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Just so everyone knows, subtitles will be up a little later! Until then, there is a partial transcript in the video description on Youtube (it wouldn’t all fit).

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    Thanks for the comment. Subtitles would be of great help to understand much better the lesson.

    Thanks again.

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10/10 thank you :)

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Interesting video Ronnie, thank you !!

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I got 10/10. Usually lesson Ronnie.

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    Usable lesson*

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Thanks Ronnie, I got 10/10.

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In question 9. I wanted to choose both the second and last answer but that was not possible. :D

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9/10 Interesting and Useful :) Thank you, Ronnie!

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Great Ronnie, now i’d like to be a gardener :)

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I got 9/10
Thank you so much. And i need to watering my garden now. :-)

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Thank you teacher

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10/10 I am happy :)

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9/10 thanx heaps

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hello guys
I´m a new friend. I’m learning English and know can share with you and continue enjoy of these classes so excellent.

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ronie i want with all my heart if you could help me if maybe you have the possibility of speak by skype or any way that we can speak. because i want practice speaking with any.

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thanks for the lesson.

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thanks you

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Interesting lesson, Ronnie!

Pots and desde is out lawn.

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Pots and weeds, I mean.

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got 10 , tks Ronnie

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I really enjoyed interesting gardening vocabulary with your drawings Ronnie.Thank you for the lesson.I like gardening a lot :-)

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thanks ronnie
your act so crazy by the way… I like it. :3

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Thank you Roonie where are the beautiful gardens in Toronto ?

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Thank you Ronnie for that , it was awesome ^^ .

For the Companions ,Who aspires to practice his Enlgish Please feel free to be in touch with me on Whats’app +201025522313

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Before click on this video I thought the watering made by Photoshop ;p haha
anyway Thank you so much for this lesson ^^ 8/10

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    Hah, yes, I did too=)

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Hello Ronnie,
How can i find out when to use tobe verbs or todo verbs in a sentence.

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Good thanks for your help

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It’s very kind of you to give us such a useful lesson.

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Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie…..

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Thanks Ronnie

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thank you my teacher Ronnie for your helpful lessons

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Slowly I come there!

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Devagar eu chego lá!

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If someone wants to practice English please add ninguem00001 (skype) :)

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thank you so mush 9\10 ♥

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Can you teach about interesting things related to church, god…thanks!!!

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i got 7/10 some of the vocabulary used in the options are new to me so i need to read more and more in English in terms of vocubulary

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I like it . nice video

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thanks, I got only 8 but I think that I will be better next time (exercise).

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good class!! I love gardening, so now I can use the appropriate words and verbs. thank a lot!

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Thank you, Ronnie for this lesson!

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wonderfull lesson, learned much, and I keep following you.

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Thanks Ronnie…^^

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7/10 !!!… there must be interesting to grow plant and flowers :)

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    got 7 too:)

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” You got 10 correct out of 10…. :D ”

thanks for the AWESOME lesson ronnie.. You Rock \m/

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10|10 thank you, Ronnie!

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Hey, Ronie. How are you?? I will send you a ticket to enjoy with me Brasilians drinks. Have you heard about caipirinha??? Have you been in Brazil??
So i am enjoy so much your class, you are so funny, well done.
So I am using to many AND to connect my phases so I would like a connection grammar lesson, like Also, Although, and others. thanks

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    Caipirinha sounds like a nice drinks there. Are you from Brazil?
    How is the weather over there?
    I would love to go to Brazil someday, I must plan this better next time coming.
    I hope you are enjoying Ronnie’s class here. :-) She is really awesome and lovely teacher too.

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8/10 so sad i did not get perfect score ;-(

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My first vocabulary class, not bad.

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I want to help in getting lessons in the English language complete with science, I conducted a test level my level is(Beginner – Advanced)
Please help

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8/10 but it’s veru intersting ! thank you !

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thaks Ronie!

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Excellent Lesson Thanks!

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Thank you for your help us

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Wow, thank you teacher! Very very useful lesson.

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7/10 thank you teacher .. its a good lesson

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Thank you Ronnie

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Thank you so much for this lesson.

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yahh i got 10 out 10

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could u plz new lesson about trade ( ship / bill of loading / custom / agent / export and import )
thanks in advance

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its amazing vedio i ever seen

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n thank u so much

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I scored 10/10. so happy.
I love your lesson Ronnie, it is so inspired and you are very creative teacher. This lesson has inspired me to really learn English by separating them into different category. Like today’s Gardening Lesson.
Thank you so much.

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Amazing video. See you soon, Ronnie :-)

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hello my name is fernando I like your lessons….

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Thank you Ronnie I got 10 correct out of 10 I wonder although I guess some word . but I got your new vocabulary.

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Thank you teacher

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Ronnie you are very cool and fun:)))I want more your lesson

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Hi Ronnie. I got 10 of 10 in your class. I am very happy for having you as my teacher. I love you so much!!

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Thank you Ronnie!

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Thank you Ronnie. Your great

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This time my score hit the moon, 100/100 but for the first time I think you made a enormous mistake with the answers. Well the question – ?what are weeds? The answer unwanted plants!? Isn’t totally correct, only partially because weeds plants that can be smoked too! Ok! So, Weeds are unwanted plants or plants that can be smoked, right answer.

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Your lecture was great!!

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After looked through this lesson i get beeter understand about gardening and become more knowledgble.thanks

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I am Alaa from Iraq i need anyone to help me in English , please .on special

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Useful as always, I love your videos Ronnie! Thanks =)

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Very nice teacher…thank you

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I got 100,

th. teacher

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Grazie signora

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Thanks Ronnie.

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thank u ronnie i learned a lot about garden tools and it uses

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got perfect……in the second time hahahah

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hej, can you tell me what kind of tenses do you use very offen, every day in canadien or usa, because i have not good memory learn 16 tenses, can you make abstract movie about that tenses

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u ronnie …. it helps me much

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You are very funny, thank you for the classes Ronnie (:

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7/10 i’d like to study more.
thanks you for your class.

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thank you 9/10

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All of you are so awesome! I learnt a lot of new words! I’m just in the look for places or websites to use them!

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you make the lesson is enjoyable, I got 9 marks.

Tank you.

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Merci bcp

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thank u so match for doing this for us ^_^

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very useful lesson thank you teacher.

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Thank you Ronnie! 10/10 ))

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Hi could you please tell me what are the best ways of teaching speaking to a learner who just want to be fluent at speaking please list some new ways
Thanks in advance

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. this is can be apps that you can be addicted, most important thing you learn from it. this so awesome!!!
Teacher Ronnie is great. she taught very well. love it !!!!

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Thanks ronnie,your lesson helped me so much.You´re a great teacher.

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Thank you for help us.

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i got 7 score weird..but im okay be positive

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I got 10 out of 10! :D
Thank you, Ronnie! I’ve learned a lot by watching your videos!

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yes , i get 8 , thnak you for help us.

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thank yuo Ronny too much interesting the lessson

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very interesting. I learn English fast from your video.

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Got 100% results in this test. thanks to Runnie.

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soo good

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Hey ronnie nice lesson!

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you can say slow, please :)
I heard unknown

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ohh no 8/10

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thanks RONNIE :) :)

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Thank you Ronnie. You are very talented teacher! I like your method!

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I extremely nice of you!!! Your content are very useful. You are so great!!!!

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thank you Ms Ronnie . I extremly nice of you . Your content are very useful . You are so great . So 6/10

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Thank you so much!!

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i got 10/10 thanks.

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Thank you!
Very useful lesson!

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Beginer level exploring common words-such as in this tutorial is already a “medium level” or “Advanced”. And so, not smorâ you Ronnie (!) one of the best teachers on this site, I do not really understand.

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Ronnie is the best!!))

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So Weird

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Nice lesson for me it was!!! and They way that lesson you teach or the way of your presentation in this lesson was nice and that makes me more comfortable and there were a little bit dance while taking lesson but that wasn’t prom at all times what Can I sat that actually I loved it much more I never and ever had lesson’s like this..
And one more thing is Really I Could understand your speech much more than previously I had seen your lessons a lot but I never and ever felt like this after seen this video and Last but not least I’ve got more confident Understanding Ronnie slang and i got 8 to 10 in this Quiz thanks a lot not enough for this lesson to Ronnie..

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Ronnie madam I want your reply for my above comment and have you got my state clearly and was everything correct? I need your reply whether i’m good in English or not?

Profile photo of Sivakumar Sivakumar

Thank you.

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thanks a lot Ronnie very good informations

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thanks Ronnie :*

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8/10 I’m still focus hehe

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I think it was Easy to understand and interesting

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WOW!! i love you so much miss Ronnie i love your lessons
so much

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miss Ronnie you are the best miss ever

Profile photo of princessEsraa123 princessEsraa123

Thank you again and again you are great!!!!

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This lesson was interesting, Thanks.

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Thank you so much! :-)

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“plants that you can smoke” lol

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많은 도움이 되요

Thank you ronnie
It’s very helpfull for me

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Thank you, I love your funny way to teach us, Greetings,

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i dont understand when ronnie talks about blow dandelions she smile wicked

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some one help me!! AAA

Profile photo of Nguyen Van Hau Nguyen Van Hau

Thank you Ronnie, I got 9 out of 10 :). How’s your Matilda. Isn’t it perennial plant?

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Profile photo of banggeul banggeul

Hi, Ronnie,whats about a lesson speaking over handcraft-tools for woodworkers like: chishel or plane. What the hell means a : housing dado in this case? Hope to see ya wimm

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Thank you Ronnie ! I learned unfamiliar vocabulary for my.

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t’ve got 8/10. An interesting lesson. Thank you very much Ronnie <3

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Nice lesson Ronnie! You’re the best teacher I’ve ever seen. I hope you’ll keep making some lessons like that which are so helpful and useful for us. By the way unfortunately I’ve got 9 correct out of 10 (:

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Thanks Ronnie

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Ronnie…crazy, funny and awesome teacher. I like it!

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hehe I forgot water my plants, thanks for video ;)

Profile photo of RafalKwiatkowski RafalKwiatkowski

:( 7/10, If I had a plant it will died

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Nice lesson. I know most of the vocabularies that you talk about , but I like to listen from you because your lovely voice .

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I like your act! :)

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Thanks Ronnie

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

You got 6 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

thanks a lot

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such nice teaching about garden

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