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For me, it’s a good idea that you chose a technical subject to improve our English, so two birds with one stone. I suggest you a lesson on the rules of hockey that seem so complicated to me when I go to see a game in my city.
Thanks Adam.


I totally agree with Beernaard that the idea to clarify this theme for us is great. Even though I use computers every day I haven’t known the pronunciation of some words. And I found out the purpose of some buttons. Thanks Adam!

Zhanna Maltseva

I tried so hard to take the quiz to test my knowledge after watching your class, but only 8/9.
Thanks a lot, Mr.Adam for so many words related to computers and the internet in English


How about question Number 3? I put delete…
Thank you Adam!
Good ideia!


David good afternoon. Could you tell me how to emigrate to the USA?


Very useful lesson. I got 7 out of 9.
It’s good to review your information every now and then.


Thanks Adam, I loged in to leave my comment, very useful this lesson in these days when tecnology is everywehere.

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