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today i am the early bird gets the worm, nataanaa you can put the mark. good luck.


    And iam the Second


    Dear friends. I found this website by chance. And I’m happy that now I know many people from all over the world and some of them became my good friends. So I wonder to know if you have been to Iran before. As you know Iran is a known or popular country (it depends on you and your information about Iran) , so I’m really interested in knowing your opinions about my country. If you have already been to Iran, share your experiences with us and if haven’t, tell your general opinion. I really appreciate if you answer me.


      i haven’t ever been to iran, i hope go to it one day . and i am wondering if it is a country without political conflits. i hope this will offend you.


        Sorry SKIKDA. What do you mean from this sentence?? I hope this will offend you.
        Please explain.


          I think he mean WILL NOT offend you.


          Sorry, meanS


          i am sorry so much nkh i really haven’t remark that i forgot ‘ not’ sometimes it happenned to me and i mean if i think wrong about iran i am sorry for that


          Nice. I got it now. No problem.


      I have never been to Iran. But I know some facts about it.
      Firstly, you are Muslim. It’s very strict religion. Am I right?
      Secondly, Freddy Mercury (the very popular Rock musician)had an ancestry from Iran. I like him very much. Do you know him?
      Thirdly, you’ve got the strong authority, that’s why low crime. It’s great!
      Then you were under American sanctions for a long time. The Russians consider them unfair. Hopefully you overcome them.
      Russia negotiate with Iran in constructing the atomic electricity station. And I worked as a broker at custom that time. And made the custom declaration for some part of it.
      My husband told me that Iranian women are VERY beautiful. He has never been to Iran and I don’t know why he is so sure. He is showing me pictures of beautiful lake in Keredge? at the moment. It’s amazing !


        I will continue..
        I love Russian writer, poet, diplomat Alexsandr Griboedov.
        Unfortunately, he was killed in Tehran in 1829 during the embassy attack. As he was the Russian ambassador in Persia that time the Persian government gave huge diamond as a present to the Russian government. Its called “diamond Shah”. It’s stored in treasure museum in Moscow. I haven’t seen it, but I would like to. I saw a copy of it when I was at Griboedov mansion this summer. It’s beautiful!
        I don’t mean to hurt you. It’s history and it’s not simple. Wars happen, and we need to build strong and warm relationship to avoid them.
        I suppose learning languages help us to know more about each other.
        And what do you know about Russia?


          hi nataanna again, to be honest; i would say i really benifit of your comments and nkh’s comments and add some vocabulary to my knowledge through them and they were wealth of intresting vacabulary cuz i am just a beginner but my learning grows by leaps and bounds, and i wish a good journey for you tomrrow, hopefuly you will find new MrE’s there.
          so ( i hope this competition was enjoyable, and if you need more comments,please go to nkh453.com and join the forum there and ask any question you have, there’s also friends,they can reply you, and of course subscribe to my skikda channel and see us again bye-bye) i hope you got (….) it was just a joke and i’ve imitated adam in his last words with my own way, i hope you like this joke, good luck and until see you again take care.bye. i put this comment here cuz in next adam’s lesson my comment is waiting to be approved


          Thank you for the great wishes!
          I got my eyes wider and wider while I was reading about “you channels” until I realized it was a joke. I thought that guys were really tough! I just die laughing!
          Take care!


        Yes, your husband is right. Iranian girls with out any plastic surgery are VERY beautiful. You know, in the West of Iran, there are Kurdish people. They are really kind, lovely, smart and hospital people. They also have very beautiful girls. I think generaly, Kurdish boys and girls are the most beautiful people in Iran. You can search about Iran’s Kurdish people in the internet and collect many informations about them.
        And about your last expression, could you please explain about this; keredge. To tell you the truth I couldn’t read it and I really don’t know where it is! But I guess you mean Karaj. Am I right??


          Yes, Karaj! My husband showed me some photos of it. I was writing to you and he was searching sightseeings in Iran on the Internet. He likes surfing the Net, and uses the very opportunity to do it.
          See you


        Sorry to bother you guys, but islamic values are not made by men, it’s made by god. We believe all words in the quran sentenced by god. Only god is perfect so, if you are interested to knowing about religion read the quran with understanding & patience you feel the beauty of our religion. It’s strict for those who do wrong & it’s heaven for those who do the right.


      I think that’s a good country.. :)


    Yes, you are! 1-0-0-2-0….. SKIKDA-nkh453-struggleForEng-nataanna-new sacrifice ….
    My congratulations! Sorry, I could not comment earlier: my phone died due to cold weather (-26C). It’s better late than never!
    Fantastic news! Let’s celebrate your success in a manner that is likely to get us all lost consciousness!!!


    I’ve forgotten to say: you are the top dog now. Till next victory!


      i want to ask you nataanna about the sentence ‘ the top dog ‘is it an idiom , what does that mean?


        Yes, an idiom. It means you are the leader, the winner!
        For example: do you suppose yourself top dog in the house? If you are a men, a husband in a Muslim country, you are definately a top dog.
        But being male in Russia doesn’t mean to be a top dog. One should deserve that status. Do you know that? What’s you opinion about it?


          Excuse me Nataanna. I don’t accept this expression: if you’re a husband in a Muslim country, you are definitely a top dog. I’m a Muslim here, and I also live in a Muslim country, but there is no such a thing at all. Do you know any thing about our history and our civilization?
          If you know only a little thing about It,you will notice, that even in thousand years ago there wasn’t such a thing-before we become Muslim. And our religion pays so much attention to women. It orders that men HAVE TO respect to women or their wife.
          I think it depends on cultures. For example in _MAYBE_some Arabic countries men don’t pay much attention to their wife. In history of some Arabic countries or other places, there is no sign based on respecting to women.
          Finally I really suggest you visit our country as soon as you can. I assure you, you will enjoy a lot and you wont regret.


          I forgot to say if you hear that Iranian women have to have complete hejab or they should stay at home, are general rules and it’s a personal choice to perform them or not.


          It’s better to say they are common laws not general rules.


          Thank you for the respond. I am really interested in Muslim culture, because I was grown in Azerbaijan. And I didn’t talk about respect, I talked about main role in family.
          You country is very interesting, but a little closed. I suppose we will visit it one day. By the way, my husband tried to book a hotel in Tehran yesterday (to find out prices, conditions, ect. We love traveling and it takes a lot of knowledge about places to visit.) You know, there was only two! hotels available. Near to airport. It seemed to us that the only way we could have was: airport- hotel next to airport- back home. We were suprised. I think everything will get better soon! And we come visit your country.
          But now I hope you tell me and other EngVid viewers something unique about Iran.
          Thank you for advance. See you!


          As an Iranian man I should tell you about Iran and its culture
          our people are so complicated in etiquette
          so dont be dismayed when you see our people’s behave
          but there is a lot of Hotels in Tehran so you can use all of them without any problem if you just come to Tehran and tell the driver of the Taxi near the airport to get you there and you can book a room simply
          yeah i know Tehran is a big city but you can cruise it safe and simple
          overall Welcome to my country
          hope see you here


          My reply is waiting to be approved once again. I hope you get it later.


          i would say that the husband in muslim country is the leader in his family in the most cases but that doesn’t mean we underestimate the role of woman in the family and every memeber has his/her role but in diffrent ways and they both sharing each other to confront against the difficulties of life with respect and understanding and our religion gives the woman her rights and the islam is not a strict religion, of course maybe in comparison with your religions in some rules or others but to be honest we muslims feel free and confident and deeply tranquility and we totally belif that it’s the right religion.
          i hope i’ve answered your question.to be honest i don’t want to put a political or religious comments but i am forced to do that.
          anyway i’ll be ready to get the second point tomorrow and we will enjoy by ronnie’s lesson , she is very funny. take care nataanna.


          Thank you for answering my question. I’m looking forward to next competition as well. Good luck to everyone!


          N, As i read your conversations, i thoughts you make your mindset wrong about Muslims,Its not good. things are different as you made on your mind. Muslims mens are controlling their houses for doing wrong with their famliy members from outside world.They always effort to secure womens dignity, as a brother as a father as relative. They respect women.
          Not like Western culture where daughter wear bikni i front of her dad.
          Because our Prophet said “Eyes is Mirror of heart”.
          If you see wrong things you get wrong input or do wrong.


          Hi, S! I respect all religeous views. And thank you about sharing your opinion. Everyone should respect traditions of the country and its culture while visiting it, no matter if it seems strange and even non acceptable (for the visitor). See you.


          Hi! N
          I don’t have issues with other countries cultural or things going on.
          I appreciate your understanding for others cultural.I think you write but,
          Peoples always make their mind negative for islamic views.


Iam Being Lackadaisical There4 iam not the first remark


i got 9/10 Thank you for give me more knowledge about how to say with vendor. It’s useful so much and i like the way you teach make me easy to understand ^___^


    hii ponpimol can we practice speaking


Very useful.
I’m planning to go to North Amrica next august.This lesson might help to get some bargain. Thanks Alex.


    Great. Congratulations SKIKDA.
    Well,lets have a look to our points:
    SKIKDA: 1
    Natanna: 2
    Struggle for eng: 0
    Hungry for learning: 0
    And nkh453: 0

    It seems that I will never be the first one. Unless I abandon my school for a day to put the first comment and achieve JUST a point.


      You seriously deserve not just a point! You WILL get more!
      Every cloud has its silver lining – I know! You have known something interesting today! I’m sure!


    No problem, Gori. Good luck!


10 correct out of 10


my question is’ how much do you throw on the floor in this video?’ thak you alex for this lesson, today you are so elegant.


    At the first sight I thought they were just sheets of green paper. But after some examination I realized those were real banknotes. I`ve never seen the Canadian dollars, but that money looked like Euro.
    I`m really glad for Alex`s dream came true!
    But Alex, be careful! If you splurge on too often you can burn a hole in your pocket! Take care!!!


    Ha! I think it was maybe $100.


Thank you for this helpful lesson.
I always need to spend a lot of money on something because I don’t know how to ask them to make me an offer.BuT now, you help me.I don’t need to spend a lot more.Hurray!=))


    Haha. I hope so! Good luck!


A very useful lesson, thanks Alex.


I got 10correct thanks to your teaching.
we had a extremely cold weather in korea.
Be careful not to catch a cold..
See you soon.

Jolly Jolly

    Hello. Jolly. In Iran we have the same situation. It’s really cold, specially in the morning when people want to go to their job or work.


      I think it’s not that cold as here in Russia. It was minus!! 31C in the morning.
      May be you not get used to cool weather?
      What is the temperature in your city?


        Hello again Nataanna.Few days ago, it was really cold. I think we even had (_11c)temperature.


          That temperature was for days. Our the coldest night was (_26c). It’s too cold!!! Isn’t It??!!


          Yes, it’s rather cold! We have the same weather, isn’t it interesting? I didn’t expect you to have such low temperature. Is that usual?
          Get warm clothes! Take care.
          And I wish you to get a point in competition tomorrow. But not at the expense of your studies, of course! Good luck!


Thanks Alex!!Nice lesson!!
I´m sorry to read that Canada is out of the Davis Cup, but what a terrible ball hit :S


    LOL. It’s okay. I don’t follow…golf? Or is it tennis?


Thank you Alex. Nice teaching. It was awesome. Your way of teaching is interesting and makes us want to learn more. Thanks again.


    Hi, nkh.453. I am so sorry, but I do not know your country yet. I have sure that occidental knowing about it is not real. Of course, there is political reasons for that. But, never mind. The most important to have in mind is: Your history is very, very long and, of course, your people has learn much, much more than us, a new continente with only 500 years. By the way, I am South American. I am from Brazil.
    Actually, I’d like to know much more about life style of your country, about your religion, about your political, and, mainly, the thinks that make your people happy and unhappy. Perhaps,I can learn a litle more with you and tell you sometthing about us.

    Marco Konig

    That’s awesome! Thanks for checking it out and for becoming an active member of the EngVid community.


thank you

amale doumit

Thank you Alex. It was a very useful lesson. Thank you a lot.

Alexia 75

Thank you Alex. I can understand what you describe. Very nice teaching. So helpful. Thank you very much.


Thank you Alex.


Thanks teacher.


Thanks teacher Alex, you one of my favorite teachers..


I got 100 A very useful lesson, thanks Alex!


Thanks a lot!


change the questions!!


i need these new vocabularies. thanks alex!


Great lesson, it was really good. Greetings from Central America.


Awesome lesson Alex, as always
Thanks a lot


Cool helping me so….

Aditya Bhatia

Thanks Alex.
You look very elegant today!Italian suit? :)


    I’m not sure to be honest. I bought it at Moore’s in Canada.


Dear Alex! Thank you so much for the lesson. My husband does negotiate a lot!!! He makes sellers mad! But he always succeeds in getting discount.
He doesn’t speak English well and asks me to translate. I refuse saying I don’t know the vocabulary.
I’ve made the great mistake today! I showed him this video. I wanted him to study. But he refused to study. He told me that it was my responsibility to translate when he wanted. So, I won’t have any possibility to escape from that duty! OMG!!!


    Well that doesn’t sound like fun! :) Good luck to you, nataanna.


verey good exilant lesson

hazem gamal

this was a great lesson alex .. thanks alot for helping us learning english

dina sayed

Very good lesson… thanks


That was really a very useful lesson I gained new idioms.Thanks a lot.


thank u so much!!!


Hi Alex! Let me see… I would offer you 50 cents for that globe… What do you think? Just kidding a little. Thank you for this class.

John B

    Hi, John B. Stop squandering your money! Fifty cents!!!!!
    May I ask you? Have you ever bought anything for a song? What was it?
    Have a nice day!


      Hello Nataanna!!! How are you? To be honest I love music but I have never bought a musical instrument or learned to play something. I read what you wrote here about the temperature in your neighborhood being minus 26 ° C !!! Wow! Here in my city, during those days of Summer we have had close to + 40º C almost every day. Too hot!

      John B

        Here in Toronto, it can get that cold in the winter and that hot in the summer! Usually it’s not that extreme, though.

        engVid Moderator

        Hello, John B! May I explain you.
        The idiom to buy something for a song means to buy very cheap, for nothing.
        I love music as well, and don’t play any instrument either. I prefer rock.
        I live in Moscow region. And in summer it can be +40C, but fortunately, it happens rarely, because we don’t have conditioners in general. But it’s getting hotter and hotter in summer. So we do need them.
        Take care!


Great. 10/10. Thanks for your lesson.


    Very impressive am happy for you

    Ayiwulu Emmanuel

Thanks for this class!

Rodrigo Ribeiro

Thank you friends and thank you Alex


Sheep ——– the source of wool.(is/are)
Isn’t the answer ‘is’ because its written ‘the source’ not ‘sources’.But our teacher said it would be ‘are’because there is ‘sheep’ instead of ‘the sheep’ or ‘a sheep’ ?

Please answer soon…

Asmita chapagain

    “Sheep” is both plural and singular. In general statements, you usually use the plural form for count nouns, so you would use “are” in this case. Other examples:

    Cars are faster than bikes.
    People are naturally social.

    Just think of “sheep” as a plural just like these examples, and I think you’ll see what I mean. :)


Great lesson, I got 8 correct out of 10. I would say everyone, if someone want to join me as a learning partner its pleasure for me.

Muhammad Abbas

    you’re welcome


Hi Alex! Thanks for theaching us how to negotiate when buying things, for example souvenirs, this will help us to save some money.


Thanks Alex, this lesson was great…I learned new words that I didn’t know..:)

marcos alexandre

Please answer my question

Asmita chapagain

It is a valuable quiz for me.


thanks for it Alex , i´m sure i can negotiate better

xavi rafaelet

Thanks for this class!

Dilovan Salih

Hi Alex
Thank you so much.It was Great lesson and interesting lesson.I got 9 correct out 10.I like enjoying about negotiate and save money,it is so great.

Muad Abdiaziz

thanks Alex.


Dear Alex,
Thanks a lot, for this lesson.
Your pronunciation and temp of speech is ideal for plenty of your students…
You are ideal teacher in every way…
Thank you for that!


I will have to review again this lesson because I had some doubts in 3 questions but I remember the main idea about how the seller and the buyer struggle for the prices. Out of my price range, you would sell this lesson for whatever you want, those were my doubts and then I will think more than before on them. Thanks a lot, teacher Alex, as always a very interesting lesson.


nice, thanks very much…


Thank you Alex for the lesson. Im not good at negotiating.
By the way I’ve never seen a perfect person more than Tom Brady. Mm…the only person who can win against him might be christiano Ronald or lebron James nowadays. Derek jeter also could be though he already retired.


Hi Alex. I’m glad I took the quiz and I got 100. Thank you and bye.

Júlio César L Sousa

Hi Teacher! It’s an interesting class. I am developing business partnerships with American companies and these tips will hive me a great support. Thanks you very much. And I wanna send a hello to everybody.


Alex Thank you so much for your lesson.It help me confident for negotiating price.




thank you very much)


hello every body … i want practice speaking .. who wish to practice speaking with me ?


Thank so much Alex :)
I have got 90% and now I can go out for shopping

Hanna Le

I got 8 out of 10 but it was a great leesson anyway. It would be an interesting lesson if you did a video related to jobs interviews. Regards!


hello house.


It was fantastic. I’ve never seen that kind of expression anywhere else. Thanks


Thank you Alex!


thank u Alex , u r perfect

yasser Daoud

This is the first time, I hear the meaning of the word “low ball figure” and “ball park”.

Thanking you sir.

Raju. j

And then I got 10 out of 10.

Raju. j

i need more


Thank you so much

Vida Hamedi

Thank you so much. Until next time)


Fantastic lesson, this web site is rich of free English lessons, I really love to support them.


that’s great…now I can negociate prices very well……..think youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

ana rouka

Hello everbody,
I’m planning visit and study in Canada this year to improve my basic english. A course of 3 or 4 weeks, at most.
Does Somebody have indications of good schools in Canada?
Sorry for using this way to ask help!
Thanks engVid for the lessons!


thank you


thank you

Zaineb Auganah 559908

Its about money!
& money always matter?


NIce video. I learned about prices and how make questions.


An amazing and helpfull class.. I hope to study more about it!!


Thank you alex for sorting my problem

Asmita chapagain

Hi Alex

thanks a lot for your helpful lessons


Awesome! I love the way you teach every class. Good teacher.


Pretty nice tutorial about negotiating tricks, thank you so much , Alex!


    Is it better to say tips than tricks here? hahaha


Hi alex i have to learn english with fluently and eager to speak with you


Thanks man very useful


Great lesson Alex, Thanks.


very useful in the business


It’s been a funny lesson Alex. Thank you!


Thank you! It’s very useful!


thanks i’m great full for u….


thanks dear


very nice lesson


thank you so much i think the web site is perfect but there is one thing missing ? that thing is a conversation with the teacher in class . we have to do some lessons live on line


HOW TO Become a good speaker




Great job,Alex! You explain very clearly and easily.
Quiz: 10 out of 10 ;)


hi guys.
today I saw a peace of news that Korean company contracted with Iran company to built chemical plants in southpars.


thanks for this helpful lesson


thank you alex


thankyou.it was grate

Maryam feili

Thanks Alex. Score 9/10




Thank you Alex


Dear sir
thanks a lot ,this session is very helpful i learnt with ease.

Ajay Pratap

thanks alex, this is helpful especially for buy something at traditional market.:)


I got 100!! This is awesome ! thanks teacher for everything



ehab saleem

It was very good. Thanks

erick medeiros

Great Alex, you explained this lesson very well!!
(I got 100!!)


Its very helpful alex.


thanks Alex. unfortunately my score was 60. it’s my problem.


Thanks Alex….amazing lessons

Sakhi fouzia

very interesting lesson and i get 90 m

sara saad

Thanks :)


Thanks Alex. It has been a very nice lesson. I´m trying to listen your videos, repeating them.!!!

Marjor 2

Interesting.GOT 100!!! in the Quiz.Thanks Alex.

Amira Abo Amrow

thanks , that was funny. i really enjoy it :)

so jiub

hi sir how can i start and where can start engvid lessons

Abdirashid Osman Ahmed

Hi Alex,
it’s very piece of cake . I’ve get 100% From first Time ♥ >> your way is amazing


I really enjoy the lesson,thanks Alex your awesome


Thank you Alex


thanks very interesting lesson, I got 90 in my score


Hey, Alex. I like this video and I am pretty sure its really going to help me. I am going to use it in the mall. How we can get your latest video.



Abdulahim dandouna

thank you so much Alex


thanks Alex it was a useful lesson


Thanks you very much!

Jonathas Wilhem

Thank you very much!

Jonathas Wilhem



Hi, I got 10 correct out of 10. excellent lesson.


I got 9 correct out of 10


Thank you, Alex

Jesan Chuang

I have got 100 at every lesson u teached me.. Thanks alx u are really a great teacher


you are a very good teacher


Thank you, Alex.i got 10. wonderful lesson.


A lesson that could save you hard earned Dollars. Thanks for that. I’ve got another one: “I’ve seen it at this other place on sale for just $___ .”


Thanks Alex.

S Chit Chit Win

I got 100, I think I become good negotiator :) Thank you Alex

Murhaf Diab

I got 8/10


Hello everybody, i hope that you’re all enjoyed this lesson about how to negotiate to save money, i think right now, we can negotiate better with the seller before we buy something, the first one we ask about the price of that thing, and says, mmmm, it’s a little expensive, this price is out of my range, what about 100 dollars.


Good lesson ALEX!


Thanks Alex


Thanks Alex


    I think I tried

    Ayiwulu Emmanuel

ALEX, I liked this lesson


Thank Teacher ALEX

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