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Excellent work, as always. Two suggestions.
First, do you can do some videos with other teachers of Engvid together?
Second, do you can put some numbers in the videos to a better organisation? For example, this video could have the number Al-001. It’s good for a better control for me.
Thanks, I love your way of teaching, your passion for your work.

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Parfait, comme d’habitude. Merci Alex.

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Thank you Mr.Alex

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Hi Alex, thank you so much. that’s a useful lesson.
Could you explain to me question 9? I think, it should be “off”.

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I got 10/10, this lesson is very useful for everyday conversation, all phraseverb in this lesson use everyday so they are very important for me. Thank Alex so much

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Thanks a lot Alex!!!
And be patient, they are just kids. They will soon grow up and you´ll laugh about toys, paw patrol, minions, dinosaurs…;)

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    That’s already happening! Add My Little Pony and Frozen to that list.

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      Thank you, Alex, I got 9 correct out of 10

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Got 100. It was such a useful lesson. Thanks Alex ! :)

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I got 100 , thanks , Alex for a good lesson.

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Oh, Alex, thankyou a lot for this lesson. I always had problems about up, down, out and then. Now I understand much more better than before.

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Thanks, sir you are doing a great job by tutoring us. by the way, I got 10 right out of 10.

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Nice lesson. Thanks a lot, Alex!

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I got 9/10 not well

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Thanks Alex.
You got 9 correct out of 10.
it is very easy lesson but i made one mistake.(((

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Thanks a lot

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Thanks Alex!

Great lesson. I got 10 out of 10.

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I do like this test! Thank you teacher.

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    You’re very welcome. Thanks for watching. :)

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      Hi Alex;
      I hope you are doing great. can please get your email because I need to ask you some questions in a private way?
      Thank you and have a good time.

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When I had my young son the house was always full of lego and other toys on the floor. Today he is 19, when he leaves the house only leaves the perfume in the air.

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    Haha. I know I will miss these days when the kids are older. :)

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Good day! Big thanks for sharing of knowledge to us! It is very useful in everyday life. I got 9 out 10 in your quiz. I’m from Philippine please call me ” kabayan.”

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    Thanks for studying with me, kabayan! :)

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Thank you teacher. I do like your lesson

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    That’s nice to hear! Thanks for studying with me. :)

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Hello mr Alex!
Great class!

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    Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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thanks to you sir this is a very good lesson

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    You’re very welcome! Thanks for watching!

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Really thank you Alex

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    You’re very welcome!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks teacher!

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    You’re very welcome. Thank you for studying with EngVid, Hai. :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks teacher Alex

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    My pleasure, Vicky. Thanks for studying with me.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

thank you

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    You’re very welcome.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

A good class. Congratulations. I would like learn more phrasal verbs please!

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excellent, thanks

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A really great actor (at the beginning of the video) but mostly a very friendly and effective teacher!

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Hi Alex I got 10 out of 10 thanks for ur useful lesson, it helps alot.
To note daily phrasal verbs are my common errors everyday but ur video was fixed my knowledge, so i’m waiting for next videos about some more new advanced phrasal verbs.

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Thank you, teacher…!!

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Thanks teacher Alex for the lesson!
I got 10 out 10 in the quiz :)

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it’s really useful for me. in spite of ten topics.

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Good morning teacher, I attend your lesson with pleasure. I could suggest to you to enter a number in each video for better organisation …? In my opinion, it would be useful method for many students.. including me, off course!
Many Thanks.

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great job

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This lesson is instrumental as usual.
I think, in Number 9 of the Quiz, the answer ‘off’ is also great and would suffice in a situation when the radio interferes a person to listen to his or her music?

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I like the way you teach

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    Really I’m happy to studying with you I got10 /10.😊

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thansk Alex is a good lesson!

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Thank you. :)

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what a nice teacher, keep it up, man. I love your presentation.

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100 🤓😎

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Thanks a lot ,ALEX,you’re super english teacher,i like it very much!it’s very helpful!!!

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Hello , I am glad for watching yours videos .
I am increasing my vocabulary, and it’s being very useful to me .
Congratulations keep doing awesome videos.

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That’s wonderful

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thanks Alex

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Hello,i watch your vidoes everyday.thanks all enkvid teachers

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Alex, thanks for the lesson.

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Yeahhh boii. I got 10 out of 10. That’s a very useful lesson. I’ll be trying to use these ones everyday at home. Thanks a lot Alex and all EngVid for your lessons they really help.

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I already know each of them but you helped me how to use them in more situations. Thank you, Alex! I prefer your lessons because you speak clearly and I don’t need to focus on your speech like in some other ways. However I like watching more of yours. I wish you even more succes and a lot of money because you deserve that. If I have more money, I might support you. :-)

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Thanks, you are very clear !,

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maybe the personel conversation could be at the end of lesson :) thank you alex, that was useful for me..

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Thank you

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Thank you from Turkey

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Thanks Teacher. The Lesson is very useful for me

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Thank you Alex ! A good teacher !

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You have a fantastic method to teach ,I very happy listen to you

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yeeahh ! thank u so much for this video, i really apreciate that, because always i try to learn phrasal verbs, and sometime is a little dificult for me, but in this lesson was really easy!

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Thank you Alex!

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I’ve got eight out of ten, not bad. Thank you very much, Sir Alex.

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It was really useful. Thank you!

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Thanks, Alex. It was another enjoyable lesson of you. I’ve started watching your videos lately, and can’t help to stop watching them despite of having kind of good level already.

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Thank u Alex.it was my first visit.l get100
Have alot of fun

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thank you Alex. you help us alot. amazing teacher.

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Great job Alex .I was a little confusing before that lesson but now i feel cool , calm and collected .

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100/100 thanks Alex, you are a good teacher.

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Thanks Alex!

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Thank you Alex

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that was great! Such a good teacher!:)

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Thanks for the lesson! ^^

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ten out of ten

Profile photo of T vinay T vinay

Thanks Alex. Excellent explanation for this phrasal verbs. I like so much your clear pronunciation. Greettings from Peru

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Thank you Alex!

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Thank you Alex for a great lesson. Most of all I like your humor and positive attitude.

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