Is accent your weakness? Get Jade's accent course!


By the way, everyone, there isn’t a quiz for this lesson! Sorry, we made a mistake. Here’s a cat gif.

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Thank you Jade for this lesson. But it is too long. By the end of the lesson I’m no longer listening to what they mean. Just waiting for the end of the lesson. Lessons should be done for 12-15 minutes. So it is easier to remember the material and easier to learn. And there is always have time to repeat the lesson.


    Zanat, um… do you watch Teacher Emma’s lessons? The lesson that teaches you to remember new words is almost 30 minutes! So Teacher Jade’s lesson isn’t so neccessarily so long.

    Livy Kibutsuji

Really interesting and thought-provoking lesson; a lot of English and a lot of psychology.


I liked this tutorial, but it is also worth attaching a quiz. Jade you are the undivided teacher of

Mir Murad

Hi Jade, thanks a lot for this interesting lesson.

Anca Eisenhardt

    this khaled from Egypt , works as a mechanical Enginner, if you would like to practise english with me


Thanks for the lesson, I learned a lot.


really good lesson, thank you Jade


Thank you Jade.


It’s sort of hard to say that you can improve your lessons much more. Thanks for this video.


i really loved your lesson your are the best teacher of english , i enjoy to watch your lesson


But… But… Where is the quiz?..


    Sorry, not all of our lessons have quizzes!

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    Hi, Vemoth) there is an official engVid vk group: )) join


Thank you, Jade. You are the best and the most devoted English teacher I’ve ever seen. I appreciate you always provide us enriched lesson to learn.


I’m really learn a lot of things with u, thank u very much


You are very good

Reda Farouk

I would like to speak English as well as you do :-)
Thanks a lot

Joel Dugue

Thank you about your lesson


Thanks a lot


Thanks alot.


Thank you Mrs. Jade.


Thank you, Jade

Ryan Sun

Wow! Thank my lucky stars I found this lesson! I have always sounded super duper weak… thank you so MUCH!

Livy Kibutsuji
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Is accent your weakness? Get Jade's accent course!