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In southern Italy your pronunciation of the word “bruschetta” would be simply perfect.
As for “tagliatelle”… sounds a bit strange, but I hope it tastes good anyway.

Thanks a lot


    Hey I think in Italy say bru·schét·ta
    Not /tʃ/ but sk


Who knows the Ukraine delicious food /bor̠ɕː/?


is very nice

Wilson Barrera

I know some of these dishes, gastronomy is a very interesting thing to know about it to take care of health.
I didn’t get a good score on the quiz but whenever I check the IPA, I think I improve my pronunciation.
Anyway, thanks for the lesson.


these lessons are so good for many advancer´s


i like these lessons


As far as I know, mainly, there are two types of tortillas: one is made with flour and the other with eggs. Egg omelets are quite appreciated in Europe, often all kinds of vegetables are added such as potatoes, peppers, zucchini or onion, they are delicious. Tortillas with cheese, tuna or “ham” are also common.
On the other hand, flour tortillas are made all over the world and in many different ways, we may not have enough life to taste them all.


    Im Rohullah
    From Afghanistan
    I want to be my friend


I found engVid recently. I enjoy listening to British accent. I feel it’s so genuine. I decide I watch two latest videos every day.

Insoo Yeo

Thanks so much
It was very helpful for me


I did like this lesson. But I got 40%, and I would like to repeat that lesson in a next opportunity.


In Brazil is not that common to eat Tortillas. But we have wonderful food here as well! Great lesson, btw.


10/10 soo happy thnx a lot

Lamis Ayman

Thnx a lot 10/10 can u make a vid on vocabularies about the COVID-19 that will be helpful after the epidemic. Thnx again!

Lamis Ayman

Dear Engvid Team.
On clicking on many of the lessons it tells me “Video Unavailable”! have you changed the policy of the website, or there is an error in my network?

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