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Thank you! This will improve my writing


    Thank you for what you do for eus ,concerning learning english

    Benaissa Asserghine

      oh ok

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    Hi miss Ronnie, I’m an avid fan of the way your teaching, please help me in how to identify the usage of the adverbial phrase: Gerund, participial and infinitive phrase and where it modifies, I flank with my English for Special Purposes subject please help! Btw, you have a great video! Thanks a lot! it improves me a lot!

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    After I had woken up , I watched engvid

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      hahahah same here <3 :)

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nice but a little complicated :(


    i agree,it is complicate

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    indeed, it’s a bit confusing…we need to practice it!

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      yes, me also confuse. it’s ok.. thank you Ronnie :)

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    thanks for lecture


thank you Ronnie,you’re one of the best teacher in engvid.com I really like watching your lessons..

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Hi to you from Azerbaijan-City Ganja..I am not alone here

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    Great! Thanks for watching!

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      pleas Ronni help me!!
      I didn’t understand (Have Have got) Grammar from my teacher
      I want you explain this grammar for me pleas.

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      dear teacher pleas talk about arrive in, arrive to and arrive at. what is different betwen them?

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        we use the prepositions AT or IN after the verb ARRIVE . Sompeople tend to confuse the use of preposition with the verb ARRIVE in English and the verb arriver in French . It’s a matter of language interference


      thank you so much

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      Hi Ronnie,
      when do we use ” I have had ” ?
      thx a lot

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      Aww…you are welcome..:)

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      please ronnie we must use after at the beginig

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      Hi ronnie, I really like your videos. you are the best in engvid. Thanks ronnie. I like the way of your teaching style.

      Dear engvid members please add me in your skype i would be happy if you speak with me in english. My skype id is surenstyle.

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thank u ronnie you r best teacher


Ronnie.. i am still waiting for your answer.. as i asked you something .. i wanna share and discuss it with you..
can we talk about it on skype or on facebook please..
i am facing a problem in my conversation.. talk to me please..

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    Sorry, I do not have facebook or skype.

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      is there any other way to communicate maam..!!
      i am having problem in using a phrase “suppose to be”.. what do i do with it i am not getting.. :(

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thank you so much teachers
thank you so much engvid
hello friends if anyone want to talk in english to practice send me massege E mail id gibrahim200@hotmail.com skype ibrahim.m.elnour

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    thank but i think its hard for us to practice with u

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hi thank you Ms ronnie


Thanks Ronnie for your new class. I learn a lot with your classes. I am a beginner student, but I can understand perfectly your explications.


Hi, Ronnie you are really a perfect teacher hope meet you face to face one day

Best regards,


hell yes, this was another great lesson. thank u so much Ronnie, take care, cya, good bye n’ so long.


I am seriously interested to learn English and I will succeed with your courses! Thanks Ronnie
Greetings from Italy


thank you Ronnie,you’re one of the best teacher


You are fantastic. I understood the lesson.

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Thank you!!!!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!! Ronnie , you are great! Finally I got it! I was always confused with Past Perfect , but now I know how to use it. Looking forward for your next lesson :)

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thank you Ronnie,you’re one of the best teacher in engvid.com I really like watching your lessons..

Faruque ahmad

thank you! ronnie great lesson, i have learned so much with you and im improving my english i cant wait to see your next appearance.

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thank you madame ronnie


Good lesson ever i had


Thanks Ronnie. After I had woken up today, I learned how to use Simple Past and Past Perfect to talk about my daily routine.

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Hi, Ronnie! Thank you for the lesson.
I’ve read in Murphy’s Advanced Grammar that we may use Past Simple in both parts of a sentence even if it’s clear that those actions were completed at a different time. So, is “After I woke up, I had my breakfast” correct? Or did I misunderstand the rule?


    You are correct! You can use just past tense.

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      Thanks mom im lot imprtant in future you are lessons


      Then why we need the past perfect. If we can use just past simple, the past perfect is redundand.

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Hii Ronnie,
I am happy today as I can realize my vocab is expanding gradually as well as things are going in my favour after watching the video lessons made by the Engvid team for a long time.As, you asked all the learners to write down a few sentences using both the simple past and past perfect tense put together in a sentence, I have penned down some of them..
It is about the activities I did today.Today, I woke up at the crack of dawn as I had been late to school yesterday.I had set the alarm which rang exactly at half past six.I had brushed and washed my face before I had some tea with snacks.Next,I emerged into my balcony and sat on an old ,wooden chair holding the newspaper with both of my hand . I was reading the newspaper when one of my pals made a call to my cellphone.He informed me that we did not have classes at school today.Then, I had got into bathroom to have a bath before I offered my prayers to lord Jesus Christ.Later, I studied till 11 a.m. before going to hang out with my pals at our local club.Our eyes were drooling some beautiful faces passing by the club.(Extremely Sorry for this sentence).I had stayed till mid day before I got back home at 2:00 p.m.I ate lunch and entered to my bedroom to rest for a while as I felt tired.After taking a rest for two hours, I got up at twenty minutes past five.Next, I sat in front of the television sat to watch my favourite program which continued for an hour. After that, my sweet youngest sister snatched the remote-control from me which ended up in a short fight.Finally,I made her laugh and happy by telling an interesting anecdote.Then, our parents returned from their work.My father bought some awesome new dresses for us. We took our individual dresses and went into our room to wear those.My mother gave me complement when she had a look at my outfit.She told me that I looked too handsome.Things went on in this way for some time .Around 9:30 p.m., we had come to the dinning table to have the last meal of the day before going to bed.
I would like you to go through the above content and request you to check my sentences please mam.I have used the simple past tense with perfect tense in some of the sentences as well as with progressive tense in some others sentences.
The most interestingly,I have learnt some other usage of some nouns particularly as verbs.
e.g. captain(nouns): I am a captain of our school soccer team.
captain(verb):When my elder brother was in school, he would captain the school’s basket ball team.
Mam please please read my comment and also comment on it…

sona sharma

    you must be kidding. right. u should be another teacher, right away.


      ah what is this


        thank you mom. you are a good teacher and I have gotten much usefulness from your lesson…..thank you

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    hi every one how are u all


    you write so long

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    You must be a teacher yourself

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hi, madam ronnie,thank you very much,this lesson is great.

Could i ask you some questions?
1.Can I use only one action in past perfect?
example:I had given the book to her.i don’t want to talk about the action i did after i had given the book.Can i?

2.a)We had done our chores.
b)We have done our chores.
What are the different between these two sentences?These two sentences are refer to the same meaning.

3.If I miss someone at the present time,should I say I’m missing you??Is it correct?

Thanks in advance:)

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    I’m waiting for your answer,hope you will reply,thanks,Ronnie.

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    1. Yes only one action in the past perfect.
    2. a= present perfect. Talks about life experience. b= past perfect, used with 2 actions. Ex… We had done our chores, then we had a break!
    3. Grammatically, no it is not correct…but we say this in everyday situations!

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      so what should i say if i missing someone….
      in no. 3..?

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Hi Ronnie, I just wanted to know. what does “tight feasted” mean. Please explain. I am waiting….


    Sounds like you misheard “tight-fisted”, which means stingy/miserly — someone who never wants to spend any money.

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I have been recently known about this English lesson .Could you please give me suggestion from where I can start? I would like to learn some phrasal verb which are most common.


Hi Ronnie you’re fantastic, thanks a lot for this great lesson and nice time with you.

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hi teacher ronnie my best for you, so i have a confuse, when can i use upto, to and till, to talk about limit?

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    When you’re talking about time, up to is followed by a general term that covers a span of time. Until is followed by a specific point in time.
    I can wait up to three days for your answer (but I can’t wait any longer).
    I can wait until 5:00 for your answer (but I can’t wait any longer).

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      thank you teacher

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hi Ronnie.thank you.


After I had watched your tutorial video,I wrote you a comment. I don’t know whether you have received it.
Thanks Ronnie. It was a great teaching. I have been watching your nice videos since ages and will be watcing after this too.


hi Ronnie, you know what i really really enjoyed watching your video,job interview Q&A, hahaha i have learned a lot of techniques in job interview. trust me, i promise, i will do everything you teach and mark my word. thank you so much, i will let my friends to watch your tips…


thank you so much teachers
thank you so much engvid
hello friends if anyone want to talk in english to practice send me massege E mail id gibrahim200@hotmail.com skype ibrahim.m.elnour

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Ronnie the example that you gave in this exercise for the verb “woken” you said that most of people use it,where can I learn more about the right way of the verbs..
You just have a new fan….Thanks!!


    Search the site for “past participles” or google it!

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Very useful, Ronnie. Thanks a lot. When I see the title of some video like “Past perfect” I expect to watch how can I use this tense. You’ve exactly done it.


Hi Ronnie. Great tips about the way to use past perfect and simple past. You are a very good and funny teacher.
Greetings from Chile.

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Great!! And it helps me alot.


this really helps


I like your lessons very much and I am really improving my English. I watch 3 videos every day! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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thank you.very nice. I like it.

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Thamks a lot for this lesson.

I am facing a big problem, I know a lot of grammare rules, vocabulary and alot of english rules, but i could not practise English very well. why???

I am from Saudi Arabia.

Best wishes.


Thamks a lot for this lesson.

I am facing a big problem, I know a lot of grammare rules, vocabulary and alot of english rules, but i could not practise English very well. why???

I am greeting you from Saudi Arabia.

Best wishes.

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    You cannot practice because you maybe don’t have anyone to talk to! Join Engvid on Facebook or give the other students your Skype id so you can chat and practice with them!!

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    Hi how are you ? Hope that you will be fine. I you wanna improve your spoken skills then you can talk to me.


      add me,my id on skype sorin75


    Let’s practice,my id skype sorin75


I am from Brazil. I live in Rio de Janeiro. I adore learning english at engvid. Thank you, teachers.


hi teacher, it’s the fist time i comment in engvip. i’m going to have toeic test next week, so i want to ask you some questen:
1: what’s diffirent bewteen although, despite , even.
2: how to use v_ed and v_ing. for example : bored and boring..
thank a lot.hope you respond as soon as.

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    Adj +ed is how you feel/your emotions. I am bored.
    adj+ing is used to describe a thing. Grammar is boring.
    Look at an online dictionary for although, despite and even.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      thank you very much

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      …..in the shopping and business districts, Grand Hotel offers easy access to the city’s slights
      (a) situation
      (b) to situare
      (C) situated
      (d) situating

      best answer is?

      Profile photo of huongueh huongueh

        You tell me what you think.

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

          the answer is situated(according with answer key in the TARGET TOEIC). but as you said,adj+ing is used to describe a thing. i think situating is correct.
          it’s so complex.

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Hi Ronnie,
You are fantastic, funny and efficient. I like a lot your class because you teach in a simple manner that I can understand everything.


Where could I get list of past participles, which are daily used for business Nd stories, cheers

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    Search the internet for “past participles”.

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Hi Ronnie
Is it possible to have another lesson for “had” such as “I had someone to paint my house?”

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maam you really deserved “Thank you”.i can’t express in words how much i’m thankful to you.U r simply great.i watched other videos too but i didn’t get it.if u teach same topic, it will set in mind.plz teach once again about the tenses and their differences and uses like you did in this video.


Hello, teacher
May i ask plz!
What is the meaning of “as one parent to another”
Thank you teacher!

Thar lay

    It means that the 2 people talking are both parents!!

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Ronnie, can I use the present perfect instead of the past perfect?
After I have woken up I ate breakfast
Is it incorrect?

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    NO!!!! It is incorrect.

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5/5 … it’s perfect done. i really appreciate your patience and your teach skills. After I had watched your Vid, I learnt differences betwen Past Simple and Past perfect Tenses in English.Thanks again.

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hey ..hello ronnie, how are you? … i have a question if you want tell me how could i say to describe more than two consecutive action. thanks so much

Profile photo of jesusangel jesusangel

    You would put the first action in past perfect, then all the others in simple past!
    Ex.. After I had eaten dinner, I went to the bar, had a beer, talked to my friend and then I went home!!

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hi….how can i be in touch with ronnie ?

ahmed hanafy

    Do you need help?????

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Your classes are amazing ! Thank you so much ! :)


Hey Ronnie,

I really like you class :-) i always got learned a new thing!( is it right? )! tks a lot


    Almost! You have to say “I always learned new things”!
    Thanks for watching!

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hi roni
i have got a question about the diferece bitween research and search.could you plese writte me soon?i hope you understand me


    could you please answer me?i am wating.

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    Look the words up in an dictionary.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      i have looked the words in a dictionary.
      does research mean like find out and search mean to find something?
      sorry if i am nerving you,but it is important for me:)
      thank u so mmmmmmuuuuuucccchhhh


        Yes, you are correct!

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Hi,madam its really wonderful after I had your demonstration I cleared my doubts. than q

anke babu

hi roni
is this sentence right?
i had a bath,than i had lunch.

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thank you …nice lesson


it is very prafect


how to use comas & .


    Search engvid for “commas” and “periods” or “punctuation”, there are videos already to help you!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Do you think spelling and pronunciation are difficult in English?? And Why


    Yes, because there are so many rules and so many exceptions to the rules!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hi roni
if we use one of them for example
after i woke up, i ate breakfast,
is it correct ?

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    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Very useful. Excellent…

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You are absolutely awesome!!!
I would like to watch a Lesson about phrasal verbs from you!!!
Many thanks! Ivan =)


hello Ronnie thanks for every thing but i think thanks it’s not enough for you but any way could you explain for me about (The) where can i use it and how? it’s confuse me all the time or if you talked about it alredy please tell me where it’s because really i can’t find it in engvid !thanks ronnie


hi, can we say like this :
After I woke up , I ate beakfast ??
if not , why ?


    Yes, you can say that!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you for this lesson. I would like to know about
IF-CAUSE lesson, please.

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which 1 is correct & why?
i hadn’t slept yesterday
i didn’t sleep yesterday

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thank you


A good class!! congratulations


Hi teacher I love your teaching style…thx

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Hello madam, your lesson is quite informative. Thank you.


wow! best teacher ever :)

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Hi Ronnie , I wonder if you’d mind explaining discourse markers , they are really challenging , and besides your lessons are extremely great

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Hi Every One,

i’m recently join this site please advice me how i use this and improve own english?

i realy want to improve my english from all point of view please help me if you can.


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pleas Ronni help me!!
I didn’t understand (Have Have got) Grammar from my teacher
I want you explain this grammar for me pleas.

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    have have got = wrong.
    have got = correct.
    I have got a test tomorrow. OR you can say I have a test tomorrow!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thanks a lot Ronnie
      You always help me

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Hi, Ronnie!I really like this lesson, it is very understandable, because for me it is one of the most difficult topics. Thank you !!!

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Hi, I’m from Brasil and I want to say that I really loved this lesson. I understood all she said and I’m very happy :)


Thank you very much.I like your lesson,though some words I don’t know.
Thank you again!


Thank you roni so much
you help me a lot
I like your classes

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thank you


Hi there
I think you guys should have a sap rate section or something for tenses


Mohammed Ali

    There is…on the website click on “resources”…you can find grammar notes on tenses!

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hi Ronnie why we use 2 times had?

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Excellent class. After I had listened to the video, I completed the quiz correctly.

Sávio Ipiranga

i have prove it

hassan qasim

Thank you for your lesson. I start to understending English


Thank you for the lesson. It will improve my vocabulary.

Gloria Ramirez

It was nice, but i already knew it :-p




I want easy way to teach speaking


Hi best teacher Ronni how can i speak english fast?


hi Ronnie!
first of all i want to tell you i have all your video and you are teach great..
i am very confuse to use of be, being and been and i think these are used in (past/present/future) perfect continuous, i am very confuse about this when i speaking about these things ..
so please please help me

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sorry for mistake you teach great…
and you haven’t post perfect continuous video so please post this video

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Hiii Ronnie,
I would like to congratulate you for continuing this noble work.A lot of English learner across the globe are being helped by watching these video lesson.Being informative as well as practical,these lessons are really playing a great role in improving language skills of the learners who are truly dedicated to master this languge.I also have been continuing my learning which I started six months back from now.I request you to analyze some sentences which I have written below.
1.A mining company named Galaxy Mining Company Ltd. has mines located at various place in India.
My Explanation:Here “named” is an adjective . The verb form is “to name”
(e.x.My parents named me Sona Sharma.).
If I am correct, then we might refer to that organization by saying it is named Galaxy….Another word which is also to be noted is “located”. It must be an adjective too.
I request you to help me find my mistakes and assist me to improve my English.

sona sharma

    NO mistakes!!!! Your sentences are perfect!~!!!!!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you Ronnie,great class

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ronnie your bery profecional, you love teach… y hope learn with you , because i leave in IRELAND 3 years but no speak english … y thing y have a litle bit problems. thanks b. m.

patricia cerda

i am so interesting to learn English
thanks for the lesson ..its great


hi ronnie you so amazing i would like to thank you and i really like you

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I had some difficulty to use past perfect and simple past and watching this this video everything became clearer. Thank you a lot!

Profile photo of badsc badsc

Thank you, it’s really helped! :)


I found a video where you talk about job interview questions… and It was very helpful. However I am not sure if the job will be mine :P because the interviewer will be an Hindu person, so, the pronunciation is a little difficult to understand for me…


    If you do not understand just ask the person to repeat the question!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hey Ronie! I just registered because of I had watched your video in one social network. I’ve fallen in love with your videos, they are so understandable and interesting! Thank you! That you are doing to us is very important. You are amazing ;)

Profile photo of helenjet helenjet

i want thank you for your effort thanks so much for lesson

Profile photo of amjadveterinary amjadveterinary

Thank You Ronnie!!
I want to know if there is some lesson teaching the difference between TOO and ALSO.. Is there?
Can you teach us the difference?
Thank you again!!!

Profile photo of lauro1 lauro1

    We can share our knowledge in English :)

    Profile photo of jclonely14 jclonely14

Nice lesson!! I really enjoy your classes Roonie! =)

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HI RONNIE, your lesson and yuor method are fantastic. tanks a lot.


Roonie, you are the best teacher.


Im new here…. but I reALLy Like u so much dear teacher :)thank u

Profile photo of spyaar spyaar

HI!! I love you Roonie and your style too…. thanks for your time. You make my day every day…!!!!
I’m in college, to become an english teacher…so I had a problem getting the difference between HAVE TO and MUST. I gave an example in class and my teacher told me I was wrong… for me HAVE TO is stronger than must,’cause there’s no choice. PLEASE HELP!!!


    Must is just more formal than have to.
    Ex.. I have to go now… I must go now. They are basically the same strength but must is just what older people say!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank You Ronnie!!
i have been looking for teacher like you .

Profile photo of ahmadoon ahmadoon

hi ronnie i need ur help.my command on english language is average but i am not able to speak fluent english because of grammatical mistakes.now u tell me what should i do n where from shuould i start learning english language.


    Start with basic vocabulary.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi, Ronnie
Thank you for the lesson, and you have nice way to do you lesson.

Profile photo of alnoor68 alnoor68

thank you, it was perfect, i have understood, yes, you are great teacher, i would love having a teacher like you,,,,,,thanks so much


Wonderful way to explain
Thank you …

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hi ronni

I am sorry idont understand

Profile photo of omar62 omar62

gosh!!!perfect score!!!

Profile photo of maeangelyn maeangelyn

XD she’s pretty weird…i love her *.*

Profile photo of melinka melinka

    Very nice lesson. Thanks.


I had my dinnner. I watached engvid.com for english tutes.


thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks alot teacher

Hosam alharbi


Profile photo of gerasim gerasim

Hi Ronnie! i’m really interested in your lesson. i like the way your teach. i think you have a sense of humour.

Profile photo of minhthien minhthien

Ronnie!!! you are best of the best teacher all over the world)))best regards from the Russian Federation…


Hi Madam. Hope that u’ll be fine. Here I have a question. U said that here we have to use “Had Had” After I had had a bath, I watched T.V., Madam what do u say about that. Can we use this one…After I had taken bath,I watched T.V. I’ll be very thankful to u for ur prompt reply..


    Yes, you can say that – it is 100% correct! Great work!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Madam can u plz explain me that in which situation we have to use “supposed to be”…You were supposed to here…meaans that u must be here in a perticular time…I need more explanation from your side.Waiting 4 ur reply.



You were supposed to be here. That is the right sentence instead of you were supposed to here.


    You are correct~!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Ronnie you’re the Best!!! I love your teaching!


Hi Madam. How r u ? Madam still I’m waiting 4 ur reply. Still u didn’t check. Madam are you fine ?


I really love your english programme

Abdullah Jan

Hi Ronnie,
Thank you. This will improve my writing and grammar.I like watching your lessons. With you grammar is easy not boring.
Ewa from Polend


aww, you are truly great mam. ronnie hope you can teach us also on how to speak on other lang. such as french and spanish.

you really are a great helper. :*


Hi Madam..Thanx a lot..The way of ur teaching is very fantastic…Take good care of urself.bye


So cool! Very entertaining. I learned a lot. Thank you so so much!

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thanksssss a lot for the lesson


Hi There,
I just want to say Thank you very very much. In my whole life i could not get this. I really apriciate this. Could you please just give me more info about your learning kit or bundle, which i wish to buy. I really do awe you.


Lesson is super but this part is very hard to me to understand. It`s because I can not say like that in my language, I can not say this way in Polish. I need to much more time and more exercises. Thank you for this lesson.


now i got 5 yeeeeeeeeah thanx


Teacher you’re too funny!
Thanks for trying to becoming learn grammar fun!

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Thanks a lot,Ronnie!!!

Profile photo of jay5502 jay5502

thx to all engvid teachers, to all students out there can you add me in your skype to practice out eng.ability ^___^


Thank you very much Madam !! I am really grateful :))

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after i had watched your lesson ,i became understand whats the differant amomg them


hii i am from jordan i hope to learn english (grammar ) :)


Hi Ronnie!
I love your lesson. I’m going to keep watching your lesson!!
Thanks !


Ronnie you are fantastic, soy funny and I love your english class!!!
Come to Spain and my peruvian roommate and I will teach you Spanish!!! We really mean, you are invited.


thank you Ronnie you are the best teacher in engvid.

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Mam I’m so confused with the word ‘blow’? can ya pweace explain it..


    Look it up in the dictionary!

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but anyway thank u.


hi Ms ronnie,, i had learnt too much in english grammars and now i can talk to my bestfriend there in US. i really wanna learn english and thanks. i now considered you as my new english teacher here in internet! by the way,, i am filipino .. (philippines)
i’m francese


    Great! Good Luck!

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HELLO Rooni i am Jamal Amin from Pakistan .I am learning english from this site so nicely. You are very good teacher and your method of teaching is also very nice . God bless you.


Great! Easy to follow and remember. Thanks Ronnie


hey teacher how are you would u pls tel me is thz sentence right or not?
“i had gone to the market,and i bought fruits” if its wronge so pls correct it!

Me0w kat

hello ronnie how are you? would u pls tel me is thz sentence wright or not in thz sentence i used simple past nd past perfect “i had gone to the market,and i bought fruits” first action is the past perfect and 2nd is the past simple so pls correct the sentence if its wronge. i’ll wait for ur ans…

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    Your sentence is very good!!!!!
    However, you have to use a capital “I” not a small (i). I had gone……I bought fruit!
    And don’t use “s” with fruit – it is uncountable!
    Great work!

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Hiiii thanks for your class Ronnie and for the test too, i humbly say that i scored 5 out of 5 again, i like this page very much, byeeee


Hi Ronnie, I have the sentence here ‘ Some food travels thousands of miles to reach consumers’ Can you explain why travels and thousands can both have ‘s’. And in what condition i can use this kind of grammer. Thank you

Profile photo of chiwai1021 chiwai1021

    Food is uncountable so we have to use “s” on the base verbs. With he/she/it we ALWAYS need to add an “s” to the base verb in the present tense!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you very much mrs Ronnie for your greatest lessons …


Hello Ronnie, I hope you and everyone around you are doing great; I urgently need your help to tell me wich of the following sentences is correct aznd why?
1-Although, most of the national newspapers who did not use to love the internet have created an online e nationversion of their paper.
2-Although, most of the national
newspapers who did not use to love the internet had created an online version of their paper.


    1 because they created it and it is still online now.

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i say thx to you miss Ronnie cause you make me so understand . how a student can you use past perfect . cause i had dificult to use this grammar when i chat or talk with my fellow in the same hood with me or in the same class with me.i’m telling you teacher Ronnie i hadn’t understood it before i saw this video it miss Ronnie. ths for teaching me

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Mam, it’s possible to download your all the lesson. you are teaching very interestingly & clearly. I will store it in my p.c & learn in the late. I have no internet connection in my house


i like the way that you make faces to put enphasis in what is important. you’re funny in a good way.

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thank you so much teacher


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Thankful for You Ronnie…
Nice Teacher….


good morning there,
I need help again from you Ronnie as a native speaker and expert teachers of English to tell me which of the following tenses: past simple or present perfect is correct or should be used in the last statement with the verb (create): Here is the context:
When the internet appeared, the national newspapers began to claim that they would lose all their readers. Although, most of them who didn ´t use to love the internet (created) an online version of their paper.
When internet …………….. . Although …………………. (have created) an online version of their paper.


Hello, Ronnie! Thank you very much for your very interesting and practical lessons.
I have watched the video about use of Past Simple and Past Perfect. And my question is:
although we usually use Past Perfect in the sentence starting with ‘after’ to show that one action had happened before another action in the past. At the same time grammar books warn that Past Simple can often be used in both parts to show that one action happened after another one. After I took a bath, I watched TV. First I took a bath and then watched TV. Do I think properlz or Am I confused? Thank you for your answer in advance!


hello Maam .
since his arrival in India he is visiting as many villages as he can to acquire a firsthand knowledge of rural India.
what is wrong in this statement……please help.

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very important lesson but i hope you explain us the difference between the present perfect and the present perfect continuous


u r really a very v.v.v.v. gud taecher


Hi, Ronnie! My name is Alexandra :)

Could you tell about sequence of tenses, please?
I speak english very badly, but I understand your lessons very well.

Thanks for your lessons!

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HI!Teacher Ronnie !I have beening learning english more than five years in my life but i did’nt know ,how to use grammar unfortunately i am lucky that i found your website so ,i am going to learn all of your lesson to make a good english as you .And i am gonna make some sentence using your past and past perfect .I went to visit with my friend yesterday at a party when we have arrived there,one of our frisnd was waiting for us after then we drunk some beer and took our dinner before going to Disco, when i came back to my home last night,i had had a bath and i slept.thank you .


    Good work but I’ve corrected your sentences.
    I went to visit with my friend yesterday at a party. When we arrived there, one of our friends was waiting for us. After that, we drunk some beer and had dinner before going to a Disco. I came home and I slept after I had had a bath!

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heloo maam………..


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Great explanation as ususl !!

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i wanna know difference between past contious and past perfectcontinous

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After I had watched this lecture, I understood past perfect tense. (Is this correct?^^;)
Thanks Ronnie!! very nice and helpful lecture^^ good luck!

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hii Ronnie i know how to use present perfect nd past perfect bt i hv nt proper understanding of their differences i.e. when to use past perfect and when to use present perfect..hopeful that u can understand what i want to convey ??


Thank you so much.

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what i am saying, just love to hear ms ronnie’s voice, i love her but she is excellent ,matured and elder than me, so sad, but i’ll follow her insturctions in my speaking english. thank you very much ms. ronnie, you are my ideal teacher now a days,

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all your video are great.
Please provide your email it.


I am asia people, there is very great english teaching lesson and I like Ronnie’s funny teaching!!


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thank you so much for your lessons.
the truth is that i’m enjoying to learn with you.
all my best wishes for you roonie my teacher bye-bye and take care of your self we need you a lotof time

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thank you for the video! I always have trouble with English grammars,but since I’m watching your video , and I realized how it worked.
I’m a sophomore this is year,and I had learned English for four years but I still did not understand the process of how the grammars work out :(


Hello Ronnie

I Just want to say thanks for your videos
I dropped out of school at a very early age and really need web sites like this to help me out
thank you so much :)


thank you Ronnie,you’re one of the best teacher


Thank’s so much ms.Ronnie with out you I couldn’t understand past perfect really you are a great teacher .. again thank’s ms. ^-^


Ronnieeeeee u are the BEST :) !!!!!

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thanks for ur effort.
and i have a question for u
what is wrong with this sentence
‘only when the man was coming down and had reached the height of the eaves the expert called out’
i heard ‘the expert called out’ part
is wrong.
what’s wrong about that?
thank you

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Hi! thank you teacher for this lesson .I have question what mean past participle ? you say past participle have third tenses but I don’t understand good. thank you again

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I already watched your every single lesson. I’m trying to improve my English skill. Madam Ronnie, you’re a best English teacher ever I seen. My weak point is FLUENCY. How can I raise up my speaking fluency. Please give me an effective suggestion. Keep it up!




Hello Mrs Ronnie! First of all I just love your lessons:they are interesting and very easy to understand!!!
I have a question:can you make a video with the differences between all the past tenses (past simple,progressive, present perfect/progressive, past perferct and past perfect progressive) and another lesson with the future tenses (will/shall, simple present, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, going to)….. thanks anyway! :D and once again you’re doing a gret job!!!

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Hy ronnie! This is really a help! Thx !



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Have a pleasant Day!
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And you speaks fluently,Excellent!



hi ronni thank u so much .u great teacher.
I want to ask u what is difference between present perfect and simple past?? cause I am confused..
in this sentence {I have bought a new car}can I say {I bought a new car}Are they same ??if not why?? please answer me

all the best wishes teacher ronni

Profile photo of amal543 amal543

    We use present perfect to talk about a cool/exciting past event, with no time marker. Ex..I have bought a car!!
    We use simple past to talk about daily/boring/routine things, with a time marker.
    Ex. Today, I had a shower. In the afternoon, I ate lunch.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      thank u so much..I get it now :)

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thanks teacher !:)


Hi dear!!!!! it was a pleasure to see you teaching English, it´s more comfortable than be in the best “spa”..I am an English teaching mayor, thanks for inspire me…you´re great…many of our counries need teacher like you…


You are the best teacher


Thanks dear I really do love your teaching style

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hello ronnie
help me out by sending few small sentences related to present tense sentences than change the verb to past tense


thanks a lot.


Ronnie, why most of your grammar explanations start with this bad attitude towards it? you reinforce the idea that grammar is boring and difficult, although your explanations are very good. Think about it and led me know what you think @welcome2english

Gustavo jaramillo

Hi!! Ronnie, you know,after I had knew you,
I made a lots of mistakes, but now I rectified them all. what do you think about it?

Ronnie Amaury

Hello Ronnie! Thanks for your double rainbow lessons!
I was wondering if you could help me with the next sentence:
While we were sailing on the boat, some back-packers taught (were teaching) us Spanish.

So the question is – should we use Past Simple or Past Progressive. If both version are acceptable which one is more appropriate for this situation and why? Thanks in advance.


thank you so much you have a good way to explain you make me understand easy


Excellent Ronnie, your style of presentation makes it simple and attractive.

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hi ronni thank u so much .u great teacher.
I want to ask u what is difference between present perfect and simple past?? cause I am confused..
in this sentence {I have bought a new car}can I say {I bought a new car}Are they same ??if not why?? please answer me


    Present perfect we use for special events in the past.
    Simple past we use for routine (boring events).
    If you just got a new car I would say I have bought a new car…because it is a special event!

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Hi Ronnie. I loved your lessons very much!! ♡


hi teacher roonie! how are you? I hope good well you’re the best teacher in my opinion ! you explain very,very well I can all understand what you say! I’m from brazil.. I love to watch your classes! bye take care

gabriel mendes

other thing. you should give a class talking about how to use make and Do ! bye again haha kiss

gabriel mendes

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thank you very much. it’s easy to understand what you say.

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Greetings from México =)


hi mam,
Its my request to you that pls tell me all rules of past tense coz really i have many problems in past tense….. pls
I know u r the best teacher pls


Thanks a lot


Thank you Ronnie. This lesson was very helpful for me

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awsme Ronnie,

I really appreciates to all of u nd today i did clear my all tenses whch i ever mistkes in the sentences..

plz is thr any mistake in my sentences thn tell me


Thanks a lot Ronnie! You made simple a topic I had not well understood before. Thanks indeed!

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Mam i would like to ask you a question every time you got example with JAPAN,AMERICA,CANADA etc but you never talk about INDIA WHY MAM.



well done lesson …
Thank ronni !

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Hi Ronnie,
Can you please give any idea about email writing?
Basically, I always use present perfect for report emails to my manager.
For example:I have completed xyz part.
Is it right that I’m using?
Can you please take one lesson on ‘status report email to manager’ which will cover tenses.

Thanks in Advance!

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carrot lover

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    Sorry, you can’t.

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You got 5 correct out of 5.


It’s an amazing! Lesson was ever made that I watched. am really fed my mind. I want to clarify something, when do we gonna use the “ed” in the Simple Past? I’m Nick,33 Filipino from Philippines

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u re funny ,u make me smile

Calil M-zade

Thank you, Ronnie! But I have a question: if we are talking about past actions which happened one after the other, can we use just Past Simple? For example: I woke up, took a shower and then I had my breakfast. Is it right?


tahhnks roniiie


Bravo! i got 100

you all teachers are best

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hi ronnie….thank u your videos r really usefull for me….could u explain me please is it (present perfect ) or (present perfect continous tense?… ( i have been married for 20 years..???.. iam confiused with this sentences


Profile photo of aatai aatai

    Present perfect continuous we usually use with the verbs teaching/learning/studying/living/working, and with a time marker. I have been living in Canada for 4 years. It means we are still doing the action now.
    I lived in Brasil for 5 years means the action is finished = Present perfect.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hi Ronie….good explanation. would you like to explain about usage of “being”. i rather confuse when i must use it for speaking or writing..



Hi Ronnie
whenever i watch your lesson I read all the comments in every video :)
really your comments are helpful and useful
thanks a lot

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Hello Mrs. Ronnie,
I’m from Egypt,Cairo.
I work in an multinational company, I start today to improve my English by your video series.
Kindly let me ask a question, how could I use “before” in your examples in the video?

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Sorry Mrs. Ronnie, I have another question, When we use “past perfect” in one sentence?


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everything is good, if you provide us a collection of common vocabulary it will be helpful too for us thank you…………..

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Hello Mrs Ronnie! I really appreciate your interesting videos and i like so much your amazing way how you transmit the message to the audience,you’re great teacher and good facilitator.
Actually i have a small question besides this lesson,it’s about adverbs of frequency, Can we use them with past tense????
for instance we say : I had never watched this movie before?? or i just use them with present tense and i say : I have never watched this movie before???
Please answer me and enlighten me sooooon :)


Hi Ronnie thanks for your lesson
please help me
I want improve my language quickly
can you tell me how?
i sent 3 letters but you don’t give me any answer
please help me

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I Love your lesson.
It cracked me up many times. Good Bye Ta-la


I really enjoined you listen. It’s to the point. Only one comment, you may look for good hairdresser if you like. Thanks very much.

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thank you too too much ur explaining very amazing.

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ms.. can u say to me if this two sentence correct please .
after he had broken the window,he scampered.

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Thank you Ronnie that’s really good questions

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to. Ms Ronnie

Thank you for helping to learn more about in English, this is Russel for Philipines can i have a favour can you please continuing the lecture about the present simple and past perfect? and add the present continues present perfect continues and future perfect continues and future perfect and also past, thank you Ms. Ronnie for kind and consideration, i’m just a beginner and I’ve been learn a lot the way you teach and i like your style for teaching, god bless if i have a wrong sentence please correct me i like it very much, liked did you said. made a mistake and learn for it,

i’m new on this site please help me!

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i got 5/5 but still i;m confused and afraid i don’t know when to start, could you please help me to figure out my problem thanks,

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hi Ronni,
please canyou help me.i have a big problem in english.I write english verry well but i can t speak correctly.what is my problem.

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Hi. Just a question!

Can I say: “Before I watched a movie last night, I had taken a shower”?


Profile photo of alexsandersantos alexsandersantos

    “Took a shower” might sound better.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

You are very funny doing the class…Thank you very much !

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Ronnie, the moderator told me to use “took a shower” but it isn`t past perfect. In all exemples, you use first the past perfect and after the simple past, beginning the sentence with “after”. I changed the position and started the sentence with “before”. Is it correct? Thanks!

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I got 100 witch is no mistake,thanks

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i have alot of problem in tenses :( please try to make some videos about all the tenses from the first up to last thnks miss ronnie

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Hi Ronnie!
First of all I’d like to say, that you are my favourite teacher. I’ve watched already all of your lessons, some of them more than once! I like your sense of humour and intelligence.
I am 50 years old, Polish women, I moved six months ago to UK. I learnt English for many years in Poland at high school and at university, but I was taught by polish teachers, from old fashioned text books. So, now, when I’ve faced the live language I have some problems. First of all, with understanding spoken language, especially here, in the region of Liverpool, where I live. I work in a factory, where workers don’t use proper English. It’s so hard to find anybody for conversation. And until I improve my English, I will not find better job (I’m a PhD in Medical Biology). I attend two English courses and spend a lot of time watching BBC, EngVid, repeating vocabulary, etc. But I still have feeling it’s not enough…

I’d like to ask you for help.
I have problems with using prepositions. I never know which one I should use before a noun – on, for or to…Could you, please, make a lesson about prepositions? Are there any rules? Or I have to learn them by heart?
And second question: I found a sentence: “I didn’t know whose bags they were.” The construction is surprising for me. I would say: “I didn’t know whose these bags were.” Which one is correct?
I will be grateful for your answer,
best regards,

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Hi Ronnie,

Thanks for the lesson. I have a question please, why in the example you had in this lesson you used After I had woken up and not After I have woken up? Thank you

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Hi Ms Ronnie. I really love the way you teach. Ms Ronnie could you pls help me this sentence.”I had finally done from work and now Im going to eat pizza”. Is this correct? I hope you will response to this msg.Thankz

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Hi, Ronnie! Please let me know which of the following sentences is correct:
She could not attend the meeting as she
1) had a flight to catch.
2) had to catch a flight.

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the Candaian Spirit, always Kidding u’r the best Ronnie

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I enjoyed the lecture, thanks Ronnie! By the way, I want to know how use the past participle and simple past when there are 3 or more actions in sequence. Could you explain it for me? Thanks again

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    *I mean past perfect instead past participle, sorry.

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I could understand easily after I had watched a lesson about ‘Present Perfect or Past perfect?’, I watched a this lesson.
(Is it right? hahaha It’s interesting to make a sentence by your lecture. but I’m still confused about how to use ‘a’ or ‘the’ in the
sentence :) a lesson? the lesson?? )
Anyway, I’m going to study hard with your lovely lecture!!!!
Thank you.

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after I had watched this video, I was sure, that I got it well.
”I got 5 correct out of 5”

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Dear Ronnie, nice lessons you have!
I have one question. Grammar rules says, that one never has to use present perfect and present past together. But I have seen such sentences. Is it possible to use above mentioned two tenses together and if yes, are there any rules for it? Finally I would like to ask more specific question which actually lead me to wonder about present past and perfect together. Is it possible to write: “Secretariat informs delegations that the meeting that had provisionally been planned for 16 September has been cancelled.” ?
Thank you for your answer in advance!

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really you are great ..but i wanna ask you about something !!
I can understand what you say and something in movies .. but i cannot speak English with speaker s this languages and this thing make me sad .. i want your opinion (if i will be better in near future and hoW !! )
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thank you very much! You help me very well in improving my english!
I have a problem. .. Now I think I have a enough words in order to speak and write in english, and also I understand speech, but all the same I use google translater when I respond to emails, when I want to say somthing. Now I study in professional devolopment programm in english. I am more quiet, than others even I want to say something. I woud like to know about ways to struggle and win my low self-esteem. What I can do? give me advise! I tried to write this comment withowt translater, I apologise for my mistakes, usually I write only ‘thank you’. THANK YOU very much, you so active and funny.

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I have 1 specific question.
Please take a look at these 2 sentences
1)The movie released on Friday (Past Simple)
2)The movie has released on Friday (Present perfect)

Can u please tell me the difference between these 2 sentences?

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Please don’t be silly. You don’t know me. Someone thought I was from America. Absolutely not.
You know who you are! I know who you are and what you are.
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i have a question please
what is the correct one of this (if there is correct) :-
i have learned the lesson

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i learnd the lesson

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I’m waiting for your answer goodbye

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Thanks a lot, Ms Ronnie! Good lesson!!!

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“after the patient had died , the doctor came” is it correct ???

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hy! mam ronnie my name abdul moeed farooq i,m from pakistan i,m graduated i have watched ur 7 to 8 videos about grammer or tenses . i think u r the best i mean to say in my 23 years age i haven,t got like ur type of teacher

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I’m sorry to bother you, but I’ve an issue with grammar…

I normally help kids in troubles with English at school, and in this case, I’m in troubles!

They’re studying the perfect tenses, and their teacher explained them the future tense, which is easy according to the formula:

subject + will + have + pp

But when they arrived to this exercise:

“By the time you come back, she will have been gone a long time.”

All of them wrote “she will have gone a long time”… and the teacher just add the gone in the middle of those words. I tried so hard to think about how to explain them that, but I totally couldn’t.

So, my question is: why do you have to use “BEEN and GONE” in the same sentence? I barely remember something related with “to be gone” but I don’t know how to get the main idea, to explain it to these kids…

I hope you could help me as well.

Thank you!

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pls teach us about Suppositional sentences used in Simple past and past perfect Tense…

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She didn’t want to move. She had lived in Liverpool all her life.//She didn’t want to move. She had been living in Liverpool all her life.

what is the difference between above two sentences?? pls help

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hi teacher ronnie i like your messy hair style :) youre so beautiful.

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Ronnie please help me.. I need to tell my friend that I teach kids the first aid but i don’t know which tense i must use.. I had tought/I teached (probably not this one..)or another.. thank you in advance;)

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techer what is the defferece between past simple and past perfect thanks

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Thank you so much ;), although I reckon it’s easy to choose Past Simple or Past Perfect. You just have to think which activity happened before or after. The problem is… when you have to use other tenses like, for example, Present Perfect Continuous or Past Perfect Continuous. Sometimes I have problems with using Present Perfect or Past Simple as well ;(.

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Your teaching method very gooooood

thank you so much

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Ronnie, can we make a clause like ”After I have eaten lunch, I went to the cinema”. What is the difference between have and had. Please, teach me

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mam u should take break fast after brush u teeth and then bath and u face expression really awesome like it

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mam u should take break fast after brush u teeth and then bath and u face expression really awesome

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thanks Ronnie for your class, sometimes the grammar is confusing.

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past participle of bath is bathed>? why didn’t used bathed ?

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past participle of bath is bathed>? why didn’t used bathed ?

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Thank u a lot for all videos u made to us & we all love u ❤️ But I have question for u.
Only I can use past perfect when I want to describe two actions happened in the past?
& Any mistakes in this comment?

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Thank you for your help with my poor English and for making me smile everyday.

Have a lovely weekend:)

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I’ve been loving the way you teach English, you are great teacher and you know how to make things easier for some students here.
Frankly I had given up doubts in my mind before I watched this lesson!

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Ronnie, sometimes i’m still confused about the past tense, like if two verbs appeared in the same sentence, and i dont know which verb should i change to past tense.

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very good lesson
I had gone to my job before I ate breakfast

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Ronnie ,i still dont understand why u putted “had” twice.. like in “after i had had a bath”. thats really strange.. why didnt u put “after i had a bath?” ?? because i never heard that before :O
. but anyway, thank you Ms.Ronnie for this lesson! :)

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Since I joined engVid, I encountered improvement in both my written and spoken English. I wrote here few examples about the video;

Before I went to bed last night, I had set to do list for tomorrow action to be carried out. After I had woke-up, I had had a bath then I ate break-fast. I had appointment at 9:00am, I went to the University and I met the dean of faculty. the meeting lasted in 20 minute,I was told in case aditted to a program will sent phone sms and I had gotten a phone SMS confirmation in the afternoon. I had got to prepare for the classes in a weak time and I hope successful end. Teacher Ronnie and anyone else observe mistake in my English Please give me your comments and please teacher advice me how I can Improve! thanks

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1. I had woken up at 7 am,after I took bath.
2. I had made myself ready for the office; Instead of office I drove to the court.
3. I had struggled with civil numbers to filled the Form-A
4. After, I drove to my office work and I punched into the machine for attendance.

Is this right Madam Ronnie

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Hi, I still have a question about the past perfect tense, when you use example, “After I had woken up…” why not use “woke up” instead of “woken up” I’m confused, same as the quiz problem, “after I eaten dinner” instead of using “after I ate dinner”?what is the difference between these two and how I can use it in the correct way? Thank you!

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    I can answer your question: woken up is the past participle
    And eaten so , you know eat is the present, ate the past and eaten is the past participle. It’s all the same for the other verbs

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Thank you a lot Ronnie. I like the way you teach.

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I have questions
Could you tell me is this sentence true or false
Ex: Before i had took an English lesson , i ate breakfast

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My weakness point in English is speaking not because Iam bad in English but it’s about that Iam shy could help me to pass this problem, and I want to ask you about if conditional zero and the first is there any more types of it like a second? I will be thankful ❤️ All respect to you

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The first I agree hundred%, But the second why did you use double had had I don’t understand.

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    Well I’m not Ronnie but Probably I can answer that.

    In that sentence, we use “had had” because the first “had” is part of the structure of past perfect. The second “had” is the verb “have” but this verb is in simple past.

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Thank you Ronnie for this lesson. It was great lesson and pretty useful!!
I’m kinda confused about past participle and past tense.
When should we use past tense and when should we use past participle?

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Hii Ronnie i have a request plz can you teach this & How to use this; what is meaning of this
1. Simple Present Tense
2. Future Perfect Tense
3. Past Perfect Continuous Tense
4. Present Perfect Continuous Tense
5. Future Perfect Contiuous Tense
Plz create separate playlist for English Grammer Tenses
Thank You I Hope You Do It

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thak you soo much , now i know correctly the way to use past simple/past perfect
the key : two acions on diffirent time one ofter one !

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Hi teacher, thank you a lot. when I saw this video I can make sure that when I use “past perfect” and when I use “past simple” in a sentence.
Ex: After I had finished all my work, I studied English on website http://www.engvid.com.

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i have a more example like
1) Before i met him he had left the home
2) I had seen him before she stopped her car

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Well, Is that correct saying this? ” After I had had learned my Engvid English grammar yesterday in the morning,I went to the dentist”.
Thank you.

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She received. Ok
She had received – ?

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best regards from Libya

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Thanks Ronnie for such a great lesson I just got 5 to 5

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unfortunately :(i got zero i have to review it again :( its bsically hard for me this segment :( because i confuse about past present and future:( and its another form:( and when do i use as well the have and had (ex. ‘ihave’ then when will it be ‘ihad?)’cuz i thought i can either say anytime ‘ihvae or”ihad”:(( i’d like to master it :( im sorry .:(

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please responce for my confusion regarding this .
tnx mam ;

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After I had watched the grammar videos,I took the tests.Thank you Ronnie!

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Your methods are so easy and fun to learn!! Thanks a lot….


Great lesson. I would like more practice with this lesson.

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thank you so much Ronnie

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Thanks Ms. Ronnie.

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thank you very much

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thank you

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Thank you so much mam.After I had watched the lesson,I took the quiz.

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I can’t understand why Quiz:4 answer’s number 2.
But video is so nice 👍

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Thanks alot ms
Really i owe you

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thank you very much Ms.Ronnie

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Brilliant teaching. I enjoyed the lesson. Thank you very much.

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I get it – juchuuuuu :). Or was it a coincidence🤔???!?
Thank You, Ronie girl. I learn by myself aproximately one year and you are my grammar guru book :).


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OMG, Ronnie!
why you are soooo amazing? so funny?!
i love your lessons and always watching you to enjoy your vibes
thank you so much!

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5/5 wow!

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Thank you Ronnie, you are the best!

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Thanks so much, Ronnie. I’ve got a hundred percent!!

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Hello, Ronnie a good and funny lesson. THANK YOU

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Hello, Ronnie a good and funny lesson.

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thank you, dear. Now I know

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