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Until now, all is clear.
I dare say: so far so good!
Thanks for your tips, Adam.


sir graduating is continuous work. so how can i use by with it?
as in 4th mcq.

Zain Gill

    You can use ‘by’ in relation to two things: I will graduate(1) by the time my sister starts school (2).
    Also, graduating is a one time event (when you have completed all course requirements). Until then you are studying.

    Is this what you had in mind?


      Hi Adam, this was helpful. I actually got 9/10 and this was my mistake too. Thanks


      Hi Adam, this was helpful. I actually got 9/10 and this was my mistake too. Thanks


Hi Adam,
That’s a great lesson! Thanks a lot.
I did the text, and I was able to score 90% of it. I believe if I watch the video again, I will get the last part.
However, I need a bit of explanation on the ‘ by time + an adjective clause.
Thanks again!


    Hi Abduldala,

    By the time–which time? by the time (that) you read this…

    In other words, the adjective clause identifies the specific time something will happen.

    Does this help?


      Very good lesson videos, a great help to learn English,

      Suresh Kumar Bishnoi

      thank for your lesson


Thanks very much for this useful lesson, i got 8/10.
In the question 6, the answer “no sooner then” is suitable, but i still see that “no later than” is also can be as answer.


    I want to thank you for what you give us to help to write better in the web WRITETOTOP, i am a member in it
    By the way that you have allowed for asking :P
    i wonder whether there is a possibility in WRITETOTOP, to get a feedback on essay or not ?


    Hi Struggle,

    The person is telling him that even though he is in a hurry, nothing can be done to speed things up because the shipment will not arrive before noon tomorrow. the client doesn’t care how late it will come but how soon it will come.

    Does this help?


i got 7/10 no bad :) thanks


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it is confusing in some places but I managed to get 9
could you please explain number 6 for me
I assumed that the shipment will arrive before none, isn’t it?


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        that’s it.


          I agree too Learvilois
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          Well said, Eichi. And thank you :)


          ok,,,,i improveevery day with this video lesson.


          Hi ADAM. i’ve just joined your English class and my first English lesson test result is 4/10. I think it’s not good. So, What i need to do now? Repeat the lesson or jump to the next stage? Thank you.
          By the way, is there any mistake my above written sentenses or it’s perfect? :))) I would be very happy knowing my mistakes.Thank you again.


          Hi. Everything is ok by you .


    Hi Reema,

    It’s important to look at the whole context. The person is telling him that even though he is in a hurry, nothing can be done to speed things up because the shipment will not arrive before noon tomorrow (i.e., after noon). The client doesn’t care how late it will come but how soon it will come.

    Does this help?


easy peasy lemon squeezy)


    yes indeedy ;)


Again a great lesson, Adam


Great lesson Adan! I missed the number 6 exercise because I didn’t know the meaning of the word “hurry” in the context. I realize that to use prepositions correctly it is necessary to keep in mind the grammar rules and make a logical effort in each sentence. Thank you!


    Absolutely, Daniel. Context is always important to be aware of.


Why don’t you use until in the last question?
Thank you in advance!


    Hi Sigoda,

    The action is leave (a one-time, quick action), whereas we use until with continuing actions.

    Does this help?


Will have had….Please share few more examples

Ashutosh Das

    Examples of what, Ashutosh? Future perfect?


100 % . You are a great teacher !


I got 6 out of 10. :(
Can you explain no.6 again? Thank you.


    Hi TzuYing,

    It’s important to look at the whole context. The person is telling him that even though he is in a hurry, nothing can be done to speed things up because the shipment will not arrive before noon tomorrow (i.e., after noon). The client doesn’t care how late it will come but how soon it will come.

    Does this help?


      Thank you Adam. It is clear now! :)


I got 7/10…. I must work yet ! Thanks for this lesson.


I got 5/10. it was not bad. thanks


I got 8/10. it was not so bad. thanks.

parnid nps

Thank you for your clear explanation of the concept. Excelent! God bless you!


the quiz is somewhat confusing but thank you for your explanation to this lesson.


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parnid nps

    that’s a good idea, I’ll send a message as soon as possible


Thanks Adam this lesson was great…:)

marcos alexandre

I haven’t had so detailed lessons even in my language…! (Is that sentence correct…?)


    Hi Doc
    what’s up in Italy?
    are you from the north or from the south?


      Hi, I’m from the north of Italy very close to France…!


      Lemarvillois,You’re right,you are really interested in knowing people from all around the word!does it have an special reason? You asked me a question about my country too. I wanted to say I answered to your question in the last training video. You can see you answer there.


        hi , I’m glad to write to you again
        I want to know people from every where ,there ‘s no special reason. I ‘m interested to know others countries and cultures. The internet is a wonderful place for that .Last time , I made a very big mistake and I’m sorry about that, I’m sure now you’re from Iran (not Irak, with a K in France)
        let’s leave messages sometimes to each other it would be nice!


          Also I think is wonderful to connect with other people from all the world that is as the greatest gift to gain people hope to active such ideas.


    Almost Lucas. Change the so to such ;)


      Thank you Adam!


Hello Adam, I’m searching for a lesson about how to use words (by or using) in examples like:
‘I repaired the server [by/using] restart application.’ of ‘I wake up by drink (means with help of) a cup of coffee’ I don’t know what part of grammar relates to this problem and do not know how to search it. Could you help me to find something about it?


    Hi Seingen,

    You probably need to look at the preposition ‘by’ as used to discuss how something is done.
    By + -ing (gerund)
    I improve my English by practicing every day (how improve? by practicing)

    Hope this helps.


Great lesson Adam!!!Perfect to make this difficult topic clear.
Thanks ;)


“To take advantage of this incredible offer, please drop by the car dealership _____ noon on Sunday. Don’t miss the deadline!”
The answer is “no later than”, I answered “until” instead. I would like to know why I can’t use “until” in this case. :) Thanks from now.

Maria Jessica

    Hi Maria,

    Firstly there is a deadline (noon), and drop by is a quick finite action, not a continuous one (you can only drop by once).

    Does this help?


      Yes, it does help! Thank you very much Adam :).

      Maria Jessica

Great lesson Andam. This was my first quiz and i got 7/10


    Well done Rafa ;)


Adam , you’re almost the best teacher on Engvid.
you would be the best if you would work more than 3 hours a day :)


The topic seems to be clear and discussed a lot, but I have found more details here than in Emma’s lesson. Good tips are to think about verbs and the perfect tenses. Unfortunately, I got 8/10.


could you please make a lesson about past perfecet


    Hi Schneider,

    Type past perfect in the search box above and you will see a few videos about this.


Hello Adam! It’s a very good lesson, as always. Thank you.
I think we need a lesson about future perfect. Sometimes I have a trouble with it.
But today when I was reading I faced with a strange phrase I guess. It said “There ain’t no reason to do this”. That seemed very strange for me because from EngVid I know that double negative is bad, but it exists as I see. Of course sometimes the “ain’t” drives me mad.
Can you help me to figure it out?


    Hi Alexander,

    I’ll get on the future perfect for sure.

    As for the ‘ain’t’ it’s slang, mostly in the US. If you watch Hollywood movies, you’ll hear it. Just let it go ;)


Thanks very much for this great lesson


Great lesson! No more confusion from now on:)
Thanks Adam.


20 :( the worst score ever. Don’t get it.


    Try again, Siguros :)


08/10 Thanks Adam for the unique Lesson.




    Hi NJDS,

    You can say I’ll be there at about 7. About means approximately, not a time reference.


Hi Adam.
Thank you for your teaching.
In Persian, my native language, when something is 100% certain for future and it will happen for sure undoubtedly, you can even use past tense!. for example, if I’m being expected at a party and I’m on way and my friends call me and ask me where I am. I can reply: I arrived there; instead of “I’ll arrive there”.

I was wondering if there is a same concept in English?

by the way, it’s interesting when you think about it. if something WILL happen, it’s like something happened in the past.
I suppose this exists in Arabic language as well. maybe Arabic speakers here would approve.


    Hello compatriot, I’m so glad you are here. I have a question, where you took your picture? Is it Phin in Kashan??? I’m just curious, that’s why I asked


      Hello there.
      you’re right. It’s Fin Garden in Kashan City.


        Oh my God. That was Fun not Phin!!!! ?


          Oh my God. That was Fin not Phin!!!?


          Yes. The spelling doesn’t matter, its beauty does.


        Hello Mr. Kashi. Are you sure that using past instead of future is grammatically correct in our language ? I think it is used in speaking only for emphasize on a thing we are sure about doing it. Best regards


          Hi there. I think you approved my meaning; “to emphasize on a thing we are sure about doing it”.
          and that’s exactly my point is it exits in English or even other languages as well?
          Good Luck.


          It rarely happens in movies ! When some one for example asks ” What happened to them ?” And the other one replies ” Imagine them dead ! Or they were killed ” . But really they are still alive ! I think it also happens in natural situation and we cannot say we use it or we will use it in future . It ,in fact depends on the mood of speaker ! However It’s my personal idea .


          I’m not sure about the answer . To know if there is in other languages or not I should study more .


          to for for !


          to emphasize not for .




    Hi HR.

    I’m afraid we don’t have this concept. Past is always a completed action.


Hi Adam,thanks for these useful lessons.I have learned many grammer topic and so on. However, I want to say that ı have some trouble with reductions. Such as reduction of Adjective clauses and adverb clauses. For example: John is the only person to understand me. where did “to” come from? Could you help me to understand this? Thanks in Advance!

Tom Bombadil

    Hi Tom,

    This isn’t a reduction actually.

    You can say John is the only person who understands me, or the original with to. The to verb here is used as a complement to complete the meaning of person. The complement allows you to avoid a tense verb (understands) and make it a general observation.

    Does this help?


7/10 thanks adam




BTW ur lessons mr Adam is the hardest lessons at all


It’s hard for me to understand this well. Anyway, thanks for teaching Engvid. I’ll review and try to understand.


    according that you are native speaker in fact it’s easy to understand aallmaras.


I still confuse :'( Doesn’t matter. I’ll watch it again.
Thank you, Adam.


    Me to, I’ve got 5/10. I’ll try tomorrow again.


I reckon the cultures vary about this lesson anyone go along with me on that???????


08/10,Thanks for this useful lesson, Mr Adam. I will review it.



Is it Okay to say “I’ll finish washing dishes in 5 minutes”?

or “I’ll have finished washing dishes in 5 minutes”?

Thank you for the lesson


    Hi Learning,

    Depends on the context:
    I’ll finish washing the dishes in 5 minutes- from now
    I’ll have finished washing the dishes in 5 minutes. – means something else is going. The show is starting in f minutes, you’ll be late. Don’t worry, i’ll have finished…

    Does this help?


Hello Adam, it was so useful, as usual. Thank you a lot


Thanks for the tips


10/10 this time.


    yes you should review lessons to succeed


thank you so much Adam for your lessons..could you please do a video about adverb clause as soon as possible me and my friends are waiting for it ..pleaaase

samira mounir

    It’s coming Samira ;)


Thank nice lesson

margaret kleinhenz

Thank you Adam.it’s not easy for me.


    Hi Pavanut,

    It will get easier ;)


I Got 9/10 :)

Ana Carolina Guilhen

Thank you Mr Adam. There are many things that we should khow about English !


Well, in the 6th question I have had a doubt about the time when the shipment would have to depart because I thought that it was at the pier by then, so I used “until”, but the question is focused on the time that the shipment will arrive tomorrow because it wasn’t there at that moment, so you used “no sooner than”, in fact, it is a question focused on the future. Besides in the 10th question, I have another doubt with the answer because this question uses an imperative like “have”, and its answer isn’t a precise time using “by the time” or “around the moment the speaker is in his office”, and I thought the answer would have more precision at the moment the speaker wanted the project. Anyway, I will have to review again the lesson and get more feedback. Thanks a lot, teacher Adam, a very good explanation.


WOW, Nice lesson really
Thank you Adam


Hi dear,

Many thanks for your great job. You always lighten things we cannot notice.
I would like to watch lessons about ‘ prescriptive grammar’.

have a nice day Adam.


Hi Adam
Mr Adam I should metion that your lessons are very entertaining and well-organized. Learning grammar with your lessons is very enjoyable. I have a favor. Can you explain how can I use this words correctly ? Rather , either , neither , I would be grateful if you explained it as well as I expected. Thank you in advance.


    I’ll see what I can do Jaloliddin ;)


This lesson is the Easies one of ur lessons Mr Adam


    lol. Above you mention it’s the hardest Kotoz.


why that idiot supervisor hide my remarks?


    No need to use names here.


Thanks, Adam.
But I have a question and hope you can help.
‘grow crops on a field’ or ‘grow crops in a field’;
‘plant crops on a field’ or ‘plant crops in a field’
Which of them are correct?
If I change field to farmland, is there any difference of preposition?


    Sorry, get one more questions.
    ‘Now Scotland is implementing a similar program as this idea is has diffusing around the world.’
    is ‘is has’ a grammar mistake? Why?
    Thanks in advance. :)


      Hi Sophie,

      in a field (a contained area, and in the earth). On farmland (vague reference, not limited).

      is has is a mistake. Only one helping verb needed. The editor missed it. ;)


That was very easy for me. thank you Adan


Thank you my dear

abed Al-haq yousef

It’s was very confusing for me. Do you have any other axamples to practice with?. Thank you!


    Hi Cart,

    I recommend a good grammar book. It will have plenty of exercises.


Interesting and useful. As usual, however. Thank you.


Hi there Teacher Adam. Thank you so much for this lesson. I’ve learned a lot. Hope you can make a lesson about the difference between setback and obstacle. Thank you!


    Hi Lou,

    A setback has stopped your progress and taken you backward. An obstacle is in front of you and needs to be overcome.

    Hope this helps.


hi thanks alot adam
I am iranian and english give me a lot of pleasure.


Thank you Adam for your wonderful lesson.
I’ve got 7/10. by the time I understand this lesson, I will not make the mistake again in the future.

Albert Ye Yint Aung

Sir, this statement is correct or not if not then what is the correct statement “Work hard until you dont have to introduce yourself”


    Hi Apaashish.

    It is correct ;)


I m unfortunate this time ,cannot watch the video today just tomorrow.Nevertheless, is it inappropriate, dear Adamto ask you agrammatical question and be directly answered.
A sentence that need to be corrected,any sentence of mine.because i either dont know how to adress you properly,or dont get answeredor loose sight of my questions and have no clues where they areIt would matter that I get answered,It matters to me,I think english since haing turned 15,faults in it i dont bear


    Hi how are things in Bulgaria?


      sorry, how are things in Hungaria?


    By all means, Delphoi, ask me your question.


Sorry “Catcher in the Rye”.


    “Catcher” really helped me to improve my North American accent.


thanks mr. adam, i got 10/10


Hello Adam could you please make a vedio about the adverb clause as soon as possible because we have exams at the end of this week . Thank you

Oumaima 06

    It’s on it’s way Oumaima ;)


      I mean its ;)


Great teacher great lesson.I got 8/10.Thanks teacher


Hi Adam
literally speaking,finding where we should use these two words are quite confusing.I got 7/10.
I think native speakers use these two words interchangeably and it is understood by most people.


    For the most part, you’re probably right, Haman. But that doesn’t mean it’s correct ;)


      U are definetely right Adam,But this lesson is still point of confusion to me and maybe other students.


great lesson. and many thanks but unfortunately i got 6/10.


my score is 1 / 10. Absolutly terrible.


    Keep practicing Serkanaytar


I need someone to practice with me at whatsapp.
There anyone help me?


Great job! I’ll really understand the topic.
thank you Sir.


prepositions are so difficult to me :(


I like your videos so much.

Ayush kumar

Please approve my new registration, because I have lots of English questions to ask for you…

Ayush kumar

    Done! Welcome to engVid!

    engVid Moderator

    Welcome Ayush :)


“I’ll be done by 7” same as “I’ll be done before 7”?
by = before?


    Hi Man,

    by suggests a limit. Before can be anytime before. IN this case, though, they will essentially deliver the same message.


I got confused by the last example. I won’t be there by/until noon. Can we used the other preposition sir adam/? Just like AT? I won’t be there at noon.
BY; it means you won’t bee there by noon? but rather after the noon?
then UNTIL, it means you won’t be there right after the noon and you must leave at your post? please do help me to clarify that things. thank you sir Adam.


    Hi fmj86,

    I won’t be there by noon means I’ll be there later than noon.

    I won’t be there until noon, means I’ll be there at noon or later.

    I won’t be there at noon means I’ll either leave before noon or come after noon (need more context for this one).

    Does this help?


Thank you, Adam!

This lesson is really important. I am going to study hard until I speak like a native English speaker!

See you later!

Eduardo França

got 10 outta 10….
thanks sir….
trying to take a leap in english..

kuldeep mishra

I liked it!
Thank you, Adam!


thank you very much for this lesson you are a perfect teacher :)


Thank you everyone :)


Dear adam Thanx a lot its very helpful!! I tried first time ur quiz of this lesson , I scored 60 but i have some confusion –
1. Please have this project finished until i leave the office

Gaurav dwivedi

    Hi Gaurav,

    It should be by the time. Means before I leave. Does this clear it up?


Here is my question,
If someone says ” I will have holidays until october” does it mean he will be back to work from Novemver?


    Hi Dungrany,

    In this case he would have to be more specific. I will have (be on) holidays until the beginning/middle/end of October. If end, then yes, back to work November.

    Does this help?


Excellent explanation.
By the time continue my english lesson with Engvid.com


Excellent explanation is clera for me

By the time continue my english lesson with Engvid.com


Thanks teacher, that was amazing lesson


MS Adam first thank you for this lesson but i have aproblem In the installation of words in sentence can you help me


    How can I help Mic?


      I can not sentence structure and composition


        Visit my website: writetotop.com. Maybe that will help a little. there is too much write about that here ;)


This lesson helped me to understand one of the main english doubts that I really needed to learn to. Thanks Adam and until the next one!

Isaias Menezes Silva

That’s a very good lession. Can we get some another question also

Hemant Rawat

i got 100 despite I was very tired and not really concentrated, i dont know if i am genius or lucky lol


thank you


i got 100.Adam is always my favorite teacher

Sulav Bista

Hi Adam! Another awesome lesson, even though a bit difficult! Anyway I got 9/10 and I’m quite happy!
Only a question:
in the last question it would be really wrong to say “no later than I leave the office”? It sounds right to my ears! ;)


    Hi Calibardo,

    You can say no later than when I leave the office. Still need a time expression/clause/ Does this sound ok?


      Thank Adem! You answer my question too.


Thanks for your explanation


Sir, I love your lessons. I have a doubt. When to wright ram’s book and when to wright book of ram. Please help sir.

sibbi sharma

    Hi Sibbi,

    The Book of Ram sounds like Ram is an animal or a person. If an animal, can’t be Ram’s. If a person, then too personal. If it’s a religious text, then Book of Ram

    Does this help?


This video it’s a good explanation. Thanks


hold on i get 10 /10 easily,is me getting sharper or the quiz painless or perhaps nor of the above, it could be the side effect of double espresso :) however thanks a million Mr.Adam looking forward to learn more


Hi Adam,
Thanks for your valuable lesson.
By the way, Could you please help me to explain when to use amount of vs amounts of? I’ve got so much confusion about it. Hope to see your reply soon.


he is best teacher to me on engvid


Thanks Adam now i feel ready to start using these prepositions

Rogel Abreu

it is little bit confusing
can you please explain me with more examples?? :)


Hi Adam;
I think answers to questions five and seven should be ” by the end of the month ” and ” had had “, respectively. Would you mind dreadfully if I ask you to explain more about that?


Sometimes it`s difficult because I truly feel you could use more than one preposition, at the end I got 9/10 but it was a great lesson.


I have to watch lesson video again to clear confusion.

Suresh Kumar Bishnoi

Is my registration approved ?

Suresh Kumar Bishnoi

    Sorry, new members’ comments have to be manually approved! Your comments should show up immediately now.

    engVid Moderator

Thank you Adam! such a good lesson !

Patrick Fan

Hi Adam!

How are u doing? I´ll surly take more of your clases, I wasnt tll now lol I´ve noticed you often take topics that could being confusing for not nativee enlish spekears its supposed im an advanced englsih student and its kind of hard get an 100 rate with your tests. (In fact ive never get one, the higest its been 90)

see a!


I got 5/10. It hasn’t been a easy lesson for me. Thanks very much Adam!


    me too


Thank you so much for your lessons sir.You are a good teacher.


Hi Adam
Really you are the best teacher for me
but could you please recommend for me any app or website that will help me to differentiate between the American & British accent?
thank a lot hope you are well

Amira Noor

Now i know .. thank you adam


Thank you

haidy shrif

Well..hello sir
I have just seen your class on You tube and got inspired.
tomorrow is my English examination.your lecture helped me a lot and I feel quite confident for my exam
Thank you…!! :)

Roc Tanweer

Thank you.
I want to learn Engilish with Adam Teacher.
Please, help me. I want to speak very well.


thanks Adam


Thanks for the explanation


Then, has these phrases the same meaning (can I use both in the same situation)? If I Understood, both are correct…
– By the end of the lesson… (short) or
– But the time that we ended the lesson… (long)

Marco Paulo

What a brilliant lesson. It’s great. And I think this lesson is for intermidiate.


Nice, very useful, thanks


Hi Adam,
In the fourth sentence the verb ” he arrived ”
was adjective clause but it changed to adverbial clause in the sixth one and usage of “by” was denied. what’s happening to it?


Hi Sir!! the lesson was very helpful.
Can your team put more quiz on different topic wise.like quiz on preposition, adverbs, adjectives, tenses etc.
it will be more specific and helpful.
Thank you.

sujoy hazarika

Hi man. I need study more because my test was 50.
You could make commentaries correct answers in the end from the test. This help us. Tks!




Hi Adam, I realy like your lessons and I would like to ask if you can explain these sentences:

“It was more than a month before/until I realized what had happened.”

“It wasn’t until/up to 2001 that Nigel could afford to buy a house”

I’ve searched a lot but I could come up with an explanation why the answers are before and until repectively. I would appreciate your help with that.

Thank you very much


Thanks for your lesson. It is very good for me. However, i have a question with you: ” why the question9, the answer is until instead of by the time?”


hi adam, I wanna take IELTS prep, what I supposed to do?


no later than + time (O)
no later than + clause(sentence) (X)

Is it correct?


afer “no later than” or “no earlier than” it is used a clause?for example, i will be back home no later than they arrive at us


I am not really satisfied with my score in this test. I need to improve my knowledge in these preposition. Please give me a direction.
Thank you


as always a great lesson, many thanks Adam




Thanks. I got 6.


Adam, Thank you for a good lesson! Let me ask you a question.
The question about the sentence below.

1. Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll be home __________ dinner is ready.
correct answer→by the time

Does this answer change in the context?
I mean, does this answer change depend “before or after” dinner,
he/she plans to go out.

As I thought he/she will stay home until dinner is ready and then go out
after eating mom’s dinner, I picked until for my answer.

First off, I thought “by the time” is correct, but the next, I reminded
you pointed out “to use by the time, go with the tense perfect.”

I think I might take something in a wrong way. Though not sure what
I don’t understand.


It’s difficult tanks Adam


thank you so much teacher :)


thank you so much Adam


thank you, Adam


It’s so so useful and easy to understand..thanks Adam.


Hi Adam,
Thank you for your useful lesson. I have a question about that. What is the difference bitween using ‘by the time’ and ‘until’
Why don’t we use ‘until’ in the following sentence instead of ‘by the time’?
It is for a period of time before stopping
(I’d been playing footbal for 4 years by the time i stopped)
Thank you in advance


Very instructive, thanks.


Thanks Mr. Adam This lesson was satisfactory for me. But already grammar is difficulty for me even in my native language. I just understand everything from context so learning English is very complex as much as my mother-tongue. Can you give me please some advise because I am prepering for IELTS exam and I have to take 6 point in all sections from exam up to into four month.


thank you so much Adam


Thank you so much Adam. I have question about that.
In this video “https://www.engvid.com/english-grammar-the-prepositions-on-at-in-by/” James said “”by” is fantastic because it’s end of a specific time”….- 9’57s but in your video the “by”….

Nguyen Chi Chuong

I got a perfect score I’m very happy specially I’ve learned another great lesson. Thanks.

Was my grammar correct? If not, could you please enlighten me Mr. Adam.


*specially that I’ve I should add


Great, Thank you
I got 9/10


thanks, Adam for whatever you’ve taught us!


Adam sir, the way of your teaching and explaination is amazing..love you sir. ??
From India

Anil Choudhary

thank you


Thank you so much, Adam! 80


And another question is in this sentence ‘you can actually put quite a few words in there’,Can the preposition ‘in’ be abbreviated here? thanks!


I have taken the quiz and have got 80..
Thank you for another lesson about how to use by,until and no…than..
I will continue on learning more about English, until I get the resut the I want.
Until next time !


Thanks for this lesson Sir, im stil litle confused to differentiate the words *by* and *until* . Could you please explain me more in short

Anyway i got 8 correct out of 10, but im still confused


Thank you Mr. Adam.


Thanks Adam for the lesson.However, based on these terrible quiz results,I presume I will have to watch the lesson again.

Kingsley Kunda



Tnanks a bunch for the test and for the explanation on You-tube, Adam. It was very helpful. I’ve done 80% out of 100%. I hope next time I’ll be more attentive.

Kamenskaia Tatiana

Hi! Adam, thank you for your video.

I have a question for the item number 1.
I thought I can use future perfect tense with ‘by the time’ but in the question, a future simple tense is used. So I am quite confused about the verb ‘be’.
Does that mean ‘to arrive’? If it is ‘to arrive’, is the future perfect tense used?

Thank you in advance


Thanks Adams, for the class. I got 8 out of 10


Hi Adam;

Your technique is very understandable. I need to listen “was/were to have V3” subject from you. Thank you very much…


very very difficult lesson….
and I can’t understand “will have had”


:-/ 40/100 ….i’m always a donkey and you always the best teacher I have ever had


I got 10/10
Thank You Adam


Thank you Adam,

80/100 – I think it’s not that bad, but there’s room for improvement I guess.


Thank you

abdelaziz ata

9. i know you have to continue keeping… but what if you can keep it by the time he…


Hi Adam, I really like the way you explain language stuff, I consider you a very good teacher. I would like you to explain approximations of time, using, say, “at about”, “around”, “nearly”, “at appproximately”… etc., something a little less complex than this presentation. I have been looking for this everywhere and I haven’t found it. Thank you!! kind regards


Hello, this is shaden from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia..
Could you explain the difference between All ,All of, All the, All of the please?
I just have read a question that says: we spent—–day outdoors, I’m little bit confused now..
Many thanks in advance..


I got 6/10
Very difficult lesson still I’m not understanding. Thanks teacher adam.

Fiaza abdirihman

80/100 hehe, some questions were tricky




Thank you very much for the lesson Adam!


Teacher, thanks for working in this project. This is amazing!

I’ve a question about number 7:

If she already had a baby and would like to send a message to let his husband known about this fact, what would be the correct sentence?


thank you


I can’t appreciate you by words for your great lessons dear Adam.
Thank you very much.
In the last question, why we can’t use no longer than?
Can we use both by the time and no longer than interchangeably, can’t we?


I can’t appreciate you by words for your great lessons dear Adam.
Thank you very much.
In the last question, why we can’t use no longer than?
Can we use both by the time and no longer than interchangeably, can’t we?

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