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Ronnie you are a very hilarious teacher.You have to come to Brazil immediately to change the way English is taught.Here the teachers in schools never show us these kind of thing that is very useful.


    Na verdade, muitas coisas temos que aprender por nós mesmos fora da escola / curso. Engvid cumpre muito bem o seu papel nesse aspecto. | In fact, we have to learn lots of things out of school / English courses by ourselves. In this way, Engvid fulfils its role teaching us those things.


    same here in Pakistan… Grazisil


      Teaching vocabulary related to sex -slang- is never taught at language schools or rather in conventional educational settings.

      Thus, most language learners -me included- pick it up mainly on movies, magazines, and of course on the Internet.

      Now, it is high time for all of us to put all this knowledge into real practice.

      Remember, practice makes perfect.




    She is a very good teacher for sure …I love her way to teach..


    i’ve had a teacher who used to teaching us those stuff!! hehe I miss her so bad! :(
    Now I I’ve got Ronnie… I DO agree with you Grazi. She has to come here. It would be a pleasure attending classes taught by her


    did u available therer?


    Thanks Ronne. You’re a superb teacher ever i’ve seen. Totally should have some guts for doing such a lession when it comes broadly.


    That’s true!!!!!


      if u want we can speak in English.in facebook my account is Hamid Jafarov


      hi there , could we be partner and practice English with each other . my E-mail:zhangmin0175@gmail.com


      Como posso comunicar com você
      Algo importante

      shawky elzhar

    Same here in Bangladesh…. she is a stupendous pedagogue


    We pretend to be an open-minded people, but in fact we are too hypocrites. Sex? We love it all the time, very very much, in a many different ways, but… Don’t talk about it. Fucking, Wanking, Blowjob, Handjob, Ass Fucking, Muff Diving and so on are our favorite sports, but… Don’t talk about it.


i do not like this ronnie.


    She warned it! Not comments like this


      i like ronnie she is great teacher but.is jest a opinion.no more.


    You’ve right, to dislike that video. Besides, you’ve been warned. Remember?


      thank you but.is just a opinion.no more.


    You’ve been warned guys! No complaints…:-) Only Ronnie could teach us such a sexy vocabulary…She’s amazing!


    Nobody forced you to watch. In Canada like in the whole occidental world, expressing oneself freely is part of individual rights. Our countries are not ruled by whatever religion and we are free to observe or not religious principles. So Ronnie gave this lesson without any provocation on a subject that every (each?) person who wants to learn English language has also to know. More she shows a very good sense of humor.


      And I would add this vocabulary is the easiest to memorize, I wouldn’t say why :-)


      you said (in the whole occidental world expressing oneself freely is part of individual rights.) i guess that thoroughly wrong Mr patple13 because this is not civilisation or even domestication as you showed it is in your comment anyways it’s up to you. well let me ask you a question what’s the different among the animals and people who lives without religion ?


        OK, you want to start a new “war of religions” but I won’t play that game. Let me just answer your question: first I’ve never said I lived with or without religion – I reckon this is not your business; second let me tell you that many people around the world are great humanists and high level spirits without practicing any religion and there’re not for all that animals. I said that in the whole occidental world, religion wasn’t ruling the countries and their inhabitants, each one being free to practice or not whatever religion he’s (she’s) got. That’s the HUGE difference between the muslim countries and the rest of the world particularly the democratic countries. We don’t kill in the so-called God’s name, we respect women. Now I won’t go further with you since you are of no interest for me.


          hey you !I dont start any war of religions although religions are not a games as you expect, look you are free to live with religion or without it so you right when u said is not my busniss but on the other hand am free to give my opinion anyways.well let me tell you that i read Christianity bcs it the most popular religion in the whole occidental world; actually i found many books of christianity and they all different that’s the big weak point of this religion.let’s not go deep in explanations bcs i dont want to switch off your littel mind.
          well .you said (that many people around the world are great humanists and high level spirits without practicing any religion)that’s wrong Mr patple13 where did you study that? Mr patple13 you are undercheck called controlling mind. I’m 100% sure that you can not understand what am talking about..!!
          you said (We don’t kill in the so-called God’s name, we respect women). well this also wrong i’m sure that you brought this knowledge from the media (you are undercheck of a system called controlling mind).let me be frank with you there is no religion respects women like islam. look islam is perfect but muslims are not,my question is why Everyday christians around the world convert islam ? what about palastine..Iraq..ect under which name they die Everday?
          now i won’t go further with you bcs you showed off that you are full of humanity and you are in high level of spiritual Mr locked mind


          this peopl whene say Others do Mistakes like them.they will say ” (that many people around the world are great humanists and high level spirits without practicing any religion)” they alike.one in france else in brazile.seem…..


          that is true


          Is the Moderator sleeping here ? He’s not doing his job !

          This above out-of-the-topic comment should be REMOVED !
          “Kaouache”: please respect the Netiquette / Webtiquette of this site : it is not a religious forum but a free-learning respectful and acclaimed language website open to anyone !


          My apologies! I was actually eating dinner…

          Update: Whoops, these are very old comments from before the Cat Gif Censorship Policy was introduced. Have a cat gif anyway.

          engVid Moderator



      You’re completely right! Besides nobody is being forced to watch. Teacher Ronnie was fantastic in her explanation! I’ve learned a lot with this lesson : )


        You are right


        yep! I agree! ”Besides nobody is being forced to watch.”


        Hello Brianebr,
        me as you .. the same. how I can contact with you ?


      idont care about your freedom in your countries .and my religion is best thing in my life.all for me.look at your free contry.how may bastard born?????? i will say to you.Half born in 2006 are bastard thi is a Social problem congenita is thi your freedom.you said “So Ronnie gave this lesson without any provocation on a subject that every (each?)”.here i know you do not have any mind must see thise lesson like Teenager.Teenager are will practice thise.so mooore bastard end.


        You religion is completely ILLUSION!

        Hassan Kamal

          Perfect lesson, thanks Ronie

          Hassan Kamal

          Guys, if you’re going to keep insulting each other, take it somewhere else! You can disagree without being rude.

          engVid Moderator

        achichane, “bastard”? Are we back in the 1800’s where a “bastard” child is an abomination? And you say this while saying your religion is the best thing in your life? It doesn’t sound like a religion of love and forgiveness. All children are blessings from God, no matter the circumstance that brought them into this world. Anywhom, I know that these are old comments, but felt compelled to respond.


    You Right, Mr achichane bcs that really shameless lesson but anyways Ronnie already warned about it so just remember who likes that lesson is really has an empty mind and no religion


      thank you all this people can not Answer one Question.how many mans you Living with him.and you Find your wife Virgin?????




          The trut hurt you?woman!!!!


          what the fucking wrong whit you guys ??? did Ronnie warn you all ???? then whats the matter ??besides, noone cares your religions .your religion İS your religion and my religion is my religion. now ! SHUT THE FUCK UP and get out the page


          Ha ha ha you must come with your sister for underStand lesson so good.

          no one care

          I like you man ! :) You’re absolutely right

          Ngoc Linh Dang

        come on man u rock..really i like that question man !! héhé no answers i assure you


      so, according to you people who have religion don’t have sex? I can’t understand you, guys… sex is part of our lives


    Did she touch in your weak point dear?

    Marcio de Moraes

    no no brow, She is a very good teacher and that lesson is useful for us


    You are so pathetic!!!
    First: If you are “scandalized” by these things then why did you watch the video?
    Second: okay I have understood that you didn’t like the video but just don’t leave comments that underline it cos the problem is only yours.
    third: Ronnie said before the video: “If you don’t like it turn off immediately”
    So please don’t be silly!!!


    me too

    omima mshhoot

      Do you live in Egypt?


Amazing class. I learned and laughed a lot!!!


Excellent way to start learning at beginner level!!! Great teacher Ronnie! I have never thought to take a class like this!


It was a new experience for me. I never thought some teacher could teach that kind of vocabulary. You got 10. thank u!


    yes no teacher can learn me that


Best class ever! Thank you Ronnie!


Extremely important lesson, Ronnie!!! You’re a great teacher!


very good video ronnie


    tmot enta xD


thank you


I really enjoyed this lesson


Ronnie, thank you very much, you are a very charismatic person and a wonderful teacher!!!


    Hello to St. Petersburg ! :) Yeah, Ronnie is so charismatic! I adore her. She made my day )

    little snail

Ronnie, amazing as usual. Nice class and wonderful way to teach a difficult issue. We love you;)!


Ronni, I love you! You are a great English Teacher.Congratulations, I from Brazil.


Great lesson! Thank you.

Ricardo PD

good job Ronni


That was hilarious. xD


thanks ronnie


Haha that was very useful and funny!!! lol I learnt a lot!! thanks ronnie you are a great teach I enjoyed your videos so much!


The best lesson ever!


    I agree with you. The best, ever!

    Marco Polo Baptista

Nice video Ronnie! you just gave me the laugh of the they!lol.

intersting topic!


Dear Ronnie, I’ve learned English for two years taking english classes at a private school and since I’ve found the EngVid.com my english pretty changed. I remember that the first video I watched it was your video. It was great, and all of them are.

Thank you a lot for this video and keep teaching us.

Sorry me if I wrote anything wrong…


Thank you, Ronnie for another interesting lesson. It’s good to know these dirty words and phrases.

This way we can avoid making people laugh if we use some of those words incorrectly on a sentence.

I’m working “hard on” this lesson to “stick it in” my mind, and I guess I’ll “nail” it eventually. :)

Evaldo Mendes

    Nice, nice.




“You got 10 correct out of 10.

Funny, this was my first “10” today…
Nah… xD


    You are a 10! No doubt about it LucasLima.

    Good luck with your English.


I like it good lesson i LIKE IT


    I used to know that Arabian don’t like this subject, but you are so open-hearted. How special you are!

    Ngoc Linh Dang

Thank you Ronnie. You are a great teacher. I did enjoy watching this video. I learned new slang words I didn’t know before.. I am looking forward to learn more English lessons.


Ronnie , U were great as always. I am so happy that I found Engvid and , I can see the videos all r great tanx for being such a helpfulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


omg i love this lesson haha. it makes me horny ^^


    Bạn đã biết quay tay là gì rồi chứ


(*–*) I have never studied Sex vocabulary. Good study and good experience for me but…I wouldn’t need to study anymore. BTW I got 4. I think the score is nice for me. Anyway, thank you Ronnie(*–*)


Thank you very much Ronnie,great lesson ,it’s so clear , many vocabulary.


You are awesome Ronnie :D
please teach us more vocabulary ,
thanks ;)


    hi aida .. i see that you are from australia , am kinda good in english but am not that good in speaking it so maybe we can talk someday if thats ok that would help me alot and i will be happy to get know you and maybe we will be frieds :) thank you


    i think so

    Osama Ahmed 20

Ronnie you are great. I really enjoyed the lesson.You always know how to get my attention.


Thanks I got 80%.

Abdul Qayum

hi it was great your classy


mommy :( its over :P


I got 100% hahaha. Thank you Ronnie ! Very interested lesson !


why that lesson of sex take 24 munites and ur other lastlessons take less ??? =)))))) thank u Ronnie


This Really good i have ever learned before and let you know that i got eighty percent :D i am looking forward to your new lesson


You got 10 correct out of 10.

Thank you Ronnie :)


How many people hurted you Ronny?
Where did you really meet Victor?


Once in UK I heard phrase “give a head” instead of BJ.


Hey Ronnie!!!
I know two word for woman’s masturbation. It’s called “Shlicking” and “Clicking the mouse”.))) And all of that angry comments are nothing. Just want to say THANK you for your lessons! You are my favorite teacher, hope to meet you one day))))
Your Russian student, N.S.F.


    I’m going to right-click to get the context-sensitive menu.


      What a smart reply, Mr.EngVid! :) Super intelligent!


    i was sitting in cofeshop and when i start watch the lesson i really can not believe what its that,,hahahahah


    headline of the day ; She clicked the mouse ))))
    thank you for new words


    What means N.S.F.?


    hi semiotika can we talk somedayif thats ok i would like to introduce myself well to you and maybe we can be a friends :)


    semiotika !what do you like about this lesson?could you please tell me about Russia? cause i have never been to Russia.


    yea ,she is cool she is my best teacher too


    Thanks for sharing Semiotika




OH MY GOD Ronnie,in some strange good ways U R the naughtiest teacher I’ve ever seen!!!!
I really appreciate it.


You’re the best teacher here, without a doubt, undoubtedly!

Mehran Sky

IS IT safe to lick the woman’s vagina?


    Are you afraid of vagina eating you out?


      I am not afraid of vagina because I love it.I am afraid of syphilis.


      “eating” should be “eats”


      No I like it if you want it than comment your skype id


      Whould like to practice English to gather ? This ma skype : gerard_1001
      Just add me & don’t hesitate to start English conversation


        Da Hell?


      Just fanny.


    What the f… :D

    Mehran Sky

    I’m a doctor and I can say It’s dirty and infectious. It contains so many micro-organisms


      That is what I believe.


      I’m sexologist and I can say you are a very bad lover…


        I can live with whatever you said, but I cannot
        live with Herpes and Syphilis.


    Don’t do that!…If you had a girlfriend, allow someone else do it for you. :-)


    It’s safe if you put a condom on your tongue.


Thank you Ronnie for this awesome lesson. It’s badly important to know such words I’m sure. The real life words.
(Felching is a new term for me. I can imagine that someone likes doing it, but using a straw?! Hehehe I bet it looks funny:-)


    Hi Katya!

    what usually women like???


      You’re off to a bad start, Naveed.




Thank you very much for this lesson. i’m happy to see you have not censure and tabou
I’m French and I must take care with my vocabulary for instance :
French letter, French lesson etc.
I will never forget the phrase :
Do you want to play with me ? (:-D)
By the way do want to hang out with me ?
Thank you very much Kind regards xxx Francis


Ronnie, you’re the best english teacher I’ve ever had so far! This class was a blow job! Oh, sorry, It was a nice job!


you seem being fucked in the ass last night.
It’s useless lesson I cant use any of these words with my friends learning English.
I hope you will be polite in the next lesson….actually my friend wanted to felching your ass.
you are ridiculous and messy pitch


    You’re so polite!!!!

    Mehran Sky

      I just do some practice of the lesson…tell me that you didn’t??
      practice makes perfect.
      don’t blame me….I’m just trying to learn this beautiful lesson from your point of view.


        ok, you didn’t!

        Mehran Sky

    You already knew all the words :)) funny

    Mehran Sky



        Zeewaay, if you’ve taken offence why’d you watch it? Once you’ve been warned you kept on watching beacause you wanted to!

        DO NOT MESS IT UP, mind your on business


          you know that….I didn’t finish this disgusting lesson.
          I left it for people like you


          oh, thank you so much! shame you’re tiny!
          now spare us the false morality!


          I already spare you lack of manners


    Tell you what: why don’t you stick to your formal English classes wherever that is that you take them and let the others learn practical and real English. If you don’t know where or how to use it is probably because you don’t live in an English speaking environment. You should not had written this comment because she warned you, didnt she? So stop whining saying this is too much for your heavenly ears!


      I’m trying to learn real English in different ways but not with imprudence and lack of manners.


        I understand you are trying to learn English, but do you want to learn just some English or as much as possible so you know what to say and how depending on the situation you’re living?
        What would you reply if one day you visit or go to live in an English speaking country and someone gets pissed at you for no reason and tells you:”you are a dick! Did you just get fucked in the ass or what’s wrong with you?”
        Believe me, you wanna know what to say. Besides Ronnie explained the topic straight forward and she did not offend anybody when she warned us before starting the class.
        I hope you get my point.
        Have a good life.


          watch your language is a simple easy answer.
          but actually my friends in English speaking countries are not rude,sassy,or flippant like that. and I don’t have to deal with people like that.
          not all the English native speaker are despicable and rude.


    You’re in the wrong place, dude!


That was a bit weird, but very interesting and funny though. Thank you Ronnie :D


hey Ronnie,you are great in teaching and also you look sexy but you have forgotten other words or expressions such as doggy style,missionary position,man on top or woman on top and so on but thanks a million


Hi Ms. Ronnie,
It is a good vocabulary. We cannot find it in any book.
We call “masturbation” in Arabic ” The secret habit”.


Thanks Ronnie.


It was perfect for me since in school don’t teach this language!. You’re the best Ronie,
I’m so glad about your teaching this and the others, all of them are very interesting 10Q!!! 4 UR teaching…


You are so brave to teach a lesson like this, Ronnie! :) Well, I’ve learned a lot of new vocabulary! :)


Well done Ron! I will teach SEX to my students next class I promise LOL


Thank you Ronnie . I loved this class.


Hi Ronni, I really enjoy your English Class.
You´re the best teacher I´ve seen on internet. Congratulations!!!


Felching must be the more nasty thing of the world


    I remember first reading the term in a Chuck Palahniuk book as a teenager.


    Felching must be the nastiest thing in the world.


Hey honey Ronnie! a good one for girls masturbation is “FINDING NEMO”


    Hehe, cute.


Wao! Excellent lesson, nobody else could had done it better.
You are just great! Thank you for teaching the real part of the language as well.


miss Ronnie your lecture quite useful
i mean all your lecture not just this one xx
i have learned many words ,
but to be honest with u , u make me boner when i watch this lecture (xx not really just joking) in fact this was first time listening for strong words like this from women
anyway it was interesting time and i think you has a new nice way to teach , i am studying ESOL in UK at college but this website better than my college Especially your lectures and James
i really keen to watch ur video
tahnk u a lot

soraga asadalla

thaks ronnie great lesson and I need to practice this slang !!!


Hi Ronnie,
How are you.
While i am watching a movie, they used ” you are pumkin………”, I am not pumkin……..” some thing. What it means. What pumkin means. Can you please tell me what it is.

Hamsa Rao

Amazing lesson! No one teach this in school.


Hey mates, is there an option to filter videos only what i haven’t watched yet?


    Not yet, but that’s a very good idea!

    engVid Moderator

    This is feature is coming, suhuy.


hai ronni,how r u? how do u say female cum? also add some vocabulary about sex feelings. i love ur teaching method.

dhanush kanagaraj

Ronnie! You are amazing! Since I found out about this website I can’t miss any of your lessons. The world needs teachers like you ;-)You have a gift-you really do.
I wish I could watch more videos made by you!


Epic .. Thanks Ronnie :)


Great lesson!
I really enjoy the way how you teach!


thanks !i like this lesson!


    Ya awesome leasson by Ronnie.
    Do you like it practically


Ronnie you are the BEST!


Hi Ronnie,
what is meant by fingering??


Thank you very much. And please more expression and phrases that can help me avoided embarrassing during speaking English
Thank you very much


“play with himself” = wank
Thank you

Bilal Alqahtani

Thanks Ronnie,
We’d never have had the opportunity to learn those importants words and concepts in a academic course or traditional lessons. I am proud of you. For sure, besides competent you’re a bold teacher and my admiration for you is increasing every minute.

Marco Polo Baptista

thak you


In Greece I think there aren’t any other word to describe the women’s masturbation, but just use the same word for men and women, masturbation


    hey mate its same in turkish, there are no any other word to describe the women’s masturbation… why is that, idonno


I like you as teacher, but I don`t like when you trying be funny.


I really enjoyed your lesson :D Can you tell me, about what are The Black Keys singing in their piece of music: “Do the Rump”? When I checked for the word “rump” I found the expression “rumpy-pumpy” = having sex. So they are singing about having sex till the broad daylight, aren’t they?


    You’re right! “Rump” means butt, backside…not just for humans, but also for animals. For example, the meat of a cow’s butt is called “rump steak” or a “rump cut” when used in cooking.

    engVid Moderator

hi Ronnie
though that lesson was useful,you should consider that lesson more Serious rather than funny,Have you ever seen Emma’s Video about”8 things don’t say to women”?
She seems She is So modest.

Hamid Reza

hi Ronnie
although that lesson was useful,you should consider that lesson more Serious rather than funny,Have you ever seen Emma’s Video about”8 things don’t say to women”?
She seems She is So modest.

Hamid Reza

It was a very funny lesson. I laughed a lot!!!


Teacher Ronnie you are the fantastic I loved this video it was very funny but so important to every student because we never learn thing like that in a School here in Brazil I guess you open our minds without censure this subject that’s the a funny way! Thank very much Ronnie ;)

Wellington N. Santos

    Everyone loves sex but nobody can’t about it. It really pisses me off. #Contradiction100%


      but you dislike sex.can i ask one question?it is about you. is this your pic pasted on profile .you are looking sexy from toe to head .


LOL I really loved your lesson Ronnie, I didn’t know all these vocabulary jaja. Great lesson!


I usually recommend Engvid to my students on the first lecture of a new course. I am afraid of sending them here now after this lesson. I truley believe it was a little too much.


this video will make record in youtube watching,
courageous ronnie i like u


teacher Ronnie you are a good teacher….. we are younger and we live with slang in our society…. good lesson of course always you teach us with good summaries…

Arrinaldo Rodrigo Vicente

Great stuff Ronnie! Thank you very much.
I’ve heard Americans using a word similar to “cruch” probably meaning genital area, but all my attempts to find this word in formal or informal dictionaries have been unsuccessful. Probably I am not spelling it correctly. Do you know this word?
Also, I would like to sort of pay you back for your cool class and contribute with female masturbation slang (as you have asked us in the video). An American friend of mine calls it “to race a turtle”. Don’t really know if this is common local slang or maybe something just her own.


    I’ve never heard it, but it is a good one.


    The word you are talking about it ‘crotch’. It means the general genital area, as you said.


Ronnie U r not only a good teacher but also the best actress. I love so much :)


good job,Ronnie~


Great lesson, Ronnie! You did a good job. ;)


this lesson made me laugh and caused me to put away my shyness.and i think such lessons like this is necessary to improve our English knowledge in many areas .anyway thank you Ronnie


Well done ronnie


    oh man…..you are from Saudi Arabia….is there any bashfulness in your religion?????


      Mind your business, kiddo.


    يا علي ليس من الضروري ان تتعلم مثل هذه الاشياء .


Ronnie rocks!


Waaaooo Ronnie you’re amazing at teaching.! Keep on so sweetie..!!


thanks !!!


Ronnie, great lesson… in addition to all the word for ‘SEX’ here are some words used in UK…. ‘SHAG’……..’HUMPING’…. . ‘GRINDING’… ‘ROMP’.. I’m sure there’s an endless list…but if anyone reading this and wishes to come to UK will find these words being used by different people depending on the vocabulary they use.


    Okay, maybe in part 2.


“play with oneself” = wank

Bilal Alqahtani

ok ok.i learn.thanks


hello Engvid Team…

My question to ENGVID team… why does my comment take so long for approval?????

Please Sir… approve my comments please…


    I’m very sorry! I slept in today :(

    engVid Moderator

Got 10 out of 10. I’m a naughty boy! lol


You look a very brave woman, Ronnie
A valiant person talking about this subject
More knowledge for us

Jesús R.

Ronnie you are amazing!!! uhahaha

Paulo Machado

5/10 Very nice, great lesson. thanks Ronnie


Ronnie, A very useful lesson. Overall the last part.


Ronnie, I love your lessons! Keep up the good work!


You rock Ronnie… as usually!


Ronnie, you are the best!!!
For female masturbation, I’m used to saying DJ like a Disk jokey who are mixing ^^


that’s really awesome!! Ronnie, U rule!!!!)


You are the best. I love you Ronnie.



dhanush kanagaraj

Ronnie you are a very good teacher. I like your all lessons. As all we know we need all kind of vocabulary to learn a language, so that this lesson is also very important for all of us. Please provide more lessons on the topics which are not available easily. Thanks again.. :)


Thank you, Ronnie, you’re the best teacher.


i love ronnie


i am your new fan
you are the most sexy teacher i known ever


That was kinda awkward .. 100% :D


Good Ronnie. The slang “out eat”


with ronnie …. you can’t close your eyes

thank ronnie

no comments :D


It was very nice to have sex with you Ronnie.
Thanks you a lot!


It was awesome.would you plz make a clip talking about different sex positions….


hey Ronnie :D thank you thank you thank you thank you hahahah you always doing good Ronnie


Good and awesome lesson Ronnie ! I admire you. You’re a firt class teacher !


You are a great teacher and so funny. Very nice to learn with you. Thank you.

Marize Mori

Ha ha ha :)

Well done.

Thanks a lot.


I love the way Ronnie teaches.

Eugenio Manowar

What a funny class! Thanks a lot for this useful information :)


Thank you Ronnie


It was amazing!!! :)

Daniel P.

some interesting facts about daily life:)in this wicked world we should learn the terms and words about our sexual attitudes.We have a very brave teacher(Ronnie)who can teach us even sex.


hi i am david from pakistan


how i learn english


Hi Ronnie, I’ve never seen a ridiculous lesson like that WTF Ronnie You seem like you are farting from your mouth in this Fucking sexuall lesson.


Heeei… don’t be rude. She’s just trying to teach us something. And in my opinion, someone has to do this. You don’t go in a foreign country and someone tell you something like “did you eat out?” and you “oh, yeah”, even if you really don’t understand the real sense. If you didn’t like this lesson, why the fuck did you watch?


Ronnie dear DON’T pay attention to these bigots I personally have really enjoyed this lesson :)


i would like to thank you mom for having taken the class because in my country people will be shy to take such a class.being a teacher, you have done a good job.only because of you, i could learn sexual words.any knowledge is inevitable in our life


I think the main problem with this kind of classes is about the power.

If the class hab been taught by a male teacher, a man, it had been no further problems…

For me this kind of classes provide us many tools to increase the knowledge of a language, we need to struggle against the ignorance and oscurantism diguised of morality and well manners to speak …

It’s curious how some people of certain countries can be in shock with this topics…this is the way how the social thought influences the personal thoughts…

You teacher Ronnie must carry on with this kind of classes to bring sexual equality to the world. I’m sure the problem are not the words…is “A WOMAN ” talking about it.

Dear Ronnie I politely encourage you to keep up the good work, don’t hesitate that these kind of topics will help people to understand vocabulary, but even more, EMPOWER WOMEN IN SEXUAL FREEDOM.



P.D. another :-)


Thank you Ronnie, I have enjoyed your lesson, especially body language :D you are awesome & sexy :D




Awesome! I love Ronnie’s sense of humor and the way she teach English!


Hi engvid,
As you know I am an English student; I am trying to learn English. I submit a comment a few days ago but it was not approved. I would
like to know what was wrong with it, so I avoid that mistake in the future. that how we learn from our mistakes. And I still requesting to know what the meaning of ” Ronnie rocks! “.


    If your comment doesn’t show up, it’s usually because it hasn’t been approved yet or it got flagged as spam by mistake!

    The slang meaning of “rocks” is “is awesome”, so “Ronnie rocks” means “Ronnie’s awesome”!

    engVid Moderator

      Firstly, I thank you for replying my comment.
      Secondly, we need more lessons about “English
      slang” because I still feel embarrassed of my
      ignorance of the slang meaning of “rocks”.
      Thirdly, as far as I know ” juicy ” means too
      much juice, soft, and pleasant. Is any other offensive meaning of it. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.


you are hilarous teacher…i want to learn more english…


You’re just the best English teacher i’ve ever had !!! Congratulation for your great lessons, especially this one !!!!
Thank you for your sense of humor


haha,really she is awesome


Hi Ronnie! International Women’s day is coming and why don’t you do a lesson about fashion and beauty? I couldn’t find any in Engvid… Love you

PS: awesome sex! I mean, lesson.


    There’s one on makeup coming soon, and Emma has a loooong lesson on getting a haircut.


      Hello engvid. By the way, just to tell that Adam needs a haircut. I’m referring to his lesson “Causative”. The problem with him is he is trying to force his girlfriend or his younger brother to do it which is unfair because he’s stronger :-). Also, I was wondering why the excellent Ronnie didn’t answer but you did it for her. I never saw so many comments for a lesson; definitely sex is a good topic, I’m waiting for the next one from Ronnie, that would help me…I’m 74!!! More, if she does it, that’ll enable some of the above real tight-assed to say how she is a very, very evil girl. I really can’t stand these buggers.


Very funny, Why does nobody explain it before?


thumbs up Ronnie !


Great overview of sex vocabulary! Thank you for sharing it with us. Finally, someone had the courage to teach us this stuff – it is part of our life, afterall. I came across such words from time to time and in some cases, it was easy to guess the meaning but now I see that sometimes, I got it all wrong..


Really usefull


Ronnie is one of the best teacher ive ever seen.. tank u a lot Ronnie


thank u ronnie


why you don’t answer people questions anymore ??!

Mehran Sky

i like a lot, this teacher, you change the way of to learn english XD


hahahahha A funny way to learn vocabulary and grammar. I learnt everything. Thanks a lot!!!


Hi Ronnie.
I wanted say thanks for everything you did.
You are awesome.


its very nice

abdelrahman a b d

Thanks Ronnie.
FYI,I am an onanist.


    What hell is an onanist?

    Marcio de Moraes

Ronnie you rock!!


I wanna learn more about sex vocabulary :( :(


Hi engvid.com
I’m really sorry for uploading 4 of your videos to Youtube. I just wanted to make it easy to find your videos, not for business purpose. I’ve just received notification from Youtube and deleted all of them. Thank you so much for sharing these great videos :)


    Pretty lady all videos are in youtube. You don’t need upload them. Are you married?

    Marcio de Moraes

      No, I’m not. Of course. 22 is too young to get married :)


I’m just laughing so much with intersting subject about sex LOL


Hi Ronnie

I would like to ask you a question, though not regarding the lecture but related to my English learning.

Problem is, when I write English essays or write on any topic, I can write long and even complex sentences very easily with out making mistakes of grammar and can use strong or high level words But while speaking, either on phone or face to face I cannot speak even a very short sentence correctly. I forget even low level words to complete my conversation.

This is very serious problem for me. kindly guide me through this and tell me how to tackle such conditions……..


    Friend,you MUST dedicate yourself for speaking and listening. A language learning process is split in 3 steps, not necessarily in this order: grammar and lexis, speaking and listening. The way you do as your time and availability. It is clear that your weak point is self confidence for speeches and this problem can be related to a psychological disturb caused by people in your past. Are you shy? Try to research about yourself and see if this weakness does not belong to your learning process, but is related to your mind. I’m sure you’re able to speak English very well. Do you regard critics good or bad for you? Who don’t like listening critics, feel itself uncomfortable for speeches.
    Cheers for you. God bless you guy.

    Marcio de Moraes

      Hi marcio,
      thanks for your reply, I am not shy. I meet my friends and others very frankly, and don’t hesitate to say anything in my own language, but the problem only exists while speaking English. There is no other issue. and when someone tells me my mistakes I appreciate it. Because it is learning…


Hi ronnie
May i add this sex vocabulary :
mammary intercourse
Mammary intercourse involves the man placing his erect penis in the woman’s cleavage and thrusting between her breasts, while the breasts are squeezed around the penile shaft, thus creating a tight area for the stimulation.[1] The act may be carried out face to face, or head to tail, with the woman recommended to be on top if she has smaller breasts.[2]



i’m davichen francois., i’m living in haiti ,

before i’ve problem with english words sex , so now ‘m very clear grace at you, i wish everything going well for you in life, and get skills alwyas for learning people , God bless u for that,
thank you for everything like (website, english teaching , etc)

take care all down there,

i’ ve one question,

how could you provide me the english documents and how you could mind sending me one english certificate after thoses lessons?

thanks in avance Mme Ronnie!!!!!

francois davichen

thanks Ronnie!


Ronnie you are wonderful. you make some connections between English words and reality. I would like to add an expression which is used for girls masterbation.
Roasting the chestnut.


    Thank you so much!!!, this expression “Roasting the chestnut” sounds really funny hehehe.


And also choking the chicken for boys masterbation.


    I’m gonna chok the chicken tonight hahahaha, nice!!.


you have a hard on / off . did you sleep with him? your kunt or vagina. did you do with him? he screw you all day .


Many thanks my teacher. Not many teachers do this, it is really helpful. you plz do not care about those wrong comments. You have made many nice real English lessons, I am really grateful for that. Nothing is wrong with this lesson, it is about to learn new words regarding sex, not to learn how to do sex from this lessons. Many typed wrong comments. take care teacher.

hon nghe

you are most greatest however id like emma to instruct like this


thank you so much @ ronnie


you awesome teacher Ronie!


I’m going to love it when Teacher Adam teach this. :)


Hi Ronnie!

For female mastrubation I use “To perform solo” ;-)

Have a great day!


    I’d like to see your perform solo. Could I?

    Marcio de Moraes

    Oh that’s great! Thanks for sharing this with all of us Sovyonok.

    All the best. Bye for now.



Anyway we learing new things.

Amer 2

Ronnie, you are an amazing teacher! I love your classes!


hi Ronnie I really enjoyed your lesson and i wanna to know more vocabulary about sex


:D first teacher who teach this useful words :D
you are different person , i respect you


i think it hard to me to understand the lessone


Ronnie, it is awful. I am shocked :((((((((


Hi Ronnie you are so funny. Therefore, your clases are very pleasant! Besides you are so smart teacher


    She is awful. In this case she is not a teacher.


      Did you have sex last night?

      Marcio de Moraes

Sorry Ronnie, my quiz is not good.


Ronnie.. that was a wonderful class… i have never attended any grammar class like that one!!! Your energy level and expressions are awesome… :-)


nice perfect !!!!


nice your leacture is so good for us..

Assad Ali

Well Ronnie, now I really have to say that you are absolutely my favorite EngVid teacher !! :-))) Btw, could you please pass my warmest hugs & kisses to the whole EngVid.com “crew”. Thank you all so much for such a tremendous amount of help you have been providing over the last couple of years. Keep up the good work !!! Long live EngVid.com !!!
P.S. Guys, I just want you to know that this site helped me a great deal to build up my confidence in English language and to pass all the required exams needed for studying at UW. Thank you so much for that. Regards, Bosko


    That’s great to hear! I’m so happy the classes have helped you.


Ronnie, thank you very much,you are so brave.


like this kind of information can get from engvid
because nobody can’t give a deeply knowledge like it….


this is bad
we dnt need it


disappint me
this is yu culture




Ronnie! I loved the way you explained the topic! absolutely amazing! we want more….we want more :D


What a wonderful title ^_^


I’ve got 9 correct with your questions.. out of 10 because i din’t see that i choose the wrong answer. well anyway.. thanks a lot.. take care..


You are so naturally !
Good job, Ronnie !
Keep going !
Thank you !


Anal is not Greek Ronnie,some tourist ask me the same but its not.We call it othoman.Greek sex for us is the complete pleasure specially for woman and not for man,also is all of this things that you allready said,but with the right sequence.ThankQ the video is really nice


    Nice explanation Malaka!

    Marcio de Moraes

      you appear everywhere. You are nearly 50 but you actually interest in this top. blow job jor me ok?


Ronnie is so funny, i love her!
Great lesson Thanks!


haha What a great explanation!! Good job…


    Good job or blow job?

    Marcio de Moraes

seriously>> it’s good lesson.

evil forest

    SAUDIS!!! lol XD

    Yazeed Alsahafi

Hi Ronnie!!, thank you so much for this interesting lesson, any teacher taught me these words before, Schools around the world need more teachers like you(EngVid’s Teachers).

I got new vocabulary and I’m gonna use the one soon, for sure!! ^_^.


i like your daring to teach sex related vocabulary .nic that’s a part of a our lifes.everyone shy to teach that words.


You are the best! You teach us with great naturalness, without exaggeration and with much respect, what you are broadcasting, for greater knowledge of the students.Thanks!


Hilarious, funny and very clear lesson. Congratulations because you´re a nice teacher and you know perfectly how to teach the topics in a natural way. I´ll keep watching your lessons.


That was real! thanks a lot Ronnie.
but u know what, I feel like I’m not getting it completly, I think maybe I need a practical lesson to clear things out. We can try all this slangs and just”put it in the right position”

lol just kidding :) good one


nice lesson u are the best


    Hi Janka, you are beautiful.


    I would put it like this Janka:

    Ronnie is ONE of the best.



You have such a tasty sense of humor, I have tears in my eyes because of laughing :)


Great ! Amazing woman ! <3

Nao Reminiscence

wow. i got 100. that means ……………!!!
gr8 words. thanks a million Madam ,Ronnie


oh thank you a lot Ronnie , now I Have learned new vocabulary , can let me be the best converse with girls about sex

Mabor Maker Kulang

thank Ronnie very funny “SEX” study


Hi Ronnie
could teach us the rude words that more useful.
When we learn English, we should learn all vocabulary, even the bad words.


You are so brave to teach a lesson like this, Ronnie! :) Well, I’ve learned a lot of new vocabulary! Thanks!

Nikoll Ndoi

Well, that was interesting

Adriana Mello

    Like you baby.

    Marcio de Moraes

      LoL.. man, it’s not a good place for flirtation. you people are honestly HILARIOUS!!

      Yazeed Alsahafi

You were absolutely fantastic! Summarizing this class: LOL a lot!

Marcio de Moraes

Too much comments and none of them include THANK YOU RONNIE FOR YOUR TIME ?

– it help avoid any funny words from sill native speaker towards others
– it makes easy understanding in the international dated especially in the late stages

– Ronny thank you very much , this lesson was unique , and I will not tell you what unique word means in Arabic :)


Fucking good!! loved it!!


Best Teacher/lesson Ever!!!


A completely offensive failure. An outline of all english slangs – thanks in advance! I don’t care whether is essential to know all these words or not. One thing I’d like to highlight is that you had better not expose yourself socially. Again, I’m let down.


Thanks for the very useful lesson, I have got allot from it, and the way uased for delivring the lesson was perfect


hahaha u r crazy ronnie . anyway u r great teacher and respect for u . <3


OMG Ronnie You’re a hilarious person!

I love the way that you teach English, You’re unique.


well, it could be kind of inappropriate, but it’s the only way to teach these vocabulary though. so thank you, Ronnie.

Yazeed Alsahafi

The best English teacher ever!!!!!

Adriano P Tanajura

what a fabulas teacher you are


great Ronnie. thank you for this new vocabulary

lanya gul

I watched a movie name
there are a lot of these word I need to say thank you to Ronnie
If i didn’t watch this video i won’t understand What were they speaking in this movie at all
but there are only some of the word in that movie I didn’t understand
Could you pls make a video about the word in that movie for me ?




that was hilarious Ronnie.im having a boner right now.thanks for that lesson.can u make a video about cursing words


Ronnie you are the best! XD


Ronnie you’re a weird teacher


Ronnie, you’re a very funny teacher, I’m satisfy with your classes, thank you so much!


bob the knob= give me a head , please lol


Hi, Ronnie, I really liked this lesson. But I have a question. When you said, “did you get fucked in the ass?” This question uses the auxiliary (did) which is means that everything after did should be in present, shouldn’t it? But you used fucked. For me, it should be like this ” did you get fuck in the ass? please, tell me.


It is not bad 10 out of 10


im very like it. it is all-important for me to do sex with my girlfriend.. :D

muhammad burniat

ronnie you rock!


i have’nt watched the video but i bet it’s awesome .


oh Ronnie,you make me laugh again!
But it will be better to have captions.


I’m gay,I love to eat out someone I love!lol
And I’m good at it


thanks,Ronnie,this video is amazing.


It was grateful.


<3 u ronnie u r best ^_^


    hellooo! sohny kuri.i am also pakistani just like you what is the principal reason for liking this lesson?


Great lesson. Thank you very much.

Roonie rules. lol


greetings from Polish


I love you Ronnie <3


Ronnie, come to Russia! You are very cool.)


Thank you Ronnie ,you’re the best ! or in French
t’es la meilleure !


this is the first quiz i got full marks :P

thank you ronnie, just for your information, there are plenty of people who love you in Turkey!!!!!




Thanks Ronnie.Everything is awesome except felching! :D


thanks great title hhhhh


Thanks Ronnie. Eres la caña!!! (You are the best!)

I missed the subs for this video…..

Thanks a lot!!!


Hello Ronnie.

Hell yeah!!!!! I have learned some thing today.



Ronnie, you are the best!!!!!


Ronnie,you’re wycked 3:)


I was fascinated thinking how can teach such kind of obsolete thing so frequently! It’s wonderful Ronnie :)


i don’t like talking about sex.


I am no expert, but I would think ROD could be added to that list as well….lol


Talking about SEX is not a shame.To the contrary,we should know and understand something about sex,and so we can prevent something bad happening like disease.Thanks,my dear teacher!


hi ronni good job and i liked it very much tnx!!!


you are a “fucking” genius


Thank you Ronnie It’s useful


thanks, Ronnie. it is a useful lesson. I am going to try avoiding this vocabs when I teach my students as they are tapoo in my country


It was as beautiful as self orgasm Ronnie :D


I have been enjoyed your lesson teacher ronnie. you’re really great teacher of mine. I idolize you very much the way you teach ronnie.


That’s was good for me :D


You are the wondrrful teacher .
I havn t seen ever such as you good techer.


You are the wondrrful teacher .
I have not seen ever such as you good techer.


thank you ronnie . i’ve never seen a teacher like you . i hope you to stay like that . you ‘re perfect


Thanks Ronnie.. Very Useful.U R Da Best

Niraj Koirala

Wow Ronnie, you have always been my favorite teacher. You teach us with love and fun. We love you Ronnie :)

D. Singh

Teacher, thanks for your way to teach…


I was looking for this vocabulary, sex is a very useful topic but there are not many lessons about this, I like your lessons, your class is entertaining, clear and useful. thanks … I love your style


    There are a world of information about this topic on The Internet. Just take a few minutes and do a web-quest. I’m sure you will be surprised.

    Bye for now, take care Nerak.


great lesson! I liked it!! :) you’re the best. :)


Ronnie, you’re the best!

Kae Guimaraes

LOL It was a great lesson! Although I think many people are familiar with all these words ( mostly from porno :D) still it was very interesting to hear them explained in such a funny way)) Also, talking about female oral sex , I can remember a phrase ‘dinner time’ (again connected with eating ))It is often heard in a lot of rap songs)))
P.S. Ronnie, you’re a very smart and charismatic teacher! Thanks for your work!


hahaha! I really like you!


Wow, I’m glad I watched this lesson, here in Brazil “eating” someone means to fuck someone, can be used for anal sex or vaginal sex, but not for oral, I never knew that “eat out” or “eating” someone in english meant to lick/mumble someone’s vagina…


I really like RONNIE’s lessons.


I really like RONNIE’s lessons.


nice lecture……………

nasir uddin

RONNIE you are the pest teacher

Mahad mohamuud

Excellent class,teacher!!!


Mrs Ronnie what is the meaning when 2 guys fuck to a one girl?






LOL! I shall avoid using “eat out”, “jerk off”, “pearl necklace” regularly. Thanks teacher.


Thank you.


شكرا جزيلآ


you are a the best teacher. i will try to learn all your english hihi:) this lesson is very useful because it ‘s life. :) thanks


Holy Christ ! Worlde is waiting for more teachers like you , you are so open and funny and look same so easy , Love you RONNIE, keep up the good work.


Hi Ronnie, I have one question :-)! Can be the word “tucking in” used in connection with sex (another interpretation for intercourse, like put in :-D)? THX


Thank you for your excellent lesson.
Q. Is “Did you get fucked in the ass” asking him/her inserted or be inserted?


Hi Ronnie you are a brilliant teacher you always have methods to explain especially for slang of body part. I always keep your teaching all the time.


Appreciating from me. Good luck in your life, Ronnie, tks


Thanx, Ronnie now i m able to understand new words . in India teacher never teaches such words.


Thank Ronnie for a such useful video. I enjoy watching it. I would like to suggest you a lesson. I wish to understand the meaning of some expressions and slangs used in this song. Could you please explain us with your lovely teaching tactic? Here is the link: {NICKI MINAJ SONG LINK REMOVED}


    Sorry, the music is too awful.


i got it perfect. i guess i’m very good in sex.

ann ann

    Did you pass the quiz with flying colors? =

    Did you do well on the quiz? Well, then . . .

    . . . you are good AT doing quizes or rather
    . . . you are good AT learning vocabulary.

    BUT with all due respect Ann, are you really good at having sex? Good for you!!!

    Have a sexy day Ann! Take care.


Great lesson. Very useful and funny. Thanks.


Hi teacher. I didn’t get the whole meaning of “I got a boner”
Can you help me with that?


    It means “My penis got hard”.

    engVid Moderator

Amazing Ronnie really u r different i can easily grasp what u want to teach the easy the way u did


awesome lesson Ronnie you are the best teacher ever


its helpfull, indeed, now i can get what ppl say :3333

Woof u

i haven’t had a good teacher like you .you are hilarious.thanks Ronnie


thanks a lot . i know it’s just for knowledge to avoid bad words


thank you Ronnie
you are the best teacher here i like you so


Excellent ……… You are the best teacher
Come to Bangladesh … I need to learn more vocabulary.

MD. Nasir Shikder Hridoy

no comment
sorry for that this is really shameful lesson.


Sex with Ronnie!
Well if I was a single guy I would like to get to know you first! Lol

BJ can also be known as a ‘bum jab!’

Ronnie, this was well done; it was good you put the warning up first, I hope that you never got too much negative feedback.

Keep up the great work.


Ronnie.. u r d best teacher. Thank for teaching such a difficult lesson. Difficult coz usually we feel shy to ask such questions?


Perfect lesson, thanks Ronie

Garicai Samuel Manave

great ronnie thank you so much

mo-sub abdullah

    Hi body


coool ronnie good class very very good class, i like see you


I loved your explanation about sex!!!

Mr. Oliveira

it really was useful , I follow all your lesson in this website and on youtube .


Bang bang into the room!

Yoona 13

Very good lesson


YES I GOT 9 OUT OD 10! Im so happpy!

Yoona 13

fingering is a word i think for girl masturbation i tnk


Thank you Ronnie.
We want you to explain to the difference between USED TO & BE + USED TO +ING


Niice teacher


it’s an english lesson as others, no more.a health or a none health sexuality is another subject.For more practice in english ,i need to talk,and here’s my username in skype:



samah karol

I think it is not necessary to know that . Ronnie


Thanks Ronnie. I love your all listen. I try to improve my English skills.





mohamed Fathy

amazing teacher, thanks


I never knew that Sex topic can also be taught in such a funny way…loved it Ronnie…I am your fan now..!! I will ensure I watch all videos of all the teachers(specially Ronnie) of engVid…your entire team rocks!!! 10out of 10


Hey Ronnie have you heard about Red Wings


Hey Ronnie have you heard about Red Wings?
Red wings mean!!!! when a men sucked the blood out of the pussy. (lady on her period)


Hey Ronnie, What`s buttgin mean?


There isn’t a subtitle.


Hi, in my oppinien, Ronni is the best teacher on this website. She is not shy and she is very good actress! I love her.

Alexandra Cobbler

    Guess what? She used to be timid, she mentioned this on one of her video lessons.

    She is ONE of the best teachers on EngVid, but she is not AN actress; she acts out pretty well on her video-lessons.

    Bye for now, take care Alexandra.


Negative comments are those people who have a narrow minded or nasty thought.
This this educational sex lesson!…we’re human not an animal, then we’re not born abnormal, every one of us have a libido or sexual desire…just be honest to yourself…Just think where you come from? with out man and woman ? Do you think with out sex you were born? This comments for those who have a negative thought.. ask you parents on how you brought or created in this real world and you will enlighten your negative thought…thanks for this lesson!…


hi ronnie i always see the english native speakers comment like lmao , lmfao , milf , imvu , ( ofcourse not to me ) i can understand that those are sexual words but i don’t know the meaning


    Most of them aren’t sexual!

    LMAO: laughing my ass off [laughing really hard]
    LMFAO: laughing my fucking ass off
    MILF: mother I’d like to fuck [sexy older woman]
    and I had to look up IMVU, which is apparently some chat app the kids are using nowadays.

    engVid Moderator

Thank you, Ronnie for another interesting lesson. It’s good to know these dirty words and phrases.
This way we can avoid making people laugh if we use some of those words incorrectly on a sentence.
I’m working “hard on” this lesson to “stick it in” my mind, and I guess I’ll “nail” it eventually. :)


Thanks Ronnie.
Awesome Job

Wanda L

Clear and understandable! But … If to say Did you have orgazm? Can we say Have you come? If we want to say Let’s go to eat out, it would be better- let’s go to the restaurant.

oksana karida

Hey Ronnie your class was hilarious, specially when you said that next time we grab a straw in Burger King we can say it is for our Cola, the funny thing is that in Mexico Cola also means anus, hahahaha.


hell yeah! I’ve never seen a lesson like this.. Thanks Ronnie.


thank u it was awesome lesson i got 9/10

nasteha mohamood

Serbian language is more creative in this words,belive me.
Nice lession.


a great lesson!


Hey Ronnie! You’re cool!)))
Often your lessons make me laugh)))
From this time I can watch norh-american porno movies and say that I practice my english, if somebody catches me!)))
And strange things! After watching your lessons, I have started to want a sex.)))
I’m kidding)))

But can you, Ronnie (or somebody) help me with correct using these words?

1) What is the correct way of use of the slang word “hummer” and “head”?
“Take my hummer/head?” or “give my hummer/head?”
2) Similarly what about of use of “Haroon”?
3)What is the correct use of the word “muff dive”?
“I was diving muff?” Or “I was diving int muff”?
4)Similarly about the words “stroke”. and “rub one out” I need an example of use))),
Can I say: He was rubing one out”?
5) Is the verb “suck on” used by oral sex?)))


Hai Ronnie maybe you made mistake quis number 5
it should be : fuck not fucked after past verb/got.Maybe she got ____________ in the ass last night.

chakim hamzah

Hi Ronnie,you fucked the shit outta those fucking hypocrites,damn fucks,sons of the bitches,motherfuckers, cock suckers,buttfuckers with this class,Im still laughing my fucking ass off.
Thank you.


I banged a bolster last night
what do you think?

chakim hamzah

Why u teach this lesson??!

Mohammad Asiri

    Chill… it is all part of REAL life, no?


I haven’t taken this quiz.Despite you were taught me,I could not catch even one word of this lesson because I’m not interested with and I realize that I can’t pass the quiz either.


hahaha This is like AWESOME! This is my first time here onthis website and I was like “WHAT?” when I saw this! :D :P

YOLO kid

That was soooo good! I need a fag now. LOL!


Ronnie you are the best! Love you! I can’t stop laughing, when I watch your videos :D


it was interesting and funny. thank you.


Thanks Ronnie, it was fantastic lessons, look forward for your new lessons coming. Regards, Manuel from Timor Leste

Manuel Monteiro

For whom doesn’t like, there’s a red “X” button, up on the right side. Click and go pray.

Congratulations Ronnie! All the best…


I loved “new I-phone APP” lol


Ronnie i’m from Colombia and as a country in davelope way the people here are so conservative … i watched your video and start to laugth so loud than my mum wake up, you are an amazing teacher and person and in spite of my love for Emma that was the teacher who brings me here by a fortunately mistake in youtube i have learned to love you so much … forgive my mistakes and congrats for a so magistral class. i’m about to take the toefl test in twenty days from today and all the staff of engvid have been helping me out to increase my confidence … thank you so much from the bottom of my heart =)


Good Job Ronnie!! Thank u from Athens !!


Hi Ronnie. thank you for teaching. I havelearned one important thing. I always pronunciate coke like cock.
thank again and i await more lesson with you.


I´m so enjoy with this lesson. You are so funny teacher Ronnie


many thanks Ronnie, you’re amazing teacher.


Ronnie,you are a brilliant teacher I have ever seen. Thanks.


The most important thing to me in this kind of lesson is to avoid get confused between this words and other words i use to public so it’s useful , thank you ronnie again


Thanks, you are helarious :), so funny


Hi Ronnie! I love your lessons! Please, could you tell,what actually mean the expression: “kiss the hell out of me”? And if possible, give other examples like this kind of expressions. Thanks a lot! Big hug

Caroline Pires Ayala

    I’m not Ronnie but she hasn’t answered anyway ;) It’s not an idiom. You can modify any expression you want this way.


Thanks! best english class ever! Also I loved the quiz… Congratulations!


That was an awesome lesson. I knew all of that but honestly i didnt know bout the felching thing.It is nastyyy lol. But it aslo cool ina way ;) Thank you. Oh and i know another word for female mastubation”clicking the mouse”.


Perfect lesson Ronnie!! I would like to give you a beautiful “necklace”..


pearl necklace :’D


After listening this tutoril. My mind wanted to go for robe one out. You are Awesome Ronnie. Loved it.

Hakkani Billah

Ronnie is the best. Awesome. when you Brazilian guys convince her to go to Brazil let me know. I wanna be there too…


you are number one! Thanks for this class!))


Thanck you Ronnie


hahahaha.. this is rock..


among all the quizzes, this one I’ve got all correct. hahaha..just can’t believe it.


I think this lessons broke the record of comment,lol, everybody loves sex. Thanks for the class


Would you like to come in Bangladesh recently?


thanks a lot Ronnie that lesson was really fruitful. So I would like to say some gay sex English word of course some of them in unisex.
1- 69 when to men or other.. suck or rim job or both each other at same time.
2- Mancunt or boycunt really dependson age of man. ; it means man asshole
3- Manslut ; same as above
4- Silver daddy ; Old man who loves younger men
5- twinks; young 18 to 21 smooth hairless gay guy
6- Boylove and Boylover ; it is illegal so I can’t explain find it yourself
7- Rubber in US English is same as Condom in UK English ( Rubber in UK English means eraser) so be careful if your teacher is for North America in class LOL
8- Joke is a good fit man in gay sex
9- bear is a hairy man in gay sex
10- Chubby fat man
11- Fag and fatty is offensive word for address gay men but it use in fetish gay sex.
12-Sluty same as above
13-Fill someone up means fill your cum in his or her pussy or ass hole.


    This was an extremely informative comment. I had no idea about #8.

    engVid Moderator

Ronni lam happy to learn American English from you so your explanation way very exciting thank you for your efforts but I need to know how I can be my husband asexual with me


    This problem is above our pay grade.

    engVid Moderator

Mam your classes are really stupendous and makes me feel it as entertainment.I respect you forever. Coz allways teacher should be able to in a position of speaking words which is needed by student.So you have been successfully done with that.. Let me complete this comment by single sentence .. Sex is Equity of Creation so all human beings need to know about themselves.

Ashok Gadu

thanks Ronnie i like your style of teaching by doing your special movement it makes the lesson more interesting ;)


Ronnie, i’m happy to leave this comment about your class. You are funny girl, I loved your classes. I’m 60 years old, i’n from Brasil. I almost forget my reltionship (lolololol) So I remeber all of these word that you put on the board ( in Portugesem, course)But it was a funny class. Tnak you so much, my dear. may God be with you forever..


Thanks ronnie
good lesson


Sophisticated video in wording and manifasting
, thanks Ronnie.


Damn it. Ronnie rocks!!! The most trully-tellingteacher. Wish mine was like she)))


oh, Ronnie, I have a question. please tell me if I will use phrase “it’s Greek to me” which means that I don’t understand something, is it possible that my interlocutor will think about something “dirty” at once after I say this, hm? is this strongly related at all?


Ronnie, your delivery is hilarious!!

You had my rapt attention throughout the video. And I did indeed learn a thing (or ten), from you. By the way (BTW?), I took the quiz and “scored” (sex humour) a perfect 10 out of 10. So amid your funny presentation, a good deal of teaching and learning also happened. And Ronnie, I learned several new terms from you. I never realized how clueless I’ve become over the years. Ronnie, I am SO out of the loop! Thanks for updating my sexual slang along with the appropriate grammar. You are truly a breath of fresh air. Thanks Ronnie, Richard456


Uh Vreza?… regarding number 10 on your list:
as a strictly hetero guy, I always thought a “chubby” was a hardon only half aroused; not yet at full mast. I WOULD ask Ronnie for clarification, but I can’t think of a credible grammatical pretext. So I guess I’ll have to stay confused. :-( Sigh… Richard456


Thank you Ronnie in Iran it is taboo to talk about these matter it is forbidden to say about these items in our class children are so eager to know about fact I myself didn’t know these words about


thank you for learning us every thing


Please, Where is my comment?


I would like to know why you did not disclose my comment, please.


Thanks for the lesson. Let me see if I get this right, “is there any girl here to give me a blowjob?”


I am nuts about your teaching I am an English teacher but I am not as good as you please send me your e mails and phone number plz Bahram Hamzavi from iran


    ha ha plzzz :)


Thank you Ronnie! Useful and fun!,,,,,


Genial. Great job!


Ronnie, you’re a great teacher. It’s good to have people to teach us this kind of thing despite all those people who don’t understand that sex is a part of our lives and that we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. We’d never learn it at language schools.

It’s weird to know that “bj” is an english abbreviation for blowjob. We, brazilians, write “bj” all the time, because in portuguese this is an abbreviation of “beijo”, which means “kiss”.


    This is hilarious. We should do a lesson on abbreviations that are common in other languages, but inappropriate in English!

    (The equivalent English abbreviation is “xoxo”, “hugs and kisses”. The “x” is the kiss and “o” is the hug”.)

    engVid Moderator

You are good teacher most especially when you were explaining the terms for sex..

Samurai x

Thanks for all , but I need to talk with any people who perfect to speak English to help me please

Alaa mh

Talk with you especial on Facebook or what’s up please

Alaa mh

Bobby the Bluefish? Looks like a sex toy with spikes to me. Or am I missing something?


10/10 Hilarious lesson Ronnie

Hareesh A

Thanks Ronnie for show to me how say all of this in English, in my language a´m an expert.


Thanks Ronnie, I like you lesson, it was very fun, and I like you too


Hum…my mum is just beside of me when watching the lesson. And I don’t feel good! ‘O_o’

Lorcy Gabriel

i got 90 , is that mean i am not perfect in bed ?


That’s funny haha
Thanks Ronnie!!!!
I wanna improve my english
are there someone who would like to work on it??? leave a message hehe


Ronnie, you’re awesome!!!!!!! I have so much fun learning with you as I never had before with another teacher!


    I’m from Sudan I love the English language I would be friend with you in Facebook this my email address Hassan Mohamed


Hey,it’s an amazing video i never thought that could be any teacher teach these stuff.


I would like to know alot of people to practice english with. My twitter account is @de0ii


Ronnie!!!! thanks a lot!!! very useful!!! super!!!


    Why all of u love this lesson ???


“You got 10 correct out of 10.”



That was hilarious!) Thank you!


I got 100%… Ops.. Then I got a boner.

Ivan David

Thank very interesting lesson, In many movies I have heard some of these words.

Marta Lopez

You are an amazing teacher in a sense that no one has ever dare tried to do something like this! I highly enjoyed the show and would recommend to anybody who would not be offended too much. Good WORK!


you are awoesome teacher and your teaching style is very useful by using funny


Ronnie, you don’t know how hard I’m laughing at this lesson!!!!!!!!!!! From the video to the options of the quiz!!!! Help!!!!You’re more than awesome, you’re the BEST teacher and the best person. Just help me stop smiling, please, my entire face is hurting! LMFAO Thank you!


I think it’s durty


I’m laughing right now. Ronnie,you’re amazing.Your lessons are very funny and useful.Thanks a lot.


many thanks for this video; ronnie its really really great to talk about those things (o my god sooooo dirty things) with soooo much humour..


thanks! i nailed it!

Nguyen Van Hau

Has anyone ever heard the word heelgrabbing before? If not I can tell you its meaning. Ok?

Rahmouni Tarik

    Hi ronnie, I liked this lesson so much. Thanks a lot you are really my best teacher ever

    Tarik rahmouni

Sex is a part of life even nudity & porno,but sadly people took at it as an offense. I also agree to the fact that my views & opinions differs from one another big scenarios are created for no reason. Thank you so much Ronnie for teaching these kinds of lessons,can you please teach more wish all teachers were resembled to you Respect… PLEASE RONNIE DON”T STOP…


Ronnie is the best!


Ronnie, thank you very much for this lesson, you are a great teacher! Would greatly appreciate if you could provide more vocabulary on flirting with a girl/woman, maybe some fun double meaning phrases or words, something soft I could use on a date please! Many thanks.


I loved it, Ronnie! Very nice! Your best video!


Ronnie, you are fantastic! 25 min and I remember everything, hahaha. Love you :)


teacher ronnie you’re in fack impossible teacher that i can’t get her so i request you to fid me more as Ryan Reeves says durnig the his game wwe raw and i love to discuss with ronnie this is google account med202040502@gmail.com

kingsley med

    i meant to sau ronnie you’are in fact impossible ….ETC…

    kingsley med

Wihoo! I aced the sex with Ronnie Quiz!
Thank you very much Ronnie it’s very kind of you.
I really needed to remove this barrier.


thank u


Thank you, for your lessons Ronnie

Mohsen Tatoo

Thanks, Ronnie!
Excellent lesson!


Sooo Funny! Love the way you teach :D


Bang bang! My first test to scoop 100%


let’s practice!!


Ronnie is absolutely unique teacher. When I started to watch the video, I didnt believe my ears :))) And my eyes (nice pictures:)))). I ve never could imagine that I will see the lesson like this on EngVid! It was quite impertinently, but it is success. I couldnt stop laughing.
Bang-bang ^_^


oh wow Ronnie i can not belive you r teaching us sex!!!!


Thank you so much teacher Ronnie .

Kyaw Min Thant

some sex viedios means it will be nice to watch

sudharma lambho

Great lesson Ronie. I love the way you teach this subject that so much controversy has created. Anyway, anyonen even those who have opined that it is improped or amoral,I am sure they have fun and enrich their vocabulary as much as those who enjoy and defend this class. Congrats Ronie




Are you straight Ronnie? I love you, if yes :):):)

Flint Flintov

9/10 without watching the video O.O
Where tha hell am I learning english???? hahahahahaha


    that’s mean you have a great experience


I’m feeling a little pervert, since I got 100% Lol

Maiky Kirihara

that was the most effective lesson in my whole life lol


Good job! You are good at drawing lol


Hi Ronnie,
Watched your videos on youtube.. simply awesome!!
Actually wanted to leave comments on the youtube channel but the section was blocked. So decided to share some of the slang that we use for sexual activities. Hope this is ok. In case you find this offensive, I am really sorry and please email me about the same. Thanks, in advance.

Gangbang – slang for group sex, but commonly used when too many men are having sex with comparatively less number of women in a group.
Orgy – slang for an Orgasm, but more commonly used for group sex, either with many men or women, for both heterosexual or homosexual activity.
Bukkake – Don’t know the origins of the word, but is mostly used when many men are ‘cum’-ing or spraying their ‘jizz’ on a woman’s naked body. Also used in group sex.
Creampie – when a man has an orgasm during intercourse and ‘comes’ inside a woman’s vagina or anus, depending on the activity. Women also use this when having lesbian sex with artificial penises filled with white juice (mostly milk).
Threesome – specific sexual activity with ONLY 3 people involved, male or female or both.
Dildo – slang for male genital area, to include both penis and testicles in one word. Women use this word for artificial penises, mostly during lesbian sex.
Bondage – (not to be confused by legal bondage) – both noun and adjective. Specific sexual activity when one or more people involved are tied up using soft cloths and/or are role-playing to act ‘submissive’ in a group sex scenario. Used by both men and women with other men or women, depending on the activity.
Femdom – slang for female domination during sexual activity. Mostly used when a woman uses an artificial penis to penetrate a man’s or woman’s anus. This word is derived from specific bondage activity where women are in charge of the scenario. Some women also use it to express a strong desire of physical and/or sexual domination over others, men or women alike.
Some acronyms-
CBJ – Covered Blow Job – used when a woman performs fellatio on a man’s penis After covering it with a condom.
DATY – Dining At The ‘Y’ – when a person licks or eats a woman’s genital area or performs cunnilingus.
DATO – Dining At The ‘O’ – when a person licks a woman’s anus.
SFFB or CFFB – Shut/Cover Face Fuck Base- (it is rude I know, but some men use this) – used for women who have very attractive physical features but a relatively less attractive face. Men use this to express interest in having sex with such women but not very appreciative of their looks. The ‘base’ refers to a woman’s genital area.
POV – acronym for Point Of View – this is used when a sexual intercourse is being recorded via the camera put on the penis for men or on the artificial penis when used by women.


    Bukkake is just the Japanese word for “covered”—for example, tamago bukkake meshi just means egg-covered rice.

    As far as I know, nowadays “dildo” is used almost exclusively to refer to the toy and not the actual body parts. It is also a town in Canada.

    engVid Moderator

      Oh. Thank you for that clarification. Much appreciated!


Importante lección, gracias guapa


Importante lección, gracias guapa


I thought I was a lecher.. But you, Ronnie, have balls the size of Volkswagens!




the most sexiest lesson I have ever learned …..

Emerald Gold

Nice lessons Ronnie. I got 10 on 10 on your QUiz.


so nice


You got 8 correct out of 10.

M kartal

Thanks Mrs. Ronnie!


Hey, Mostly words are newest for me. I didn’t know the real meaning of all these words earlier.
Hilarious ?


Ronnie your funny teacher and a great job.


R u fkn serious ?????.. Well that was interesting ??


I love you Ronnie, I love your classes and the way you teach them your so good



Ronnie,, you are the best,,,!!!

Moller Dansk

Thank you very much teacher Ronnie. I got 9 correct out of 10 questions hhhh
I find this video very useful
Peace and love to u and all users from morocco


    Thank you Teacher ?


8 Out of 10, failed with “Jerk off” and “jack off” and “Jizz”, I will repeat this class again, there are a lot of words that I have never seen before.

Thanks Ronnie, the best teacher ever!


I like her way of teaching. Enjoying his methodology. She is a great one. She discussed on a very important and serious topic. Sex isn’t a topic to laugh at.. Thanks Ronnie


You’re amazing !!!Thank you…. oups my score : 10/10


Haha iwant just laughing my teacher 😂✌✌✌✌✌


My score: 10/10
Thank you for the lesson Ronnie. I´d like to know if “nailing” is synonym of “drilling”.


I think is the only one video to teach us these words. I would like to use with my wife, but she doesnt speak english. I was so concetrated in learning grammar that I have forgotten sex. Now you revive my libido. Appreciate that. (allowed correct me grammar structure)


Thanks for this clearly lesson dear Ronnie I hope that Niharika from India doesn’t watch your video hahhahahahahahhahahahahah

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