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Are reported speech and indirect speech exactly the same thing?

What verb tense does the simple present become in reported speech?

What verb tense does the present continuous become in reported speech?

What verb tense does the present perfect become in reported speech?

What verb tense does the past simple become in reported speech?

What verb tense does the past perfect become in reported speech?

She said she _____ apple pie for breakfast this morning.

Pat said he ____________ an important essay last night.

Marylin and Pietro said they _________ a good evening at last week's ball.

He said Igor ____________ Mary at five o'clock for a drink.

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Thanks a lot.

Wednesday, July 8th 2015

I was confused but…100/100 :D Thank you, Ronnie!

Wednesday, July 8th 2015

    Good for you happy04! Perfect score! However,if you still have some questions on reported speech, why don’t you ask David (take a close look at the comment below mine)? Well, it is just a piece of advice.

    I’m sure he -David- will be willing to clarify your doubts in this respect.

    Have a great day!

    Thursday, July 9th 2015

Great lesson, Ronnie, thank you.

I find this example incorrect, though: “She said she _(ate)_ apple pie for breakfast this morning.”

Her original words could NOT be in Present Simple “I EAT apple pie for breakfast this morning,” so the sentence cannot shift to “ATE” (Past Simple).

The correct sentence should be: She said she _(had eaten)_ apple pie for breakfast THAT morning. However, I know natives do make this mistake in different languages, not only in English :-)

We should not forget to shift also the pronouns and time adverbs of the sentence e.g.:

now -> then
today -> that day
tomorrow -> the next/following day

yesterday -> the day before/the previous day; sometimes also: “the other day” can be used

last month – the month before/the previous month
next year -> the following year

this – that
these – those
here – there

Wednesday, July 8th 2015

    this morning it is not a specific time! present perfect
    she said, ” she has eaten an apple this morning.”
    she said that she had eaten an apple that morning.h

    Wednesday, July 8th 2015

      Her original words were: “I HAVE eaten an apple this morning.” This Present Perfect sentence should shift to Past Perfect “She said that she HAD eaten an apple that morning.” So the “ATE” answer marked as correct in the quiz is actually incorrect. Do not mix up “She says” with “She said”. “She said” is used for reported speech.

      Wednesday, July 8th 2015

        Yes I do know Sir. I have got CAE and CEP. Please accept my deepest apologies for disturbing you. H

        Wednesday, July 8th 2015

        What would you like to teach me Sir. h

        Wednesday, July 8th 2015

        Just to add, with Reported Speech we could never arrive at “she said she ATE…” in this case, as her action was a one-off activity this morning (original sentence in Present Perfect or Past Simple), not a repeated one (Present Simple, e.g. “I eat apple pie every morning”). “I EAT apple pie this morning” could not have been her original sentence, as it would have been incorrect.

        Wednesday, July 8th 2015

          It is first level do you get it ?h

          Wednesday, July 8th 2015

          I’m not the fan of hollow discussions on forums. As long as you do not agree with my explanation, you can provide a similar detailed one, which would challenge mine, to the learners of this site. Otherwise, we can close this here now and we’ll leave it to the learners to decide what the take-home message is.

          Wednesday, July 8th 2015

    Yeah, we remember, especially as it’s probably fifth or sixth lesson on reported speech. Let’s face it – English grammar’s logical and reasonably predictable. I suppose everybody knows that already… I don’t want to be rude, just feel a little weary of this endless going over and over the basics of grammar. Maybe it’s time for some REALLY advanced lessons?
    Really, there’s so much interesting topics possible, e.g. how to drop a thick native accent, how to acquire a standard one or RP, etc.

    Wednesday, July 8th 2015

      It was to be an answer to your first comment on this page, David. No idea why it appeared here…

      Wednesday, July 8th 2015

        Yes, I’ve read your comment. I understand and appreciate Engvid’s policy to provide elementary-level learners with separate lessons. However, I felt it important to correct the details above, important for e.g. intermediate learners. I’d rather quizzes were error-free and spotless.

        Wednesday, July 8th 2015

          Good lesson!! but…..
          I am totally in agreement!! we have to be careful with these simple rules (as you said: shift the pronouns and time adverbs of the sentence, etc)

          Saturday, July 11th 2015

          I was a little confused at first. I haven’t understood until reading your explanation, David. Thanks a lot :)

          Monday, July 13th 2015

    I agree about your comment, David.
    I hope to be as good as you are in English pretty soon.

    Congratulations and thank you for that.

    Thursday, July 9th 2015

    I think you are right in what you was saying , it is a so useful comment , i want ask you another question what about past continuaus what would it be in direct speach ?

    Saturday, July 25th 2015

    Hi David,
    I’m not better than anyone but I think that I can also say that her original words were: ” I eat an apple this morning” because it could be a futur sentence. Just imagine that she wakes up and says this original phrase. In this case-I thing-entirely well. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
    Thanks for reading.

    Wednesday, March 30th 2016

    I think like you :))

    Wednesday, November 27th 2019

Thanks Ronnie for your easy-going lesson, even in this difficult subject.

Thanks David for your remarks too.

Wednesday, July 8th 2015

If someone wants to practice please add me on Skype (ninguem00001) :)

Wednesday, July 8th 2015

thank you Miss Ronnie very nice lesson. h
I got 10 out of 10. h

Wednesday, July 8th 2015

A big thank you

Wednesday, July 8th 2015

Wow!!!.it’s not easy for me.Thank you for your lesson.

Wednesday, July 8th 2015

80/100 almost shoo0000t…!!!!

Wednesday, July 8th 2015

perfect 10/10. thanks so much

Wednesday, July 8th 2015

Thank you very much.

Thursday, July 9th 2015

Hi madam I m so thankful to you i love you and your teaching method i m always looking your videos at the same time i m increasing my knowledge to the good level i thank you if you are able to teach by skype it would be more effective me

Thursday, July 9th 2015

Every past tense BECOME past perfect!!!!!

Thursday, July 9th 2015

wah, great!
Thank you, Ronnie,,

Thursday, July 9th 2015

Thanks a lot I got 9 corret out of 10

It’s quite diffcult for me.

Thursday, July 9th 2015

i got full marks ha ha ha

Thursday, July 9th 2015

OK. This lesson is a bit hard, but the teacher is cleaver enough. Thank You.

Thursday, July 9th 2015

Thank you, Ronnie!

Thursday, July 9th 2015

Native speakers and teachers in US, Canada, UK, etc. does not agree.
Of course, a mistake of native speaker isn’t important.
Say/said – tell -told,,, plus correct tense is for students.
The same thing happens in all languages.
Who cares? Not me. Maybe the (fake) vikings are in trouble. I insist, who cares?

Thursday, July 9th 2015

BTW. Quote is quote, in speech as and in writing.
I could say ‘This is bullshit’. That is a quote.
But if you say that this is a bullshit, is that a quote?
Answer to the viking. If his answer is right, it’s okay.

Thursday, July 9th 2015

About Past Simple, “He took my photo”, Could I write like this? “He HAS taken my photo” instead of “He HAD taken my photo”.

Help me!

Thursday, July 9th 2015

Scored well but, i guess i need to practice it by speaking. Thanks :)

Thursday, July 9th 2015

thanks so much Ronnie

Thursday, July 9th 2015

I am starting to transcribe all of your videos. I hope that it could help me improve my listening and also writing skill.
by the way, I am practising speaking in skype. minhlecong96

Thursday, July 9th 2015

Grat lessons, I think that the reported speech is usefull in casual conversations too.

Thursday, July 9th 2015

Im still confusing tenses,But i think i need more practice……….to improve my listening and speaking…………..Thank you Teacher Ronnie

Thursday, July 9th 2015

Finally I understood the reported speech grammar rules. Thanks Ronnie.

Thursday, July 9th 2015

Ronnie is a great teacher, I love her.

Thursday, July 9th 2015

Thanks Ronnie, indirect speech was my nightmare . But now I am cool.

Friday, July 10th 2015

thanks thought i lost one

Friday, July 10th 2015

Thans Ronnie.

Friday, July 10th 2015

A good lesson, very interesting. Thank you, teacher!

Friday, July 10th 2015

thnx <3

Friday, July 10th 2015

I see , I can get this chapter, but I always careless.

I got 8/10 :(

but it’s not too bad :D

Friday, July 10th 2015

Great lesson Ronnie, thank you very much!

Friday, July 10th 2015

Thank you for your lesson. It’s very useful for my work.

Saturday, July 11th 2015

    :) nice to meet u krub

    Friday, August 14th 2015

I got 10/10.This chart is very useful to do practice of reported speech.At a glance we can easily understand how to convert a sentence into reported speech.I had a problem while doing this in school but now it is crystal clear Ronnie.Thanks for that.

Saturday, July 11th 2015

thanks,that was perfect

Saturday, July 11th 2015

it become so easy for Me
thank u so much

Saturday, July 11th 2015

Thanks ronnie for this amazing explanation. I love every topic you made:) anyone would like to practice with me? add me on skype (iyah0131).

Saturday, July 11th 2015

thank you

Saturday, July 11th 2015

very great

Saturday, July 11th 2015

This was awesome!
Perfect score

Sunday, July 12th 2015

this lesson was kind of hard for me i think that i need to start putting more attention :(

Sunday, July 12th 2015

    Hi, how are u doing?
    I’m looking for someone to practice my English. If u want practice with me, add me on skype: garotofreak.

    Sunday, July 19th 2015

Thank you Ronnie , Overachiever as usual

Sunday, July 12th 2015

Ronnie you’re the best english teacher, i learn and i laugh with your video!
so thank you

Sunday, July 12th 2015

Thank you very much

Sunday, July 12th 2015

Very clear. Thank you Ronnie.

Monday, July 13th 2015

really i love soooooo much this teacher

Monday, July 13th 2015

Thanks for all, ronnie

Monday, July 13th 2015

Great Lesson, Thank you Ronnie. But I am not agree with the first question answer. I think it’s not the same things, I mean direction and indirection speech.

Monday, July 13th 2015

Very easy lesson ! I’ve got 100. Thanks Ronnie.

Monday, July 13th 2015

Thank you very much!

Monday, July 13th 2015

Thanks, great lesson

Monday, July 13th 2015

9/10 WHAT??? Nah, You kidding, 9/10 ?? On reported speech? Nah, you try to pull me out a leg! 9/10. Well, Ladies and Gentlemans tonight “Ramones” at the CBGB!? Sorry, “Ramones” tonight at Engvid.com Club. Come on, Joey..

Tuesday, July 14th 2015

Thanks Ronnie. I got 100/100!!

Tuesday, July 14th 2015

thanks for your easy way that you used to teach us.waiting for your next video

Wednesday, July 15th 2015

    happy Ramadan Maryam by the way ) wish you improve your english at the high possibility

    Saturday, July 18th 2015

thank you

Wednesday, July 15th 2015

Thanks for that

Wednesday, July 15th 2015

thanks Ronnie, I had a lot of problem with that roll.

Wednesday, July 15th 2015

Thank you so much.

Wednesday, July 15th 2015

I said I really confused but 100/100 :D thx

Wednesday, July 15th 2015


Thursday, July 16th 2015

Wow, I have got 100% what I never had before! Thank you Ronnie! :)

Thursday, July 16th 2015

This has been one of the best lesson so far.. i find it very useful for me, sepecially when i have to speak with someone!!!! Thanks very much!!

Thursday, July 16th 2015

Thanks …..it was very clear ….

Thursday, July 16th 2015

80/100 not so bad. Thank you Ronnie! Really like your lessons.

Friday, July 17th 2015

I got 9 correct out of 10 ;) not bad-but have to keep going

Saturday, July 18th 2015

Thank you very much you are a great teacher,i have got 100%.

Sunday, July 19th 2015

I like your method of teaching,thank you very much, you made me understand the difference between could and should.

Sunday, July 19th 2015


Sunday, July 19th 2015

What about the past continuous in the direct speech ?
He was playing chess.
She said he had been playing chess.
Is this correct

Sunday, July 19th 2015

Finally I got what I misunderstood

Monday, July 20th 2015

now i know it betteR)

Monday, July 20th 2015

Thank you for this lession i need it for long time

Tuesday, July 21st 2015

Hi Ronnie, you were my first teacher here, your classes are very dynamic and fun, your videos are very useful and help me to improve my English very fast, you are the best!,

Tuesday, July 21st 2015

got 9. not bad. :)

Tuesday, July 21st 2015

Wow thank you so much!!! I got 10/10 :D

Tuesday, July 21st 2015

I got9.
thank you so much.
I can report now

Wednesday, July 22nd 2015

Thank you so much Ronnie , You are awesome and The way how you teach English is very simple and easy to understand.I got 100% .

Wednesday, July 22nd 2015

thank you so much
i was enteresting
i got 8 of 10 any way not baď thanx again

Wednesday, July 22nd 2015


Wednesday, July 22nd 2015

Thank you very much for your wonderful lessons, Ronnie. I find them very helpful , You are awesome The way how you teach English is very simple and easy to understand, I got 100%.

Thursday, July 23rd 2015

100/100,but I am always confused this part of english.At least I am happy not to use it at speaking.I am confused that this kind of sentences are mentioned which time in english.

Saturday, July 25th 2015

And what about the Past Continuous Tense? Direct speech: I was walking along the street.

Saturday, July 25th 2015

Thank s Ronney ; but , I am a littel pet cunfused about , what is the past continuaus will be changed to ? in reported speach.

Saturday, July 25th 2015

thank you very much ronnie ..this is very useful for me thanks a lot..

Sunday, July 26th 2015

100/100! Wow! She helps everybody who wants to learn “reported speech”. When the video has finished, I believe you will definitely learn that.

Thank you Ronnie…

Monday, July 27th 2015

100/100: I’m really happy!

Wednesday, July 29th 2015

I got 8/10~~~~

Thursday, July 30th 2015

thanks a lot ,ronnie

Saturday, August 1st 2015

This web helped me a lot

Saturday, August 1st 2015

Thanks teacher! I got 10/10

Sunday, August 2nd 2015

She ate an apple pie, or she have eaten ???

Monday, August 3rd 2015

I got 100/100! Thank you for the lesson

Monday, August 3rd 2015

Thanks a lot

Tuesday, August 4th 2015

I got 8/10 I’m making progress, thanks ronnie!

Tuesday, August 4th 2015

6/10 thanks maybe i will retry the lesson.

Tuesday, August 4th 2015

Ronnie! thank U so much ^^ that was a helpfull lesson but Why there isn’t someone to answer back these Questions & Inquiries in comments! there must be a crew specifically for these matter!! people need help.. so do I! please!
about the first sentence “she said she ate lunch” ..could we say ” she said she had eaten lunch ” ??

Thursday, August 6th 2015

Yeah almost will be perfect. 90/100

Friday, August 7th 2015

Great lesson, Ronnie, thank you.

But when i report questions in the indirecta speech, how can i do?

Friday, August 7th 2015

tks ronnie, 10/10 ! great !

Saturday, August 8th 2015

Thank you!

Saturday, August 8th 2015

Thanks alot

Thursday, August 13th 2015

Thank you!

Thursday, August 13th 2015

Thank you Ronnie.

Sunday, August 16th 2015

I got 8/10. I love your teaching any way. I will try other lesson.:)

Sunday, August 16th 2015

Thank you Ronnie! I will practice these rules for remembering. See you later.

Monday, August 17th 2015

What about past continuous??

Tuesday, August 18th 2015

Congratulation, you are the best teacher that I’ve seen here. Thank you very much for this wonderful video.

Tuesday, August 18th 2015

10/10….it was great!

Saturday, August 22nd 2015

Thank you so much. but I have two question. how can I use this reported speech in conversation? “He said that We had do it” is it correct? but I wanna tell present(stil valid fact)and future. “he said that we have to do it” and “He said that we won’t be able to do that” is it correct?

Wednesday, August 26th 2015

Thank you I got 100.

Sunday, August 30th 2015

thank you i got 100

Tuesday, September 1st 2015

Thanks so much.

Monday, September 7th 2015

Wow! I got perfect! Thank you Ronnie.

Tuesday, September 8th 2015

He said he had given a thumbs up to Ronnie’s video on youtube.
Thanks Ronnie!

Friday, September 11th 2015


Saturday, September 12th 2015

thank you

Sunday, September 13th 2015

thank you very much

Monday, September 14th 2015

thank you rannie <3

Tuesday, September 15th 2015

Hey a 10 thank you :)

Thursday, September 17th 2015

thank you

Saturday, September 19th 2015

thanks teacher this lesson i help my reported-speach

Monday, October 5th 2015

Hey, Ronnie Thanks ! I’m preparing for bank exams. Could you suggest me videos for the same?

Saturday, October 10th 2015

Thank you Ronnie , you’re the best :)

Thursday, October 22nd 2015

Thanks Ronnie, I always make mistick when I wrote the reported speech before. After watching your video, I can understand the rule of the reported speech. ^^

Thursday, November 5th 2015

mam can you upload the video that this those there here use……….

Monday, November 9th 2015

this was easy to get but Ronnei even makes it funny thanks a lot!

Monday, November 9th 2015


    Monday, November 9th 2015

thank you ronnei

Tuesday, November 24th 2015

Thank You =D

Sunday, November 29th 2015


Monday, November 30th 2015

Thank you very much

Tuesday, December 1st 2015

Thank you Ronnie

Thursday, December 10th 2015

Good lesson,thanks nun

Friday, December 18th 2015

Wow! 10 in 10! Thanks Ronnie!

Friday, January 1st 2016

Thanks ronnie ^^. :)

Friday, January 8th 2016

Thaks a lot.

Monday, January 11th 2016


Monday, January 11th 2016

its not easy :(
thank you Ronnie <3

Monday, January 18th 2016

hi thanks teacher

Friday, January 22nd 2016

thanks for u message…………..

Thursday, January 28th 2016

Miss Ronnie thank you so much for helping me to understand this grammar πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Saturday, February 20th 2016

Thanks so much! You are the best teacher I ever seen!!! I can learn something and I have fun, all in one!!!!
English: Please make so on!
German: Bitte mach so weiter!

Tuesday, March 1st 2016

Thanks very much .

Wednesday, March 2nd 2016

100! I think: “I’m not able to do all this, to speak English fluently or to use grammar correctly” but then I realize that I have the capabilities to do whatever I want to, no matter what, if you want to do something or to learn something, all of it is up to you, we have different tools here on internet and great teachers such as Ronnie, thank you very much for this lesson Ronnie, It has helped me a lot, Kind regards from Guatemala! (I do apologize if I made a mistake on this, I’m still learning, let me know if i did it).

Monday, March 7th 2016

Ronnie, thanks a lot! You are the best.

Thursday, March 10th 2016

i got 100 score.thank you so much.

Thursday, March 10th 2016

I have a feeling I wont do well tomorrow in my exam!

Saturday, March 19th 2016

thank you very much!

Tuesday, March 22nd 2016

nice lesson mam! thank you

Friday, March 25th 2016

that was a helpful lesson although it’s for beginners but I learned a lot and 80/100 was not bad cuz I just got confused something :D
best wishes ronnie

Friday, April 1st 2016

thank you so much :)

Thursday, April 7th 2016

Thank You so much! :)

Saturday, April 9th 2016

thank you ronnie

Saturday, April 23rd 2016

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Friday, April 29th 2016

Ronnie I enjoy a lot study with you. (Trust me, I don’t like study) but with you I want 😊

Wednesday, May 4th 2016

Thank you so much , I really enjoyed it!

Tuesday, May 10th 2016

Thanks, one thing the most I love about your teaching is that you are not boring.

Monday, May 16th 2016

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Sunday, May 29th 2016

Thank You! That was easier than i thought

Friday, June 3rd 2016

thanks Ronnie i have got 10 correct out of 10 that is your amazing explanation.. love u

Tuesday, June 7th 2016

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Thursday, June 16th 2016

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Friday, June 17th 2016

10 out of 10, Sorry…

Friday, June 17th 2016

i need more about reported imperatives and requests think’s

Saturday, July 2nd 2016

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Thursday, July 7th 2016

Excellent class, thank you very much

Thursday, July 21st 2016

Hello, thank you for your class, I hope you can help more about the past perfect

Wednesday, July 27th 2016

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Wednesday, July 27th 2016

teacher i need to learn more please help me

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your teaching system is amazing!

Wednesday, August 3rd 2016

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Friday, August 5th 2016

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Saturday, September 3rd 2016

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Thursday, September 8th 2016

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Tuesday, September 20th 2016

Thank you Ronnie. I’m grateful to you. This lesson is perfect.

I want to give some examples;
My friend said he had practice English everyday.
She said that they caught a thief.
He said that she had heard a voice around the house in the midnight.
They said he would buy a suit for his new job.
He said they going to vacation next weekend.

Tuesday, October 4th 2016


    Saturday, October 15th 2016

i got 10/10 hhhhhhh haha hahah

Saturday, October 15th 2016

i got 7/10

Saturday, November 5th 2016

nice …ronnie

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Sunday, November 20th 2016

Thank you Ronnie, tomorrow i have a school exam about that, and you are so helpful for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH and please answer my comment, love you <3 <3

Tuesday, November 22nd 2016

Thx Roonie and we hope so to give us more practice for advanced level as possible as you can

Wednesday, November 23rd 2016

Thanks Ronnie! This helps me a lot for my speech!

Monday, January 2nd 2017

Good job ! Thanks.

Wednesday, January 18th 2017

Thanks for this great and simple-to-understand lesson!

Thursday, January 19th 2017

Thank you Ronnie for this lesson. I’m studying this subject in the school now, and it doesn’t seem easy to learn. But with this video, I have a clearer idea about Reported Speech an I got 10/10 in the test.

Monday, January 30th 2017

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Tuesday, September 26th 2017

thank you runnie make my lough while Iam study with you aweson runnie

Thursday, October 12th 2017

Hello Ronnie! I love the way you teach!

Friday, November 3rd 2017

What’s up, folks? I have just been looking for some help. This week I was learning about tenses and accidently bumped into one sentense in such tense I really don’t understand. Could please anyone give some explanation about following: “I would have had to have returned to England.”? In what tense this sentense or something about it’s structure. Thanks in advance.

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Sunday, November 26th 2017

Oh yes I made 10 out of 10.I didn’t remeber reported speech but whith your help i remind it.thank you Ronnie

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This quiz makes me really understand β€˜bout the reported speech, thank you very much !

Friday, January 19th 2018

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Monday, February 5th 2018

perfect leason!

Wednesday, February 7th 2018

Yeaah i got full mark

Wednesday, February 7th 2018

Find and correct the mistakes

told me that he can’t come to school because he is ill.

(Can’t) must be (couldn’t)
Is that true or there is another mistakes?

Wednesday, February 7th 2018

its confusing.

Saturday, February 24th 2018

there is a mistake we don’t write this in reported speech we write or say that
and yesterday become the day before
tomorrow become the day after
last year become the year before
here become there
these become those
today become that day
tonight become that night
next year become the following year
Teacher is this comment right or no?

Friday, March 9th 2018

wow I got 10/10. It was very useful lesson. thanks.

Saturday, March 17th 2018

a little confused but,got 10/10 hard…
i always surprise your perfect classes.

Friday, March 30th 2018

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Tuesday, April 24th 2018

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Friday, May 25th 2018

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Greetings from Brazil

Saturday, June 2nd 2018

hello Ronnie I would to ask you about this sentence

“over half the decision you make were made suddenly”
to change it to reported speech thank you

Tuesday, June 5th 2018

Thank you for your incredible explanation Ronnie! After my last English class about the reported speech I’d got some questions about it, but now I think you cleared all my doubts. <3 Thanks!!

Wednesday, June 13th 2018

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Saturday, January 12th 2019

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Saturday, January 26th 2019

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Thank you very much.

Sunday, February 17th 2019

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Tuesday, February 19th 2019

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Tuesday, April 23rd 2019

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Tuesday, May 7th 2019

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Sunday, May 26th 2019

Hi Ronnie, can you help me, I’m not sure if this sentence is right—— She said she would come with me as soon as she was ready.

Sunday, July 7th 2019

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i got 80 out of 100

Thursday, August 8th 2019

Hey ronnie it was an amazing explanation,you re so clearful and funny with your lessons that s why i watch your videos faithfully….anyway greetings from surco….

Monday, September 16th 2019

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Monday, December 9th 2019

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Tuesday, December 24th 2019

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Wednesday, March 11th 2020

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Friday, March 27th 2020

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Monday, March 30th 2020

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Tuesday, April 28th 2020

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Saturday, May 30th 2020

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A huge hug from Brazil

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before it was my nightmare.

Monday, July 6th 2020

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