and obviously following a little bit discipline every day we can achieve our goals step by step. I am your your fan number 1.


I am enter-sting a students enjoy with me practice
on Skype to en-prove our peeking. this is my Skype
Cabdishakuur.cabdi / kabtan caabi

Abdishakur Abdi

    Thank you for introuduce your account .My account is Khunaungmore


thank you a lot < now i have a diffrent think

mahdi aleid

Thank you teacher .it is very useful for me to practice my English .

Hi all of my online friends I have been study english for three year or more but I am still poor in English speaking so I wanted to practice my English ,That is why here is my skype account If anyone who wanted to practice with me ( Khunaungmore)


I´have got 9 correct. I am surprised because when I have watched the video I did not understand some phrases.:)


Thanks teacher Jade i couldnt do %100 in the quiz but your video made me more confident


thanks you ms Jade

osama smsm

hello all. I’m new here so is there any english speaking group. I need more speaking practice. Ok


Hello Jade, I’m not afraid for speaking and making a mistake in a presence of native English speakers?


I’m very happy and not afraid to make a mistake while speaking with a native English


Dear Jade,i wanna say that you made a gold with this topic,i mean to point out that most of foring peaple(like me)make mistake by speaking in english – simply because of they are shaying that they will do a mistake in conversation with notive speakers.Thank you for this video,you instill self-confidence to all of us!Keep going!


thank you for advice


Thanks Jade, listening you is a good practice for me.


Thanks a lot, Jade


Jade thank you love your way


Nice video!!!


Hi Jade!, all you say in this video happens to me!, I get nervous when I’m speaking and my tongue gets a knot! Thanks or your tips


good ! enjoyed the lecture !

rameshwar rao p

Thank”s a lot of your tips


Thanks Jade! Awesome class!

Christian Ricardo

Thank you very much Jade. Learning with you it is a pleasure :)


Thank you for the very useful lesson, Jade


Thanks Jade for the lesson, i’ve got one mistake in the quiz but I want to learn more and improve my english language


That’s what really happens,good.


Thanks for you Jade I get 7 grade I will finish my high studies in English after that quiz :)


Thank you!

kathleen ann

Thank you very much that was helpful. Maybe it’s also good to try find new people and speaks with them about any thing.


i think, making mistake during learning something is good, because these mistakes make your learning way good in time, as long as these mistakes aren’t fatal. But making mistake during learning english will your english getting better in time. And i still hate talking with native speakers, because Because i will keep extra efforting to catch words coming out from their mouths. i therefore love this feeling of having hate and great time in the same time while talking to them.LOL I believe i did many mistake while typing it. thanks for encouraging us!!!


    for instance, i forgot to put “make” word in this centence “But making mistake during learning english will “make” your english getting better in time.” :))


thank you for the lesson


I couldn’t agree more! However, sometimes it is not an easy task to put these tips into practice.
Thanks a lot Jade.

Eduardo Mendes

Very, very wise advices.


Thank you Jade! Everything that you said happens to me when I’m dealing with a native English speaker. I will try to remember the advice and stop worrying too much about make mistakes. :)


please I have a doubt!! which is correct? An English Native Speaker or a Native English Speaker?

Could you help me Teacher JAde? anybody could help me plese… ? how do I say?


    Hi. Good question! I don’t know how to explain, but I think that the correct one is “a native English speaker”. Please, Jade. Help us!

    Júlio César L Sousa

Please* :D


    Yeah, Júlio is right. The correct expression is “native English speaker”. If you say “English native speaker”, we will think you are talking about a person from England that speaks a language called “native” (?).

    Eduardo França

Thanks Jade, I feel better now, the corner stone is keep our confidence and joy practicing even if we make mistakes. :)


Thanks miss Jade I enjoyed lesson

Vugar Beshirov

Hello, Jade. Thank you for these great tips. I won’t forget to follow them. Take care!

Júlio César L Sousa

Thank you jade. When I started to study.I.was afraid about what native speakers could think about my english but now I.strayed that from me and my best when.I.need to


    Thank you jade. When I started to study.I.was afraid about what native speakers could think about my english but now I.strayed that from me and my best when.I.need to Thanks for your advice




I wonder I got 8 but it said I got only 7 of 9. lol but it’s ok. I am not afraid of any mistakes.


this video is so intersting and useful. and i like the way you speak. everything was clear for me~ thank you so much


Thanks, teacher Jade. It’s really useful. It’s a hard work to make students conscious of that. I think that it is also a mater of getting used to speaking to native speakers.


Thank you T. Jade, This is too helpful and your language is too clear that I understood all you lesson ?


very helpful view


I am so shy.
In my previous English level my teacher was a native speakers but I couldn’ t talk with him becuase I am afraid to speaking in public.


    thank you jada

    mohamed abdelaziz88

Hi Jade, it was realy good yours tips, I feel very nervous when speak with native speakers. From now on I’ll try use these tips, thanks.


thank you miss Jade it was an interesting lesson

berah oussama

hey Jade, I’m a learner too, accent learner, but most of the times I’ve noticed that, if I rehearse or speak to myself, I’m completely doing good, and also I can put up an accent, but when I’m speaking to someone, sometimes I can’t bring up desirable words and I totally forget about the accent and I start speaking with my native english accent. One way i have found to counter that is, To take a pause whenever I miss out words instead of speaking phrases like “you know” and “umm” i take a lil pause think and bring out the word, but i still can’t work on my accent that i forget to put up.


thanks so much for your advice.I hope you teach us in yemen


Thank you so much Jade!


Thank you so much Jade for the advice, I’m leaving for London and I’m so excited! :-D


Thaank you ,,
hello all. I’m new here so is there any english speaking group. I need more speaking practice or any one can speak with me to improve my language ??


    Hello sawsan89! Be welcome to Engvid! I want to practice my English with a foreign person as well. Do you have Skype? If so, let me know, and I will add you. Bye!

    Eduardo França

9/9 Good and helpful lesson! Thank you, Jade!


Nice tips, Jade. Thank you so much! Always when I am talking to a native speaker, I stay nervous and I forget all of I know of English, but I’m changing following your tips :)


Thanks for your teaching


I agree with your tips! ;)


Thank you, Jade.


Hi Jade
Since you’re wearing waistcoat, you’re not in Turkey anymore?


Hi, Jade. Thank you for this lesson. It was really helpful/


hello jade…. thank you for the lesson


ooooh thnxxx…. so i like to speak like you soon
.. yes i do hhhh see you

sadam abdulahi

Hi guys! I am learning English there is one half year, with a teacher, but I had already studied in the internet when began the course, but I have got very very dificultly to speack a understand English, I am almost giving up

Reinaldo Maranhao

Dificultly to speack and understand.

Reinaldo Maranhao

Thank you Jade.It help me have more confident.


Oh that’s really great one thanks I love ur accent If anyone need to practice with each other on whatsapp My Number is +20 01019035272


Thank you so much for this video, it is very intresting and beneficial. Also ,I want to tell you that you have a great pronunciation that i like so much and I do understand every word you say .

Rosa Mimi

Hi, Jade! Thank you for the advice.
and Thanks for your teaching


Hey Jade,
thanx !!!!!!!!!!!! U’re GREAT ))))))))))))

thanx 4 these words……..cause I do exactly the way U’ve said !!!!!!!!!!!! nevertheless I do feel confused sometime ))) that’s because of my vocabulary, as U’ve said: It sucks ))))) but anyway – THANK U !!!!!!!!!!!

Andriy Shandra

Hi Jade,I hope you are fine :)
I do agree with you native speakers really do not care about accent and mistakes.
Even though they do not make you feel your are making mistakes.



Ahmed anwer 82

Just right now try to find a companion to speak English to improve my speakin skill. l don’t embarass to talk with native. Moreover l like it and want to do it as often as it’s possible. BUT! To be honest l couldn’t find anybody during more the month. lt’s nearly unreal to just speak even if you keen of speaking with native. Maybe you have an idea or advice to make my ‘searching mode’ better? Looking forward but without any success yet ;)


    Hey there! Are you interested to improve your English? specially your speaking? here my skype (julio.ortigoza2) i would like to do the same with you!


thanks xD

hagar attia

thank you so much jade…


Hello, Jade. Thanks for your advice. This is my first time surfing on this website. I really like your accent. And thanks for the encouragement, now, I am not affraid of making mistakes because I look them-native speakers- as people with the same level with me. :)


That’s my first’s wasn’t good but I try how to said the teacheron the video.


its relly helpful. thank you


It is more difficult to talk then listen and translate in any case.


Thanks Jade, what about putting on video Conversations between 2 persons? It woul be very usuful..


Hello Jade! Thanks you so much! I’m learning English. Your this lesson is useful with me. Thank you so much again.


thanks for the tips for learner!!!

Luisito Villa

hi jade. What can i do when i don´t have any friend that speaks in english?


Hello Jade and that was a good lesson :D I have a problem and I hope you can help me: how can I increase my vocabulary ? If I talk to someone I feel I repeat myself and I don’t find synonims.Thanks for the lesson.


    Hello Denis!

    In my opinion, the best way to increase our vocabulary is reading, not only when we are learning a new language but also in our own mother tongue. So, read the more you can, and you will realise that you will begin to use new words and expressions naturally.

    By the way, “numele meu este Eduardo”. If you want someone to practice your English, be free to call me, OK?


    Eduardo França

Hi teacher, I really enjoyed this video, Now I’m feeling more confident.


That was really helpful , thank you Jade


thanks for your advice


Never ago time, I watched more than this best video


Good video as ever! I like to listen to you, Jade. Your English is so clear.


thank you Jade. i did 8 right answers

Soran Shekh



Thanks Jade for this lesson!

I let me to make mistakes when speaking to native speakers — I’m human, I’m not perfect, but I try to learn from every mistake when someone corrects me.

One day in Toronto I asked a clerk in a bakery “Can you slice this bread to me?” instead of “May you slice this bread to me?”. “Can” and “may” have no differences in a bare translation to Portuguese. The clerk smiled to me, pulled the sleves, showed your muscles and told “Yes, I can!”. From this day on, I try to never make the same mistake :)

Fabio Cicerre

    Hi Fábio! That is a funny story, I liked it. A simple word can make a huge difference in the meaning, depending on the context. You also can use the word “could” in requests, because it is polite and makes it plain that you are asking a favour. By the way, I have read other comments of yours and realized that you can express yourself in English very well. Congratulations!

    Eduardo França

      Hi Eduardo! You are talking right next to the Olympic Games!

      I’m proud you noticed that my English is improving. I leave some comments here to thank the teachers, to entertain and also to practice my humble writing skills.

      From my understanding, you express yourself in English very well too!

      Fabio Cicerre

…try never to…

Fabio Cicerre

OH, it is all about me) Thanks!


Thank you so much. I will learn more with your lessons.


hi guys i would like to ask about somthing : is here a post of speaking english and practice it?


    Hi zinouba! As far as I know, if you want to practice English with another Engvid student, you have to write your e-mail in a comment, like this one, and wait someone to reply you. By the way, do you have Skype? If so, let me know, and I will add you, OK?

    Eduardo França

Yep. It happens to me all the time. T_T I get soo intimidated. But thanks for your advice I will definitely apply this to my life.


thank you

nora ali

Excellent video.. Thanks


Thank you Jade


Yes it happpen to me


Hi.Thank you for your advices


I realized you pronounced all the “t’s” in the words. I suppose it is a british accent, right?


Hey there! Are you interested to improve your English? specially your speaking? here my skype (julio.ortigoza2) i would like to do the same with you!


Thank you Jade, I’m more confident now.


Thanks for the lesson :)


Thank you Jade

Samir Samih

Hi teacher. Your tips will be very useful when speaking for those who feels shy and ashamed . Thanks for efforts.


Thank you

Rajibul islam

thank’s jade

Marouane Faraa

Hi.. thanks a lot for this interesting lesson and I’ll start following your advice


hello jade actually i feel little bit nervous while speaking with others, i can easily communicate with them ,but when time comes to speak before any intervene then i get confused what to say them so please help me out from this problem.


Thank you Jade.

Mohsen Tatoo

Thanks Jade, great advise !


Hi Jade,
you have a special way to teach us how to be more confident in our journey to learn English. Thank you so much!


hi guys




That´s true… I find really helpful your advice…

Chris Aguero

tha’s it so great videos , thank a lot Jade , you’re so good teaching about the way for learn English , I’m felling my English one LIttle Better after watching your videos , I’m followed all your social’ medias , I’m waiting by the way more videos your , thanksfull for everthing that has done .


Thank you so much.


Hello everyone.


Thank you for your advice


Thanks for important topic. This is my main problem)


Hi Jade.
I’m really fascinated by the way you are pronouncing words.Your accent is incredible to me.Even though other listeners keep saying me that my accent is to high extent close to American, I have recently made my mind to learn how to pronounce and put stress on words just as the same as you do so.However, It seems to be much of a tough work to have got a British accent like you.Will you be giving me a piece of advice how can I master at this please?Thank you in advance


    Hello.I really became happy and joyful when I saw some Iranians here.because I though I’m alone here.


i`m really happy by the way you explain the lessons but i want to see you in a lecture explaining the fluency markers in speaking


Hi it is my whatsapp no. 9559983491 anyone who are interested can chat me

ravi chaudhary

thank you very much for your help.

Alaa salim

Thank you for this useful tips. I have alweys said to my colleagues that speaking with native speakers is main problem for me. Thanks a lot!

Bartosz Lawniczak

teacher,please let me know how to speak correctly in the sentence.
Question 1, (at)some speak …Ah..T the sound like (art)
(at) some speak …at… the sound like (eight)
with one is correct.
Question 2, (at the) the sound (eight) the or the sound like (art) the
but Look at me we didn’t read the sound (look eight me but we speak (look cake me)
like> thank you (thank Q),.> we didn’t read thank you
like> come on (come mon)..>we didn’t read come on or power on or power mon
please help me or can get the special dictionary to find out the (tricky sentence sound) .
I was asking some English speaking friend them didn’t give me corrects answers hope you can understand what I mean


    there is another: tell him (tell im )
    you and me (you an me ) and more and more examples, I think it is depend on the accent ,you know not a certain rules. at the end IdK :”)


thank you Jade !


Thank you teacher Jade for your advices :)


Tank you for this useful tips

Jabir Sharif

wonderful Jade, you are in hamorny with the picture behind you !!!


Thanks Jade. I totally agree with you, everyone makes mistakes when we learn a new language and it takes time and a lot of practice to start speaking fluently and with confidence.


    How come you speak Italian? Maybe you’re the original Italian?


Hi Jade, excelent lesson.

I would like to have more practice in lstening British accent, would you recommend me some page to practice it?

I really appreciate.


thank you jade


Thank very much for insightful advice .
This exactly what I used to suffer when I`m dealing with English native speaker.

Abdullah @123

great my teacher about this lesson


Be more confidenct!

raymond xu

make me fell confident to talk to natives speaker from now on


    Can we talk on whatsapp or viber? +201225740564


Really thank you. I use to be worry about my English when speaking to influent people, but not anymore after your advice

Duha AlQarout

Hi jade , thank your for this lecture,it`s very usefull

Amr Elattar

Hi everybody add me on whatsapp +90 725 42 18 and we are on chat all the time :))


Sorry its missing some numbers this one is true +90 533 725 42 18


Thank You Jade…


8/9 thanks :)


It is my first lesson on engvid and i realy like it th
ink you


Thanks Jade, if the native speakers are like you, no one will hate to speak with.

Hamam Alwardani

Thank you for your advise Jade, they are interesting thought about speaking with native English speakers


I meant thoughts, one mistake


thank you jade,this video is really help full for me and i will do it


Thank you teacher jade? very helpful


Really amazing tips!!! I am so shy and it makes me a mute person you know lol (is the right – mute?! )

Alex Arruda

    Hi Alex!

    How long do you study English? I started this site now, Thank You! :)

    Maíra Rosa

      what about to chating to improve english ?

      Mohamed Mosad

“So” at the end of the sentence

Joseph Anthony

i want exchange language in skype


Thank you, Jade, I will use it.


I have just to say that you are a wonderful teacher Jade, byeeeeeeeeeeee


Thank you


Thanks a lot!!


Thanks you, Jade. I will try your advice.

Louise Chen

hi Jade you are my best teacher. Thank you.I will try your advice.


Well done Jade thanks a lot for your lesson it was very helpful for me

Mohsen Tatoo

hi ‘thank you so much for this lesson
really’after i watching the video
i became more confeident..

rafal redha

Hi Jade, incredible! Every words you said on the video is exactly what i did and i have done so far, in wrong way. So i think that your lesson will help me too much to communicate in the future with native speakers. Thank you


Thanks for the lesson Jade :)

Maíra Rosa

    Hi Maíra Do you speak English fluently?

    Omar Alkhlifi

Thank you Jade for your tips!!!


Thank you Jade

Aghil Vinayak

Thank you


From Guatemala , thanks Jade, I love your accent!

Jose Lazzo

I got 5 from 9
thank you jade for advice

nameer sk

Hi Jade.your video was useful.
I’m in the group of those people who don’t have self-confidence when they talk with other native speakers.And as a matter of fact I don’t know how I can struggle with this real problem.I speak in a good and intermediate level and I usually say to myself if I visit a native speaker from England for example;undoubtedly I talk to him or her but when I see someone I forget all of my words!!!?


Sorry,I made a mistake:I’m in the group of those people who don’t have self-confidence when they talk to other native speakers.


Hello at all. A great lesson. Thank you Jade

I got 8/9 thank you Jade when I made a mistake I’m being not myself and just saying sorry with this confidence may be I can be mor myself speak’ng w’th ather people who knows Engl’sh more than me again thanks


thanks very much :)

Mohamed Mosad

Is there any apps or websites to talk with native speakers? coz i would like to, even if my english is bad XD..oh and thank you Jade ^^ and engVid


*Ruba*;-; : skype name


    HI TEACHER do you know i have this problem I can’t talk english because i feel shy but I will try to do my best


Thank you for this good motivation to practice English.


Hi everyone! I’m a new student




Thank you for giving us such useful tips :)


Such a great teacher i have got .. Thank you so much :)


Thank you for your advise Jade, i’m interesting thought about speaking with native English speakers


Thank you very much Jade, it was very useful

Oscar Alonso

thank jade .

Nguyen Thanh Binh

Thank you very much Jade. Thank you for your videos. It was very useful. Thank you for the your advices. I want to improve my english. I need new friends to learn English and talking. Thanks… My facebook adress…




Ty 4 ur tips


Thank you


i got 8 .. thank you
i love that British accent more than american


hi, my name’s taufiq
i just need friends to improve my english skill
this is my phone number : +6282166725438 ( Whatsap number )

Muhammad Taufiq



Hi,Jade.Thank you for video…


Hello,Jade Thank you for your lesson .


Hi Jade, Thank you !


Hi Jade! Really wonderful lesson and i do appreciate your efforts and ENGVID Website.


Thank you. acctually, I’m learning english alone, i haven’t someone to practice with.
is here any one interested to practine english with me?
thanks in advance!


thank you Jade !


Thanks a lot Jade

Fati 15

ı wish all teachers especially who native were like youxxxxx


Thank you, Jade, for this warm-hearted and encouraging lesson. A Happy New Year and God’s Blessing.


I m going to leave my contact here, if somebody wants to practice


Thanks Jade!


thank you jade


Thank you very much, Jade!
I feel better!


Thanks a lot Jade


I feel better after this video. Thank you! :)


Thank you teacher Jade!


Love you. Thanks.


Hi Jade, its really happen to me. I’m really afraid to talking with native speakers because my speaking skill is not good. But, after I have seen your video, I will try to practice speaking as much as I can. Thank You!


Thank you so much Jade you are a good teacher

Yacine benraghda

Thank you Jade. 8/9


Thank you Jade. I always concern about making mistakes every time I am talking to native speakers. Whenever I talked to native speakers, all the words in my mind are got scattered before I can speak any of them out. I will try to speak to native speakers confidently from now on.


Hello! Am wa


Jade brilliant description and tips, thanks.
More stressful situation in a professional environment, the worst is a call conference to make decisions.
btw: nice glasses.


Thanks from your information.


iwant to determain my level at english and speak perfectly

mohamed 0115750

I have got 8/9 Thanks from your information.

Sujeet kumar pathak

It’s a great idea with a quiz after watching each video :-)


Dear Jade, thank you so much for this lesson. You read my mind about being afraid of what I say and the way I say it. This lesson was soooo helpful for me.


Thanks, Ms. Jade. That’s very helpful tip. And by the way, you have a beautiful face.


Thank you ))))


Very thankful Mrs.Jade.i would like to your tets.It mark my english level.Gog will bless u.


I wantto improve speaking ability.My skypid is harishmohanta.


Thank you for this lesson!


i really enjoyed this lesson, i feel more confidence now


I’ve never spoken to native speakers because I live in another part of the world.But I know already that someday I exactly will get into an English-speaking country!)


that is so true!! thank you so much for this lesson, jade!!


I did’t understand the sense of this speach. I just lost my time :(


Hello everyone.
Congratulations, Jade, for this incredible video. Thanks a lot and take care..

Fabio Skywalker

Thanks for those good vids Jade. Keep going it helped me a lot. In the past I asked people to repeat themselves, they kind of feeling awkward. And me a bit embarassed. From your vid, I think I must not worry about it. Thanks.


Hi,Jade! 9/9.Thanks!


Hello everyone good morning, I’m new here I want to learn English anyone else who would want to be help myself?

Md asghar

Thanks nine/nine!!!!!!




THANK YOU! your accent is wonderful, I love it !


Thanks Jade! Really ı love your accent :))And Nine /Nine :)


Thank you so was helpful


Thanks. Could you add lessons about someone who traveling to abroad? I mean, what he needs in point of language to travel. From boarding to go to a museum in that country.


Thanks. Could you add lessons about someone who traveling to abroad? I mean, what he needs in point of language to travel. From boarding to go to a museum in that country.


thanks jade for your valuable information. thank you again

mohamed ahmida

Hi Jade..
How are you?

Very good your lessons !!

Best Regards,

Thank you.


Thanks a lot for your explanation dear

jupriaman Naibaho

Thanks a lot Jade

Cesar Spanish

hi Jade, thank you for everything !!!your accent is faaaaantastic, i really hope to imitate it!




I want to improve my English speaking skills. Are there somebody to speak with me?


Thank you for this kind of lesson I find it very interesting and quite valuable. From now on I won’t miss any chance of talking to native speakers anymore. Finally I feel really confident. Chao, hasta la vista baby.


well done i get 1oo

Sultan Bradosti

firstly i’d like to thank you for this great video,but sometimes fell bother about grammatically mistakes and I don’t found perfect expression to express what want to say ?

Islam Halem

Hello Jade ! This is a good lesson to learn how to breathe and try :-) Am I right ?

Joel Dugue

amazing, good teacher and a good advisor, I dream to have your accent, deep thanks, I admire your smile really attractive


we appreciate if you sometimes comment


Thanks Jade very useful lesson. You are a good teacher!


Thank you for boosting my confidence coz im really afraid to commit mistakes..


Very practise lesson. One on the tips to be more confident durning speking od learnig 1000 more popular words in this lenguage without speaking yhis words, seconda lissining radio internetowe this lenguage Andrzej for domek tone this should be solve problem.


you must be a linguist Jade?!


Hi Jadel. Thank you for the video. I preper my self for an international course and i should meet the organisers’s expectations . I have this problem : speaking english with native speaker. I am worryed about doing mistakes. But I am glad to know that most of people leaning a new language have the same problem. And it’s very relaxing to know that native speakers don’t care a lot about our mistakes. And they just focus on the conversation. I ll try to express my self confidently and i ll do my best.


thank u Madam, i’m very happy to increase my ability of language.

Mustafe Bashe

Thank you very much!jade
For helpful tips

otmane abdane

Only 78 percent… I am not afraid of any native speaker. Give me one of them right now ! I will tell him a story about my last trip to shop and how i choosed a bread. I am almost sure that he will run away ;)


Thanks so much i got 100 this is so must help.


there is a conversation club in my social environment but ı always hesitated to join their meetings..your lesson was so helpful and i will try once….thanx


Everyone wants to make practice English my sypke fysl hand or WhatsApp +256771423388


Thanks, Jade 10 correct out of 10, Great and useful lesson.


I’m afraid to talk to native people, my mind is blocked when I want to say something.


Thanks teacher Jade! I like your classes.


Hello, teacher Jade. I very like it when you speaking.
This lesson very useful to me.


i always have problems to speak with native speaker. thank you teacher jade for the lesson.


There are no native speakers in the world, only English speakers. Sorted, Dab, Innit.


My problem isn’t fear I could make a mistake. I am making them all the time. But the biggest problem is that it is necessary to excercise speaking somehow. And self-talk isn’t my cup of tea and it also seems to be inefficient.


Thanks for the video!


I got 09/09


Thank you very much. I’ll follow your advices.


Thank you Jade,It’s so interesting and useful video.I agree we must speak and don’t look at our mistakes but to make others understand us.
I really use this way to chat and to speak to native and non-native speakers.
I wish more progress to you and good luck.


Thank you for the lesson. I like the video. I have to try speak english as much as possible and don’t worry to make mistake about the grammar or vocabulary first. I have to be confident. and of course I have to improve my english languange to reduce the mistake. That’s why I have to practice every day.


thank you Jade fort the lesson


Thank you so much for your tips
I think that was from your hart

Mohammad Omar Enabi
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