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7 of 10 i am


Thanks for sharing! Could Someone explain how Booze became a term for a drug?


    Nancho, think of it as a metaphor! We basically can call “drug” everything we are addicted to, at this point we might as well take boose simply to cover wider vocabulary..I guess so)

    Ally Porchnik

      Hi Ally, I´m agree with you


      Thank you Ally. I found useful your comment.



      gagan aulakh

Hi Ronnie, is there any way to download these courses, i wannt to post them in China video site so tons of chinese can learn from them, coz youtube won’t work in china, thanks.


Hi Ronni im so fan of you I Have a question when we use [S] In The End of the word ?


After I listened your video, I became more cautious to these drugs and the words. and I am pleased to my score.


Thanks for your lesson,Ronnie,but I wonder :coffee,tea,Red Bull are some kinds of drugs,why?Can you explain,Rons?


unfortuantely i am not that good with drugs , i got 6 correct out of 10 , i think i need to practice the names more :D

Mossab Mahmoud

A very good video !!!
Does anyone want to practise English?
my skype: alexis.walker.mars

Alexis Murs

    Hi Alexis. As you probably notice, I’m not a native person, but I’m a keen for practicing English, and I’m pretty interested on increasing my fluency. So If you want to practice, let me know.


      Hello nancho!
      Of course, I’d love to
      Actually I look for people who want to practise their English

      Alexis Murs

      Hi there, who wants to improve speaking skills. Add me in Skype. I’ll be glad to have conversation. My Skype ID – scream_8924


Thanks Ronnie for one more great lessons.
when someone dreams of being fluent it’s clear that’s important to know talking about all stuffs :)

God bless ya!


10/10 feel like a Junkie. Without teeth it’s better, you know why? Because at least we don’t need wash them everyday.

Jorge Pedroso

8/10 very ecstatic with my result thank you for sharing. Mushroom drug I drink it a lot in the island it was so amazing .


Thank you Ronnie


:) cool!

carlos 2138

Thank you for this lesson. Yes, you’re right to put caffeine in the top of the list of drugs. Just a point: instead of doing amphetamine (too hard on Heath, illegal, not a secure product),people take caffeine pills (in drugstore)and abuse of pills,just to drive (to go from Canada to Florid, to drive during the night, etc..),or to work (student, workolich, etc…)or to go to the rave (and use E).
So thank you for the slang but this is so difficult to know the new terms of slang because people using drugs are rather creative with the language (just to be sure that the police doesn’t understand them).


Thanks ! :-)


Funny Ronnie!




Whoaa tknks Ronnie, you very funny in your videos!
i did not know that (=

Hugs from Brazil (=

Suzy Derkins25

Hello Ronnie, your vídeos are very cool… in this test I got 8 correct out of 10.
Thanks for your help


Hi Ronnie,I have a question,My question is about present perfect,and past perfect, I hear when people say ‘I have had’please could you explain me this?


Thanks for sharing.


THANKS Roonie, Sorry in this class I didn’t see you talk about Mari Jane be the same that Mari Juana, you did?

Julio Primus

so cool ! Good job !


i have got 50 cool


oufff! Ronnie, the number one in your list is actually Caffeine! you’ve put me a little uncomfortable for a little while!lol! I appreciate every lesson that you do, i thank you so much! ;)

spike valentine

tks Ronnie , very funny and cool explanations

Looking for people for improve my english skills and make new friends too. my skype ricky.fiebig1

Ricky Fiebig

Hi I come from Thailand,I want to practice about English for conversation.
I received the knowledge more from engvid
Thank you very much


Hi! Very funny lesson. I got 10/10. Should I understand so much about drugs? I hope no, lol… So, talking about drugs, the crack and the crack dealers are one of the most problems of Brazil. Practically (along with the cocaine and marijuana) this kind of drug pulls up the country’s criminality rates.

Fernando Boente

    hi fernado, In México we have a terrible problem with narcotraficants, surely you have heard about violence in México


      You’re right. I’ve ever heard about the drug dealers and about the violence in Mexico. I guess the carnage that was inflicted due the circumstances is well known around the world. Anyway the drug trafficking is a recurrent problem in the developing countries and surely that problem is delaying the growth of these countries.

      Fernando Boente

8/10 means I am an angel :) anyways Ronnie You rock!!


Ronnie, always fun. Thank you very much!


Thanks, 8/10 :D


Viva las drogas!!it is a kidding.I hate them to death.Good lesson Ronnie!!!


oops, 4/10. :(


Hi Ronnie…
My lovely teacher….so nice excellent teaching skills… i just understood…like that thanks


thanks for the lesson, I learnt more from you today


woww 9/10 I am awesome :D


hi,thank you for lesson on youtube , i want to help me i have exam on Monday and it’s so hard for me , the a and an with pronounced and affirmative , and possessive n,adj


Hi Roonie. Yours videos are very funny. I like too much.

Gregorio Lima

Hi Ronnie , as usual great lessons and great teacher, i have request could you please explain what is the difference between the folowing words
Sure VS Certain , Chance VS Opportunity and
Peel ,Rind ,Skin
Thanks with regards


Ronnie! Could you please make a video about differences between American and Canadian ways of pronouncing ? Would be lovely! I love this one in advance as much as all the others!


10 correct out of 10. And I did caffeine :D


10 out of 10! Thanks for the class Ronnie!


Thank you


thanks ronnie I did well except one question
I chose mary juana instead of mary jane




10/10 good student for a very good class! Thanks!


thank you

haider j touma

thanks I’ve about drugs….

princess tiffany

80 over 100 fair enough, i have to review it to master the new words. Thanks teacher Ronny your great.


8/10 not bad.


6 out of 10 because i wasn’t paying attention


I’m so sad because in my country there are so many people using that type of drugs with no idea what it can cause to them in the future. I even have some colleagues that use “marijuana” (here in Brazil called “maconha”), and crack, so I just hope to God to save them of it.


I have got 9/10 good for me thanks Ronnie

Nour Sy

Excellent lesson! I really love it) Thanks) 9/10


So cool

Anwer Tawerghi

Thanks for the information, Ronnie.


Chocolate my drug

Noody loca

thank you Rooni

Wael Madbouly

thanks a lot for this lesson
I’ve got 7\10 its enough for me


I suscribed here after watching some of your videos Ronnie. You’re an awesome teacher

Rossy Serrato

7/10 not bad

Ewa Joanna

8/10. Thanks :)



ann ann

Hey, it’s gonna be usefull. You are the coolest teacher I’ve ever had. thx.


i got 90 :)
thank you ronnie ^^


Good to know about drugs ! :)


thank you.


This video it’s been really useful, but how about if u could make a video with the way people talk when they are going to take them. I think there are different ways to talk about them when u r about to take them.
Cheers ;)


Hi Ronnie! I like your videos, especially when you teach us slang words. Could you maybe explain us the song “policeman” from eva simons? I can’t find the word “jiggelin” in a dictionnary and I’m not sure to understand “no arrest badman mind ya bizz”. Sorry to ask it here, i couldn’t find a section for wishes ;-)
Thanks a lot for your videos!


your description is really great! thanks.


hahaha. this lesson is useful, at least, from now on,I must be more careful when going to a convenient store and say “I need a coke” …. eeeerrrggggg!!!


The Drugs are not good, but is good to know about their names in english to keep us informed.


very useful lesson.


so hard -_-


100 of 100. Oh my god, I know a lot of about drugs!!!


i got 6 out of 10
difficult topic


I did better than I expected, I don’t know whether or not to happy about that.


80 in the Quiz !!!! Woooooooo


Hi,)) i got 9 out of 10 Thanks Ronnie!
cool that topic is right about me )))
just one letter changes the whole word
Mother of Heroine )))

Mother Of The Heroine

Hiiii Ronnie, i got 8 out of 10

Leonardo Souza Alves

I love ronnie, she’s amazing!!


Thank you so much Ronnie.

Juan Bernardo

10/10…So nice!!!


7/10 in my second class .


Nice crochet shirt! hmmm… is it shirt? Or knitted sweater? Do you have a lesson about handmade clothes?


Thank you Ronnie


Difficult to memorize these slangs however it is possible..Thanks Ronnie


Hi, I think the link to youtube is mistaken, if u click it is directed to another video about getting high


I never ever heard many words about drugs,but now I got it. Thank you Ronnie.


You got 7 correct out of 10.

M kartal

Thanks Mrs. Ronnie.


I worked at Geneva drugs center, you forget morphine called H or SISTER, in Europe H is not heroin but morphine. Morphine is now the drug of rich people like in the ages.

al willis

Well, in the quiz i had 9/10.
In my opinion ,the most difficults questions were the 3 and 7 , i dont remember to Roonie talk about taht.

Nice class.


Hi, Ronnie, that’s a great lesson, as usual, see ya!!


7/10! I can’t understand these words! Too strange for me. I think I need to watch in English. Then maybe will understand.

Jerry Gu
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